OLTL Update Friday 7/2/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

David is ready to celebrate the 4th of July with Dorian and her family. He has on his skimpy trunks with the American flag print and wants Dorian to admit that she is alone and has nobody. He wants to remind her that she wouldn’t mind hooking up with Charlie. He also tells Kelly that she has not had a man in a long time and he’d like to get her “back in the saddle.”

Meanwhile, Todd is on the phone ready to confront Bull.

Blair and Eli are going at it in the country club.

Jessica and Brody arrive at the park and happily talk about their future together. They talk about Bree and the two of them. She assures him that nobody is going to come between the two of them today. At that moment, Ford appears and notices them together.

Cole asks Hannah if she lied and never saw Todd push his mom. She tells him she is sorry. He furiously tells her that he almost killed Todd and was going to go to prison all because of her lie.

When James is with Starr and they are arguing, he grabs her and kisses her.

Hannah tells Cole she never meant for things to get so out of control. He asks her what she thinks would have happened when he found out that she falsely accused Todd of hurting his mom. Did she think he’d just let it go? He concludes that she just wanted to breakup him and Starr. He tells her that he should have listened to Starr when she said that Hannah would do anything. He tells Hannah that she did it, didn’t she? She pushed his mom down those stairs. At that moment, John enters.

James and Starr are together and he hides them so that they are not seen by a guy with a picture of two kids to show the people in the restaurant. She tells him that she knows that guy trying to find them is not “Bull’s guy.” He’s her dad’s.

Todd talks to Bull on the phone with Dani listening over his shoulder while Bull has Nate tied up and tells Todd he has no choice except to drive down and find them in the big red barn. He has to come right now. Todd tells him it will take some time to find the place. Bull tells Todd it better not, because he has other business to attend to. Todd tells him he needs to know if Nate is okay and demands that Dani has to find out. Bull then puts the phone up to Nate’s ear to talk to Dani.

Ford finds Brody with Jessica and asks if the cops have found out any information about Hannah O’Connor, the girl who tried to kill him. Brody replies that John McBain is on it. Jessica stares at Ford looking spooked when she remembers going to his apartment and getting ready to sleep with him the night in question. Ford leaves and remarks that it was nice to “meet” Jessica. When he’s gone, Brody asks Jessica how they would know each other.

David has his skimpy trunks on and wants Kelly to apply the lotion on his back. Dorian demands he gets out and calls for security. But he tells her she cannot have him removed because he’s Viki’s guest. He is “much needed eye candy” and is wanted. She angrily tells him if he keeps this up he will be looking for companions in chat rooms. She will never fall for a man of his ill kind. She tells him that that idiot, Ford is a carbon copy of him. He tells her no way. Ford is a pretender and wannabe. Right then, Ford appears wearing the same skimpy American flag trunks and asks if somebody said his name. Jessica stares at Ford and remembers screaming and running out of his home when she relived what Mitch did, before she regained her memory. Ford and David argue about who is the “real thing” and who is the imposter. Dorian tells Ford if he does not get out of her party, she will annihilate him. After what he did to her daughter, he’s lucky he’s not dead. Langston appears wearing a bikini and stares at Ford.

John goes to find Cole with Hannah and places Hannah under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert Ford. Natalie accompanies him and tells Cole that he needs to call his mom.

Starr and James are hiding from one of Todd’s men who is looking for them. She tells James that maybe if they take his car, they get a ride and he can’t chase after them. She tells him that she knows the right plan. She asks him to stay there and goes into the restaurant. She goes to talk to the man and asks if he is looking for her.

Dani talks to Nate on the phone and tells him she’s so relieved to hear his voice. She asks if he is all right. He tells her that he is so sorry he got her involved in this and should have never taken the money. She tells him not to worry and assures him that her dad will take care of things. Before she can continue, Bull tells her he wants her to put Todd back on. He tells Todd he better get there to meet him and if he thinks that Todd is double crossing him, the kid will get a bullet in his head.

Blair and Eli are sleeping together and he asks her to marry him. She thinks he’s joking and tells him that was good. He asks her if she thinks he was kidding and if he looks like he’s joking. He tells her he’s dead serious. He loves her and wants to marry him.

When Todd gets off the phone, Dani asks what Bull said. Todd tells her that she must relax. He knows how to handle this. She needs to stay there and not follow him or show up. He can’t risk her getting hurt. She tells him that he has to tell someone where he is going. What if something happens to him? He tells her he promises nothing will happen to Nate. She tells him it’s not just Nate that she’s worried about.

Jessica is with Brody when she talks to Kelly about arranging lunch at The Palace. When Brody gets a call and leaves them to talk alone, Jessica tells Kelly she would like to talk about Ford.

Ford sees Langston and tells her it’s good to see her. She stares coldly at him and tells him she wishes she could say the same. Dorian tells Langston she must get away from him. She tells Dorian she’s okay. Dorian tells Ford he’s lucky that Langston does not take after her and want to kill him as apparently somebody else almost did. Ford then admits that he behaved badly and got what he deserved. Dorian then tells him that that is one of the first weapons in a low life man’s arsenal. David stands beside Ford and talks about how Langston has given him chances. He compares himself to Ford, regarding their bodies and their respective situations with their women. Langston tells Ford she just wanted to make certain he was okay. He tells her he is. She then tells him, in that case, this won’t hurt a bit and she pushes him into the pool.

Todd’s “spy” tells Starr that her father has concerns when she stole a car and ran off with some guy. She tries to assure him that everything is okay. He tells her that if everything is ok then he can take her home. When she argues with the guy, James hides and overhears. Starr then invites the guy to come with her to her hotel.

Natalie tells Hannah that Ford identified her as his attacker. They have evidence that she could have pushed Marty. Hannah asks what evidence. Natalie replies a sweater, fibers and blood. Hannah asks if those things were planted. Cole tells her she lies about everything so maybe now that John is there, she can tell him about what she did to his and Cole’s mom’s baby. He then informs John that before he and Natalie got there, Hannah admitted that she lied about seeing Todd pushing his mom. She also admitted that she made it up in order to break up Cole and Starr. John then asks Hannah if that is true. Cole then asks John just how much he wants to bet that Hannah killed his baby.

Kelly tells Jessica that she mustn’t worry since she’s off the hook after the cops have identified Hannah as Ford’s attacker. Jessica is still uncertain. She has never told Brody that she almost slept with Ford. Kelly tells Jessica that she always encourages full disclosure and so she believes that Jessica should tell him. Jessica admits that she has tried to find a way to tell Brody, but she’s afraid and suspects that Ford could use that against her. Kelly then asks Jessica whether she wants Brody to hear about that night from her or from Ford.

After Langston pushes Ford in the pool, he gets up and tells her he deserves that.

Blair is not certain how to answer Eli’s question. He tells her that they already talked about that the night that Bo and Nora got married. He tells her that he put stakes down in this town for Dani and Téa yet they do not need him. He’d have gone back to Philly a long time ago were it not for Blair. He admits that every time he’s ever made a decision, it’s been for himself. But now it will also be for her. He tells her that he thinks they would make a great team. She tells him that this decision involves more people than just the two of them. He tells her he likes her kids and her family and believes he might have even won the approval of Dorian. She agrees. He then asks her what she is waiting for.

Starr talks to the guy who Todd sent and tries to charm and distract him. She comes on to him. He tells her that he knows that her father would kill him if he did what she is asking for. She manages to distract him and give James some time. She then asks him to give her a minute to freshen up. She leaves. The waitress then comes and asks the guy if he noticed the boy that that girl was with. The guy then realizes that he never saw Nate and that he and Starr might have escaped without his knowing.

Todd tells Dani that he realizes she does not know him well but she must trust him. She asks him if he’s really certain about this and should they not call the police.

As soon as he gets off the phone with Todd, Bull puts duct tape over Nate’s mouth and looks like he’s not going to cooperate with Todd although Todd is on his way.

Natalie tells Hannah she did a despicable thing by falsely accusing Todd of causing John and Marty to lose their baby. What did she think she would gain from that? Taking Cole away from Starr? Is that how desperate she is to have the possibility of a “relationship” based on falseness and consequences of this nature?

James and Starr are arguing after escaping from the restaurant still wondering how their plan is going to play out. She asks if he is sure that this is where Bull wants to meet him. He replies yes, according to the directions he got. Meanwhile, Bull is in the barn, not far away, looking like he’s going to endanger Nate.

Starr reminds James that she can’t just leave him when he could be in serious trouble. She insists on coming with him. He tells her that she has a baby to worry about and can’t help him. He tells her this is where they part ways. He’s sorry he dragged her into this. She saved his ass enough and this is where he “owes” her. She tells him this is where she “collects.” He tells her he cannot let her do this and she has to get home. But it looks like they are having difficulty tearing themselves away from each other.

Blair tells Eli that he needs to give her some time to think about this. He can do that. Can’t he? It’s a big decision and would not be fair to either of them if she did not have the time to think things through. She made a promise to herself when she ended it with Todd that she will not make the same mistakes again and again. He then reminds her that he has told her again and again that he is not Todd.

Dorian tells Langston she’s very proud of her for standing up for herself to Ford. David stands beside Dorian and argues with her. He tells Langston if she can see past Ford’s unsightly facial tics and the glass eye, then she has really come a long way. Dorian then faces David and tells him he’s an idiot. He faces both Langston talking about Ford and Dorian regarding getting him back. Langston then tells her mom that all of a sudden, she does not feel like celebrating and she leaves. David tells Dorian it’s okay. Langston is a smart girl. There’s no way she will end up like Dorian, he tells her.

Kelly tells Jessica that she must realize that nothing happened and that Brody will understand if she tells him everything. The man endured a prom for her and nothing else matters. Jessica then tells her she is right. She has to tell Brody. Brody appears and asks what they were agreeing that she should tell him. Kelly then asks if the cops found Hannah O’Connor. Brody replies yes. Kelly then leaves and tells them she is going to print her story at the Sun. Alone with Jessica, Brody asks if she was going to tell him something. She hesitates.

Ford goes into the cabana and dries off after Langston has pushed him into the pool. There’s a knock on the door, and it’s Langston.

When Todd goes out to his vehicle, he gets a call from his contact who says he may have found Starr.

Bull goes to meet James and asks if he has his money. James replies not exactly. Bull pulls a gun on him and asks what he is talking about. Todd seems to know that Starr is nearby. She appears and makes herself seen to her dad. We see Dani hiding herself in Todd’s SUV to secretly go to the crime scene with him.

Blair tells Eli that she has to get a start on this and cannot keep him waiting.

Dorian asks David what would be so horrible about Langston turning out exactly like her. She is successful, rich, intelligent and elegant. He tells her that may be, but she’s also impossible to please and nasty. Is that how she would like Langston to turn out? She then realizes something. She tells David he is right. She has it backwards. She should try to become more like Langston. David smiles and tells her there she goes. At that point, she pushes David into the pool and laughingly asks, how is that for a start.

Ford tells Langston that they should talk. Kelly finds her and asks her if this is really where she should be right now. Langston replies no and leaves. Ford tells Kelly she may go now. She tells him she doesn’t think so. Not until the two of them have a little chat.

Jessica tells Brody that there is something that he needs to know about Ford. That night that he hit on her was not the only night she saw him. The night of the prom when he was attacked she was with him.

Kelly tells Ford that he is going to forget about Langston. And while he’s at it, he’s going to forget about Jessica Brennan. Jessica is telling Brody everything. If he’s lucky, she won’t try to finish what Hannah O’Connor just started.

John is ready to take Hannah in; although, she protests that she did not try to kill Ford. He does not listen and goes off with Natalie and Cole to take her away.

We see Ford talking to an unseen person about how “they” are in the news and that Hannah “O’Connor is arrested.

Hannah tells John she did not kill his baby but she knows who did.

Ford faces somebody and tells them it looks like the “frame job” worked. 

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