OLTL Update Wednesday 7/7/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/7/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

At the country club everyone is watching the fireworks. David has his ear buds in and is yelling that fireworks are sex for the eyes! David tells Charlie about his previous 4th of July celebration with Vicki. Dorian comes over and rubs in the congratulations for getting the funding to Charles, but Charles hasn’t told Vicki yet. Of course she rubs in Vicki’s face how much time she will have to spend with Charles. After some serious back and forth, David dumps a glass of water on Dorian’s head! Vicki and Charlie are over in the corner watching them and tell each other that they want them out of their lives…maybe they should play cupid.

Rex and Gigi are at the country club. Rex lures her there and Gigi finds a briefcase filled with wine and goodies. They share stories and memories. They also agree to take things slow…but that only lasts so long!

In the barn, shots are fired; Starr is one of the shooters and realizes she shot James and starts screaming that she shot him. Todd rushes to her. Todd picks up James and carries him out with a frantic Starr behind him. At the hospital, Todd tells Starr not to say anything. James is prepped for emergency surgery. Todd tells Nate that he doesn’t care/want his apologies. He gives some words of advice to Nate. Starr rips Nate apart for keeping the money he found and causing all this trouble. This is all on her; she shot him. She stands over him in the hospital hoping he comes through. He wakes up and says there must be onions in here cuz you can’t be crying over me.

Téa is collapsed on the floor and comes to and tries to call Todd. Blair is outside her room and Téa creates a noise to alert Blair. Blair gets the hotel to break in to her room where they find her passed out on the floor. Téa is rushed to the hospital. Todd finds Blair at the hospital and then rushes to Téa’s room as she is blessing herself with the sign of the cross. Dani hears Blair talking to Téa’s doctor and wants to know what is going on!!??. She then rushes in to Téa’s room. Téa holds both Todd and Dani’s hand and tells Dani there is something she needs to know.

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