OLTL Update Wednesday 6/30/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/30/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair finds Ford doing sit-ups in his apartment, Ford asks, “Are you here to hold my ankles?” Ford offers her the ride of her life. Blair tells Ford she will cut something off if he doesn’t stay away from Langston. Blair shows him The Sun headlines and he realizes that Hannah is still on the loose. Ford calls Layla to find out why Hannah hasn’t been arrested yet. He sits and reads the notes that threaten his life…’I’ll be back to finish the job’. Ford gets a call and tells the person on the other end that the cops bought the story about Hannah…even though they both know it’s a lie.

Layla and Cris are at Aberdeen Motel in Maryland fooling around, next room over Hannah wonders if they are done! Layla and Cris talk about getting married and Cris tells her that Evangeline would approve of them.

Cole tells Hannah he wants to leave before the cops find him. He needs to get back to Llanview and stay out of jail, for Hope’s sake. He tells Hannah that he might have to get John to help him if he doesn’t get back before anyone realizes he is gone. Cris and Cole leave their rooms at the same time and bump in to each other. They chat and Cris knows he jumped bail. Cole promises Cris that he is just looking for Starr and he agrees not to turn him in. Cole gets a charger for his phone and finds there is no battery to be charged. As Hannah tries to convince him that not having a phone is a sign that he shouldn’t go home; he dumps her purse and finds her phone. She plays dumb and a new string of lies come out of her mouth. And by the way, she already listened to his messages and tells Cole that the police are after her not him for trying to kill Ford.

John is at the beach house with the local sheriff and Nat to look for evidence. John fills in the Sheriff on Hannah. Among other things they find an open condom wrapper.

Dani is with Todd worried sick that something happened to Nate. Todd tells her that nothing will happen because he told Bull if Nate is hurt he doesn’t get the money. Todd lets on how much a pain in the ass it is to keep a hostage…he’s done this before. Todd has the 50,000, but the price went up according to bull; add another zero! Todd tells him not to get greedy. Bull puts Nate on the phone so Todd knows he is alive. He has one hour to deliver the money. Todd heads over to the cabana.

Téa and Eli talk and lets Téa know he will always think of Dani as his niece and will watch out for her. Téa finds Dani talking to Todd. She thinks he told her about the tumor. Téa and Dani sit and Dani mentions that she looks pale and wants to know why she panicked when she and Todd were talking.

A bikini clad Blair meets up with Eli by the pool. He scoops her up and carries her away. They are kissing outside a cabana door, but they fall in to the same room that Nate and Bull are in; surprise! They apologize and then Blair thanks Bull for turning in Starr’s purse. Bull tells them that he is Nate’s father. Everyone has a meet and greet, then Blair and Eli leave to find a new cabana.

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