OLTL Update Wednesday 7/14/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/14/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

In their apartment, Cole lets Starr sleep and when she wakens she tells him she appreciated it. He remarks that he couldn’t wake her with that big smile on her face. Must have been a great dream! They argue about the apartment being trashed trying to determine if it was Bull or Hannah. As he puts Hope to bed, Starr tries to get information about James. Cole hears her on the phone and then wants to know why she is checking on James. They argue again that they now talk about nothing but Hannah and James. Cole tells her that he can’t believe she was in trouble and didn’t go to him for help. Starr reminds him that he shut her out when he was in jail. They talk and confirm their love for each other. Cole calls Marty and finds out that the charges have been dropped against Todd because Hannah confessed. He is doubtful and tells Starr he needs to go see her. He leaves and then she heads over to the hospital.

At the hospital, James is dreaming about kissing Starr. Nate comes in and apologizes for taking the money and everything that happened as a result. Ford comes in and wants to know why Nate is apologizing and blames him for his brother getting shot. Ford is freaking out and Nate asks why he looks like he lost something. Nate leaves. James asks Ford what is the matter with him.

Ford bumps into Langston at the park. She thinks he is following her. Ford tells her that he misses her. She lists all the reasons why she doesn’t care. He tells her that he really needs her and wants a 2nd chance and grabs her. Markko walks by and tells him to let her go. Ford leaves. Markko and Langston talk. Langston asks if he could forgive her. They kiss!

At the courthouse, Dani apologizes to Todd for believing he could hurt Marty and her baby. Téa asks for all charges to be dropped against Todd because someone has confessed. She produces the affidavits from those who witnessed the confession. There is no case against Todd because either way Hannah is either guilty or an unreliable witness because she is under observation at St. Ann’s. Charges are dropped and Todd is a free man. Dani congratulates him as she shakes his hand. Alone, Todd tells Téa that Eli popped the question. He sits on the table and proposes to Téa.

Eli goes to the mansion to see Blair and let her know that Hannah is his new client. Blair tells him that she is ok with this. Blair asks Eli to propose again and this time she says yes. Jack comes outside and they tell him they are getting married. His response, ‘shut up and yippee’. He then tells them both he is ok with them getting married. After Eli leaves Jack asks his mom if she is seriously going to marry that clown. He tells her what a phony Eli is and she is too good for him.

Marty is at St. Ann’s to see Hannah, as a doctor. She asks her if she knows why she is there. She replies, “I do what I’m told”. She thinks back to the threats from Eli and tells Marty that it’s a voice in her head who told her to confess. As Marty questions her Hannah tells her she has more than one voice and has been hearing them since the beginning of school. Everything she did, she did for Cole. Nora shows up and tells Marty that her breakdown is way too convenient and smells funny. Eli also comes to St. Ann’s and despite Nora’s protests he goes in to see Hannah. Eli tells her to stay in the hospital and keep her mouth shut or she and Cole will no longer be breathing. Eli leaves and Marty and Nora talk about whether or not she is faking. Cole shows up and they let him in to see her. He tells her he needs to know the truth; did she push his mom.

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