OLTL Update Thursday 7/1/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Nora return from their honeymoon and notice that David has promised to pick them up at the airport but is not there. They call and Matthew answers the phone. David is sleeping on the couch,.

Dani returns to her mom’s hotel room and tells her she knows that she (Téa) and Todd have some sort of secret. Téa just told Todd “how dare he” disclose a secret to Dani. Having no clue that the secret is that her mom is dying, Dani assumes that the secret is that Téa is going to marry Todd again.

Meanwhile, Todd is out to find Bull. But before he can enter through the door, Kelly catches him.

Blair is sunning when Dorian appears and tells her that she is inviting all the Cramer women for the 4th of July to an event. She tells her she thought a really high profile glamour shot for girl power would be a good message to send out to the women of Llanview. She then asks Blair if she’s heard from Starr. Blair replies that she talked to her daughter on the phone yesterday and she said she was fine. Dorian then tells Blair that it seems that Starr’s sudden disappearance is a bit stranger. Blair tells her aunt that maybe Starr just wants to get away for a while.

Starr and James stop at a restaurant after sleeping the previous night in the car. They argue about how either of them could sleep or if she snored. She asks to borrow his phone. He gives it to her and she calls Cole. But it does not work without a battery while he is with Hannah who tells him that she is on the run from the cops and John believes she tried to kill Ford. He asks if she did it. She tells him no. She did not try to kill Ford and asks Cole why he does not believe her.

Nora talks to Matthew on the phone informing him that she and his dad are in the airport waiting for David. Bo asks Matthew if David knows that he is supposed to pick them up at the same terminal where he drove them to and if he’s on his way. Noticing that David is sleeping, Matthew does not know how to answer that. Bo then concludes that they will just take a cab home. Matthew then hangs up and awakens David. The “ladies of the night” awaken alongside David on the couch and Matthew knows that they are both busted.

Kelly tells Todd that she wants to talk to him about “the kiss’. He tells her that since it happened, he has needed some space. But she tells him that she wants to discuss it. She tells him that ever since it happened, he must have run back to Blair again. He tells her that that may be true, not wanting her to know what he is really doing.

Dani asks Téa if she and Todd plan to get married. Téa tells Dani that he only person she is making plans for in the future is Dani. And she’s glad that she is keeping an open mind about Todd. Dani tell her mom that the jury is still out on whether she’s going to trust Todd and it’s not like she has a choice since her mom is back with him. Téa tells her daughter she needs to continue to keep an open mind because Todd could be of help to her> She can trust him Remembering her discussion with her father where she informed Todd that her friend could die, she replies to her mom that she hopes she can.

Starr calls her mom and asks how baby Hope s. Blair informs her daughter that her father has sent some men to find her. She informs her that it appeared that she’s been accused of stealing a car. Starr tells her mom that she can explain that later. Blair reminds her daughter that she has many things to explain including “the boy” who she is with who is not Cole. Not knowing how to respond to that, Starr terminates the conversation with her mother and does not answer who the boy is. After she’s off the phone, James inquires if he really is “nobody” to her. She tells him that that is not what she meant. She just doesn’t want everybody knowing about the legal trouble they are in. He tells her that she does not have to worry about Bull anymore. They have had a change of plans.

Hannah informs Cole that Ford told the cops that she tried to kill him. She has no clue why he would falsely accuse her except maybe for revenge. But Cole questions that.. She tells him that Ford must be protecting the actual attacker. Or maybe he cannot remember and knows he can use it against her. She tells Cole she’s been trying to “figure it out” for so long. He then asks her for how long she’s been trying to figure things out. He asks if he has known that the cops have been after her since she got him to leave town with her. She replies yes. And he concludes that when she said she wanted to help him look for Starr and James, it was because she wanted to escape form the cops. Also he knows that Starr was never at the beach house where Hannah dragged him to. Was she? Hannah then admits no. Cole then demands that Hannah comes clean and tells him what is going on.

Kelly wants to confront Todd about “the kiss”. He has his secret but not about that. She asks if it has something to do with Blair or with Téa.

Dani asks Téa to tell her what is going on. Téa admits that she is not really certain of what Dani is ready to hear. Right then, Téa appears sick and dizzy. Dani then asks her mom what is wrong. Téa then asks her daughter to get her some water. When Dani is gone and Téa is alone, she grabs her pills. Right then, in the other room, Dani tries to get a hold of Todd. She then returns and tells her mom that if she is sick she must call a doctor. But Téa argues.

Cole asks Hannah why she lead them to the beach house. She tells him that she always loved that beach house. Her parents are so happy when they are there. He asks her how Starr’s diploma got that place. He then concludes that she staged it. And he also planted the condom wrapper in this place so that Cole would believe that Starr had sex with someone else. But Hannah protests that it’s true. Cole angrily demands that she stops and concludes that Hannah has lied about everything. But she tells him no. She shows him the cell phone photo she took of James and Starr together. She tells Cole she is certain that James and Starr are sleeping together. And Starr is lying to Cole. She could not have falsified the photo. And Cole also knows that when he called Starr back on the number from where she called him, she got James’ voicemail. So Cole has proof that he must face up to.

Matthew tells David and the prostitute that Bo and Nora will be back at any moment.. Matthew reminds his brother that they were supposed to get up much earlier and clean the place. And after Bo and Nora trusted them, and this happens, they will be in big trouble and never be able to have time together again. David then tells his brother that they are in this together. He tells him that they are the Buchanan brothers. But when David looks around the room, he sees the mess that will take a long time to clean up before Bo and Nora get back

Dani calls Todd while Téa is sick and leaves a message for him to call or text her ASAP. Téa tells Dani that it is not necessary to fuss over her. Dani tells her mom she knows that she believes that she is the indestructible Téa Delgado, the bionic mom.

Kelly asks Todd why he is not answering his phone. He asks her to just go. But she tells him that she will not go until he explains himself. He then tells her that he cannot help himself. He wants her. But she knows that that is not true.

Blair tells Dorian that she wishes that Starr would come home. She is still a teenager and she can still inflict a curfew on her daughter. Dorian mentions that she has similar regrets about not keeping closer watch on Langston but knows she is nowhere near Ford. Blair then informs Dorian that she went to see Ford and warned him if he messes with Langston again, he will have to deal with the Cramer women. Hearing that, Dorian tells Blair she realizes that Langston might have to learn this lesson on her own But a punk like Ford will never get it. He tells a woman he loves them. But he only loves himself. Blair tells Dorian she is clearly talking about herself and David. Dorian tells Blair that she is so over David. Blair tells her right.

Matthew asks David if he was drinking last night because he was in a good mood or because he was in a bad mood. David does not know how to answer. Right then, the two of them rush to clean up the trash when Bo and Nora are right outside the door.. David and Matthew then put it all in trash bags and hide them. And right then, BO and Nora enter to see their two sons looking like nothing happened.

James tells Starr that she did not ask for any of this. He dragged her into all of this. They argue about who is responsible for the accident They smile and indicate that they enjoy being together. He then tells her that he has to go. She insists upon paying for their breakfast. She asks how she is going to know that Bull took the deal and James is ok. He tells her hat she won’t see his corpse on the 6 o clock news. She tells him that is not funny. She indicates that she is not ok having him abandon her and not knowing what might have happened to him.

In response to Hannah reminding Cole that there are obvious signs that Starr is with James, he tells her that he does not know the details and nether does she. He tells her that she has been yanking his chain since graduation. She wants him to believe that Starr is having sex with this guy. She tricked Cole into leaving town and won’t let him use his phone to call anybody back home. Why is that? She replies because she loves him. He asks her what she just said. She repeats that she loves him. She tells him she knows he has feelings for her. But she just wanted to give him the chance to see. He tells her that he loves Starr. She tells him he needs to move on. She reminds Cole that he almost made love to her. He clarifies to her that he only considered sleeping with her when she had him falsely believing that Starr was cheating on him. And he tells her that Starr was right about her the whole time.

Starr tells James that she is concerned what will happen when he goes to talk to Bull. He tells her that he will protect her. But she asks how she will know that he has not been hurt. He then answers that he will come back after the meeting. And in the mean time, she needs to call that police commissioner she knows in Llanview.

When BO and Nora return to his apartment and notice how uncharacteristically clean and orderly David and Matthew have (supposedly) left the house, they are amazed and admit that they expected to see pizza boxes or clutter or more of a mess. David tells BO and Nora that he knew of the perfect “dosage” to cure Matthew’s broken heart. Hearing that, Nora asks her son what happened and wants to nurture Matthew when David tells her that it’s Dani’s loss.

Dani gets her mom some tea. Téa tells her daughter she does not have to fuss. Dani tells her mom she still has to rest. Téa asks her daughter if she should not be at a picnic or somewhere with fireworks for the 4th of July. She tells Dani she would like her to go off and be with her boyfriend and have fun. Dani then goes off. Alone in the bed, Téa still wonders when or if she should tell her daughter that she is dying.

After Kelly demands to know what caused Todd to kiss her, he tells her that he could not help himself. He asks her to go into the cabana with him. That causes her to leave which is what Todd wants. He then goes into the room where he believes that Bull is holding Nate hostage, with a gun but notices the place is empty.

After Nora finds out that Matthew has broken up with Dani, she goes into the other room with her son to show him what she brought him. David then tells Bo he can barely wait and asks what Bo brought him. Bo then pulls out a bag of nuts. David then asks Bo if he minds if David goes off to the club. Bo tells him no and opens the door for David to leave. He thanks him for his help. But David has to lie about many things.

Dorian tells Blair that David’s flirtation with Viki is ridiculous. Viki thinks that Dorian is trying to “woo” Charlie. Hearing that, Blair asks Dorian to please not tell her she is going after Charlie Banks again. Right then, Kelly enters and tells her aunt and cousin that she has been trying to track down Bennett Thompson. She has hired Rex Balsam. Hearing that, Dorian tells her nice that that is really desperate. She must remember that Rex broke Adriana’s heart. But Blair tells Kelly that she believes that Rex might be able to help her.

Todd gets on the phone when he cannot find Bull or Nate. Dani appears and asks her dad what has happened.. He tells her that he knows that Bull wants to trade Nate for cash and it won’t be long.

Starr tells James that if he waits until an hour after his meeting with Bull, then Bull will have enough time to endanger them both. She asks if he no longer wants her around. He reminds her that she has a baby and a mom and a boyfriend. She tells him that regardless, she has other concerns. But he tells her she needs to stay safe for them. She tells him yes. SO that is why when this is over, she is coming with him.

Nora tells Matthew she knows that there must be absolutely no food in this place. But Matthew tells his mom he will go to the store. She tells her son he does not have to do that. But he insists and goes out the door. Alone, Bo and Nora admit that they are concerned about that girl hurting their son. They’d like to confront her. But they are glad their son took his frustrations out by cleaning. They agree that they would never imagine that David would be “this conscientious”. But before they can continue that conversation, a prostitute in a bikini enters and asks “where the boys went”.

Right then, David goes to the cabana wearing skimpy trunks and greets Dorian and Kelly.

Téa is getting ready for her case about the injury to Marty for falling down the stairs and losing her baby. She recites that the tragic loss makes everybody look for somebody to blame. Yet they need to realize that Todd is being falsely accused. But before she can continue her speech, she falls to the floor.

Dani is with Todd who demands that she goes home while he handles this. Right then, he gets a call and tells the “contact” that he has the money and asks where they are.

Hannah tells Cole that she only did what she did so that he would know the real truth. He asks if she means knowing the truth between himself and Starr. She tells him and also about him and her. And he asks her if she made up the story that she saw Todd push his mom down the stairs, just like Starr believes. He demands if she really saw Todd or if she lied that Todd killed his mom’s baby. She finally admits yes.

Starr refuses to wait for James and worry if he is ok. He refuses to put her in the line of fire. And while they argue, he grabs her and kisses her.

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