OLTL Update Wednesday 7/21/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/21/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Both Jess and Nat are in the hospital and both are shocked to find out they are pregnant! Neither tells each other what their stomach virus is all about. Jess bumps into Ford at the hospital. Jess tries to ask him about that night and he says nothing happened.

Gigi is working at Rodi’s and gets a letter from Llanview University. Natalie walks in and orders fries just like Brody. Gigi will bring them over to his table so they can share a fresh batch. In comes Rex and Gigi asks him to open the letter – it’s a congratulations letter you have been accepted LU! They talk about how to pay for it, he’s so proud he can’t wait to help. In comes Eli who keeps watching Rex over his shoulder. Rex is heading to Boston to help Kelly with her mom’s murder. Brody and Nat talk about their one night stand – she hasn’t told him her “good” news. Gigi tells her she looks like she needs a stiff drink – when Nat says no; she guesses why. John also comes to Rodi’s and talks with Brody. Brody tells John that if Eli is dirty, he’ll make a mistake.

John shows up at Blair’s to see Kelly. Eli is eavesdropping and asking questions. John looks at him a little strangely and he has some questions for him. John tells Kelly he finds it interesting that Eli is the lawyer on three of his cases.

Charlie still thinks David Vickers is parasite and wants Vicki to burn the sheets! Vicki reminds him its much better to keep a handle on Vickers if he is under their roof and on her payroll. So they realize they both need alone time and decide to take a low key, no Dorian, vacation.

Todd and Téa ask Dani for her blessing on their wedding. She’s cool with it, just don’t call her squirt and keep making her mom smile. She leaves them alone to celebrate their engagement.

Dani goes to the hospital to talk to Greg about the research she has done on her mom’s condition. He tells her that there are lots of doctors who will take advantage of rich patients. She reminds him of Mathew getting that chance and then tells him to go to hell.

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