OLTL Update Monday 7/19/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Viki kisses David when Natalie and Jessica enter the room. They stare at their mother with their mouths wide open. When Charlie kisses Dorian, Langston enter and stares with her mouth wide open.

Starr talks to Cole about what it means for her to be visiting James in the hospital after heís been shot. He wonders if she is merely visiting him out of guilt and to make sure he is okay or if there is more.

Langston enters and interrupts a startled Dorian and Charlie and tells them they need not mind her.

Natalie and Jessica interrupt their mother when she is kissing David and demand to know what she is doing.

At the hospital, Laylaís mother asks Layla and Cristian why they are in such a rush to go to her house to find a supposed living will that Evangeline might have. She affirms that her daughter did not give any instructions to kill her. It seems as though she does not know that there is no will and itís her own decision to keep Evangeline on the life support system regardless of whether Evangeline would want it or not. She tells Layla if she is not careful, she will have her barred from seeing her sister. She tells Layla and Cristian that she is going home to get Evangelineís favorite things so that she will know she will be coming home soon.

After Jessica and Natalie inquire what Viki and David are doing, Viki does not know how to explain it. They ask where Charlie is. Viki does not know how to explain that. David then explains that the passionate kiss they walked in on was his rehearsing for a Hollywood film and Vikiís helping him. He tells them that when he wore his skimpy trunks, he was rehearsing a romantic scene for a movie and their mother was nice enough to help him. Viki then asks her daughters what she can do for them. They then inform her that they learned the hard way after eating Davidís toxic muffins that he is trying to poison them.

Langston tells Dorian that she is disgraced. She had to learn the hard way about the error of her ways when she cheated on Markko. Yet, the two of them can do whatever they want.

Cole tells Starr she appeared pretty worried about James and it was beyond just feeling guilty that she shot him. He asks her about the two of them stealing cars. She tells him that she has no interest in doing that again. She then tries to distract him about going home to her brothers and grandma. At that moment, Markko appears. Star hugs him and wants to talk to him. He informs Starr and Cole that he has heard about both of them from newspaper articles. They explains that she was on the run with Fordís brother and Hannah sent him on a wild goose chase. Hearing about Fordís brother, Markko reflects that he hopes that James is nothing like his brother. He asks Starr and Cole if they plan on getting back together. Starr replies that they never actually broke up. But Markko remembers that he was in jail alongside Cole the last time they spoke and Cole informed him that heíd asked Starr to stop coming by to see him. But now that they have not broken up, Markko would like to hear everything. Cole then explains to Markko that he mistakenly believed Hannah that she saw Starrís dad push his mom, but he found out Hannah was lying. Cole and Starr then ask Markko why he doesnít move back in with them. Langston has moved back in with Dorian so he is welcome to live with them. He clarifies to them that he is not moving back and the reason has nothing to do with Langston.

When Dorian asks Langston why she and Markko are not trying to get back together, Langston informs her mom that Markko is moving to California. Hearing that, Dorian asks what there is for him in California. Langston replies itís his future to go to UCLA on a scholarship. She remembers that he got the same scholarship last year but turned it down to be with her. Yet, she threw his loyalty away. She admits that she is sad and regretful that Markko is moving. But she must let him go because he deserves to have his future. She tells Dorian she had no choice but to accept Markko going. Dorian tells her, she could have tried to stop him.

Markko announces to Cole and Starr that he is not just visiting California. He is moving there for good.

Langston asks Dorian if she is serious about wanting her to go after Markko. She asks Dorian why she is not trying to get David back and is now making out with Charlie Banks. Dorian tells Langston that she has no future with David. Langston, however, has a future with Markko. He doesnít want to leave her. Langston then tells her mom that maybe instead of getting into Langstonís love life, maybe Dorian should focus on her own.

After Natalie and Jessica announce to David and to Viki that they have eaten Davidís poisonous muffins, he is not certain what to say. He has had them also and has been just fine. He eats one. Viki then faces her daughters and tells them maybe they need to get to a doctor because they might be coming down with something. Jessica then asks her mom if David is really going to be moving in. Natalie tells her that she cannot be serious about his living there. Viki dismisses them out the door. David tells Viki that he did not poison his muffins. She then takes the muffin out of his hand, tosses it on the floor, tells him to forget about the muffins and pick up where they left off. She continues to seduce him.

When Charlie is alone with Viki after Langston has left, he wants to pick up where they left off and kisses her. She tells him she cannot do this.

David similarly tells Viki that heís sorry and cannot ďdo this.Ē

Starr urges Markko to know that Langston regrets everything that she did, and she believes the two of them can get past it. He tells her that itís not that he cannot forgive Langston, itís what she did that he cannot get over. He knows that Starr and Cole may be meant for each other and can get through anything, but he and Langston may not have it in them to get past everything the way Starr and Cole do.

Layla asks Cristian why every conversation they have with her mother is so hostile. He tells her that her mom just does not want to give up on Evangeline. She tells him that she wishes she could prove that she is not the enemy there and wants her sister to live. But that is not her sister in there. He asks her if she wants him to be with her when she goes to talk to her mom. She tells him she loves him but needs to handle this alone. She departs, and he wishes her luck.

Natalie asks Jessica if she really believes that story David told them about auditioning for his acting role with Viki. Jessica tells her sister she has to believe that because the alternative of their mother willfully kissing David is beyond what she wants to believe. They wonder how it is that they got sick on the muffins but David did not. They wonder if itís not the muffins, then what could it be?

Inside the other room, Viki asks David why he is turning away from her now. Yet, he seems to know that it is out of character or her. He tells her that this is very difficult for him to say. But heís been hiding the truth about what is really in his heart -- or really who is in his heart.

Meanwhile, after Charlie kisses Dorian and she pulls away, he asks her what is up. She admits that she cannot go through with this. He asks her why not. She tells him that Langston just reminded her about how one can let their emotions confuse them about their true feelings for another person. Hearing that, he asks her if Dorian Lord does not know what she wants. She tells him she could see that Langston was not true to her own heart. She compromised her values and betrayed somebody who was very good and kind. She does not want to do the same thing. He then turns his head and tells her he understands. She then tells him that itís taken her this long to realize that she has ďfeelings.Ē He tells her heís glad to find out that she realizes she has feelings for David. But she tells him no. It has nothing to do with David. She does not want to do this because of Viki.

Viki then tells David that sheís glad that heís finally come to the realization that he has feelings for Dorian. He tells her that the reason he cannot go through with this has nothing to do with Dorian. Itís because of the feelings he has for her (Viki).

Charlie asks Dorian if he heard her correctly that she cannot go through with this because of Viki. She tells him that she remembers that the last time they kept a secret from Viki it was their crusade to kill Mitch Laurence. They learned their lesson the hard way from that. Now they canít be getting the wrong idea yet again just like they did the last time. She tells him that she never dreamed that he would betray his wife. He tells her that he did not intend to betray his wife but she (Dorian) just kissed him. Dorian then angrily tells him he doesnítí know what he is talking about. He kissed her. She is furious with him telling him that Viki deserves better than a low life who would cheat on her. Hearing that, Charlie tells her that only a short time ago, she was calling Viki every name in the book. He knows that the reason she stopped him was not because she could care less about Viki. Itís because she has feelings for David.

David tells Viki that he knows what she is doing. She is using Dorian to seduce him. She then asks him if that means that his feelings for Dorian are coming back. He denies it and tells her that he doesnít want to ruin her marriage with Charlie. He knows that she is disappointed. She is only human. But heís thinking about himself too and their friendship. He doesnít want to lose her as a friend just to take her on as one of his many lovers. She tells him he cannot fool her and why doesnít he just admit who this is really about.

Jessica gets on the phone and is worried that if she has to wait to see a doctor, she doesnít want to spread what she has to Brody or to Bree. It looks like both she and Natalie are ready to throw up.

Cole tells Starr that he must know that this is a great opportunity for Markko to go to L.A. So maybe they should be happy for him instead of making it worse than it already is. Starr then tells him that she is sorry but tells Markko that she knows, in her heart that Langston still loves Markko and always will. At that moment, Langston appears and listens to them unseen.

Charlie tells Dorian she needs to admit that the reason she cannot go through with it with him has nothing to do with Viki. Itís because she has feelings for David. She tells him even if sheís had her differences with Viki, she will not allow Viki to be betrayed. Viki has the right to know what type of a scoundrel she married. Dorian goes out the door to forewarn Viki, although Charlie urges her to wait.

While Viki is still with David, she gets a call from Charlie. He warns her that his ďplanĒ with Dorian did not work. He did everything he could to make Dorian admit that she still has feelings for David. But Dorian is on her way to Vikiís home right now ready to rat Charlie out for cheating on her. Noticing that David is overhearing the conversation, Viki urges Charlie to ďplease give her one more chance.Ē She then has David believing that Charlie has hung up on her and has chosen to leave her for Dorian. Viki cries on Davidís shoulder, informing him that her marriage is over.

Markko tells Cole and Starr that he was just on his way to pick up his paycheck from Buenos Dias before leaving. He informs them that he is going to go to California with, Karen, the pizza girl whom heís been friends with for a long time. Starr and Cole tell him how they will miss him and he tells them how grateful he is to have friends like them. Langston secretly overhears. They relive the four of them together. Markko hugs both Cole and Starr goodbye. Langston secretly watches and cries.

Cristian goes into Evangelineís hospital room and tells her that Layla is right. He used to be able to look at her and see that she was still there. But now heís not so sure. He is not sure what should be done about this. He does not know if he and Layla just canít stand seeing her this way or if they are just being selfish. They canít accept the machines that are keeping her alive remembering the wonderful and powerful woman that she was before this happened. Her mom wants her to get better. Yet, itís only Evangelineís decision and nobodyí elseís.

Layla goes to her momís home and notices itís a bit odd that her mom is building a fire in the summer. She can clearly see that her mother is burning a document she does not want anybody to see.

Viki cries on Davidís shoulder and tells him that nobody wants her. Not even him. He tells her that that is not true. He just didnít want to ruin her marriage to Charlie. But now that heís out of the picture, he tells her, heís thinking of all of the places that they can go. Knowing that Dorian is on her way, Viki knows they cannot go anywhere except upstairs so that Dorian can catch them together.

Starr and Cole hug Markko goodbye and Cole walks him to his car. When Starr is alone, Langston finds her and admits that she is not okay. She and Markko said their goodbyeís this morning. She is not okay, but she must let him go. She cries and Starr hugs her.

Natalie concludes to Jessica that they cannot wait to find out what happened that got them sick. They wonder if David might have tried to ďslipĒ them something so that he could have his way with their mother. They take the muffins to the hospital to find out what is in them.

In the other room, David disrobes and tells Viki that he is about to make her forget all about Charlie and make her feel better than she ever has in her life.

Cristian talks to Evangeline while sheís hooked up to the machines. He cries and tells her if a part of her is still there and can hear him through all the machines, he needs her to know that he never stopped loving her.

Meanwhile, Layla grabs the document that her mother is trying to burn knowing there is something she does not want her to see. She can see that itís Evangelineís living will.

Viki and David are ready to go at it in her bedroom when Dorian enters through the front door. She calls to Viki. Viki tells David she needs to ďget changedĒ first. Dorian is going up the stairs in Vikiís home to her bedroom. Viki gets on her robe and lays on the bed with David. Meanwhile, Charlie rushes home in search of Viki. He does not find her but discovers the skimpy trunks of Davidís thrown on the floor of Vikiís living room.

Viki and David are in the room when Dorian bangs on the door telling Viki she has to talk to her about ďher Charlie.Ē She opens the door ready to inform Viki that Charlie tried to get her into bed. But when Dorian sees Viki with David in Vikiís bed, smirking at her, she is not certain what to say or do. 

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