OLTL Update Friday 7/16/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Charlie puts his plan into motion by meeting with Dorian and telling her that the truth is he is attracted to her. She asks why, if that’s the case, has he been pushing her away. He tells her that he was afraid of some things. She asks if by that he means that he did not want to betray Viki. He tells her it has nothing to do with Viki. It was because he was afraid of competing with David.

Meanwhile, Viki comes on to David and he is a bit baffled by this “out of character” behavior she is doing. He first wonders if Nikki Smith has come out. She assures him that she is fully integrated and is herself. She asks him if he does not have feelings for her. Does he only appreciate her for the amenities at her home and at the end of the day does he prefer Dorian? She appears insanely jealous to think that that could be the case.

Dani and Nate are in the park when his mom appears. She tells him she is furious to find out that he lied and she believed his ridiculous story that he got the money from the lottery. He could have gotten them both killed and she is going to return the money.

John and Marty stand outside Hannah’s room at St. Anne’s while Cole goes in and talks to her in an attempt to get her to confess what is really going on.

Meanwhile, Eli and Blair are ready to get married and so are Todd and Téa. The two men get into an argument and Eli angrily reminds Todd that he has not forgotten that Todd killed his brother.

Layla and Cristian stand beside Evangeline’s bed where she is hooked up to a life support system. She reflects that her sister is not there anymore. She needs those machines to live, and her mother refuses to take her off the life support. What is she supposed to do?

Nate asks his mom if she is going to accept losing the house. She tells him there are worse thing like cheating and lying. He tells her that he is sorry. She asks if he has said the same thing to that “poor boy” (meaning James.) He tells her that he attempted to go and apologize to James for getting him shot. But his brother wouldn’t let him in the door. She then asks where to find James and goes to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Starr is going to see James and has some food for him. He asks her if she does not remember that they have decided never to see each other again and asks where Cole is. She tells him that she remembers his telling her that where he comes from when you shoot somebody, you “owe” them. So she is paying off her debt and looks happy to have an excuse to see him again. He is happy to see her. But Ford is suspicious.

Cole reminds Hannah that not long ago, she successfully convinced him and John that she did not push his mom nor assault Ford. Now she is changing her story and incriminating herself. Why the sudden 180? She then remembers being threatened by Eli and his telling her that if she doesn’t do what he says, then something could happen to Cole that would be all her fault. She then replies to Cole’s question by telling him she did it “for him.”

In response to Charlie telling Dorian that he is afraid he cannot “compete” with David, she asks him why anybody would be jealous over the likes of David. He tells her that hers and David’s sex life is legendary. Hearing that, she assures Charlie that she and David are over. She needs a real man who is strong and has character and won’t bail on her to go and do a hemorrhoid commercial. He then informs her that David is with Viki right now and he’s afraid of what will happen when the two of them are alone.

In response to Viki’s similar question to David regarding his preferring Dorian, he similarly tells her that he and Dorian are through. She then appears to cry while she tells David she’s afraid that Charlie is “turning” to Dorian.

Starr talks to James alone in his room about Cole talking to Hannah. He senses that she is uneasy regarding Cole and Hannah and his mom. She assures him that she and Cole are fine. But she remembers Cole distrusting her with James and remembers not long ago, he trusted what Hannah told him about having reason to distrust Starr and believe she was cheating on him with James.

Standing outside Hannah's room, John asks Marty what she thinks of Hannah’s present state of mind. She tells him that Hannah is exhibiting many signs of schizophrenia. But she also knows it’s entirely possible that she is faking. John concludes that they can’t really get a conviction from Hannah if she is declared mentally incompetent and they still haven’t a clue who pushed her. Inside Hannah’s room, she reveals to Cole that she has a secret. He then asks her if she has some secret going on between herself and her lawyer, Elijah Clark.

When Eli confronts Todd for killing his brother, Téa confesses to him that Ross Rayburn is not dead.

Marty asks John if he believes that it could have been Hannah that pushed him. He admits that he really doesn’t know and that none of this adds up. Inside, Cole asks Hannah if it was Eli’s idea that she confesses to the crimes and fakes a breakdown so that Eli can keep her out of prison for that.

Téa admits to Eli that in order to protect Ross from going to prison and being hunted down for his crimes she had to have everybody believing that he died except for herself and Dani. She believes that Dani should have the right to reach out to Ross. In response to that, Eli angrily asks her why she thinks that it’s okay to tell Dani, a 15 year old girl, but he and Blair don’t have the right to know that Ross is still alive.

When Layla tells Cristian of the problem she has regarding Evangeline being taken off life support, he tells her he realizes that her mom is being unreasonable and it’s not okay to be accusing the two of them of wanting Evangeline to die. But she needs to see where her mom is coming from. Layla tells him that her mother needs to do what is right for her sister as it is clear that Evangeline is not going to get any better.

After Nate’s mom has announced that she is not about to accept the money that he obtained illegally, Dani does not want them to lose the house. So she tells him perhaps her dad can help if she asks. He tells her he refuses to take money from her father.

After Cole asks Hannah if Eli is putting her up to falsely incriminating herself of murder and staging an emotional breakdown, she asks him if he hates her because of what she has done. He tells her no. She tells him that at least he is safe to go back to Starr and Hope and be rid of her.

In James’ hospital room, he asks Starr questions about Cole that she is having trouble answering. He tells her he finds it a bit hard to believe that things are hunky dory between the two of them after Cole suspected her of cheating on him and believed Hannah and all. She tells him that she knows that things are not perfect. He asks her if she admitted to Cole that they kissed.

Dani asks Nate about his dad. He tells her that what he heard is his mom ditched his dad right when she was pregnant and never talks about him.

In the hospital, Nate’s mom runs into Robert Ford. When he notices her, he angrily demands to know what she is doing there after all this time.

Inside James’ room, he reveals that he’s confident that he might have a future with Starr although she wants to convince him and convince herself that she is committed to Cole.

Viki appears to cry on David’s shoulder telling him she is hurt over Charlie wanting Dorian and not her. She knows that he must be upset to know that Dorian would reject him for another man.

Charlie tells Dorian that he can see that David is winning Viki over. She questions whether Viki is interested in David. But he tells her that he caught Viki checking David out. He is really sorry that he has to tell Dorian that because he knows she always carried the torch for David.

Viki continues to tell David that she is hurt and angry over what Charlie has done to her. He tells her that Charlie is a loser not to appreciate the beautiful awesome woman she is.

When Charlie tells Dorian he knows that Viki is secretly with David, she furiously tells him that Viki is a no good self-righteous hypocrite prig and Charlie can do better.

Viki appears to sound emotional and tells David she is so upset by the way Charlie has treated her and all the people thinking she is some sort of “prig.” She loves David’s splendid body as much as any woman. And she is tired of trying to resist David when Charlie is throwing himself at Dorian. Hearing that, David smirks and sounds like he might believe what she is saying.

Dorian asks Charlie if he is fighting fire with fire. He tells her that he knows she does not want him “like this” turning to her just because David and Viki are rolling in the hay.

Layla tells Cristian that maybe if her sister drew up a document such as a living will, then her mother would have to honor it. At that moment, Mrs. Williamson enters and angrily asks her daughter if she is talking about killing her sister again.

Cole tells Hannah that all she needs now is to get better, and he is ready to leave. John knocks on the door to Hannah’s’ room. He asks John to give him a minute. He then tells Hannah goodbye. But before he’s out the door, she pulls him aside and tells him she knows that this is not making sense. But everything she did, she did for him. He does not listen to her and goes out the door. John goes into her room. Marty asks her son how it went. He replies that Hannah is still sticking to her story.

Starr tells James he must know that she meant it when she said that the one time they kissed meant nothing to her. He tells her he does not believe that. He knows that hiding out with her meant something really special to him.

At the hospital, Nate’s mom reveals that she is Robert and James Ford’s mom.

After Nate tells Dani that he never knew his father and she tells him he might want to find out, he tells her that he really doesn’t care to know who he is.

At the hospital, Robert Ford tells his “mother” that she means nothing to him. He could care less if she gave birth to him and to James. She is not fit to be their mother after abandoning them and leaving them with their abusive father. He does not want her anywhere near them. He then informs her that James got shot because of their abusive father and “some kid” stole money from James.

James tells Starr that almost dying really made things clear to him. He cannot let her go even if it means being on the run for the rest of their lives. She tells him that she is sorry if she might have done something to lead him on. She and Cole might have their issues. But they are together with their daughter. But he reminds her that before he went into surgery she said some pretty intense stuff that wouldn’t be said if she was merely concerned and guilty that he was shot. She tells him she is sorry if she misled him. He urges her to know that they have a profound connection. She does not want to hear that however, and leaves.

Outside the room, Nate’s mom (and Robert and James Ford’s) tells Robert that she has to make certain that James is okay. He angrily tells her she better not go near him and tells her to get out of their lives.

Cole talks to his mom about both of their lives. Inside Hannah’s room, John tells her if she wants to reveal any secrets to him, she may call him. She asks him if he does not hate her after what she did. He tells her he hates the person who caused him and Marty to lose their baby indicating that he knows it was not her.

Todd accuses Eli of not caring about his brother. He also claims to know what a sick person Eli is. Eli then hauls off and decks Todd. The two men continue to argue and fight and get pushed into the pool. Blair and Téa are both happy and getting along.

Dani asks Nate if he might consider finding out about his dad. He tells her that he’s not interested in knowing him. She tells him that although she did not want to meet her dad, it was great to find out she had a big sister and too little brothers and now she’s even okay about Todd. For all Nate knows, he could have brothers and sisters and a whole family out there that he doesn’t know about. He tells her that his mom will not tell him anything about his dad. She then reminds him that when he is 18, his mom won't be able to prevent him from finding his dad.

Meanwhile, Nate’s mom finds a way to get the nurse to let her see James. Robert returns to James’ room and James demands to know what he was yelling about outside and assumes he was arguing with Starr. Robert tells James that it was not Starr. There some “somebody else” he had a problem with.

Starr returns to Cole and admits that she was previously with James.

Layla tells her mom that she loves her sister. Her mom angrily tells her that nothing says “love” like dating her sister’s ex-boyfriend. And now they are getting married. They obviously want Evangeline to die. But Layla tells her mom that she wouldn’t be surprised if Evangeline drew up papers and might have a living will given that she was a lawyer. Her mom must find it and respect whatever Evangeline’s wishes are.

Marty admits to John that she is confused. Hannah confessed to pushing her. But it doesn’t really matter whether she did or not. Their baby is still gone.

Alone in Hannah’s room, she confesses that she did the right thing by Cole. She is protecting him from having Eli hurting him.

Todd and Eli both get out of the pool soaking wet and their two women encourage them to get along and accept what is going on.

David asks Viki if she is sure that Charlie is with Dorian. She appears distraught asking him if he did not see the way they were looking at each other lying about working together. They are obviously not “working” she tells him.

Charlie is with Dorian telling her that he and Viki are through and so are she and David.

Viki then grabs a hold of David and kisses him.

Charlie tells Dorian nothing is “stopping” them from being together and he kisses her. 

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