OLTL Update Monday 6/28/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Natalie goes into Jessica’s room looking for her sister and is surprised to see Brody in Jessica’s bed. She tells him she’s glad that he and Jessica are back together. He asks her if the same is true for her and John. She replies yes and for that reason, she believes it’s a good idea that they keep quiet about what has happened. Jessica returns and notices Natalie appearing “jumpy” to be “caught” alone in the bedroom with Brody. Jessica makes a joke about whether she should think there’s something going on between Natalie and her man. Natalie and Brody are not certain what to say or do.

Meanwhile, John is on the phone alerting the cops that Hannah O’Connor is at large and may be dangerous.

Hannah is awake while Cole sleeps on the couch in the place they are staying in Delaware.

Meanwhile, Dani is at The Palace with her mom who inquires about her “young man” meaning Nate. Dani has no suspicion about what is now happening to Nate. Matthew walks in and sits at a table with David who can see that he might still have Dani on the brain. Matthew notices Dani and is not happy. But he’s confident that he need no longer worry. Todd enters with a detective who he needs to find Starr and arrest Hannah O’Connor. Todd shows him a surveillance photo of Starr with James, admitting that he does not know the boy she’s with but would like to find out more about him.

James and Starr are in the car that they’ve taken from the dealership when James gets on the phone to confirm with Bull that he has his word that if he gives Bull the money, Bull won’t hurt anybody. When Bull is talking on the phone, he is holding Nate at gunpoint and replies to James that he won’t unless he “has to.”

John informs the cops who are looking for Hannah that her grandparents have a summer cottage at Bethany Beach, Delaware. She might be traveling with Cole Thornhart.

Cole is attempting to sleep, and Hannah tells him that she wants to help him get some rest. He tells her that he knows how to sleep and wakes up as soon as baby Hope cries. He cannot stop thinking about Starr. Hannah then asks him to roll over so she can help him to relax.

When Jessica returns to the bedroom, Natalie appears uneasy and tells Jessica and Brody that she should go. Alone with Brody, Jessica asks what is up with her sister. She suspects nothing. They are happily together.

When Dani sees Matthew at The Palace, she tells her mom that she has worries about Matthew becoming hostile towards her. Matthew told her he loved her. Téa attempts to rationalize with her daughter that when people are young they can say and think many things. She tells her mom that Matthew was really giving Nate a hard time because Nate works at the country club and Matthew behaves as though he’s better than Nate. Téa tells Dani that she need not worry and should just give Mathew time.

At the other table, David encourages Matthew to get over Dani and indicates that he wants to fix him up with more “dates.” Matthew asks David if he is unaware that this is their grandmother’s hotel. David indicates that he is not fixing Matthew up with a prostitute or working girl but with an “evening consultant.” Matthew then shares with his brother that he has been really angry at Nate and has now found a way to get some “revenge.” He smirks and David smirks back at him.

Bull is on the phone to James while he holds Nate at gunpoint. James convinces Bull that he can give him $50,000. Bull is happy to hear that and tells Nate that he better give him the money or he will kill him. When James gets off the phone, Starr remarks that Bull is expecting $50,000 yet, they have no way to give it to him. James tells her that Bull will be able to chop the car for a lot more than that and will be okay with it.

Hannah sits beside Cole and tells him that he has a lot of good things in his life. He has his daughter, his freedom and he has her. She is obviously plotting a plan with Cole, and at that point, he falls asleep.

Natalie goes to see John who is investigating the Hannah O’Connor case. She tells him that she is there with some “good news.”

David asks Matthew just what he did to get back at this Nate guy. Matthew replies that he found out something about Nate that could get him into trouble. David tells Matthew he’s so proud of his little brother knowing how to use things like that against his enemy.

When Bull corners Nate about the money, Nate tells him that he found the money but gave it away. Bull tells Nate its pretty obvious that his girlfriend would know something about it. Nate demands that Bull leaves Dani out of this.

Dani and Téa are at the table talking when Todd appears and asks if he can join them. Téa tells Todd that she got his message about Hannah O’Connor getting charged with pushing Marty and trying to kill Ford. Todd admits that he has a more pressing concern. Starr is missing. Dani informs Todd that she heard “some guy” has gotten Starr’s phone. Todd shows Dani the picture of Starr and James and asks if it’s the guy in the photo. She tells Todd no. She recognizes that Bull looks different. Téa then remembers the guy at graduation who matched the description of Bull.

Meanwhile, Starr and James are wondering what to do.

With Hannah beside him, Cole drifts off to sleep and has a dream that Starr tells him that they were a mistake and he watches her kissing the other guy. At that moment, there’s a knock at the door. Hannah goes to get it. She knows the police chief who is at the door and asks if he is looking for her grandparents. He asks her if she is up there alone. Cole sleeps and Hannah replies yes and asks the police chief what is up.

Jessica tells Brody how lucky she is to have her life back. He tells her she fought to get back to the people who love her. She reminds him that he waited around for her for months while she chased after her high school boyfriend. He tells her that none of that was her fault. She tells him that it’s kind of a miracle that the two of them have been able to pick up where they left off. He tells her that they haven’t. Before she lost her memory, they were talking about their future together.

At the station, Natalie informs John that she recently re-took and passed her forensics exam. She wanted to apply for a job at the police station but didn’t think it would be a good idea to work near him when he was with Marty. But now, there is a job opening and she wants to take the position. She asks him if he wants to see more of her or if there might be complications with her working there. She tells him if it’s going to bother him, he must just tell her now. He tells her no. He wants to encourage her to do what she wants to do. He then asks her if she wants to start now and asks her to look at some of his files.

After Todd informs Téa and Dani that he heard that Starr and some boy stole a car, they are both baffled. Téa tells Todd that maybe he should let the cops handle this. He tells her he does not trust John and wants to find his daughter himself if she is in danger. He cares about all of his kids including Dani, he tells her.

David tells Matthew that he remembers himself at Matthew’s age and would like to know the details of how he’s going to put Nate in his place. Matthew then informs David that he found out that Nate came into a lot of money and it might not be legal. He overheard a guy at the cabana on the phone talking about how somebody stole the money from him. So he ratted Nate out to this guy. But he’s kind of worried that he might have gone too far in his “revenge” toward Nate. David asks what could be wrong if Nate deserves what he got. Matthew replies that “this guy” did not look like the type of person who would “politely” ask for his money back.

Nate tells Bull that he will have the money for him. But Bull does not buy that and asks about his girlfriend. Nate demands to know what he is going to do to Dani.

When Dani is with Téa ad Todd, she hears her phone ring and goes to take the call. Téa tells Todd that their daughter has a new boyfriend. Dani takes the call from Nate and asks when they can see each other again. He tells her he cannot, while Bull holds the gun on him. He tells her that unfortunately something came up.

James and Starr are together and he has a plan for how to “liquidate” the car and tells her he knows what he is doing. But she doubts him. He then remarks that he’s hungry and goes to get some food while she waits.

When the police chief comes to see Hannah and asks her what is going on, she asks why he’s there.

At the station, John tells Natalie that maybe he can use her help on the case involving Cole going missing. He tells her he has reason to believe that he’s with Hannah O’Connor and Hannah could be dangerous and appears to have an obsession or fatal attraction for Cole.

When Cole is sleeping at Hannah’s grandparents’ cottage in Delaware, he has a dream that Starr appears with her new boyfriend and announces that they are through and it’s all his fault because he pushed her away. At the door, the police chief asks Hannah if he can come in. She tells him that she is taking care of the house for her grandma who would not want him to see the house the way it is. He tells her that she is wanted in connection with attempted murder and kidnapping. She then tells the police chief that he must know that she is not a killer since he’s known her and her family since she was a little girl. The police chief then tells her that is why he’s a bit confused so maybe she can come down to the station with him and help him figure things out. She tells him she cannot leave and hears Cole ready to fall off of the couch where he’s sleeping and having his nightmare about losing Starr.

James returns from getting the food and he and Starr sit and eat together in the back of the car.

At The Palace, Matthew tells David that maybe he should have listened to Destiny that he was being a jerk harassing Dani and Nate. But David urges him not to back down and feel guilty.

Todd asks Téa if Dani has a new boyfriend and tells her that he’s glad she’s over Matthew Buchanan just like he’s glad that Starr might be over Cole. Téa tells him that he does not want to act flip toward their daughter. She tells him that they do not want him to do anything that could prevent her from bonding with Todd or give her reason not to trust or accept him now that it looks like she may be coming around. In the other room, Dani gets a call from Nate who tells her that he has a problem. There is “somebody” who wants the money back.

Brody admits to Jessica that he was afraid that he’d lost her forever and he was afraid that their entire future was shut down. They had not been together as a couple for very long and there were so many things they never had a chance to do. She assures him that they have a bright future together. Bree enters, greets Brody and asks if he is having a “sleep over.”

Starr and James joke about their lives when they share their food. She tells him that maybe they should get on the road and she does not want to spend the night there. He tells her that they need to get as close to the “drop off point” as possible.

When Cole sleeps in Hannah’s Delaware cottage, he has a dream where he confronts Starr’s new boyfriend. Starr firmly tells him that he has another thing coming if he has expected her to wait for the rest of her life for him while he’s been in prison and shut her out. She tells him it’s over and she’s moved on. She kisses the guy right in front of Cole. He falls off the couch. The police detective hears the noise and asks Hannah what that was. She tells him it’s her cat. She will go back inside to see if the cat is all right. When she enters, she tells Cole the cops are after them so they must get out of there.

Matthew tells David he has to talk to Dani. David wants to prepare him for it. Dani is on the phone after Bull has taken Nate’s phone from him. Bull is telling her that she better find a way to come up with the money or her boyfriend will get his brains blown out. Matthew interrupts her and tells her they need to talk. She yells at Matthew that they cannot right now. Hearing that, Matthew turns around, assuming she has snubbed him and walks away convinced that she deserves what he planned to do to her and Nate.

When Bree joins her mom and Brody, Jessica tells her daughter that Brody has to work tonight but very soon, he will be able to sleep over with them. Bree then tells her that she wants Brody to stay with them every night. She wants him to be her daddy.

Natalie is ready to work on the case involving Hannah and Cole going missing and start her new job in forensics.

At The Palace, Matthew returns to David and tells him that he’s through trying to be nice to Dani. David was right that it’s not worth it. He could care less what happens to Nate and he hopes Dani’s heart gets broken when she finds out. He tells David he’s not staying for dessert. He’s sorry, and he walks away.

Dani returns to the table with Téa and Todd. Téa tells her daughter and Todd that she has to prepare for a trial tomorrow. Alone with Todd, Dani asks him if he meant it when he said he’d do anything for his children. Todd tells her of course. She tells him good because she really needs his “help.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Bull is ready to hurt Nate.

Todd goes with Dani to the other room and tells her he bets she wants help regarding Nate. He’s okay with that and asks what she needs. She replies $50,000.

James drives with Starr in the car. She asks if he’s sure that they will be able to get $50,000 for the car. He tells her that he knows he can. She tells him she hopes so. She wants to get back to Cole and Hope.

Hannah urges Cole to escape from the cottage with her. Outside, the police detective gets a call from John asking if he’s found Hannah. He replies yes. He’s “waiting” for her. John warns the police chief that this girl is pretty unstable so he suggests he goes in there and “gets” her. The police chief then goes into the cottage and can see that Hannah is gone.

Starr and James argue about how they’re going to sleep in the car. he notices that an animal has crossed the road. They collide and it looks like they’re going to have an accident. 

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