OLTL Update Wednesday 7/28/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/28/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa and Dani are in NY making wishes at a fountain. They talk about Todd and decide to go back to Llanview to be there for him in court. Dani says she is starting to realize that Todd will always be there for her.

Outside the courtroom, Starr pleads to her father to stick to the facts in the case against Cole; don’t bash him in court. She reminds Todd that she doesn’t want Hope to grow up without a parent.

In the courtroom, Cole takes a call from Hannah. She wants him to come see him. He tells her that he is in court for attempted murder because of her. She wants to tell him the truth, but for his safety can’t. Eli realizes who he is talking to and says is that Hannah? Hannah begs Cole not tell him he is talking to her. Eli takes the phone and tells her to shut up and stay in the nut house or he’ll kill Cole. Cole comments that Hannah sounded sane. The trial begins. Nora starts with her opening statement. Midway, Cole stands up and says he wants to take responsibility for what he did. Todd looks at him with a sly smirk on his face. Eli tells him to sit down, but the judge wants to hear him out. He admits what he did, and why, and then says he owes Todd an apology. He is ready to be punished and pleads guilty. The judge moves to sentencing and Nora tries to help get a lighter sentence. The judge says that Mr. Manning is not the most popular guy in town, but he deserves the full measure of the law. He asks Todd to come forward. Todd tells the judge he never liked Cole and he thinks that his daughter will be better off without him and pauses, as he is about to continue, Téa and Dani enter the courtroom. He continues to say that he understands why Cole did what he did and does not want his granddaughter to grow up without a father. Cole looks stunned! The Judge makes his own comments that he feels Cole should be served the maximum sentence, but he considers Todd’s statement and grants leniency. He sentences him to two years probation and 5,000 hours of community service. This is followed by a severe warning that if he even gets a parking ticket; he’s going to jail! Eli advises him to never talk to Hannah again and call him if she tries to contact him. He leaves the courtroom. Cole then thanks and apologizes to Todd. Todd takes him aside and tells Cole that he only did this for Starr and Hope. Cole owes him and he intends to collect. Dani tells Todd she is proud of him. Starr tells Cole that she wants to forget Hannah and move on.

In Boston, Rex is at the Hall of Records. When he introduces himself, Glenn says you’re not Rex. Rex insists he is Rex. He refuses to believe him. Kelly gets testy with Glenn and grabs his bagel bag. Rex intervenes and tries to reason with him. He tells him that whoever was impersonating him is a killer who drugged him to get the records. When Glenn threatens to call the police, Rex reminds him that he stole papers and sold to a stranger. He asks Glenn to look at the papers to confirm what they contain. He notices these are copies and some papers are missing. Then tells them that he gave the originals to ‘Rex’ and there are no other copies. Kelly asks what the man looked like. He replies that he’s tall, clean cut, professional and wearing an expensive suit.

At the hospital, Ford is reading the paper, sees a picture of Nate and can’t believe that’s his brother. Inez meets Ford in James’ hospital room. Ford shows her picture in the paper and wants her to confirm if Nate is his brother…the same kid who almost got James killed. She tells him yes. Ford rants that she really is the slut their father said she was. She tells him that Nate is Eddy’s son and their full brother. Eddy never believed that she was pregnant with his child. He dragged her across the room and kicked her out. She tells him how much she missed them all those years and how she used to see them every day after school – she would watch them get off the bus. Ford accuses her of having Nate steal the money. He can’t believe she left them all those years with Eddy, knowing what he was like. He is visibly upset – Ford has tears in his eyes that she never came back for them. He tells her they are done; James will never know who she and Nate really are. She pleads that they are family and she will never give up on them. She leaves and he starts to cry. Hannah calls Ford and tells him she wants to talk about Eli.

At the diner, Inez shows Nate a foreclosure letter. She tries to tell him she will figure something out. Ford calls Inez and demands she come to the hospital. She leaves Nate holding the letter. Bo is also at the diner and recognizes Nate. He makes some remarks about Nate being the one who stole his son’s girlfriend and then the money which almost got her killed. Nate begs Bo to not arrest him because it will kill his mother who is already under a lot of stress. Bo sits down to talk to him and tells him he is not in trouble. Nate explains their financial situation. Bo talks to him about ways to get back on their feet and gives him his card and offers to be there if they need help. Bo leaves the diner and then pulls over Inez.

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