OLTL Update Tuesday 7/20/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/20/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After markko has announced that he is leaving and moving to California, Starr and Langston talk privately in the park. But before they can complete their conversation, Ford appears and seems to know what has happened and perhaps the fact that Langston might now be “available’.

Dorian marches into Viki’s home after believing that Charlie is ready to cheat on Viki with her and Charlie has informed Viki of her intent. Viki leads David up her bedroom while Dorian is ready to inform Viki what Charlie has been up to. But when she catches Viki and David together in Viki’s bed, she is furious with David. He tries to get to her to leave but she seems angrier with him for what he is doing than she is with Charlie for his “intent” to cheat on Viki.

Natalie and Jessie are both sick from the muffins that David made. They appear both dizzy and ready to throw up.

Layla discovers that her mother is ready to burn the living will that Evangeline wrote. She is outraged and demands to know how her mother could lie telling her that her sister had no will

Jessica and Natalie go to the hospital and they wonder if they have food poisoning from David’s muffins.

David kisses Viki right in front of Dorian who tells them that this is depravity. To think that she was motivated to do a “good deed”. She came over there because she wanted VIki to know all about Charlie’s “intent” with her. But David tells her that it’s clear to see that she and Charlie are shacking up. She asks where he would get that idea. Right then, Charlie enters through the door and David tells her that he can tell her all about it.

Eli informs Rex and Kelly that he and Blair are engaged. She congratulates him and he tells her that she is now his favorite future in law and entitled to all of the free legal counsel that she wants. And she tell him that she would like his help in finding her mother’s killer, Bennett Thompson.

Cristian tells comatose Evangeline that Layla means so much to him that he asked her to marry him and she said yes. He used to think that it would be himself and Evangeline. But it’s himself and Layla. They are moving forward. He cries and tells Evangeline that it would mean a lot to them if she would come back to them because they don’t want to leave her behind.

Mrs. Williamson protests that Layla kept her distance from Evangeline all this while. And now she wants to play the good sister. Where was Layla when her mother was taking care of Evangeline every day of her life?. Layla tells her mother she can clearly see that Evangeline has specifically ordered that she does not want any type of life support or resuscitations or artificial means to keep her alive. What more does she need than Evangeline’s signature on the document in order to clearly see that Evangeline does not want to be hooked up to those machines and wants them to let her go?

IN Evangeline’s hospital room, Cristian admits that he has never felt so powerless. He wants to be happy with Layla but knows she is holding back. He tells here that Layla feels guilty about the two of them together. She tells him that she’s ok with it but he knows it’s a lie. He knows that he’s had the same guilt. He believes that she might be telling them that it’s ok to move on. Every instinct in him tells him that she would want him and her sister to be happy. But maybe his gut is not good enough. He knows that Evangeline cannot tell him. So where does that leave them?

Mrs. Williamson tells Layla that she(Layla) thinks she can get in her sister’s head. But this is not proof, as Layla says, of what she wanted. It’s not notarized or dated. All it says is what Evangeline may have thought for a short time. And she will not put her daughter to death based on a clue. Layla asks her mom what if Evangeline is already gone.

Kelly informs Eli that she has hired Rex to find her mother’s murderer. He tells them he’s a bit surprised that they would already be chasing leads. Rex informs him that they believe that Emmett Thompson is the killer. Hearing that, Eli appears stunned.

Dr. Greg comes out and tells Jessica and Natalie that he will run some tests and see if he can find out what is making them both so sick. Natalie then hands him the muffin tin and asks him to check for lead poisoning and all of the possible things that could be found. He asks her if she’s serious about the muffins. Jessica affirms of course. These muffins are toxic.

Dorian tells Charlie that he must admit to Viki that he is done with Viki and believes that she is with David. She tells them that maybe Charlie, being a gentleman, will confess that he was not telling the truth. Viki then admits that Charlie did not leave her and most certainly did not take up with Dorian. She tells David she is sorry. But she made it all up. Hearing that, David remarks that he feels like he’s watching Lost and asks if somebody would like to tell him what is going on. VIki then replies that Charlie wanted Dorian to believe that he was interested in her. She admits that Charlie’s coming on to Dorian and her coming on to David was all fake. Of course, David wants to believe that Viki is interested in him and Dorian wants to believe that Charlie was interested in her. But Viki protests that she and Charlie had no choice but to put their plan into motion because the two of them(Dorian and David) are wreaking havoc in their(Viki and Charlie) lives. Charlie tells Dorian and David that it’s clear to see that the two of them are interested in each other and miserable without each other. SO, Charlie and Viki tell David and Dorian, they need to admit that the two of them are in love with each other.

Ford informs Langston that he is happy for Markko to be going to UCLA. But Starr is not friendly to him and he tells her that he does not know how his brother could have tolerated being around her. Hearing that, Langston is really surprised to find out for the first time that Ford has a brother.

Kelly informs Eli that she found a slip of paper in a vase with the name Bennett Thompson. He asks what is up with that. Rex replies that he is looking up people all over the country with that name. And Kelly tells Eli she could use his legal advice. Hearing that, he tells her that his advice is that she drops it and forgets the whole thing.

Crsitian tells Evangeline that the last time he saws her, he held her hand and asked her if it was ok with her if he moved on. And he felt as though she was telling him yes. But now, he’s afraid that she won’t be able to tell him anything. He cries and holds her hand and realizes she is not coming back.

Layla tells her mom she knows this is hard to hear. She knows her mom loves her sister more than anything. She loves her too, Layla tells her. But they have to realize that this is not a real life. And even without this document, doesn’t her mom realize that this is not what Evangeline would want? It may be what her mom wants but not what Evangeline would want. Mrs. Williamson tells her daughter that that is the difference between them. She does not want anything to end her daughter’s life. She just needs help which Layla refuses to give her. Layla may go to that hospital and have those people unplug her sister’s life support system if she wants. But if Layla makes the “wrong decision”, her sister’s blood will be on her hands. And she asks Layla if she thinks she could live with that. Layla goes out the doorl. Alone, Mrs. Williamson looks at photos of her two daughters in happier times while Layla returns to the hospital to see Cristain talking to her sister.

Dr. Greg has Natalie and Jessica in exam rooms and finds it very hard to believe that muffins would cause what is happening to them. They both talk about throwing up and being dizzy and being intermittently hungry. He notices that they both have mood swings and symptoms but they are not experiencing food poisoning. Greg and the other doctor run the blood tests but conclude that they are pretty certain of what both Natalie and Jessica have.

After Viki informs Dorian and David what she and Charlie planned, Dorian tells her that this is beyond stupid. David seems “bruised” to find out that Viki is not really attracted to him. She apologizes but tells him that she and Charlie had to do what they had to do because they know that he loves Dorian and she loves him. But they both deny that. Dorian tells them she’s never loathed anybody more than David.

Langston is very surprised to find out that Ford has a brother whom Starr shot. He affirms yes and tells Langston he is sorry about Markko. Langston seems intrigued about Ford’s brother remembering he never said anything about him when they were together. Starr tells her that the two brothers could not be more different. James is a good guy. But Langston reflects what she’s just heard about how James kidnapped Starr, got her involved in car jacking and got himself shot by a thug. So how could he not be worse than his brother?

Kelly tells Eli that Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins know about her mother’s death and so did Rodney. He tells her that he just wants to be straight with her and does not buy that any of those people would know about it. She asks if his expert legal advice would be to throw in the towel before she even tries. He tells her that he has seen too many people trying and failing and getting their hopes up in situations like this. She tells him she is a big girl and will make her own decisions. She is going to find her mother’s killer and would like his help. So she asks her future cousin in law what he has to say about that.

Layla shows Cristian the living will that Evangeline wrote that she discovered right before her mother was ready to burn in the fire place. He is shocked to hear that she walked in on her mother attempting to destroy it and had to tear it out of her hands. She wants to do what is right for her sister but her mother keeps accusing her of wanting to kill her. He tells her that nobody is thinking straight. But she asks him if this document is not supposed to be telling them what to do and could it be clearer? Right then, we se Mrs. Williamson alone in her home and depressed.

Eli tells Kelly that he will do whatever he needs to do in order to keep her safe. So, he asks Rex what they have here as far as investigation findings. They have nothing except a baseball card that Rodney had on him when he died. Rex did some digging and found out that Rodney is from Boston and there are three Bennett Thompson’s in the Boston area. Hearing that, Kelly is very impressed.

Starr talks to Langston about her experience with James. Langston then asks her if everything is ok. Starr admits to her that she and Cole had problems long before James came along involving Hannah and her father getting falsely accused of trying to kill his mom. But Langston knows that Starr might have feelings for James.

Dorian and David argue about how they are not going to trust or fall for each other again. Viki and Charlie urge them to know that they are meant for each other. Charlie then suggests that he and Viki let David and Dorian talk alone so that they can figure things out. Dorian tells Viki that she has stooped to the level of her brother Todd. And Charlie’s behavior will not be tolerated in her personal or professional life. Therefore, she tells Charlie, he is fired. Hearing that, Viki protests that Dorian has no grounds to fire him. The four of them argue and Dorian concludes that Charlie and VIki need to leave the scheming to the schemers. She tells David he needs better friends than a person who would humiliate him the way VIki has. David then concludes that she is correct and they leave together.

Langston tells Starr that she knows that she may have stomped all over their friendship in this last year so she understands that Starr might have reasons to hold back. Starr tells Langston that she is her best friend and that will never change. Langston tells her that she will never let anyone or any Ford ever come between them again.

Eli observes as Rex shows Kelly the different people named Bennett Thompson whom he’s found. Eli overhears and looks suspicious.

Layla tells Crisitan that she knows what Evangeline’s will says but she knows how her mother feels. So she does not know what to do. He tells her in that case, there is only one thing they can do. They need to call a lawyer.

Right then, Eli gets a call from Mrs. Williamson. She admits that he does not know her but she would like to get in touch with Bennett Thompson.

The doctors returns to Natalie and Jessica about the test results and concludes that nothing is wrong with the muffins. They do not have food poisoning. And there is nothing wrong with Jessica’s blood issue. And they tell both sisters that they are pregnant.

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