OLTL Update Friday 7/9/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

David returns to Bo’s home and notices that Matthew is depressed. He asks if he’s gotten dumped again. Matthew asks his older brother if he can keep a secret. David admits that he cannot promise that but loves secrets. Matthew then reveals that he may have gotten Nate and Dani killed.

Nate and Dani are both alive and well, physically. But she is distraught to find out that her mom is dying and that both Téa and Todd have kept it a secret from her. He tells her that he knew that something “bad” happened at the hospital but nobody wanted to tell him anything. Hearing that, she angrily tells him to join the club.

Todd admits to Téa that their daughter adjusted well to leaving Tahiti and starting a new school. He tells her, he believes that she will handle this.

Nate then asks Dani what has happened. She tells him that her mother has been sick for months and she has found out for the first time that her mother is dying.

Hannah tells Eli that she saw him push Dr. Saybrooke down the stairs. Hearing that, he tells her she has a vivid imagination. She tells him she knows she saw him. She asks if he has something against babies or shrinks. She asks what now.

Starr goes into the hospital waiting room and Cole rushes to be with her. She hugs him.

Cristian and Layla arrive in Silver Spring, Maryland. They talk about the trip. She observes a picture of herself and her sister Evangeline and asks Evangeline to help her summon the courage to stand up to their mom.

Cole informs Starr that he heard from John and Brody that she was involved in a shooting and asks her what happened.

Hannah tells Eli that she knows what happened. He then tells her that this is from the girl who falsely accused Todd of pushing Marty because she wanted to break up Marty’s son and Todd’s daughter and is obsessed with Cole as well as almost took her own life over Robert Ford. He reminds her that it’s her word against his. She asks him if he wants to take that chance.

Starr tells Cole that she is so happy that all this is over and all she wants is to curl up with him and with their baby, Hope. He then asks her if he was mistaken to get the idea that she wanted to get away from him. He then asks her whom this James guy is and if he was threatening her.

Matthew then explains to David that that guy, Bull, whom he met at the club whose money Nate stole, found Nate and Dani and may have gotten them killed after he told Bull how to find Nate. He concludes that this is all his fault and how can he ever make things right.

After Téa finds out that Todd went to save Nate’s life, she tells him he did a good thing by trusting his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time.

Nate asks Dani if he heard correctly that her mom is dying. She tells him yes. He tells her he cannot imagine how that could feel. She tells him that people must think she is too stupid to know anything. She couldn’t be trusted to be there to take care of her mother or to go with her to radiation or know or do anything. She now knows that money cannot solve this or otherwise her dad would have solved this by now. She tells him at least his mother communicated with him about needing the money. He tells her that maybe her mom thinks that losing her would make her feel a little lost and was afraid to tell Dani. He asks her how long her mom has. Dani replies she doesn’t even know. She cries hysterically while Nate holds her in his arms.

Layla’s mother appears and admits that she did not expect her but welcomes her. She coldly acknowledges Cristian. Layla wastes no time and announces that she and Cristian are getting married.

Nate tells Dani that maybe she can have some faith in her father. He has been there for her mom and has been looking all over for her. A lot of fathers would have cut and run but Todd did not. She tells Nate that when she asked how long Téa had, Todd says months. But Téa said maybe less. He tells her that nobody really knows including doctors. She then asks if Todd just left without confronting him and asking questions about his mom and Bull and the whole situation. Nate replies that Todd did demand some answers but was primarily concerned about finding his daughter.

Téa cries telling Todd that she is worried that Dani will think she is abandoning her. He assures her that Dani must know that she would be there for the rest of her life if she could. But Téa tells him that she will not be there when her daughter needs to talk or hold her when she needs to cry. Todd tells her that abandonment is something entirely different and he would know that. Téa then tells Todd that he is right. Dani will at least know that she is cared for and wanted. Téa tells Todd she remembers when her mother died. When she found out she died, she knew she’d never felt so alone in her life. Todd assures Téa that Dani will not feel that way. He tells her that even if he has to go away, Dani will be fine. She asks if he’s going to send Dani post cards from prison. She then tells Todd that they must talk about Ross Rayburn, the man whom Dani always believed was her father.

Cristian and Layla tell her mom that they love each other. She reminds them both that he abandoned her sister when she went into a coma. She protests to her mom that Cristian never meant to hurt Evangeline and it would not be fair for her and for Cristian not to get on with their lives. And she would like her mom’s blessing.

Eli tells Hannah that he tried to find her the night when Marty was pushed. He knows that she was not at her dorm room or at the school library or at the coffee shop where she likes to go. She named Todd so he was okay with the fact that she was lying. She then asks him if she had not named Todd, would he have pushed her and tried to kill her, also.

Starr attempts to explain to Cole that she had no choice except to be with James. She lost her phone and had to borrow his and that is why when he called her at the number she called him at, he got James’ voicemail. He went with Hannah to a place where she believed they were. He was worried enough to jump bail, and he discovered Starr’s diploma and a condom wrapper. So he was left to believe that Starr dumped him for another guy. Hearing that, she is outraged and tells his that girl (Hannah) is evil and asks how he could believe for a moment that she would do what Hannah wanted him to believe about her.

David calls the hospital and “sweet talks” the nurse into giving him information about Dani and Nate to confirm that they are okay for Matthew. Matthew thanks his brother but is ready to call his police commissioner father. He admits that he got Nate endangered, as well as Dani, Starr and Todd Manning, and it was all because he was jealous. David tells him that nobody has been hurt and it’s no harm, no foul. But Matthew needs to confess his wrong-doing.

Dani tells Nate that she should have seen the signs when she made all the efforts to get her the perfect prom dress, got her hair and nails done, took all the pictures and got all emotional about Dani going to her junior prom. She feels ashamed not knowing what was going on with her mother regarding that. He tells her that her mom just wanted to be able to celebrate the time with her daughter.

Téa then tells Todd she knows that he may not want to hear it. But Dani loves Ross and he’s the only father she’s ever known. She tells him that the reality is when Dani needs somebody, she will contact Ross. But Todd reminds Téa that their daughter will come to him. She entrusted him with a secret that he knows she might not entrust Téa with. At that point, Téa demands to know about the “trouble” that Dani got into that nobody has told her.

Cole then confesses to Starr that the cops found out that Hannah falsely accused Todd of pushing his mom and killing her baby. Starr tells Cole she knew it all along. He tells her that all of the suspicions he had of her dumping him for James was because of Hannah’s lies. Starr is right. Hannah was just trying to drive them apart. He then remembers kissing and almost sleeping with Hannah and admits to Starr that it almost worked. She then asks him what he is talking about.

Hannah tells Eli that maybe given both of their situations, they can help each other. She falsely accused Todd of pushing Marty Saybrooke down the stairs. She knows that he pushed Marty. She knows that he did not get her bail because he suspected that if she ever found out his secret, she could use it against him so he doesn’t trust her. That is why he got Ford to falsely accuse her of attacking him. He asks her why he would do something like that. At that point, she discovers that it was he who attacked Ford. The reason Ford is blaming her is because he’s afraid of Eli.

Cristian tells Mrs. Williamson that he is not doing this to hurt Evangeline or to hurt her. He loves Layla and wants to marry her. Mrs. Williamson then declares fine but does not smile. Layla tells her mom that they would also like to tell Evangeline. But her mom tells her she cannot do that because Evangeline is gone.

Eli tells Hannah that there are some “flaws” in her story. For one, Robert Ford almost died. So the allegation that he attacked Ford in order to scare him into naming her does not make much sense. She tells Eli that nothing he does makes sense. She does not know why he killed Marty Saybrooke’s baby and tried to kill Robert Ford. But she knows she did not do it. He then reminds her that she had motives to kill Robert Ford. She was devastated and ready to make him pay after he dumped her. She tells him she moved on. He tells her she moved on to Cole Thornhart and was so desperate to take Cole away from his girlfriend that she falsely accused Cole’s girlfriend’s father of trying to kill his mother and had diabolic motives to break up Starr and Cole. He knows about her emotional state and suicidal tendencies and knows that she has no leverage against him as he has with her.

Starr calls her dad and tells him that all charges against him have been dropped. The cops know he did not push Marty. She tells him she appreciates all of his help but confirms she is back with Cole. He gets off the phone and talks to Téa about all that has happened. She demands to know what happened to Dani.

Nate tells Dani that after her mom gets radiation treatment, she could be okay. She tells him that if her mom dies and her dad goes to prison, she will lose them both. But she believes that her dad, the man she grew up with, would come for her. Nate asks her where he lives. She replies Tahiti, and Nate knows that is a long way away. Dani realizes that she does not want to leave Llanview and have Ross take her away.

When Matthew gets on the phone to call his dad to confess his conspiracy to get people killed, David urges him not to let his parents send him to prison. He tells him that part of being a man is to keep one’s mouth shut. Matthew tells David that being a man means owning up to one’s mistakes. But David tells Matthew that confessing the whole thing is not going to undo the damage that was done. All it will do is ease his conscience and asks Matthew if that is worth it for him.

Layla demands that her mother tell her what happened to Evangeline.

Cole confesses to Starr that Hannah managed to convince him that Starr ran away and dumped him for another guy. He tells her he’s sorry and asks if she could ever forgive him.

David asks Matthew of anybody besides himself and Bull that knows that he informed Bull that Nate had his money and showed him where to find Nate. Matthew replies no. David then concludes that Bull is dead and he will never divulge the secret so nobody else ever needs to know. Matthew tells David he’s not certain. David urges Matthew to trust him.

Dani and Nate talk about what her life is going to be like without her mom.

Todd admits to Téa that a guy was holding Nate hostage and demanded $50,000. Dani asked for his help. He went to get the money but did not want Dani involved in a hostage situation so he demanded she stay behind. But she somehow snuck into his vehicle and got there with him. Luckily, Dani and Nate are both okay. But Starr also got in trouble with another kid named James who got shot. Téa asks if James is going to be okay. Todd tells her he hopes not since James almost got both of his daughters killed.

Cole tells Starr that now that she knows about Hannah, and they can trust each other, they can get back together. But right then, she knows that she must ask a nurse if James is going to be okay. At that point, Cole demands to know why she was with this guy who was threatening her and what was up with her and James.

Eli reminds Hannah that Marty Saybrooke is not going to believe her word against his. She does not like or trust Hannah. Marty likes him since he’s her son’s attorney. And everybody knows that Hannah is one cracked egg sort of a dozen. She reminds him that John McBain will believe her. She knows how to make him believe her. She gets ready to go out the door. At that moment, Eli prevents her from leaving.

Starr explains to Cole that the reason she was with James is because he was running from a guy who was trying to kill him as well as his abusive father. He was hiding some money that got stolen. The guy who was after him was targeting her since she just happened to be with James. James did everything he could to keep her safe and is not to blame. She is responsible for the fact that James has gotten shot.

Téa protests to Todd that he cannot be judging and trashing Nate. She cannot do to Dani and Nate what she did to Starr and Cole. Dani and Nate enter at the door.

David tells Matthew that he might be able to make it up to Nate and Dani some day. If they never find out that he sand-bagged Nate, he can be their friend and maybe do some good deeds for them at some point. So he asks Matthew if they have a deal and they shake hands.

When Todd and Téa see Nate with their daughter, she thanks him for bringing Dani back. Todd calms down and listens to what she’s told him and thanks Nate also. Dani then rushes to her mom, hugs her, cries and tells her how sorry she was to have run off.

Starr asks the nurse if James Ford made it though surgery. But there is no answer.

Eli tells Hannah she thinks he pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. She also thinks he cracked her ex-lover’s skull. He asks her, what she thinks he will do to her if she tries to turn him in. 

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