OLTL Update Tuesday 7/27/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani and Nate are visiting NY with Todd and Téa. Todd remarks that he notices how their daughter might be getting serious with Nate and reflects that he’s too young to be a grandpa again.

Right then, Hannah is stuck in her room at St. Anne’s demanding that somebody lets her out. She protests that she did not push Marty Saybrook nor try to kill Robert Ford. She right then, envisions Cole there to rescue her.

Right then, in reality, Cole is with Starr getting ready for his court hearing regarding his assaulting Todd. He does not know what to do or what she wants him to say regarding the fact that Hannah provoked him to do it, lied about seeing Todd push Marty and then confessed that she did it and also tried to kill Ford. As far as he knew she had some sort of breakdown. But Starr protests that he should be furious with Hannah if she pushed his mom down a flight of stairs and he could be facing criminal charges because of her. But Cole clearly has his doubts that Hannah is guilty of those crimes.

Right then, Kelly is trying and failing to find Rex. He remains passed out on the floor of his otel room while she knocks on the door. And all we see is an empty envelope with the name Bennett Thompson. Right then, Eli is on the phone trying to divert Kelly and Rex from finding her mother’s killer. He appears outside Blair’s door and rings the bell. But when she sees him she slams the door in his face.

Nate and Dani stand on the docks of Staten Island and he remarks that he’s amazed by how generous her dad can be when he first did not think he was a nice person. Right then, Todd tells Nate he better not touch Dani. Téa then reminds Todd that this is her day. Rule number one is no freaking out or acting like a maniac. And rule number 2 is everybody holds hands.

Meanwhile, Starr continues to protest to Cole that Hannah set him up, dragged him to another state and almost got his bail revoked and convinced him that Starr was cheating on him. He tells her that he feels guilty. Starr asks if he feels guilty for believing Hannah. She reminds him that John believed her also. And he must know that Hannah is a con artist and that is what she does. Cole then informs Starr tht when he and Hannah were in DE and he thought that she slept with James, he almost slept with Hannah.

Right then, Hannah envisions Cole telling her she does not belong in St. Anne’s. She telhs him she pushed his mom and tried to kill Ford. But he knows that she did not do it and urges her to know that she could spend years in prison or be stuck there. But she tells him that it’s worth it. He asks her what would be worth giving up years of her life. She replies that she had to lie to protect him from Eli.

Right then, Blair coldly greets Eli and tells him she knows that he lied to her about where he was last night and asks if there is anything else he is lying about hat he’d like to tell her about.

Right then, Rex awakens while Kelly pounds on the door and demands that he opens up. He struggles to get up and answers the door. She notices how he looks and asks what the hell happened to him.

Nate shares that he knows all about the empire state building. And they go and visit another building where Téa reveals that she lived with her dad before she went to college. Dani assumes that her mother grew up in a glamorous suite.. But Téa reminds her that it was not glamorous and when she lived there it was a cheap place where they had to rent the basement.

Blair tells Eli that he is a liar. She went to his room the previous night to surprise him and he was not there after he told her he would be there.

Kelly tells Rex its time to get dressed. It’s 9am. But he has no recollection of the time. She angrily tells him that she is not going to keep paying him for nothing if he’s up partying all night. She is paying him to find the man who killed her mother. But he tells her that he called his contact and ordered room service but doesn’t remember much of anything after that. And she has reason to believe that he is intentionally disregarding the job she paid him to do.

In Hannah’s “dream”, she informs Cole that Eli threatened to kill him if she did not fake a breakdown and confess to the crimes when it was Eli who pushed Marty and tried to kill Ford. She tells him that she had to protect him from Eli.

After Cole reveals to Starr that he “almost” slept with Hannah, she demands to know how that could have happened. She is very upset and asks if he kissed her and what else happened. But he does not want to talk about it. She asks if Hannah took off his clothes or if he took off Hannah’s clothes. He admits that they did undress. Starr cries and is not ok. She asks how he could have done that to her. How could he have done that to the two of them.

While Téa , Dani, Todd and Nate sit outside the house where Téa used to live while growing up, she spoke of how her dad sacrificed many things for her. She saw all of the rich girls who could afford fancy clothes and expensive schools. She wanted that too. So she got a scholarship. She went to school. But that was not enough for her. She wanted to be in with the rich crowd. SO she went to their parties and hid the fact that she was poor and did not want them to know about her father. When her friends saw her father around her, she pretended as though he did not exist. She cries. Nate tells her he bets her mom did not let her get off so easy. She tells him actually her mom died when she was very young. Nate tells her he’s really sorry. She tells him he needn’t apologize.

Starr screams at Cole and demands to know how he could have almost slept with Hannah. She tells him she hates him and demands to know how he could do that to her. He tells her he was confused and not thinking and he loves her. She cries and tells him he does not love her if he could do that. He protests that he thought she was with James and was confused and did not know what to do. He saw a condom wrapper and didn’t know what to think. He thought she was sleeping with James and so he wanted to get back at her. She asks him if he has feelings for Hannah.

Hannah then envisions being with Cole and affirming that he does not hate her. He asks her if Eli promised her if she did not say anything then, he would not endanger Cole. She asks what she was supposed to do since Eli was going to kill him.. He asks her how she can believe a word Elijah Clark says. She tells him that she is helpless to do anything since she’s locked up in a mental institution. But he tells her that he is going to be there for her and he knows how she can get out of there.

Blair tells Elijah that she has spent too much time going down that ery same road with Todd. She is not going to put up with any more liars. He protests that she cannot compare him to Todd. She tells him that she is sorry this is not going to work out but she cannot be with a man who has a habit of lying to her.

Rex tells Kelly that he has no clue what happened. He does not remember what happened after he talked to his contact or that Gigi called or that she called. He assures her that since she is a client, he would have certainly called her back if he’d known that she called. Right then, Rex calls the front desk to find out what happened when he got room service. He finds out that somebody else signed for his room service. At that point, he knows that it might be poisonous since the last thing he remembered before passing out was eating the food. Right then, Kelly attempts to dip some celery in the salsa from his room service tray, and he tackles her to prevent her from eating what has been poisoned. She demands to know what is going on and why he is not doing the job that she paid him to do. He then tells her he knows that Bennett Thompson was there last night and he drugged the food.

Eli asks Blair if she really wants to know where he was last night and why he lied about where he was. He then tells her that he did not want to spoil a surprise. He was on his way to New York to make some arrangements for their future. And he pulls out an engagement ring.

Dani talks to Nate alone about the secrets that her mom has suddenly revealed about abandoning her family. Todd ask Téa why she never told Dani about her history wiht her father. She tells him that she did not want Dani to know what a small minded snob she was and how she treated her father. He tells her he understands all too well. But unlike her, he’s changed and has better priorities. He says that joking. She then tells him that what she’d like him to do is drop the charges against Cole Thornhart.

Starr tells Cole that she can clearly see that he has feelings for Hannah. She knew how to manipulate him into going to Delaware with him and he wanted to believe what she told him about Starr cheating on him. He asks her how she thinks he felt when he discovered the condom wrapper and her diploma and she did not answer her calls.

Haqnnah contines to evnsion Cole with her telling her htat he will rescue her. But right then, a room attendant brings her her food. She ntices his phone on his belt and has a scheme.

Kelly asks Rex how Bennett Thompson could have drugged his food yet not intercepted the package that the contact gave Rex. But they notice that it’s empty and all the evidence points to his food getting drugged by Bennett Thompson.

After Eli presents the engagement ring to Blair, she laughs and forgives him and they are back to their love fest.

Hannah tries to get a way to get the security guard to let her use his phone. She cries and tells him how lonely she is. He tells her maybe she should talk to her doctor about that. She asks him if he has a girlfriend who is there for him. He tells her he does not have a girlfriend nor anybody to talk to. She then asks him to sit with her. But he reminds her that they are not allowed. But she gets him to talk for a minute. Right then, he puts down his cell phone

Meanwhile, Starr tells Cole that he cannot tell her that he believes Hannah that she saw Todd push Marty. He tells her that he does not believe that. But she asks why he would have any doubts when Hannah confessed to pushing Marty. He tells her that he knows that Ford hurt her but she moved on and had no motive to kill him. Starr reminds him that Hannah “moved on” to him. He tries to protest to her that he considered Hannah for a while and believed that he and Starr were through. But then he got his head straight. Starr must believe that she and Hope are his world. And she must tell him that she believes him. She then reminds him that they both have to go to court.

In NY,,Todd tells Téa that he somehow doubts that saving Cole from prison is on her bucket list. He tells her that it’s dirty pool. She tells him that he is uniquely qualified to grant this wish. He tells her even if he dropped the charges, the state would go after Cole. But she reminds him that he’s Hopes father and Hope is Dani’s niece. She asks him if he’d like his granddaughter being without her father because he refused to do the right thing. She tells him she realizes that Cole beat him and he’s been falsely accused and thrown in jail. But Starr stuck by him through the whole thing and he owes her one.

Right then, Nate tells Dani they need to write a mini doc of her mom’s life.. Todd then tells the two of them that Nate has to go home. Téa tells them that she would like to talk to Dani alone and Todd needs to take Nate home but she does not want Todd to bully Nate.

Téa takes Dani to the places she used to go with her mom before she died.

Eli is up to no good.

Rex tells Kelly that he needs to ask the room service guy who the real Bennett Thompson is.

Eli is ready to represent Cole and tells him that he thinks he can get the charges dropped if Cole blames everything on Hannah OConnor.

At St. Anne’s Hannah then takes the guy’s cell phone without his knowing, so she can make a call.

Before the hearing, Cole admits to Eli that he might have trouble going after Hannah. But Eli reminds him that maybe if he does, then Todd Manning can drop the charges against him. Right then, Cole gets a call on his phone from Hannah.

While Starr sits outside the courtroom, waiting for Cole, Todd appears.

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