OLTL Update Tuesday 7/6/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/6/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ford opens the door to the cabana and talks to an unseen person about how they must have heard the news that Hannah O’Conner has been arrested and their “plan” has worked. Right then, we see that he’s talking to Elijah Clark.

Right then, Blair informs Kelly that Eli just proposed to her.

Ford tells Eli that he has stuck to the story that Hannah has assaulted him. Eli tells Ford he better “stick’ to that story. Or else he(Eli) will have to “Finish what he started”.

Jessica admits to Brody that she went to see Ford the night after the prom. She was distraught to hear Cristain propose to Layla. She went over to Cristian’s apartment and Ford was there. And somehow she and Ford ended up together. He asks what she means that they ended up together.

John and Natalie take Hannah away to the station. She tells them it’s a mistake to accuse her of trying to kill Ford and of pushing Dr. Saybrook. She did not kill John’s baby, she tells him. She tells Cole she would never do anything to hurt his mother’s baby. John then asks her who did.

James goes to meet Bull who pulls a gun on him. Nate is sitting nearby, his mouth gagged with duct tape.

John appears outside the door in his vehicle. He runs into Starr who is outside waiting for James. Unknown to them, Dani has snuck into Todd’s vehicle to to save Nate. When Todd and Starr are distracted and don’t see her, she sneaks out of the car to find Nate.

Rex and Gigi are at a country club where she expresses she is not used to the way establishments work. He informs her that they are Bo and Nora’s guests. He admits that he snuck in there once, ordered half the menu and charged it to a rich guy. It was fun until he and “somebody” got arrested and Bo had to bail them out. She asks who he was with. He admits he was with Stacy.

Jessica admits to Brody that after he took her home after the prom and tried to jog her memory to remember what Mitch did to her and she went to see Ford, she had a “need” for a man to make love to her for the first time while she believed she was still a virgin. Brody asks her if she had sex with Ford.

Blair discusses with Kelly that Eli has proposed to her.

Ford and Eli talk about how Eli was the one who bashed his head in and they are arranging for Hannah to be accused and arrested for it.

Hannah attempts to convince John, Natalie and Cole that she could not push Marty down the stairs and cause her to lose her baby. Why would she do that if her only motive would be the chance that she could be breaking up Starr and Cole.

Starr runs into Todd outside the barn where James has gone to meet Bull and where Nate is being held hostage. Dani runs into the barn unseen. Todd tells Starr that he needs to save this “kid” . Hearing that, she assumes that he is talking about James. But Todd recalls that he heard the kid’s name was Nate and he’s Dani’s boyfriend. Hearing that, Star admits she’s heard nothing about Dani’s boyfriend Nate and thought that Todd was there for her and James.

Right then, Dani finds Nate and removes the gag from his mouth.

Jessica admits to Brody that she wanted to sleep with Ford. She is not certain as to why. Maybe she was angry with Cristain and wanted to make him jealous. But he urges her to tell him what happened, assures her that nothing will change what she means to him and that he will always be there for her. So he asks her what Ford did to her. She tells him that she was ready to sleep with Ford. But before it happened, she remembered Mitch trying to rape her. She ran out and somehow her memory came back. But she indicates she does not remember everything that has happened. He asks her why she did not tell him that sooner.

Gigi admits to Rex that she still thinks about her evil sister. She recently got to see baby Sierra Rose. Fish brought her by the other day. She looks very much like Stacy.

Kelly tells Blair hat she is stupid by not saying “yes” to Eli. Blair tells Kelly that marriage is a big deal and she’s not going to say yes to the first guy who proposes. Kelly tells her that she is a coward to not admit that the reason she did not say yes to Eli is because she is still “shell shocked’ from what happened with Todd. Kelly tells Blair that she needs to realize that Eli is perfect. He’s handsome and a good man. Blair tells Kelly that she knows that. Eli is not a jerk like Todd. Kelly asks her why then she is not going to marry him.

Ford tells Eli that he will keep the secret and asks why he would accuse Hannah. What does Eli have against her? Eli replies that he doesn’t have anything against her and doesn’t really know her but she was convenient. But he tells Ford that having her locked up is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Hearing that, Ford asks Eli who or what is the second bird.

Hannah convinces John, Natalie and Cole to listen to her when she tells them she did not kill John and Marty’s baby but she knows who did. They must all give her full immunity and she will tell them.

Dani unties Nate and tries to get him out of there while they are unseen by Bull who is distracted talking to James

Todd asks Blair what is up with her and James. Starr tells her dad it’s a long story and she can’t explain it now. But that guy(Bull) in there is really dangerous and she’s worried he could endanger Todd.

When Dani and Nate are trying to escape and Bull and James are distracted, Bull hears a sound and looks around.

Jessica admits to Brody that she was scared and everything was blur when she was with Ford and ready to sleep with him. She somehow saw Ford as Mitch. So she fought him off. But she was afraid that since she did not remember anything and later heard that Ford was assaulted and left for dead, she thought it could have been her. Brody then assures Jessica that the police have ID’d Hannah O’Conner. She tells him she knows. But she thought entirely possibly Tess or Bess could have come out and tried to kill him.

Eli tells Ford that he was thinking it might be a smart move to finish him off. Bur Ford asks him what sense there would be to have everybody believing that Hannah did it and send her to jail. Then if Eli kills Ford while she’s locked up, everybody will know she couldn’t have done it. But Eli tells Ford that he is smarter than Ford is.

Kelly tells Blair that she shouldn’t refuse to marry Eli. Blair asks her why she should get married. Her life is great right now. If she gets married it could all go downhill. And Todd could make trouble for her if she re-marries. He might want full custody of the kids. Kelly reminds Blair that Eli is a lawyer who won’t be intimidated by Todd plus it appears that Todd has moved on and wouldn’t care who she marries. Hearing that, Blair asks Kelly if she and Todd might be more than professional colleagues at the Sun. Kelly tells her cousin no way. She is merely concerned about finding Bennett Thompson. Right then, she goes to find Rex while he’s with Gigi.

Eli asks Ford if he is threatened him. Ford tells him if something happened to him, then people might find out that Elijah Clark is really Bennett Thompson.

Natalie tells Hannah that there’s too much evidence pointing to her assaulting Ford and pushing Marty. But Hannah tells her that somebody wants to pin those crimes on her. Natalie asks her why they should believe her. Hannah replies because it’s the truth. Natalie asks John and Cole if they believe a word she says. They are both silent. Hannah protests that she realizes that they all have many reasons to doubt her. But it’s up to John to decide whether he wants to find out who killed his baby or not.

Todd walks into the barn and tells Bull he has his money in exchange for Nate. Bull then tells Todd if he wants “that kid back there” (Nate)., he can have him. But, he tells Todd, “this one” (James) is coming with him. He then grabs a hold of James so that Todd can see him. Right then, Starr rushes in and tells him James is not going anywhere without her.

Brody asks Jessica why she is telling him this now. Why is she ashamed when Ford tried to take advantage of her? Ford is the one who should be ashamed. He came on to minors and to a grown woman who was in the state of mind she was. But she tells him that she wanted to. And the thought of wanting to be with someone else makes her feel like a horrible person. Right then, Brody remembers going at it with Natalie. Jessica cries and tells him that she cannot do this to him and that is why she had to tell him that.

Rex tells Kelly that he has been looking through California to find suspects in her mother’s murder investigation but has not come up with anything. She returns to Blair who asks her if she is really sure that this Bennett Thompson guy killed her mother. She reminds her that going down this road will not bring her mother back. And if this “guy” is a killer, the last thing Kelly wants is to get close to him.

Meanwhile, Eli reveals to Ford that he can finish the job if Ford does not cooperate with him. Ford tells him he is willing to let this go but if anything happens to him, the Sun is going to get a full report about Elijah Clark aka Bennett Thompson. Ford reminds him that he could easily inform Todd Manning of Eli’s secret and they both know how “protective” Todd is of his ex wife. Eli would not want that to happen. Right then, Blair enters and is surprised to see Eli and Ford alone in the room and asks what is going on.

Hannah tells John she wants to make her call now. She has the right to one phone call.

When Todd enters the barn and is confused about who James and Nate are, he asks where Nate is. But nobody can find him. He is in the back of the barn hiding with Dani attempting to help him get out.

When Blair sees Eli with Ford, he “humors” her that he’s putting Ford on notice not to be trespassing. He asks Ford if they understand each other. Ford replies yes and walks out the door. Alone with Blair, Eli asks if she’s going to marry him. Right then, Eli gets a call from Hannah who informs him that she has been falsely accused of killing Robert Ford and pushing Marty Saybrook down the stairs and causing her to lose her baby. She did not do those crimes and needs legal representation. He then agrees to represent her but does not tell Blair what the call is about.

Blair tells Eli that she is really leaning toward marrying him because she’s crazy about him. She kisses him and he tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make her his wife. They then go off to happily be together and watch the fireworks.

Gigi asks Rex if he misses his old life. He asks if she means “bad boy Balsam” and replies no. She asks him to be serious. He tells her that he misses the old days but there is nobody he’d rather be with than her. They go off together.

Brody notices that Jessica feels compelled to be completely honest with him and believes he’s always been honest with her. And with that, he is ready to explain to her what he has never told her about him and Natalie. But right then, Ford walks by and Brody physically attacks him when he believes that Ford might have hurt Jessica. She protests that “nothing happened” Ford did not hurt her.

Bull tells Starr and Todd that James is coming with him. But Starr tells him she won’t accept that. She urges James to call his dad. But she is also protective of James going back to his abusive father. Todd tells his daughter that he will handle this and tells Bull that he promised if Todd brings the money then he won’t harm either of the boys. But Bull does not want to cooperate with Todd’s wishes.

Jessica urges Brody to let go of Ford. She tells him that she could never cheat on him, consciously or otherwise. But remembering that he cheated on her with Natalie, he is not certain what to say.

Everybody is having fun at the fireworks.

But Bull is ready to kill both Nate and James and not willing to listen to what he’s agreed to do.

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