OLTL Update Thursday 7/22/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi’s after Natalie finds out she is pregnant, she is stunned. She informs Gigi that she is pregnant and Gigi assures her she wont’ say anything. But Natalie admits to Gigi that she’s not even certain that John is the father. Not far away, John and Brody play pool and talk about what should happen to Hannah.

After Jessica informs Kelly that she is pregnant, Kelly hugs her and congratulates her and tells her that she is certain that Brody will be really happy. But Jessica reveals that she has not told him and is not entirely sure that Brody is the father. Right then, Kelly notices that Langston is getting a call on her phone from Ford and remarks to Jessica that that no good weasel keeps bugging Langston. Jessica is spooked.

When Ford is on his phone at the hospital urging Langston to call him, he goes to see his brother when James is ready to get discharged from the hospital. James remarks that he has no insurance or any way to pay for his hospital bill. But the nurse informs him that an anonymous source paid it for him.

In the park, Nate’s mom tells her son that she gave the 50 grand to James and he asks if she missed the “jerk” of a big brother he has, while he has no idea about his mom’s relationship to her two other sons. His mom is stunned when she hears that question. She talks about finding Nate a place to live. Bu Nate knows that she has something going on that she is not telling him.

Dani goes to talk to Dr. Greg asking him if anything can be done to save her mom‘s life. He tells her that there is no way they can prevent her mom from dying. But she does not accept that. She tells him that she has surfed many websites and hears different information. But Greg tells her that the procedure they mention in that website not only will not save her mother. IT will make her worse. And Dani needs to trust him and accept what he is saying to her.

Téa and Todd are together talking about what the next few remaining months of her life are going to be like.

Kelly asks Jessica if she believes that perhaps Ford could be the father of her baby.

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Natalie if she slept with someone besides John.

Todd tells Téa that they are all going to die but he thought she might want to talk about living and what she wants to do. She tells him that she wants him and Dani to be good to each other. But he tells her that is not what he is asking. He wants to know what she wants just for her. But she admits that she has not really thought about it. He asks her if she’s considered racing the Indy 500? Going to every 5 star restaurant on the west coast? Being an astronaut? He asks her what she wanted to do as a kid. She replies that she spent all of her time studying. So she guesses she just wanted to be successful. She informs him that she wanted to be the first female Supreme Court justice. She also wanted to be a Rockette.

Dani reminds Greg that nobody thought that Matthew would walk again yet Greg fixed him. So why can’t he do something for her mom? He tells her that he has consulted colleagues all over the country and overseas and if there was something he could do for her mom, he would.

Ford tells his brother that it’s amazing that somebody has paid his hospital bill. But James wants to know whom his brother was yelling at out in the hallway. And Ford better not reply that it was nobody.

Nate asks his mom what she did with the money. She replies that she paid James’ hospital bill. He tells her that he knows that James’ brother, Ford is a jerk. And he had no right to be rude to her. But his mom tells him that he does not know what peoples’ lives do to them,. Again, he has no clue what she is talking about or what she knows about Robert Ford.

Natalie talks to Gigi at Rodi’s while John and Brody are playing pool, talking about their case and having no clue that she is pregnant. Gigi follows an upset Natalie out the door and urges Natalie to let her help her. Natalie explains to Gigi that right when she was ready to move to London and assumed that John had rejected her, she went to visit a friend just to say good bye. They both had had too much to drink and had no way of believing that either of them could be “cheating” on anybody. Gigi then asks her who it was. Natalie replies it was Brody.

Jessica admits to Kelly that it’s entirely possible that she had sex with Ford without knowing.

At Rodi’s, John asks what happened with Natalie and Gigi rushing outside. Brody replies they are probably just gabbing. Outside, Natalie explains to Gigi that she was certain that John had dumped her for Marty. Brody was certain that Jessica was done with him and gave up on her after she lost her memory and told him she never wanted to see him again. So, they had sex assuming it was no harm, no foul. But right on that very same night, John stopped her at the airport and Jessica got her memory back and got back with Brody.

Jessica explains to Kelly that she does not remember exactly what happened that night she was with Ford. She remembers that it came back to her what Mitch did and she ran out. Kelly reminds her that Ford confirmed that they did not have sex and why would he lie saying they didn’t when they did? With his attitude and wanting everybody to see what a stud he is, he would have admitted it if he had slept with her. But Jessica remembers that when he told her he did not, there were cops all around and he may have been afraid of getting in trouble or charged with rape. SO she has no clue if she had sex with Ford or not.

Nate asks his mom why she would rush off and what is going on. She asks if he does not have plans with Dani and tells him she is good and doesn’t need him to help her with anything.

Gigi asks Natalie if she and Brody just kept what happened to themselves. Natalie replies that they did it only once and didn’t want to reveal it to Jessica or John. They first assumed that they would never get back with their respective partners. And why hurt them if they need never know?

Kelly tells Jessica she will invite Ford over and find out what really happened. Jessica asks her what she is going to say. She replies that she is going to tell Ford the truth.

James awakens in his bed to see Nate’s mom (who, unknown to him, is also his mom). He appears courteous but asks her whom she is. She tells him her name is Inez. He asks her if she was the one whom his brother was yelling at. He apologizes for his brother’s rudeness and asks if she could tell him what it was all about.

Dani is crying and distraught when she tells Nate that she has been researching cures online for her mom. She went and talked to Dr. Evans but he had no hope. He asks her if that is Destiny’s brother and remarks that he is supposed to be good. She tells him that Greg is not good enough. He tells her that he wants to be there for her and help her. She remarks that maybe they can get her mom and Todd an engagement present because they are getting married.

Téa gets on the phone to book a reservation for something she’s never done. She and Todd joke. She dances on the table and jumps on a trampoline. She and Todd do crazy and fun things that they would never otherwise consider doing. And Dani walks in on them. They act silly and enjoy being together. We see her with a hula hope and Todd clowning around with her. She pours beer over his head and they steal food from the front desk. She tells him the next thing will be the two of them and Daniella and a field trip.

Kelly tells Jessica that even if the pregnancy is Ford’s and if she wants to leave things the way they are, she can tell Brody it’s his child. But Kelly has already invited Ford to come over and he is at the door ringing the doorbell.

John and Brody play pool at Rodi’s. They talk about how they have both played pool with Natalie.. Brody then relives sleeping with Natalie. He then confesses to John that there is something he has to say. Outside, Natalie admits to Gigi that she and Brody were going to forget all that happened and move on. Gigi then asks her if they did not use protection. Natalie admits that they were too drunk to think of what they were doing. She cries and reflects that she’s blown it. She and John were so happy. Jessica and Brody were so happy. And now she has to face that the baby she has may not be John’s and may have to tell her sister that she slept with her boyfriend.

Ford comes to answer Kelly’s questions. He tells her that he told her and he told Jessica that he did not have sex with Jessica. What does she want? A sworn statement and affidavit and some sort of proof? Kelly tells him that maybe he needs to get a blood test. And the reason he would want to is because Jessica has a communicable disease which could have been spread to him. In response to that, he asks her why Jessica did not tell him and asks if she has an STD. . Kelly replies it’s hepatitis C.

When James asks Nate’s mom (and his own) what she was arguing with his brother about, she tells him that if he wants to blame anybody for what happened to him, he may blame her. But he asks “Mrs. Salinger” what is going on and what he is missing.

In the park, Dani cries and tells Nate that she is afraid to leave her mom alone. She is worried that she may never see her again. He tells her that it won’t be like that. She will have a warning. Right then, she gets a call from Todd and asks him if something has happened to her mom. Todd assures her it’s nothing like that. Her mom just wants the three of them to do something special together. She tells Todd ok and asks if Nate can come to. Todd then grudgingly agrees to let Nate join them.

Ford thanks Kelly for “the warning” but does not giver her conclusive information about whether he slept with Jessica. When he goes off to visit his brother, and Jessica has been able to overhear that he’s not very worried, she graciously thanks Kelly and is pretty certain that she could not have slept with him.

Brody tells John that he would not have been able to become a cop were it not for John. He looks at John and reminds him that John trusted him when nobody else did. He also silently reflects how he “betrayed” John by sleeping with Natalie. Outside, Natalie admits to Gigi that this is not the right time to have a baby with anybody and she asks what she’s going to do.

James is able to figure out that “Nate’s mom” paid his hospital bill. But he has also heard that she almost lost her house. She tells him that he should not have to worry about things like this. He should think about high school and college and being young and having fun. He asks her why she is apologizing to him when it appears that she can clearly see that he did not get to have those things. She then tells him that if anything is left after the hospital bill is paid, James may keep it for himself. They both agree that she should not give it to his brother. She asks if his brother may mean well but is overly protective of him. He remarks that he had to be because things were not good at their house.

Gigi admits to Natalie that lying has cost her and Rex regarding Stacy and things she has done. So, she advises that Natalie does not hide anything. She also knows that it will be 16 weeks minimum before she finds out whom the baby’s dad is. Natalie concludes that she will have to wait for 4 months and not know what to do throughout all of that time. Gigi assures her that she did not “cheat” on John. But, Natalie concludes that that will not make things ok for John or for Jessica.

Brody calls Jessica and she answers for the first time. He asks her what happened as he’s left a ton of messages. She asks if he can meet her at Rodi’s later. She smiles and tells Kelly that she’s so relieved now that she knows that she and Ford did not have sex.

But right then, Ford goes to see the nurse at the hospital and wants to talk privately to her.

Kelly assures Jessica that she knows that Ford would have made it clear to her if he’d had sex with her. And they happily talk about all the names Jessica can give the baby she is going to have with Brody.

Ford then asks the nurse if she could set up a blood test for him. He tells her that he might have picked up a virus, Hepatitis C.

James thanks Nate’s mom for her help. But she tells him again that she is sorry for all of it. He tells her if it makes her feel any better, it wasn’t only Nate’s fault to have stolen that money. He stole it also from his dad. So she can stop apologizing. But right then, she makes a remark about his dad and goes out the door. Right then, James walks out of his room and ask his brother if he saw “that woman” go out the door. He informs his brother that the strangest thing happened. She kept apologizing for what Nate did and paid his hospital bill. She’s Nate’s mom. Hearing that, Ford is shocked to find out that their mom is also Nate’s.

Téa, Todd, Dani and Nate all go to the Empire State building. Téa goes to show Nate some things and Dani is alone with Todd and thanks him for making her mom happy.

James demands that his brother goes and apologizes to “Mrs. Salinger”. Robert asks him why he thinks he should do that. James tells him that she is a nice lady. She paid his hospital bill. And Robert had no right to be rude to her. But Robert demands that James gets back into bed. Outside the door, Robert appears horrified to find out that their mom had another kid.

Brody asks Jessica what is going on. She happily tells him she thinks he should sit down. It’s big news. Not far away, Natalie is not as happy and tells John she does not know where to start. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him she has something to tell him.

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