OLTL Update Monday 7/12/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Cristian and Layla go to find Evangeline in her hospital room hooked up to a life support system. Layla leans over her sister, worried about what has happened. Cristian tells a comatose Evangeline that he and Layla are both there and not going anywhere until they both know that she will be all right.

Todd is at the hospital outside Téa’s room. Blair finds him and asks if Dani is okay after finding out that her mother is dying. He admits that he does not know what to do for his daughter and has his own issues.

Marty and John inform Nora that Hannah has informed them that she knows who pushed Marty but will not reveal who it is unless they grant her full immunity. She asks if Hannah is available to talk to them. But John informs her that Elijah Clark is representing her and won’t let them speak to Hannah. Marty tells Nora that she would really like to find out who pushed her down the stairs and killed her and John’s baby. But Nora tells them that if they are dependent on Hannah and must rely on her testimony in order to convict somebody, then the DA’s office cannot offer them a deal.

Before Hannah is ready to leave the room where she is talking privately with Eli, and after she’s revealed to him that she knows that he pushed Marty and probably assaulted Ford and got her falsely accused, he warns her that she doesn’t want to double cross him.

Starr goes to see if James is okay after surgery. His brother, Robert Ford, is in his room. Starr rushes in and asks James if he can hear her. He opens his eyes and reveals that he is aware of her and will probably be okay.

Layla and Cristian talk in Evangeline’s room. She tells him that she always believed that a part of Evangeline could hear and see her. But now they have no way to tell her that they are getting married. At that moment, her mom enters and informs her that Evangeline has some infections and the doctors have her on antibiotics. She appears very suspicious of both of them and protective of Evangeline. She reminds Cristian that her daughter (Evangeline) was attacked in his home and she doesn’t trust him around her other daughter. Mrs. Williamson appears suspicious not only of Layla and Cristian but also of all the doctors. She tells them she does not need any doctor to help Evangeline with anything. She knows how to take care of her daughter and make sure that she is better so that she can come home soon.

Todd tells Blair that it was not his fault that Starr fired a gun. She got mixed up with James. Blair concludes that it’s all over and their daughter will get back with Cole. Todd does not want that and is suspicious that Cole will hook up with Hannah O’Connor. He does inform Blair that Hannah admitted that she lied about witnessing him push Marty down the stairs so he is now off the hook. She tells him she is really happy for him. Todd reminds Blair that it’s odd she should say that since he recalls she was one of the first people to assume he was guilty.

When James regains consciousness, he is gracious to Starr. His brother reminds him that he need not act romantic and must realize that this girl is the one who fired a bullet and who put him in there in the first place. She leaves with Cole and James is alone with his brother.

Nora tells John and Marty that she can’t use the testimony of Hannah O’Connor to convict the person whom she names as Marty’s assailant. She tells them that the plan is they will go after Ms. O’Connor about what happened to Ford and maybe she will slip up and reveal information about what happened to Marty. John tells Nora that he doubts that will happen since Eli is too good of a lawyer.

Eli tells Hannah if she says one word, she will be signing Cole’s death warrant. Marty won’t believe a word she (Hannah) says. She asks him how anybody would believe a word he says or why Marty or Cole would trust him. He tells her that he would be the last person anybody would suspect if anything happens to Cole and she must realize that what happens to Cole is entirely up to her.

Blair tells Todd that he is right. She jumped to conclusions and should not have. He asks her if she really thinks that he would kill Marty’s baby. She tells him she is sorry. But she’s trying to get on with her life and does not want to get sucked into his drama yet again. He asks her if she was going to send him to jail for a crime he did not commit. She affirms again that she told him she is sorry and hopes that Dani will be okay with her new boyfriend. He asks her why she is not out building her new life. She evades the question but then reveals to Todd that Eli has asked her to marry him. He asks her what she said. She replies that she told Eli that she will think about it. He asks her what there is to think about. She either loves the arrogant jerk or she does not.

Nora tells Marty and John if the two of them really think that she should cut a deal, then she can reconsider. But, John tells her that she cannot rely on a witness who keeps changing her story. If Hannah lied about seeing Todd push Marty, why wouldn’t she lie again and falsely accuse another person? He tells her that he believes that Eli will make sure she keeps her story straight. But little do any of them know what Eli is doing right now.

Robert Ford asks his brother to please tell him he is wrong to get the idea that he (James) might have feelings for Starr Manning. He needs to know that that girl is trouble. James asks his brother if he is qualified to give him advice about women when one of his (Ford’s) conquests bashed his head in. Ford tells his brother that he just wants to look out for him and doesn’t want him to have to learn his lesson the hard way like he has had to. They talk about their father and James reminds Robert that he abandoned him and left him with their abusive father. So why should he trust Robert to help him or look out for him now?

Outside James’ room, Cole asks Starr the same question about how she has gotten to know James and might have feelings for him beyond running from a hit man together.

When the doctor enters Evangeline Williamson’s room and her mother is gone, Layla asks if the doctor has any information about her sister’s case before she and her fiancé go back home. The doctor then reveals to Layla and Cristian that this is not a simple case involving antibiotics. Her sister needs to be on a ventilator in order to breathe. Layla reminds her that her mother said that Evangeline will be okay. But the doctor reminds her that her sister’s respiratory system is failing and may never get better or be able to breathe again without the machines.

Blair admits to Todd that she could not imagine herself getting married again. He tells her that he could believe that with her track record. She reminds Todd that his track record is not great either. He then asks her if she’s going to marry this jerk or not. She tells Todd that Eli is not a jerk. He’s a kind and loving guy who treats her like a queen. But she will not answer the question about what she said to Eli’s marriage proposal.

Hannah tells Eli that even if she follows his instructions, nobody will believe her. He tells her they will have to believe her. There is all the evidence stacked against her for the assault of Marty and the assault of Ford. He can grant her immunity if she does what he wants her to do which is convict herself when she knows that he is guilty and not her.

Cole reminds Starr that James practically kidnapped her after her graduation and got her killed. She protests that James did not intend for her to get hurt. He needs to stop judging James and realize that he has had some bad things happening to him in his life. Cole asks if by that, she means having Robert Ford for a brother. Starr cries and protests to Cole that James is a good guy. She is the one who got him shot. She can’t just abandon him and needs to make sure that he is okay. Can Cole accept that?

Ford tells his brother that he cannot change the mistakes that he has already made in his life including the fact that he abandoned his brother to pursue a filming career nor can he change the bad decisions he’s made with the wrong women. But he can change the future by being there for his brother.

Starr protests to Cole that he wasn’t exactly waiting around for her. The whole while she was gone, he was with Hannah believing her lies. He tells her he is sorry and asks if they can go home please. James will be fine. His brother is with him and Cole would like for him and Starr to just get out of there.

Layla asks the doctor what kind of a life her sister is having if she has to be hooked up to machines. The doctor tells her that is the very reason why she needs for the family to make a decision. Layla then realizes that they have to either accept what has happened or let Evangeline die. Right then, her mother reminds Layla that that decision is not up to her (Layla). She indicates that she does not trust her to make any decisions about Evangeline. She also tells Layla that she bets that if Evangeline is gone, then Layla won’t have to feel guilty anymore. Mrs. Williamson seems very suspicious and furious of both Layla and Cristian.

Todd tells Blair that he thinks that most people spend most of their lives totally miserable and maybe the other 10% of it asleep. So if she has a chance to be happy, he wants her to take it before it’s too late. Hearing that, she tells him that’s one of the nicest things he’s ever said.

In James’ room, Ford urges his brother to trust that this time he will not bail on him. James tells Robert that he recalls Starr telling him she hopes he is not like his brother, exploiting and hitting on anything that walks. Hearing that, he was ashamed to find out what his brother has become. Yet, he remembers really well wanting nothing more than to be like his older brother.

Starr and Cole go back into James’ room and James asks his brother to give him and Starr a minute. Robert leaves. Cole leaves also. James asks Starr if she and Cole have worked everything out and if they now trust each other. Outside the room, Robert asks Cole if it’s true that he’s been playing “Bonnie and Clyde” with Ford’s favorite stalker. He tells Cole that he needs to know that Hannah O’Connor is a dangerous psycho and Cole is lucky that he made it out of there alive.

Eli talks to Nora, Marty and James about how emotionally sick and unstable Hannah is. At that moment, Marty notices Hannah sitting on the floor rocking back and forth and admitting that she did push Marty and made her lose her baby and deeply regrets it. The reason she did it was to make Cole believe that Starr’s father did it so that she could have Cole. Robert Ford dumped her and broke her heart, made her want to die and she had to make him pay. She loves Cole more than anything and would do anything for him. Eli looks away while Hannah is “playing her role” just the way he wants her to.

Layla tells her mother that she loves her sister. Mrs. Williamson tells her not as much as she loved her sister’s man. Layla and Cristian protest that that is not fair. He and Evangeline were done before the accident that put her in a coma and long before he started seeing Layla. She tells them she does not trust a word either of them say and her only intent is to take her baby home and keep her away from them. At that point, Layla admits to Cristian that she is afraid that what her mom said is true.

Todd goes out the door after giving Blair words of encouragement. She is alone without a clue who Eli really is.

At the police station, Hannah acts like an emotionally damaged psychiatric patient who is totally disoriented. Marty confirms that she does not believe Hannah is responsible for her actions nor should she be left unsupervised.

Starr talks to James alone about the girl who Cole ran off with. She tells him that Hannah O’Connor is a girl Cole knows who gave him false evidence that Starr was cheating on Cole with James. James asks her if Cole now trusts her and doesn’t suspect that she was “with” James. She affirms that Cole knows she would never cheat on him. He tells her he’s happy for them. He does not appear happy nor does Starr, regarding the fact that she is going back to Cole and that she and James have no reason to see each other again.

Blair gets on her phone and leaves a voicemail message for Eli telling him that she assumes he’s been with his client but she knows that he must want an answer to his marriage proposal. Yet, we do not hear what her answer is.

John, Marty and Nora are all convinced that Hannah is not competent to testify and needs a psychiatric evaluation. Marty is worried that Hannah may be a danger to herself or others. Eli tells them that she needs to be in St. Anne’s and not in jail. John then goes to face Hannah. She appears not to see him and acts disoriented. She tells him that she lied to falsely accuse Todd Manning of pushing Dr. Saybrooke down the stairs and for denying that she assaulted Robert Ford. He demands to know why she keeps changing her story. She replies she did it all for Cole.

Starr tells James to take care of himself and promises to come back and check on him in a couple of days. She tells him that because she shot him, it’s the least she can do. He jokes with her and reminds her that in Ohio, if you shoot a guy, you owe him. Starr then goes out with Cole and tells him they need to get back to their baby daughter.

Layla tells Cristian that she hears her sister call out to her but she does not know what to say or do. He tells her that they will figure this out together. She cries and he holds her. 

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