OLTL Update Tuesday 6/29/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and James have crashed attempting to avoid hitting an animal when they try to steal the car and chop it in order to get the $50,000 he needs for Bull.

At the palace, Dani takes Todd aside after Téa has gone upstairs. She reminds him that she just heard that he said he’d do anything for any of his kids. He tells her that is true. She then asks if he can do something for her. He tells her of course and asks what she needs. She replies she needs $50,000

Bree is happily reunited with her mom and Brody and ready to recognize Brody as her daddy. He puts her to bed and she’s excited to be with him.

At the palace, while Langston is with Kelly, she gets a message from Ford who is calling her from the hospital. She wonders whether she should answer it.

David joins Dorian at the table and asks her how her business meeting went with Charlie while he and Viki were waiting for them. He asks her why she’s eating alone. She tells him she is waiting for her girls and asks why he’s alone. He tells her he’s meeting his little brother and he tells her he knows she has only one priority which is to get Charlie away from Viki.

Viki goes to Rodi’s to bring Gigi some mail that was delivered to her at Llanfair by mistake. Gigi tells her that she purposely had it mailed there because she did not want Rex to see it. It looks like an application for college.

At the palace, Dorian tells David she knows that he wants to make Charlie jealous of his friendship with Viki. Kelly enters and Dorian asks her niece if she is ok. They observe Todd with Dani. After she’s asked him for $50,000, he goes out to the terrace with her and asks what is up. She asks if they can do this without all the questions. He tells her that he cannot fork over that kind of money if he does not know what it is going for.

Jessica puts Bree to sleep and remarks to Brody that her daughter really loves him. He tells her that everything is on track. She tells him that regarding Bree wanting him to be her daddy, they haven’t talked about that and Jessica would like to know what he thinks. Brody tells Jessica first he’d like to know what she thinks.

Rex goes into Ford’s room. Not recognizing Rex, Ford tells him if he works there, he needs a uniform. Rex tells Ford he does not work there but he would like to talk to Ford about his making moves on Rex’s son’s mom. Having no recollection about what Rex is talking about, Ford assumes he’s talking about Karen. Rex tells Ford if he has no recollection of all the women he hits on, his name lives up to his reputation. He then shows Ford the empty briefcase that has his family’s name on it and the mechanic shop they own and asks if the briefcase belongs to him or if he knows anything about it.

Meanwhile, Bull is holding Nate at gunpoint and Nate admits he does not know the guy who’s money he took but apparently Bull does.

Right then, James awakens after the car crash and notices that Starr is unconscious beside him in the car. He urges her to open her eyes. She then awakens and seems to be ok although she does not remember how this happened or how they got off the road. She then remembers that she noticed an animal ran in the road and she did not think he should have hit it so she grabbed the wheel. He argues with her that you cannot stop for everything. And her attempt to save the creature caused them to crash.

Dani tells Todd if she tells him the reason why she needs $50,000, Todd needs to promise not to tell the police. Hearing that, Todd tells her that he doesn’t trust the police but would like to know what happened. Is she in trouble? She tells him she is not. But a friend of hers’ is. She then attempts to tell Todd about the situation where she and James found the money but now he’s being threatened by a hit man.

Dorian sits at The Palace with Kelly and Langston noticing they are both distracted and have their minds elsewhere. She knows that Kelly might be texting Reed. Kelly tells her aunt that she and Reed have broken up and he’s gone back to London. David overhears and remembers how a Cramer woman fled to London and dumped him. Dorian tells Kelly that she likes Reed. Kelly tells her aunt she does not regret the time she spent with Reed. He gave her something very valuable. He accidentally smashed the vase that her mother gave her. And when she was picking up the pieces, she discovered a piece of paper with a name on it that may be a clue about her mother’s death. The name was Bennett Thompson.

At Rodi's’, Gigi tells Viki that she had a reason to prevent Rex and Shane from knowing that she’s applying to schools.

At The Palace, Kelly informs Dorian, Langston and David that she has been searching for every Bennett Thompson she can find although nobody seems to know anybody by that name. She’s come across many different people with that name all over the country with different occupations. Dorian tells her that maybe they should turn that over to John McBain immediately. Kelly tells Dorian that she has talked to John. But he has a lot on his plate now. David then tells Kelly that maybe she should let him do the detective work. Hearing that, Dorian tells David that’s absurd, He has no skills or experience as a detective. He’s just an actor and a con artist. But he reminds Dorian of when he and Kelly went on a mission after Mitch Laurence threatened Dorian’s girls. And he found Adriana tied to a bed engaging in kinky sex with a stranger. Hearing that, Dorian is shocked.

Gigi tells Viki that she is considering going to school and learning new things so that she won’t have to be a waitress for the rest of her life. Viki encourages her and tells her that would be a great idea but she wonders why Gigi has to keep this a secret from Rex.

Meanwhile, Rex asks Ford about the briefcase and if it belongs possibly to his father. Ford tells Rex that she has had no contact with his father in a long time because his father is abusive and wants to make everybody’s lives miserable around him.

Jessica tells Brody that she is elated by how good he is with Bree and how much Bree loves him. He tells her that he would like to be a father to Bree and give her a brother or sister. So the answer to her questions is yes. He would like to be part of a family with her and her daughter. He asks her if that is what she wants. She tells him yes. She wants that more than anything..

Rex tells Ford that he discovered Ford’s father’s business card in the briefcase and asks if he might know anything about it. Ford tells Rex all he knows is he broke away from his father a long time ago and never looked back. And he has no idea why the card was found in the brief case. Right then, Ford remembers being semi-conscious in the hospital a while back and noticing his younger brother James beside his hospital bed one time. But he tells John he has no idea why the card would be in the briefcase.

Starr gets out of the car and asks James if he is seriously blaming her for the crash. She tells him this was a very minor accident with no scratches or dents or anything. James is then immediately examining the car. She asks him if he’d just get out of there for a minute and see how lucky they were. He tells her he does not think they are lucky. The axel is ruined and the car is totaled. She asks if it’s no longer worth $50,000. He tells her it’s not worth $50 which would make it kind of difficult for his buddy Bull to cash it in.

Meanwhile, Bull threatens Nate and demands to know why his girlfriend has not called back yet. Nate tells him he must just give her some time.

Dani sits with Todd and tells him she knows that it was stupid for her and her friend to take the cash. He tells her that he does not find that stupid. He might have done that but he wonders what Nate did with it. She tells him he took it to the bank. Todd asks if he has an account there or something. Dani replies no. She tells him that she went to Todd’s bank and got them to cut a check for her in that amount because she told them if they did not, Todd would take all his money to a different bank. Hearing that, Todd smiles as if he might be impressed by her savvy. He asks her what she did with the check. Dani replies she gave it to Nate’s mom. Todd asks if she blew it already. Dani replies no. Todd then asks why she needs his help. Dani replies she was hoping that he would “understand” He tells her that maybe he understands too well. He knows that this might be Dani’s perfect opportunity to stick it to him.

Gigi asks Viki why she would want anybody to know if she applies but does not get accepted into the school she wants to attend. Viki asks her why she thinks she would not get in. Gigi tells Viki maybe because she barely graduated high school, missed so many classes and never took the SAT. Viki tells Gigi that doesn’t matter. She can forget about that. She has life experience now and that should matter. Gigi also tells Viki that she has no money to pay for school even if she did succeed. But it was a nice dream. But Viki encourages her to know that she cannot give up on her dream. Gigi cries and thanks Viki for believing in her. And she also thanks her for bringing the application she got in the mail to her. She remembers that Viki was supposed to be on a picnic with Charlie. Viki then informs Gigi that Dorian had to prevent them from having their time together and claims to have a business meeting with Charlie.

At The Palace, when David tells Dorian he believes that Viki has a legitimate job for him, she tell shim he needs to get ready. Viki just wants to dangle it in front of him and give him false hopes for the sole purpose of making Dorian jealous and making David believe Viki is better than Dorian. And if David falls for it, he’s an idiot.

Brody gets off the phone with John who is chasing a lead on Hannah O’Connor and he returns to Jessica. He tells Jessica he heard that Hannah may have fled to Delaware and apparently has family who own property down there. Hearing that, Jessica tells Brody she knows that Todd has pictures of Hannah all over his office and it seems hard to picture Hannah on the run. Brody then concludes he guesses that Robert Ford has a way of bringing out the worst in people. Hearing that again, Jessica is stunned. Brody asks Jessica how a guy could treat women the way that Ford has treated Hannah, Langston and so many others. She then tells him that she does not want to talk about it. It’s disgusting. Brody then tells her she’s right and he will change the subject. They have better things to concentrate on like their sleep over. Right then, Bree calls to her mommy. Jessica goes to see her daughter

Starr asks James what they are going to do now. He tells her there is no more “we”. She was willing to give up her car because Bull was threatening him, he reminds her. But she tells him it may have been her fault that her car was wrecked. He tells her that he should have never involved her in his problems. Yet she does not want to abandon him. He tells her that maybe there is a plan B. And as soon as she hears of a plan B, she asks what that is.

Todd asks Dani why she can’t get the money from Nate’s mom. She tells him that his mom could lose the house. He asks her why that’s his problem. She tells Todd it’s not. But she is now just as guilty for what has happened as Nate is. And the only reason she felt good is because she thought they’d be able to do something good with the money. Todd tells her it’s not her job to bail Nate’s mom out of a jam. And it’s not Nate’s job either. Dani tells Todd she realizes that. But when she saw Nate’s concern for his mom, it inspired her to want to be a better daughter to her mom too.

James and Starr are alone in the dark after the car has crashed. He tells her he has another plan to work off the money. He can go back to Ohio with Bull and start helping with his dad’s chop shop. Hearing that, Starr does not sound ok with that.

Viki tells Gigi that Dorian is always scheduling meetings that take Charlie away from her and she does not trust anything Dorian says or does. Gigi agrees that Dorian does not respect any boundaries and that Dorian reminds her of her sister, Stacy and remembers may she rest in peace. Hearing that, Viki tells Gigi with Dorian there is no rest nor any peace. Right then, Rex enters with the mysterious briefcase. Seeing it, Viki asks what that is. Gigi replies it’s Rex new toy and asks him if Ford let him keep it. He tells her yes. But he still has yet to find out the mystery behind the briefcase.

At the palace, while Dorian observes Langston engrossed in the text on her phone, she tells her she hopes that she’s trying to find Starr and doesn’t have “other” interests for using her phone. But Dorian knows that Langston’s secret on her phone is regarding Ford. Langston then admits to Dorian that she went to see Ford today. Dorian asks her why she would make herself vulnerable again to a man who broke her heart and destroyed her relationship with Markko. Langston tells Dorian she realizes that but she had a question. Ford told her he loved her. So she had to find out why he said that. Dorian then asks Langston if he told her that he really does love her and she is the only woman in the world for him and if that is what Langston hoped he would say.

Right then, Ford is in his hospital room wondering whether to make a call when he sees his father’s business card in the briefcase. And he remarks about this abusive bastard.

James wants to go off. But Starr is worried about how he should not go back to his abusive father. He tells her she’s been great. She may have been a pain in the ass but she’s been great nonetheless. And she’s been through enough. And all he wants is for her to be safe. She asks if he really plans to go back to OH. He tells her yes. He will be back where his dad wants him. And she will be back with her family safe and sound, he tells her.

Dorian tells Langston she needs to know that it makes no difference if Ford says he loves her. If somebody loves you, they do not break your heart and use you. But while she tells her about people using abusing and throwing people away, she is looking at David and talking about how he threw Dorian away for some stupid acting job in L.A. She advises Langston to pretend that “he” doesn’t exist as she looks at David who is standing by the table observing her with Langston. Dorian then gets a call that appears to be about the grant that she and Charlie have applied for. And right then, when Langston is alone waiting for Dorian and her phone rings, she answers it to talk to Ford privately.

When Bull is holding Nate hostage at the cabana resort, Nate’s employer comes into the room and Bull hides.

Todd asks Dani where Nate is now. She tells him the last she heard from him, he told her she needed to get the money. And this man came on the phone and scared her. Hearing that, Todd puts his arm around his daughter. She tells Todd that the man said if she didn’t get the money, he’d kill Nate. So, she tells Todd, she figures if he intended to set aside a college trust fund for her, she could take it out of that and she could pay her way through school herself. Todd then tells her it’s ok. He can give her the money. But there will be some conditions.

Alone and on the phone with Ford, Langston tells him they are done. He no longer exists. And this time, when he tries to overcome her objection, she terminates the conversation and hangs up on him. Meanwhile, Dorian happily tells her contact (Charlie?) that she is so happy that they got the grant.

Kelly runs into Viki and tells her that she has to get away from Dorian and do some things on her own. Hearing that, Viki asks her if by that, she means working for Todd. Kelly tells Viki no. This is personal. She has a lead on her mother’s murder. And she keeps trying to access a database but does not come up with anything. Overhearing that, Rex asks if maybe he can help.

Todd tells Dani that what he wants from her is to be “good” to her mom and to promise not to tell her about their secret. Dani tells him of course and then asks if he has the money. But Todd tells her he’s sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

Starr gets on the phone and calls baby Hope. She sings a lullaby to her. James overhears and appears depressed knowing that he does not have dreams like she has. Right then, while Starr sings, we see Ford alone and depressed in his hospital bed without Langston and only his father’s business card. He tears it up and appears depressed. We then see Jessica, Brody and Bree all happily together

Right then, Bull gets a call on Dani’s phone from Todd who is not going to be intimidated by him and announces that he is Dani’s father.

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