OLTL Update Monday 7/26/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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After Eli has drugged Rex and heís passed out and unaware in his hotel room, Eli enters and is ready to put his evil plan into motion.

At Rodi's, Brody announces to Kelly (assuming this is the first sheís heard) that he and Jessica are going to have a baby.

David enters Dorianís living room to see her writing on Facebook all of the things she wants to write about him. He demands she step away from the keyboard.

At the hospital, Mrs. Williamson declares to Layla and Cristian that she is not going to fight them or the will that Evangeline wrote to not be kept alive with machines. They ask her why she has changed her mind. She informs them that a lawyer she spoke to told her she did not have a case and it would not be worth it. Hearing that, they ask who the lawyer is. She replies his name was Bennett Thompson.

After Eli has Rex passed out on the hotel bed, he gets a call from Blair urging him to meet her and come out and play tonight. He happily tells her that he canít tonight but will have time very soon. She tells him that he better not be pulling all-nighters when they get married -- at least not the work kind. She asks him what type of special case he is working on. He admits to her that he cannot tell her exactly what it is but they will be together soon.

David catches Dorian writing that David Vickers has a small mind and assumes sheís going to write that he has a small something else. They argue about who started it and who is exercising free speech. They talk about how they are both behaving like teenagers. She then asks how he could use a sweet and innocent teenager like Darren to do his dirty work for him on the text phone. They continue to argue about how either of them can destroy the othersí phones or computers. Blair enters to break up their fight, asks if sheís going to have to get the hose out on them and demands to know what has gotten into the two of them.

At Rodiís, Kelly assures Jessica that all is well now that she knows she did not have sex with Ford and is going to have a baby with the right guy. Meanwhile, Natalie continues to talk privately to Gigi at the bar. Gigi tells her that sooner or later she is going to have to tell John what is going on. He knows that something is up. Natalie tells her that if John or Brody or Jessica find out that Brody could be the father of her child, none of them want that. Gigi then asks her to forget about what others want and instead answer what she wants.

At the hospital, Layla tells her mom that the patient services administrator informed her that Evangelineís will is not a legally binding contract since it was not notarized or witnessed or filed in court. But Mrs. Williamson tells her daughter that she knows that Evangeline would not want to live like this. She then tells them that she is going to go and talk to the doctor. She goes out the door alone. Cristian asks Layla to sit down, but she tells him no. She concludes that her mom is going to get doctors and itís going to happen right now. He holds her and she cries.

At Rodiís, Natalie admits to Gigi that she has always wanted children. But sheís just gotten back together with John and they still canít figure out when to get together for a date, much less become parents. Gigi then reminds Natalie that when she got pregnant, all those years ago, she was not ready. Natalie needs to do what is right for herself. Natalie reminds her that itís not just herself and the baby.

At the table, John asks Kelly if she has heard from Rex. She replies that she spoke to him right when he got to the hotel in California and heís on the trail for Bennett Thompson. She is confident that they are getting close to finding her motherís killer.

Meanwhile, Eli tells unconscious Rex that Melinda Cramer should have just minded her own business and they should not have trusted that low life Rodney. He managed to get to California before Melinda had a chance to tell her niece about her dangerous new boyfriend. He concludes, that was very fortunate, indeed.

At Rodiís, Kelly and John both reflect that itís odd that Rex has not gotten back to her by now and wonder why heís not answering his phone. Jessica and Brody are happily talking about her pregnancy. Natalie asks Gigi if she can imagine all that Jessica and Brody have suffered and had to go through hell in order to find their way back to each other. If they find out that Natalie is going to have his baby, it could ruin them. Gigi reminds her again that she has to think of herself.

Dorian and David talk about Charlie, Viki and their scheme. Blair asks them to tell her more about that and tells the two of them that they are driving everybody in this town crazy. Everybody knows that Dorian and David are in love with each other and are just too stubborn to admit it. She tells them that she knows love when she sees it. She informs them that the man she is in love with has asked her to marry him. She and Eli are getting married.

Eli stands over an unconscious Rex.

When Mrs. Williamson returns to Layla and Cristian, Layla reminds her mom that there are other people who loved and cared for Evangeline like Bo and Nora, John McBain and the many friends she had. The administrator walks in and Mrs. Williamson announces that they intend to honor Evangelineís wishes. Alone with Cristian, Layla cries and asks how she can let her sister go. She remembers how not long ago, Evangeline was right there with her. He holds her and tells her that does not have to change. She can always be with Evangeline.

After Blair announces to Dorian that she and Elijah Clark are getting married, Dorian appears skeptical and asks where the ring is. David also appears suspicious. She tells them that a ring is not important to her. It doesnít prove anything. She has gotten many big rings from Todd and what was the value of that? David tells her that he is concerned. Dorian agrees that he has a point and asks how long Blair has been dating Eli. She tells them that she knows that Eli is smart, successful, handsome, kind, has never been married nor had kids so he has no baggage and he treats her like a queen. So that is all she cares about.

Eli tells unconscious Rex that he is wondering what to do in order to get people not to wonder what has happened to him. He could push Gigi down a flight of stairs. The last time that happened to a woman, it kept John McBain off his trail. Unfortunately, for not long enough.

At Rodi's, Natalie asks John how he feels about Brody and Jessica having a baby but says nothing about her own situation. Brody goes to the bar and Gigi congratulates her. They reflect how, not even a year ago, they were entangled in their situation. She then informs Brody that she is going back to school and she and Rex are seeing each other again. He tells her heís really happy for her on both counts.

Eli tells unconscious Rex that he is not certain what his options are about whether to kill him or let him live. There is a knock on the door from a guy whom Rex contacted from records. Eli then goes out to meet him and declares that he is Rex Balsam. The guy remarks that he sounded different on the phone and asks if they can go inside. Eli tells him that he cannot because something might be ďbugged.Ē He then gets the guy to give him the information although he does not trust Eli. He tells the guy that if somebody comes after him pretending to be Rex Balsam, he needs to tell them that he has never seen Rex. Eli gives the guy some bribery money and sends him away. The guy is suspicious but leaves. Eli returns to Rexís room wearing his latex gloves.

Blair demands to know how David can judge Eli. He tells her that Eli is a lousy lawyer who failed to help him get the money he was due from Ford when he stole Davidís reality show. Blair protests that Davidís show was trash anyway. Dorian reminds David that all he had was a hemorrhoid commercial. David then asks what type of man would have never married when he is as old as Eli. Blair replies maybe a guy who wants to wait until he meets the right woman.

Eli is then plotting his plan with Rex.

At Rodiís, John asks Natalie what she and Gigi were secretly discussing. He asks her if she has a problem that she doesnít think she can tell him. She tells him it was nothing. But he knows better and tells her if she has something going on, she can tell him.

At the hospital, Mrs. Williamson returns to Layla and Cristian before they make the decision with Evangeline. He then tells her he knows that he is not family but would like to have a moment alone with Evangeline. She tells him itís okay and he goes in to talk to Evangeline. He tells her that he cannot go without telling her that he will never forget all that she has given him. She got him out of his deepest hole. He looks at the whole world differently because of her. She believed in him and defended him. He cries and tells her that she gave him his life back. He would give anything if he could do the same for her. Layla holds her sisterís hand and cries. She tells her that she cannot imagine a world without her in it. She will carry her sister in it until the day she dies and will miss her every day for the rest of her life. Cristian stands beside her. Her mother then informs her that the papers are signed and now itís time.

While Rex lies unconscious, Eli tells him he thinks he needs to find Bennett Thompsonís files after all. He notices that the guy delivered the files to Rex but Rex is helpless to do anything.

Kelly is on her lap top at Buenos Dias when David wants to continue this battle with Dorian.

Dorian asks Blair if she and Eli have made their wedding plans. Blair replies they have not yet officially done so but they will soon. She tells her aunt she is happy. She realizes that she has had a terrible track record when it comes to men but she believes this time she got it right. This will be her very last wedding.

Eli is on Rexís laptop ready to change everything while Rex is passed out.

When John asks Natalie what she and Gigi were talking about privately, Natalie tells him that they were talking about how they think he should change his hairstyle. He does not buy that for a minute. He then tells her that he will ďdropĒ whatever it was. He will drop it for now.

Dorian tells Blair that she must make Eli get her a ring. Blair tells her aunt that itís coming and she urges Dorian to work things out with David. Dorian continues to protest that there is no future that she has with David. But Blair does not buy that.

At Buenos Dias, Kelly tells David he needs to admit that he wants Dorian back. He tells her that he has a web page that says heís single and loving it and has no interest or unfinished business with Dorian.

While Dorian is busy on the laptop provoking David, Blair calls and continues to get Eliís voicemail. She gets dressed in sexy shoes, a red coat and a bikini underneath it, ready to surprise him.

Eli is plotting his plan and realizes that Evangeline Williamson will be gone also just like he hopes Rex will.

When Evangelineís family gathers by her room and they turn off the machines, they all cry.

At Rodi's, Jessica and Brody are happy and go off. John tells Gigi she may go home and he will cash out and close up for her. She tells him okay but tells Natalie, alone, that she needs to think and sleep on it before making any big decisions. Whatever she does, she needs to know she is not alone. Gigi goes out the door and leaves another message for Rex but heís not answering her text or voicemail.

Eli goes out the door while Rex is still passed out.

Alone with Natalie in the bar, John tells her that he knows that she and Gigi were not talking privately about his hair. 

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