OLTL Update Tuesday 7/13/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody is looking at the Sun at the station when John walks in and they see the article that Todd has written about Hannah O’Connor being crazy and getting convicted for the assault of Ford and of pushing Marty. Jessica reads it and looks spooked. We then see Ford reading the article. David Vickers notices it and only sees the photo of himself wearing the skimpy 4th of July trunks. At Buenos Dias, Charlie tells Viki he doesn’t know why she reads this rag her brother puts out. She tells him she has to oversee it. Right then, Dorian walks in and makes a remark of the photo where David is seen with Viki. We then also see both Markko and Langston reading the article about how they have also been suspects in the attempted murder of Robert Ford.

Right then, Blair calls Eli asking of he got her voice mail message from last night. Little does she know what he was doing when she called him. While walking through the park with his phone, he tells her he figured it was too late to call her back and he spent all night up “helping that client”. Assuming he’s a role model citizen, she tells him she figured. He then asks her if he could swing by later. As soon as he gets off the phone, he notices Ford walking in the park on the phone leaving a message for his brother James asking to call “Bobbie” back. Eli then greets him and tells him he heard that his brother James got shot. Ford asks him what he wants. Eli then implies that his brother almost died, that hospitals are dangerous places and he implies that he is threatening James.

Bo returns to his home when David is waiting for him. He surprises Bo with coffee and muffins. He tells Bo he wants to bond with daily father and son breakfasts. But Bo tells David that he will have to move out.

At Buenos Dias, Viki and Dorian argue about Dorian working with Charlie and Viki working with David. Dorian makes a comment about how there are only two things David is good at; disrobing and disappointing. Viki sits with Charlie and remarks about how she cannot deal with Dorian and her behaviors. Dorian notices Markko and tells him she wishes he’d give Langston another chance.

Blair finds Langston by the pool and tells her she is proud of her getting over Ford. She also reflects that Hannah must be a whack job for trying to kill him and pushing Marty. And Blair appears complete with the conviction of Hannah and has no suspicion of any foul play.

Jessica talks to Natalie about the article Todd wrote in the Sun

In the park, Eli tells Robert Ford that if his brother needs legal help, he can give him his business card. But Ford tells Eli he does not trust him with anything. Eli tried to kill him and tried to kill Marty Saybrooke also.

At the station, John and Brody reflect that it is a bit strange that Hannah has confessed to pushing Marty and to assaulting Ford and appears like she’s lost her mind right after talking to her lawyer, Elijah Clark. Yet, shortly beforehand, she seemed very different, seemed to know what she was doing, and vehemently protested that she did not commit either crime and was going to tell John and Marty who killed their baby and it wasn’t her.

In the park, Ford asks Eli what was in it for him to kill Marty Saybrooke's baby. Eli tells him that he won’t answer that and continues to threaten Ford’s brother. Right then, Eli gets a call from John asking him to come down to the station to talk about Hannah O’Connor. Eli then tells Ford that they need not speak again unless, of course, his brother needs legal advise.

Blair admits to Langston that she went to confront Ford to urge him to leave Langston alone. She tells her that Ford implied that he has genuine feelings for her. And she should not buy that. He just wants to get his claws into her and have the upper hand. But Langston tells Blair that she spoke to Ford yesterday and he seemed sincere and as if he might have changed. But Blair urges her to know that bad guys like Robert Ford never change.

At Buenos Dias, Markko tells Dorian that Langston does not want to get back with him even if Dorian wants them back together. He tells her that he knows that Cramer women lie about their feelings to everybody. What she is doing with David is not unlike what Langston has done with him.

Bo tells David that he spends more time in the bathroom than all of the others together. David protests that he cares about his appearance. He also asks Bo if he did not take good care of the house and Matthew when Bo and Nora were on their honeymoon. Bo reminds David he knows that he had hookers at the house. He tells David he knows that he will land on his feet and be ok. Bo goes out the door.

At Buenos Dias, Viki and Charlie continue to talk about how he is working with Dorian and she is working with David. They conclude that even if they avoid those two people, Dorian and David will just use them both to make each other jealous.

Natalie talks to Jessica about her job working in forensics and working with John. She tells her that she thinks that they can separate their professional relationship from their personal life. Jessica also talks about dating a cop and says something about Brody having to “keeping secrets”. Right then, Natalie remembers that she and Brody have kept the secret from Jessica that they once slept together. Right then, David enters through the kitchen door and asks them where there mother is. He wants to share the muffins he’s made with Viki.

Viki and Charlie talk in Buenos Dias about Dorian and David’s dysfunctional relationship and whether they (Dorian and David) should find their way back to each other.

IN the Buenos Dias kitchen, in response to Markko telling Dorian that her relationship with David is not unlike his with Langston, she tells him that she and David were a mistake. But he and Langston are not and belong together. He reminds Dorian that Langston was sneaking around behind his back with Ford over and over again. Dorian tells Markko he must know that it’s over. He asks her why then, is Langston drooling over Ford every time she sees him.

Meanwhile, Blair is talking to Langston, encouraging her to not give up on Markko and warning her that Ford is toxic. She also reveals to Langston that she might be getting serious with Elijah Clark and Langston is curious to know the details. Langston seems happy for Blair that Eli has proposed to her and Blair happily tells her that’s an example that good guys come to those who wait.

Eli goes to talk to John after John has asked him to come down to the station. He seems confident that his plan will work and John will suspect nothing. But John reveals he has suspicions and asks why it is that Hannah staged a melt down and is confessing to crimes she did not commit right after talking privately to him. He asks Eli if he’d like to tell him about that.

Langston assumes that Blair has accepted Eli’s marriage proposal and would have a ring. But Blair tells her that she has yet to answer and that she needs time to think about it. Langston asks her if she’s had enough time.

Eli tells John and Brody that he would not want anything to breech his client’s case. He tells John that last night, he was discussing the case with Hannah. And when he advised her that it would be best to tell the truth, she freaked out. He seems sure of himself and leaves. On the way out, he greets Bo, shakes his hand and congratulates him on his wedding. Bo asks John and Brody what he missed. Alone, Eli gets on his cell phone to plot a plan.

Blair admits to Langston that she talked to Todd last night about Eli’s proposal and Todd was surprisingly helpful. Langston then asks Blair if she plans to take the plunge and marry Eli. Right then, Blair gets a call from Eli. Langston goes off but stops to tell Blair that for what it’s worth, she thinks Eli is great. Blair smiles and tells her that she is really encouraged.

Markko tells Dorian he appreciates her good intention to help. But there is no going back for him and Langston. She then tells him in that case, maybe they should go forward.

David is in Viki’s kitchen with Natalie and Jessica observing him, ready to make bacon and eggs for Viki. But they inform him that their mom has already left for work. He then informs them that Viki never told him how early one must get to the Banner when she hired him. Hearing that, they are surprised to find out that he is working with their mom.

Viki tells Charlie that she does not trust Dorian’s cockamamie plans. But he tells her that regardless, that woman knows how to get results. She tells him so does she. She tells him if he is going to “take one for the team” by “sleeping” with Dorian, she can do the same with David. Hearing that, Charlie looks ready to choke on his coffee.

After David leaves Viki’s home and Natalie and Jessica eat the muffins he made, they find that they are sick.

Viki tells Charlie that David flirts shamelessly with her just to provoke Dorian. He needs to know that David and Dorian are jealous but the two of them are secure. Right then, David enters with his muffins in a tin for Viki. He tells her that she will start throwing cash his way as soon as she hears his idea. He tells her that they should get together and brain storm and he believes that the two of them will work together if they are cohabitating. Hearing that, she asks if Bo threw him out. He tells her hat his pa had to do it. Nora could not take her eyes off of him (David). Right then, Dorian enters and tells David that he better not try to weasel his way back into La Boulaie. In response to that, Viki smugly tells her no. David is going to move into Llanfair.

John and Brody inform Bo that Hannah confessed to assaulting Ford and killing Marty’s baby. And John reveals that he thinks Hannah is faking her melt down and that Eli put her up to it.

Natalie and Jessica are both ready to throw up from David’s muffins and wonder if he’s tried to poison them.

Viki indicates to David that he is welcome in her home and acts really friendly and accommodating to him while Dorian is flabbergasted. She follows David out the door and lectures him. Inside Charlie is similarly disenchanted.

In the police station, Bo warns John and Brody that with their suspicion about the foul play with Hannah, they need to proceed cautiously since they are dealing with a dangerous adversary like Elijah Clark.

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