OLTL Update Friday 7/23/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Destiny and Darren are at Buenos Dias and he comes on to her. David joins them and seems protective to Destiny. Darren reminds David that he and Destiny are on a date and they would like some privacy. David then indicates that he has some incomplete issues involving his own personal life.

Meanwhile, Dorian is on her computer making it known that Mayor Lord has gotten rid of Charlie Banks as her project manager for her new building.

Meanwhile, Rex is on the phone with Kelly and Eli overhears them talk about their pursuit of Bennett Thompson.

Mrs. Williamson calls Eli and asks him if he can locate Bennett Thompson on behalf of her daughter, Evangeline. He admits to her that he is Bennett Thompson.

At the hospital, Layla concludes to Cristian that her sister made it pretty clear that she did not want to be hooked up to life support systems. But how can she fight her own mother on this?

At Rodi’s, Natalie confesses to John that there is something she needs to tell him. She is not okay with having to tell him that she is pregnant and he may not be the father of her child.

Jessica happily tells Brody that she is pregnant, assuming that all is well.

At the hospital, a woman from patient services talks to Layla and Cristian. Layla informs her that a few years ago, her sister suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and went into a coma. Beforehand, she wrote a living will that clearly states that she does not intend to be hooked up to any life support system. Her mother is going to fight her on the validity of the document. She needs to know what to do.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Williamson informs Eli that she heard that her daughter knew Bennett Thompson. Eli replies that he is in fact Bennett Thompson and he and Evangeline did, in fact, know each other.

Meanwhile, Dorian is ready to put Charlie Banks in his place. At that moment, Kelly enters and senses her aunt is up to no good.

Natalie is still not certain how to tell John that she is pregnant and he may not be the father of her baby. She tells him that he is very patient and is ready to tell him. They are interrupted by Brody standing up on a table making an announcement to everybody that he is going to be a dad. He is very happy and so is Jessica.

At Buenos Dias, David joins Destiny and Darren and Daren continues to tell him that he and Destiny want to be alone. But David believes that he is more important to Destiny. Darren gets angry with David and his attitude. Destiny then concludes that she can see that David appears a little down. David then admits to her that he has some things going on and she knows that it must be that he has some things with an important woman in his life by the name of Dorian Lord.

Dorian invites Kelly into her office and asks her how she can sound formidable in announcing that Charlie is fired. She tells her niece that she unfortunately trusted the wrong man with this very important project. Kelly can clearly tell that Dorian has some issues that have nothing to do with work or with Charlie.

Meanwhile, Destiny similarly urges David to admit that he has unresolved issues with Dorian whether he wants to admit it or not.

When Kelly asks Dorian what her issue is with both Charlie and Viki, Dorian tells her niece about their little scheme for Charlie to falsely come on to her and for Viki to falsely come on to David.

David responds to Destiny’s question that the woman who has “hurt” him is not Dorian. It’s Viki Banks. She led him on and made him think she was interested in him. He goes into all of the details and then walks away. Alone with Destiny, Daren asks her if she is not convinced that these people are crazy.

After Dorian tells Kelly about what Viki tried to do with David, Kelly tells her that she finds it hard to believe that Viki would go that far. Dorian tells her that Viki appears to be proper and ethical. But behind closed doors, Viki is down and dirty and ready to play in the mud just like all the other low life.

Destiny tells David that maybe what Viki did was something that a friend would do for him. He asks her what type of friend would do what she did. Destiny replies that anybody can see that he and Dorian love each other and belong together. Maybe Viki wanted to motivate them to see that.

Kelly tells Dorian something very similar that Dorian and David clearly emanate their fair share of drama. Maybe Viki and Charlie plotted their scheme in order to motivate Dorian and David to get back together. Hearing that, Dorian demands to know why anybody would believe that she would have any interest in the likes of David Vickers.

After Jessica announces to Natalie and to John that she and Brody are having a baby and they are happy, she asks Natalie how it was that she was also sick. What explains that?

Eli talks to Mrs. Williamson revealing that he is Bennett Thompson and that he knows that her daughter, Evangeline has been in a coma for a long time. She informs him that her daughter is suffering some respiratory issues. The doctors believe that her daughter will not get better but she thinks they are wrong. Her other daughter found this “piece of paper” that indicates that Evangeline wrote a will that she does not want to be kept alive under the present conditions. She does not want her other daughter to use the will. Hearing that, Eli (as Bennett Thompson) tells Mrs. Williamson that he regrets that he cannot help her.

Layla shows the patient services administrator the will that Evangeline wrote. But the woman tells her that the will does not give them any indication that Evangeline wanted them to let her go. She explains that this document was never witnessed nor filed in court. All they could do is assume that that is what Evangeline wanted at that moment in time but there is no proof that she could not have changed her mind. She tells them she wishes that that living will was enough knowing it’s all they have.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Williamson demands to know why “Mr. Thompson” cannot help her. He tells her that from everything he knows when talking to Evangeline, she indicated that she did not want to be kept alive with machines. He believes that it will be a waste of her time to challenge it. It could ruin the relationship that she has with the daughter she still has.

Dorian tells Kelly it is unbelievable that Viki has gotten to Kelly also with this idea that Dorian and David are not through. But Kelly tells her that it has nothing to do with Viki. She knows about their history and how Dorian tried to motivate David with her fake lesbian wedding in the hopes that David would sweep her off her feet. She tells Dorian that both she and David are being foolish by lying. But Dorian is determined to deny it.

David tells Destiny that she used to be a realist who doesn’t chase after lost causes regarding people who aren’t right for each other. But Destiny knows that he is lying to say he does not have feelings for Dorian. Darren seems to know what Mayor Lord has recently done. He notices on Facebook that she has written that she is not, never has been, and never will be in love with David Vickers. As soon as David sees that, it instantly motivates him to write a rebuttal.

When Jessica asks Natalie how it is that she is sick and what could have caused it, Natalie continues to evade the question. Alone with Jessica, Brody is really happy even if they did not plan on having kids together so soon. John asks Natalie why she looks like somebody has ran over her dog. Either she is worried about Jessica and Brody or she has some issues of her own probably related to why she could not tell him what was up with her later.

Gigi talks to Rex on the phone about his PI pursuits. Right then, Eli stands outside Rex’s motel room and when room service brings food for Rex, Eli pretends he’s Mr. Balsam. He notices that there is a knife on the plate and picks it up.

At the hospital, Layla asks Cristian what if her sister wanted to live. They really haven’t a clue whether Evangeline might have changed her mind after she wrote the will. Layla realizes that she did not discuss everything with her sister and cannot be sure. Her mom is sure. So maybe her mom is right and she is wrong.

Rex hears a knock on the door and sees his food but Eli has left and nobody is there. It looks like Eli has poisoned Rex’s food.

Natalie tells John, of course, she is happy about Jessica and Brody. Why wouldn’t she be? He knows that something is up. Gigi distracts John so that she can talk to Natalie alone about the fact that Natalie still has not told John or Jessica that she may be pregnant by Brody.

Kelly tells Dorian that she is behaving like a baby with the modern technology that David, Destiny and Darren can all access from their cell phones. Kelly notices the name Darren Price. Dorian knows that he is a student at Llanview High. They go into the system and see that David has written that he would not take Dorian back even if he was desperate. Seeing that, Dorian tells Kelly that they have to call the cyber police. Her internet account has been compromised. She knows that Darren is a fine young man who would never spew such vile venom. Kelly knows that somebody else would. She knows that David is probably writing that. Darren is meanwhile helping David write more gossip about Dorian that is really annoying her as she and Kelly read it.

At the hospital, Layla asks Cristian what he would do if it was his brother, Antonio, lying in that bed. They both realize that neither he nor his mom would take his brother off of life support unless they were absolutely certain it’s what he wanted. He tells her that he is with her. They are together for the rest of their lives. So whatever happens, she does not have to go through it alone.

When Rex is alone in his hotel room on his computer, he is feeling the effects of the drugs while Eli stands outside the door.

Kelly is getting amused when she sees what David and Darren are writing on the network about Dorian. Dorian is ready to fight fire with fire. But Kelly tells her maybe she can just call David and make up. Dorian then writes her own text back that David is a gigolo and a himbo.

David is similarly provoked at Buenos Dias when he types in his verbal warfare on Darren’s text phone. Destiny tells him that maybe instead of this foolishness, David needs to go and talk to Dorian. He then pays for the ice cream that he consumed. Destiny tells him she better get a front row seat when David and Dorian walk down the aisle.

Jessica, John and Brody are wondering what is holding up Natalie. Jessica goes to look for her sister in the lady’s room. Brody and John talk privately about Brody being able to give Bree a little brother or sister. Brody then realizes that he may appear to John to be a jerk talking about having a baby with what happened to John and Marty. John tells him it’s all right, and he has the right to enjoy it. He tells Brody that maybe he will get another chance one day.

Jessica finds Natalie while she is talking privately with Gigi. Natalie excuses her sister so that she can continue talking to Gigi. She tells her that she really needs to know conclusively who the father of her baby is and cannot wait another four months. John then calls to Natalie that they are waiting. She returns. John proposes a toast to Jessica and Brody.

At Buenos Dias, Darren wants to make certain that he is alone with Destiny and David is gone. She tells him that she can assure him that David will leave them alone and is going to be busy with Dorian for the rest of his natural life.

While Dorian is launching verbal warfare on her computer, David comes in there and tells her she must step away from her computer and come up and face him.

Layla goes to talk to her mom with Cristian. She tells them that she knows what they are going to do regarding Evangeline.

While Rex is passed out on his bed, Eli obtains the key that he got from room service and enters the hotel room wearing latex gloves.

Mrs. Williamson declares to her daughter that she is not going to fight her. If Layla is dead set on doing what it says on that paper, she will do it. She will let her baby go.

Natalie is secretly tense while Brody, Jessica and John talk happily about all of the names they can think of for the baby. She is completely distracted and the others wonder what is up. She goes back and talks privately to Gigi. She tells her she wants to get away from the baby talk. Gigi tells her that things are only going to get worse until she faces it and tells John. Natalie cries and tells her there is another way where she will not have to tell John and that would be to get an abortion.

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