OLTL Update Thursday 7/15/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David goes to Viki’s home and asks her if she would like a muffin. She then knows the perfect plan which is to come on to him. She tells him she is not hungry for muffins. She encourages him to take his shirt off and tells him her home is his home. He takes it off and she smirks and invites him to have a bottle of wine with her.

Rex goes to the cabanas and asks Destiny who is working, if she has seen his briefcase. She tells him she has not seen it. He asks her if she is sure. She tells him that she would have known if she’s seen it after re-stocking all the cabanas. He asks if it might be at the lost and found. She tells him he can check but she doubts he will find it there. She walks off and Rex is afraid that he will never see his briefcase again. Right then, Gigi appears, holds the briefcase up to him and asks if he’s looking for this.

Robert Ford goes to see his brother in the hospital and wants to talk to him and hopefully “bond”.

Markko goes to talk to Langston about their future and whether they will see each other again. She cries and tells him she deeply regrets getting mixed up with Ford. She asks him if there is no chance for them. He tells her that too much has changed. She asks if they can still be friends. He tells her maybe long distance. And he informs her that he has gotten a scholarship at UCLA and he is going.

At the pool, Blair asks Jack why he has a problem with Eli. He must know that Eli is a nice guy. He protests that he can see that the guy is no different than Ross Rayburn who cannot be trusted. He tells his mom he knows people and can clearly see that “that guy does not smell right”

In the empty courtroom, when Téa is with Todd during his trial, he assures her that she is the love of his life.

David tells Viki he knew he’d like living there when he gets wine and amenities. She then tells him she was hoping that he wanted to live there because of her. He then goes out the door. She secretly calls Charlie and tells him that she is not certain she can go through with this plan where she comes on to David. He jokes but she does not think it’s funny. He tells her that they have to find a way to get Dorian and David out of their lives. She asks if he really thinks it will work for her to come on to David and for him to come on to Dorian. She asks him what if David takes her up on her offer and Dorian takes him up on his? What will they do then.?

Matthew sits at the cabana and hides while Destiny tells him she knows that he has a secret and can see that one of his ‘Friends” is a killer. He denies that. But she shows him the picture in the paper of Bull whom she recognized at the cabanas talking to him before Nate and Dani almost got killed by him.

Gigi is getting used to being a guest at resort and tells Rex that the two of them can get a free pass and enjoy all of the amenities. He asks her if she does not have to work at Rodi’s tonight. She informs him that she switched with a co worker and maybe he should let her return the favor.

Blair tells her son that she wishes that he would encourage his mom to be happy. Jack tells his mom that he will try to do that but if “that guy” calls him “little buddy” one more time, he will push Eli into the pool. Blair laughs and agrees with her son.

Nate and Dani talk about her situation with her mom. She tells him that her mom acts really tough and doesn’t want to be fussed over. She knows that her mom has to get radiation treatment and gets shot every day with this terrible stuff going into her body. She acts confident and smiles. She pretends to be brave and happy for her mom but inside she is screaming and panicking about her mom dying. She tells him that her mom is sick yet going out the door in her suit and heels ready to be super lawyer as if it’s just another day. And the whole thing is so strange. But they have some good news. Her dad has been acquitted of all charges. Hearing that, Nate tells her that is great and hugs her.

Todd tells Téa that he has never been happy since the day of their wedding. He tells her that the only thing that would make it harder for him is to lose any more time with her. He is a selfish bastard, he confesses to her. He wants everything he can get. He tells her he wants them to be together until death does them part and asks her what she says.

While Gigi and Rex are sitting in the sun, she asks him what he wants to do today. He tells her that they are already doing it. But she wants to use all of the amenities at the resort. She asks him what about tennis or golf, a sauna or a massage. But he just wants to stay there. She tells him that just sitting there is not very much work. He tells her he thought that was the whole idea behind playing hooky. And he likes just relaxing and doing the same thing. He does not care what they do as long as he gets to spend the day with her

Destiny shows Matthew the picture of Bull in the paper and tells him that maybe he needs to take a good look at the picture of the bounty hunter. She saw him talking to that guy not long ago in this very place. She remembers that Matthew informed her that he was talking to this guy because he said he was a friend of his parents. Yet Destiny does not buy that the DA and police commissioner would be friends with a low life bounty hunter. Matthew then admits that that guy was not really a friend of his parents. He just approached the guy because he thought he could help him obtain something that the guy “needed”. Hearing that, Destiny asks Matthew just what he thought the guy might need. Matthew replies $50,000. Destiny then asks Matthew where he told the guy he might find the $50,000. Matthew confesses that he told Bull that he could find the money from Nate. Destiny then tells Matthew she appreciates his coming clean and believes what he is saying now.

While Viki is “working on” David, Charlie is charming and coming on to Dorian. When Viki hears David enter the room and knows he will hear her conversation with Charlie on the phone, she acts as though she is having a big argument with Charlie and he will not be home tonight. She then tells David she wants him to wear his skimpy swimming trunks and she will take pictures of him.

Destiny reminds Matthew that because of his “conversation” with Bull, Nate and Dani got kidnapped and threatened and this guy James almost got shot. But Matthew tells her that all of those people are alright now so it’s no harm and no foul. And he shows her a book he is readying about how to live with guilt. He also reveals to her that David has advised him not to feel bad about what he did. She tells him she does not approve of his listening to David.,

Rex tells Gigi that he is trying to find this Bennett Thompson whom Kelly Cramer believes killed her mother. He has not managed to succeed yet. And he is worried if he does not get the results, then Kelly could fire him. But Gigi is not worried that he cannot succeed.

When Eli goes to see Blair, she asks how things are with Hannah. He tells her that this is their time and he won’t spend any of it talking about Hannah. He wants to talk about their wedding.

Robert Ford tells his brother that they need to know that their mother abandoned and betrayed them. She left them as little kids to fend for themselves with their abusive father. So he does not trust women. James tells his brother that not every woman is like their mother and they cannot distrust all women because of her.

Langston emotionally tells Markko that she is so happy for the fact that he’s been given a chance to return to UCLA and tell shim he really deserves it. She asks him when he plans to leave. He tells her tomorrow. He is driving all the way to CA but not by himself. He is going with Karen the pizza girl. They’ve been friends for a long time. She wants to pursue a career in acting in LA and they are sharing the driving. Langston asks him if this is good bye. He tells her yes.

Viki comes on to David and stares at him He asks her if she does this with all of her writers. She then asks him what about the skimpy bathing suits. He tells her that he “retires’ the 4th of July suit after the holiday. She tells him she has many other suits. He tells her he thought that she hired him for his talents and not for “other” things. She tells him she has a very important modeling spot. He then assumes that she wants him to find a model and a photographer. But she tells him that she wants him to be the model. He asks her if her regular photographer will be shooting him. She tells him that she will photograph him And she asks him to take his clothes off.

Destiny observes the book that David is having Matthew reading about not feeling guilt and asks him if he really wants to read that fool’s book. And she asks him how he can accept the fact that turned a killer on Nate and Dani. Matthew tells her that David has told him there is no point in feeling guilty since it will not change what happened. She asks him what his parents have to say about that. He replies that he ahs not told his parents about it.

Gigi asks Rex if maybe Bennett Thompson did not work at the hospital where Kelly’s mother was staying. But he might have had involvement with it. She is willing to work with him on the case and tells him she does not care what they get to do today as long as she gets to spend the day with him.

Todd and Téa go and meet Blair and Elijah by the pool. Todd tells Blair and Elijah he knows they are getting married. And he announces to them that he and Téa area getting married also.

Alone with Dorian, Charlie tells her she has changed his life. She tells him together the two of them will change Llanview. She wants to brainstorm about business with him. But he interrupts her telling her he has a “confession” he has to make

Destiny indicates to Matthew that she might tell his parents what he did to Nate and Dani. He admits that maybe part of the reason he did it is in because he’s angry with them. But he asks her if she would indulge him by not saying anything.

GIgi asks Rex to open up the briefcase. It’s a picture of Shane playing ball. They argue about whether their son is a fan of the Texas Rangers or the Philadelphia Philly’s.

When Todd and Téa talk to Eli and Blair, Todd somehow acts suspicious of Eli.

Langston cries and admits to Markko that she cannot even say it. She remembers when they fist got together almost three years ago. He tells her good luck next year with everything. She tells him she wishes him that also but knows he won’t need it. She knows what a successful film director he will be. She knows it won’t be long until he gets his first Oscar and she will remember when he made his first film. And she’ll always remember what they had before she blew it. He tells her that that is not what he will remember. She hugs him and cries and urges him to take are of himself. He also cries. He goes off. She cries more.

Destiny reminds Matthew that he must know how hard it is for her to keep her mouth shut. He tells her that he knows. But he also knows that she is a very powerful person and always gets what she wants. She smiles at him and tells him that she knows she always gets what she wants. SO that is why she promises not to tell his parents what he did. He then hugs her and thanks her. She tell shim she will do hat under the condition that he never does anything like that again. He tells her he agrees not to. She then tells him he also must promise to be nice to Nate and Dani. He tells her that might be difficult for him. But he agrees. She then tells him one more thing. She wants him to burn the book that David gave him.

Rex is ready to investigate the case for Kelly while with Gigi.

Todd tells Téa that he is not marrying her because she is dying. He is marrying her because he loves her. He asks Blair where the boys are. She says that they are with Starr and baby Hope. She tells them all that they need to set a date because the kids all need to be there. Todd then points his finger at Eli warning him that he and Téa have dibs because she is sick and tells him that he is not going to let Eli have any power over the kids. The two women then sign and say there we go.

When Charlie is ready to “reveal” something to Dorian, she assumes that it might mean that he’s had a “slip” and asks if he is drinking again. He tells her no way. He is not there to tell her anything like that. She has no clue what he is about to tell her or do. He tells her that he wanted to be alone with her not because of work. He wanted to two of them to have some privacy. He asks her if she remembers when he walked out when they had their last meeting. She reminds him that he falsely accused her of lying about the man meeting with them in order to get him away from VIki. He tells her that the reason he ran out of her home was really because he did not trust himself alone with her. She asks him what he is talking about. He then moves closer to Dorian and tells her that he has to confess that he has “feelings” for her.

Viki is ready to take revealing photos of David. But he is a bit uneasy. She wants him to try on all of the skimpy trunks and treats him like a male stripper. She smirks at him and reveals that she is coming on to him.

Ford tells his brother that he wants to save him from a world of hurt. He needs to learn not to trust women. He does not want him to “get involved”. He tells James he knows that he is thinking about Starr Manning and urges him to stay away from Starr completely. Right then, Starr enters through the door to overhear their conversation. She looks at James. He looks back at her. And they both reveal without saying it, that they do not plan to stay away from each other.

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