OLTL Update Thursday 7/29/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David is staying at Viki’s home, making himself at home and on the computer.. Jessica and Brody enter and remark how comfortable he seems to be making himself. He harasses Dorian on Facebook. She harasses him back and Blair enters to ask her why she’s taking something out on a keyboard.

Right then, while Nate’s mom is driving, Bo pulls her over and tells her she’s been all over the road. She tells him she is sorry. She’s been distracted. It won’t happen again. He then asks her to step out of the car. She looks nervous and uncomfortable.

Hannah calls Ford on the one she obtained from the orderly and informs him they both know that Elijah Clark is threatening him.

Right then, Langston is outside the door of Dorian’s home to see that Ford has been leaving messages for her.

Dorian right then notices that Blair finally has an engagement ring.

On the phone at St. Anne’s, Hannah tells Ford that he knows that Eli masterminded the whole plan to make it looks as though she tried to kill him. Right then, we see Eli trying to get inside a door.

Natalie is at the hospital seriously considering getting an abortion when she calls Gigi who asks her if she really plans to go through with it.

Bo asks Nate’s mom to do the field sobriety test. She asks him if he believes she’s been drinking and protests that she’s been having a bad day. He tells her he wants her to calm down before she drives again. She then remarks that maybe she should drink in order to calm her nerves when she has to deal with the fact that her own son hates her and refuses to talk to her.

Hannah calls Ford and tells him that he is the only one who knows the truth that she did not try to kill him. But right then, she gets off the phone and hides it in her pocket when the security guard lets Eli in her room to talk to her.

Langston goes to see Ford informing him that he must have gotten the idea she texted him. But it was Kelly who used his phone. HE then remembers Kelly inviting him to the house to inform him that he might want to take precautions if he has slept with Jessica since she has a communicable disease.

At St. Anne’s, Eli tells Hannah that maybe she should give the orderly his phone back. She then a hands it over appearing to be afraid of him.

After Blair shows her ring to Dorian she asks her aunt if maybe she has falsely judged her fiancé. Dorian tells her niece that she has questioned Eli’s commitment to her. But now, with that perfect gem, she has now seen that he is serious. And a man like Elijah Clarke makes her see what a louse and a loser David Vickers is.

David continues to make himself at home and orders fine food from the help at Viki’s home. Jessica informs him that her dad is on the way. Hearing that, he wonders if “uncle Clint” wants to wage war with him and if he should get his shot gun.

On the phone to Gigi, Natalie asks her how she can do that to John or to Jessica or to Brody if she is pregnant with Brody’s child. John overhears Gigi talking on the phone at Rodi's’ about how she is not alone and needs to think about making a decision before making it. Right then, Clint appears and notices his daughter having a cramp.

At Rodi’s, John asks Gigi if that was Natalie. He tells her he knows that Natalie is hiding something from him. It must be something that she can’t handle on her own. So he’d like Gigi to tell him what it is.

Natalie is not about to tell her dad that she is pregnant and instead tells him it’s nothing. He then tells her they need to go inside and hear the news that her sister is about to announce. Clint enters the living room and David makes comments to him that annoy him. Right then, Jessica and Brody announce that they are going to have a baby. Clint hugs his daughter and congratulates him. David smiles and reelects that he will have a little cousin. He concludes that it was not the muffins that made Jessica sick. But, he asks, why Natalie also got sick at the same time.

Rex goes to talk to Gigi after he’s back form the trip where he’s been drugged. Kelly informs John that she believes that Bennett Thompson drugged Rex to prevent him from finding her mother’s killer.

Eli asks Hannah why she wanted to talk to Ford. She tells him that she took the blame for pushing Dr. Saybrooke and causing her to lose her baby and for bashing Ford’s head in. She declares t him that he’s won. But she urges him to please not go after Cole.

Blair remarks to Dorian that last night, she had some concerns about Eli being too busy for her. Blair informs her aunt that she went to his hotel room in a sexy outfit ready to surprise him and he wasn’t there. And he lied to her. Hearing that, Dorian looks suspicious. Blair admits by the time Eli showed up this morning, she was spitting nails. And the reason he was not available was not because he was up to no good, as she’d suspected. Tit was because he went to New York to get her the big beautiful ring.

Langston asks Ford how his brother is doing. He replies that he is good and will be able to go home soon. He tells her that he feels really bad that he messed his brother up. First their mom abandoned his brother. Then he did.

Nate’s mom tells Bo she can clearly see that he is a family man who would always be there for his child. She left her sons when her youngest one was a baby and he doesn’t even know her. Her oldest son hates her and will never forgive her. She concludes to Bo that he may arrest her since she is guilty of the most heinous crime. She has abandoned her sons.

Ford confesses to an son that he abandoned his brother. And he was even more selfish than their mother. She never promised to come back but he did. And he knows that being sorry is meaningless to his brother after what has happened.

After Nate’s (and Ford and James’) mom tells Bo that she has committed the worst offense, he seems to know that she needs someone to talk to and seems to want to reach out to her.

Ford admits to Langston that he is about to get “tested”. She asks him what for.

At St. Anne’s, Eli tells Hannah if she tries to “reach out” to somebody again, she will regret it.

Blair affirms to Dorian that Elijah Clarke is not like Todd. But Dorian knows that she is still experiencing trust issues because of her ill history with Todd. But she assures her niece that now she has found herself a man of quality..

Langston asks Ford if he believes he has an STD and if that could mean that she has it.

Bo talks to Nate’s (and Ford and James’) mom about parenting and having problems with ones’ son. He informs her that not long ago, his son sued him and his son’s mom and they took drastic measures to kidnap him and prevent him from having surgery that made him walk again. He then asks her if she’s Nate’s mom.

Langston demands to know what Ford has gotten into and if he has some secret that she has the right to know.

At Viki’s home, David continues to wage his internet warfare with Dorian.

Blair talks to Dorian while she is doing the same thing with David. Blair tells her aunt that maybe David has moved on and found another woman. She tells Dorian that after she’s given Blair the advice to get Todd out of her life, maybe Dorian needs to take her own advice and let David go. If he's found somebody else, then Dorian needs to accept that.

Eli tells Hannah as long as she’s a good girl and does everything he needs, then all of this will be over soon. He leaves but it looks like she might not go through with his plan after all.

Res tells Gigi that he needs money and that is why he intends to do this job for Kelly. For one thing, he wants to be able to put the woman he loves through college.

Natalie goes to see John at Rodi’s. He tells her he knows she has some sort of secret that she is not telling him. He is not going to let her go through whatever is going on alone. She needs to confide in him.

Clint asks Jessica and Brody if they have come up with a name for his grandchild.

After Bo reveals to Nate’s mom that he knows her son, she confesses that he must know that he took Matthew’s girlfriend and stole money. But Bo assures her that he is not judging Nate. He believes that he’s a good kid. And he believes that she is a good mom and he does not believe that her other sons hate her. He tells her if she needs to talk, she must call him.

After Ford declares to Langston his secrets, she tells him that she was very stupid to think for a moment that he was a real person with a conscience. She then walks out the door.

At St. Anne’s, Eli calls Ford from the same phone that Hannah used. And he warns him not to cross him.

David talks to Clint about Kim and this alleged role he played in Kim leaving Clint. Clint tells David that he does not prevent him from finding her. Right then, Dorian appears and tells Clint it would be fine with her if he kills David. She and David continue to argue.

At Rodi’s, Natalie tells John that she is worried about all that Jessica has gone through in the last year and how it’s taken her and Brody so much to get back together and how she doesn’t want to do anything that could ruin either of their lives. John then asks her what specifically she is talking about.

Blair gets on her computer and updates her status that Blair Cramer is officially engaged. Right then, Eli appears. She happily greets him and asks how Cole’s trial went. He tells her that he got Todd to drop the charges against him. She is really happy and suspects nothing.

Langston returns home and believes that Ford is messing around again and will never change.

Hannah is then alone in her room at. St. Anne’s worried about being all alone. She no longer has Ford or Cole or anybody there who can save her. But right then, a nun enters and tells her she has a visitor.

Bo concludes to Nate’s mom that he knows that she does not want to ask for help. But he is there for her if she needs a friend.

Dorian goes to Viki’s to confront David demanding to know who this hot model is whom he tells her he’s found. He asks her who this man is whom she has dumped him for. Clint is facing and listening to them. And she tells David he’s right there.

Outside, Brody tells Jessica that he wants to give her and Bree and their baby all that he has to give. He loves her and is going to give her a ring. He asks her if she will marry him. She happily tells him yes and kisses him.

At Rodi’s, Rex tells Gigi that he needs to get a blood test to prove that Bennett Thompson drugged him. She reminds him that she wants him to quit his PI job. He tells her that he wants her to fess up about what she has been talking privately to Natalie. As soon as he is gone, Natalie appears. Gigi rushes to her and asks her what she has decided. They go into the room to talk privately. John tells Kelly that he has nothing “concrete’ . She tells him that whatever he believes he has, he must tell her. This is her mother’s murderer.

Eli tells Blair he does not want to wait. He tells her he wants to get married tonight.

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