OLTL Update Thursday 7/8/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
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In the hospital, Starr admits to her mom that when James was trying to save her life, she shot him and asks what is wrong with her. Blair tells her daughter she did not mean to hurt him. But Starr admits that she tried to save her dad from Bull. And now James may be dying because of her. Blair assures her daughter that the doctors in this hospital will make certain that James pulls through. But Starr still does not understand how Todd and Dani and Nate suddenly appeared and got involved in all of this. Blair admits she doesn’t know those details either.

In Téa’s room, she admits to Dani, for the first time, that she is sick.

Jessica talks to Kelly informing her that she and Brody had fun at the fireworks even after she confessed to him that she almost slept with another man.

Not far away, Brody tells Ford if he ever goes near Jessica again, he will hurt him. Ford tells Brody that he needn’t threaten him because he’s not interested in Brody’s woman. But, not far away, Jessica is staring at Ford looking spooked.

Blair is right then calling Eli to tell him that he has had to take care of some family matters but will be with him soon. He reminds her that he will ask her again what her answer is to whether she will marry him.. He then returns to Hannah who protests that the cops have falsely accused her of assaulting Ford. Right then, he remembers Ford threatening to expose him to the cops. He the tells Hannah she need not say another word. He will help her.

At the hospital, Starr asks a nurse if she knows when James Ford will get out of surgery. The nurse informs Starr that they have had trouble finding family members of his and asks Starr if she is his girlfriend. Blair hides and overhears the conversation where Starr tells the nurse that she is not James’ girlfriend. She’s just a friend who cares about him.

Kelly tells Jessica she knows she did the right thing about being honest to Brody about her situation with Ford.

When Ford is talking to Brody, he gets a call. It’s Starr calling from the hospital. In response to that, Ford tells Starr if she is calling to rip into him about Langston, he doesn’t want to hear it. But she tells him it’s not about that. It’s about his brother, James. He’s been shot. Hearing that, Ford tells her he will be right there and he leaves.

At the station, Cole tells John he’s really sorry about Hannah. If he had not run off with her, the cops would have been able to bring her in a lot sooner. And he knows that they have to lock him back up for jumping bail. Right then, Marty rushes in and hugs her son grateful that he is ok. Hannah then exclaims that she would never hurt Cole. Cole then tells his mom that Hannah confessed that she falsely accused Todd of pushing Marty down the stairs. And they suspect that Hannah is the one to push her. Marty then goes to confront Hannah and demands to know why she is doing this and if she pushed her. Hannah replies no. But she knows who did. Right then, Eli tells Marty she cannot harass his client. She doesn’t have to answer that.

In Téa’s hospital room, she informs Dani for the first time that she is sick and is not going to get better.

Kelly assures Jessica that Brody was right that Ford violated her. Even if she willfully agreed to sleep with him, he was taking advantage of her in an emotional state where she was just like a teenage girl. And she tells her that she believes that crazy girl Hannah showed up later and bashed Ford’s head in and thank God Jessica was out of there beforehand as there’s no telling what Hannah might have done if she’d caught her with Ford. Right then, Brody returns and informs them that John has just informed him that they brought Hannah into custody and she is denying trying to kill Ford.

At the station, Marty urges Hannah to tell her if she knows who pushed her (Marty). But Eli tells Hannah that his client does not have to answer these questions. But Marty tells her that she must find out. Todd got falsely accused and could have gone to prison and her son is in big trouble for trying to kill Todd because of Hannah’s lies. She tells Hannah that she knows that she is not a “bad person”. But if it wasn’t her and it wasn’t Todd Manning, then who was it?

Brody goes to help John after informing Jessica that Todd Manning got involved in a shoot out where a thug threatened his two daughters. He leaves and Jessica admits to Kelly that it’s entirely possible of she does not remember and is not entirely certain whether she attacked Ford, she also is not entirely certain if she had sex with him.

Ford goes to the hospital and demands that Starr tells him how she could have shot his younger brother. She protests that it was an accident. A thug threatened James, herself her sister Dani and a guy named Nate. Her dad gave him the money he demanded and the thug refused to cooperate and tried to kill her dad. She grabbed a gun to protect her dad and fired but accidentally shot James instead. And why doesn’t his brother believe her? He tells her that he does not trust her knowing that she has motive to get even with him for what he did to her friend Langston.

At the station, Hannah reminds John and Marty that if they don’t listen to her and lock her up because of crimes she did not commit, then they will never find out who killed their baby. At that point, they realize that maybe they should listen to her.

At the hospital, Nate admits to Blair that Dani has been there for him and helped him with his situation so he wants to be there for her when her mom is sick. Blair seems happy to know that Dani and Téa have somebody who cares about them.

Inside Téa’s room, Dani tells her mom that there must be a mistake. It does not make sense that a headache can cause her to be ready to die. But Todd tells her that it didn’t just happen suddenly. Dani demands to know how long she’s known that she’s been sick. Téa admits about a month. Dani then asks how they could keep that secret from her. Téa protests that she wanted her daughter to be happy and have a life and not have to lose all that because she was worried about her mom. Dani tells her that she is Téa’s daughter and her mom should have told her. Todd then admits to Dani if it’s any consolation, he has not known for very long. She kept the secret from him also. Hearing that, Dani concludes that that night when she saw the two of them together, they weren’t having sex. Todd must have just found out that Téa was dying and was taking care of her. Téa then concludes to her daughter that she needs to have Dani’s father there for her and have him there for Dani after she’s gone.

Jessica asks Kelly what is up with her and Todd. Kelly practically “had a cow” when she found out that Todd was endangered by a thug. And it was more than just related to their professional relationship, Jessica tells her. She obviously appears to have feelings for Todd and Jessica would like Kelly to confide in her best friend about it. Kelly then admits that Todd kissed her and she kissed him back.

Dani tells Téa and Todd that they cannot give up and assume that she is going to die. They have to get other opinions from other doctors. But Téa tells her daughter that they have already done that and there is nothing they can do now. They must face the fact that she is going to die.

Starr demands that Ford tells her how he could abandon his little brother and let him get in trouble and be endangered by Bull. He protests that he did not know about this event. She tells him that long before that, she knows that he left his younger brother with their abusive father and where he was forced to help him chop up and steal cars. That is how James got into this mess. Hearing that, Ford protests that he loves his little brother and would do anything for that kid.

At the station, Hannah continues to protest to Cole, Marty and John that they must believe her. She leaves and Marty asks John if her son has to go back to jail tonight. John replies that since he jumped bail and crossed state lines, he has to.

Téa tells Dani that they don’t have a lot of time left and have to make some plans. But Dani is distraught and tells them no. She runs out the door. Todd goes after her. Blair tries to stop Todd from running after his daughter. But he goes off and Nate tells Blair that he has to be there for Dani and goes to find her. Blair then goes into Téa’s room. Téa cries on Blair’s shoulder telling her how devastated she was to see the look on her baby’s face after she told her that her mother would be dying. Blair cradles Téa in her arms.

When Jessica asks Kelly about the kiss between her and Todd, Kelly admits that it kind of came out of nowhere and she and Todd are both kind of confused about their feelings for each other. She tells Jessica she doubts that Todd has the hots for her and believes he kissed her because something else was going on with him. Jessica then asks Kelly what is going on with her. Does she have feelings for Todd?

Todd goes looking for Dani after she’s run out of the hospital after finding out that her mom is dying. But he runs into Nate. He tells him that he does not want him around his daughter as he is the one who almost got both of Todd’s daughters killed. Nate apologizes and urges Todd to let him find Dani because he knows she needs him.

Téa cries and tells Blair she's so afraid that her daughter hates her. Blair tells her that Dani is upset right now and has to process and all of this and that is why she needed to hear the truth. Dani tells Blair that she is grateful that Todd is there for them both. Blair asks Téa how Dani has changed her attitude about Todd and they are now getting along. Téa replies that she is not entirely certain but has to have them reconcile their differences and bond and she might need Blair’s help. Blair assures her that she will do everything in her power to help Todd and Dani to get along. Téa tells Blair that she also needs her to be there for Dani when she is gone. Blair holds Téa in her arms.

Outside in the hospital waiting room, Starr explains to Ford that she and James got into trouble and were ready to find a way to get the money for Bull that James lost. They were going to use the car that her father bought her to chop up and liquidate in order to give him the money but then they wrecked the car so Bull was ready to kill them and kill her father. And James got shot. And she’s very afraid that James will have to go back to their abusive father. Hearing that, Ford then concludes that if his brother can endure there father, he knows that he’s strong enough to pull through surgery and make it after getting shot.

Marty and John still wonder who pushed her down the stairs and killed their baby.

Right then, Eli tells Hannah that he is going to represent her but she must know that there is a lot of evidence stacked against her. He asks who she thinks might want to hurt Marty, kill her baby, want Robert Ford dead and want to pin it on her. She answers that she thinks they both know the answer to that question.

Kelly asks Jessica how she could imply that she has feelings for Todd. She knows that her cousin has been around the bend with Todd and she’s not about to get mixed up with him. But, Jessica tells her, she can see that both Todd and Blair are moving on. Kelly tells Jessica that the only thing on her mind right now is to find the real Bennett Thompson who killed her mother. He must be out there somewhere.

When Hannah and Eli talk alone, she tells him that she knows that he’s known the truth all along that Todd Manning did not push Dr. Saybrooke down those stairs. She smirks and he looks at her in awe.

Todd returns to Téa when Blair is wit her. Blair leaves the two of them alone and tells them she needs to go and check on Starr. Outside the room, she leaves a message for Eli telling him that she is ready to talk to him about his marriage proposal.

Téa asks Todd what she is going to do and how Dani is going to live after she is gone. He tells her that he knows she is going to live through Dani. Téa tells Todd that their daughter is going to need him when she’s gone.

Nate goes looking for Dani but cannot find her.

Starr tells Robert Ford she is so sorry she shot his brother. He concludes that she may have pulled the trigger. But he was never there for his brother and maybe is responsible for what happened. He then concludes that he does not want to wait any longer. He wants to find out about his brother.

John and Marty continue to wonder who caused her to lose her baby.

Hannah tells Eli she knows it was he who pushed Marty and caused her to lose her baby. She saw him.

Starr calls her grandma and asks her to kiss baby Hannah for her and she reflects that she really misses Cole.

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