OLTL Update Friday 6/25/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

When Rex and Gigi run into Cristian and Layla in the park, he takes her aside and kisses her. Before they can continue, he discovers the briefcase that James hid and Nate took the money out of.

While Starr and James are waiting at the dealership and afraid that they won’t be able to get the $50,000, he tells her that he knows how to get the money. He can chop her car. He tells her he has no choice if they both want to keep living.

At the resort, Bull is on the phone telling his contact that “that kid” who took the $50,000 is apparently “with the Manning girl.” Matthew then appears behind him to overhear the conversation. He then informs Bull that he thinks he might be able to help him find that guy (assuming that Bull means Nate). At first Nate tells him to beat it. But Matthew tells Bull it’s fine with him if Bull does not want his 50 Gs, and he walks away. At that point, Bull pulls Matthew aside and demands to know what he just said.

Cristian tells Layla they have to get to her mom’s house. She wants to stall him.

Rex comes across the briefcase and asks Gigi if she’s not a bit curious as to what this is. He tells her that this thing and all of its secrets are in this thing.

Matthew observes Nate talking to Dani about not wanting to keep any of the money for himself and instead giving it to his mom or putting it away in his college fund. After he’s told her that he did not get hired for the waiter job, she tells him he might want or need a little spending money. He asks her if she’s ever seen a house getting repossessed. He tells her he saw the cops come and seize the neighbor’s house. You can’t even go in to get a toothbrush. They bolt the house locked and all the neighbors are watching. You have no place to go. She tells him she cannot even imagine what that is like. He tells her that she doesn’t want to know about it. He doesn’t want to see her frown. At that moment, Destiny appears to overhear their conversation and announces they have one less thing to frown about now that she’s convinced Matthew to get off their case.

When Bull hears Matthew inform him that he might be able to help him get the money, Bull asks if he has it. Matthew then replies no. When he looks at Nate happily with Dani, touching her, not far away, he tells Bull that he knows how to point him in the right direction.

Todd and Blair go to the police station worried that Starr is missing. Todd demands that John and Detective Price tell him where Hannah is. Blair tells Todd he’s not helping matters by doing that. Todd tells John that they have not seen or heard from Starr in days and he bets that that psycho bitch, Hannah has her.

After Hannah has convinced Cole that Starr has dumped him for another guy and abandoned him, he kisses her. They fall onto the couch.

When James is attempting to pick the safe in the dealership, Starr tells him there has to be another way. Her dad can buy her the car and it will be legal. She can handle him. He asks what if her dad makes her go home with him? It will lead Bull to her family and her daughter. She tells him she does not want to put him (James) in any more legal trouble. Hearing that, he tells her he realizes she’s right. If she’s with him when he gets arrested, she’s an accomplice. He can just turn himself in and leave her out of it. At least when he’s in jail, his dad cannot touch him. At that point, Starr tells him it’s okay with her if he steals the car.

In the park, Cristian implies that Layla is too chicken to tell her family that they are getting married. At that point, he tells her if it’s such a big deal to tell them, then maybe the thing to do is elope.

At the resort, Destiny informs Dani and Nate that she had a talk with Matthew about his behavior. Now the two of them can make out in peace with no one there to bother them.

Bull asks Matthew his name. Matthew informs him he’s Matthew Buchanan. Bull asks him if he’s part of “the” Buchanans. Matthew asks him his name and he tells Matthew that’s not important. Matthew asks Bull if he’s heard correctly that a young man stole $50,000 from him. Bull tells Matthew that’s right. Matthew asks also if he correctly heard that this kid is hanging out with his girlfriend who is a Manning. Bull tells Matthew that’s correct also. Matthew tells him in that case, he can help him. Bull asks Matthew if he knows “the Manning girl.” Matthew replies definitely.

At the station, Todd asks John if he knows how dangerous Hannah is. She is the one who pushed Marty and killed John’s baby and she tried to kill that T.A. Blair reminds Todd that there is no proof that Hannah has anything to do with this. John asks Todd and Blair if they were not going to meet Starr at a car dealership. Blair confirms yes. They were going to give her her graduation present. John then tells them they need to go there and wait until she shows up. Todd then tells John he’s a waste of space and taxpayers’ money. Blair follows Todd out the door telling him his behavior is quite out of line. Alone with John, Price tells him that Todd is very charming. John remarks, it’s not like Starr to be missing in action for this long.

At the dealership, James is worried that he might not be able to get away with stealing her car if the guy is following them. She tells him she will handle it, and he must just get the keys. She warns him they must do it quickly or else they will both go to jail.

It looks like Cole and Hannah are taking their clothes off and ready to sleep together.

The dealer tells Starr and James that his supervisor is finishing with another customer but they may have a seat. Starr then tells him actually her “friend here” wants to check out that sports car they were just looking at.

Hannah and Cole are going at it.

Layla asks Cristian if he really wants to elope. He tells her yes. That way they can get married without having to deal with anybody’s attitude plus save a bundle of money. She tells him that her mother won’t see that as a proper wedding. He tells her at least her mother won’t have a chance to prevent them from getting married.

At the resort, Destiny reminds Dani and Nate that Matthew is one jealous puppy right now and could put them both in a world of hurt.

Bull asks Matthew how it is that he would want to help a total stranger recover $50,000. Matthew replies that sometimes he’s a very helpful guy. Bull asks Matthew if there is “incentive” in it for him. Matthew asks what if there is. He can help Bull recover $50,000. He can also get what he wants. Matthew then tells Bull that he has heard that the guy in question is carrying the money carelessly in a back pack and his name is Nate Salinger.

At the station, John reflects to Officer Price that Hannah is dangerous and it’s very odd that Starr has disappeared without a trace.

Right when Cole is ready to sleep with Hannah, he remembers that what triggered his anger in the first place was his noticing that it appeared as though Starr was there and left her diploma behind. Little does he know that she left it behind at the high school and Bull found it and gave it to Hannah to “plant” at the Delaware place where Hannah has taken Cole. At that point, he pulls away from Hannah and hesitates, telling her he cannot do that.

Todd and Blair go to the dealership. The dealer meets them and informs them that their daughter was just there recently. She threw a big fit when he wouldn’t give her $50,000 in cash. Then she stole the car. Hearing that, Todd and Blair’s mouths are wide open.

Cole and Hannah get their clothes back on. He tells her he’s sorry. It would not be fair for him to use her to get over Starr. He knows she’s already been used by Ford, and he can’t do that. Hearing that, she asks him if all he’d be doing would be using her. Is that all she means to him? Does he care about her at all?

Starr and James drive off in the car. He is very worried that she is driving too fast. They argue about what to do. He tells her she is not experienced in car theft. She tells him that if he’s the master carjacker, then he needs to figure out what they do now.

At the dealership, Blair and Todd do not believe that their daughter is a car thief. Plus, Blair reminds the dealer, Starr’s father was going to buy her a car. So driving it away is not theft. The dealer tells them that she demanded the money. He refused her. Her “accomplice” helped her jack the car and they drove away in it. Blair and Todd assume that she might have been with Hannah. He tells them Starr was with a young man. He shows them the picture of James and Todd and Blair both draw a blank, knowing they’ve never seen him before.

James tells Starr that he has to figure out how they are going to “chop” the car. He has to contact some people in Ohio. She tells him she did not steal a car so that she has to wait longer for this to be over. He tells her he knows of one way to get it over with soon. He can call Bull.

In the park, Cristian goes through his wallet. Rex discovers a business card that says Ford’s Body shop, based in Ohio.

Officer Price goes to get some information on Hannah O’Connor but doesn’t come up with much for John. John gets a call form a contact who tells him that it appears that Hannah has fled to Delaware.

Cole tells Hannah that of course he cares about her. She’s been a good friend. That’s why he doesn’t want to be a dog there. It would really suck because she’s been great to him. Every time something goes wrong, she’s there for him. She tells him he’s done the same for her in helping her more than he can ever know. She thanks him for saying he cares about her and admits that she was afraid that he was believing both Todd and Starr who believe that she’s trying to breakup both him and Starr. Cole then tells her that he no longer believes Starr anymore than he believes her father. She tells him that she can understand why Starr might suspect something. She admits to Cole that although she would never try to break up him and Starr, she thinks she’s falling for him.

Matthew tells Bull that he assumes he’s waiting for Nate Salinger. Bull draws a blank. Matthew then concludes that maybe he got the wrong guy. But Bull tells Matthew maybe he’s right and asks where he can find Nate. At that moment, when Matthew observes Nate kissing Dani, he tips Bull off that Nate is “right there.”

The dealer tells Todd and Blair that he’s going to call the police. Blair protests that he can’t get Starr arrested for stealing a car she owns. Todd then tells him he can buy his dealership so he doesn’t have to be at the mercy of what this guy is doing and so he can get to the bottom of the accusation the guy is making of Starr.

James tells Starr that they now have a car worth more than he owes Bull. So Bull can help him and won't have any incentive to come after him if he knows that James does not have the money. He informs Starr that Bull is just an employee of his dad and not out to get anybody who has nothing he wants. She asks if he thinks he can trust Bull.

When Cristian shows the others the business card of Ford’s body shop, they all find it noteworthy that they’ve never heard of this shop that Ford’s family owns in Ohio.

Matthew and Bull discuss what can be done with Nate. Bull asks Matthew if he thinks that he should assault Nate.

Dani is meanwhile, with Nate wanting to help him and looking adoringly at him.

John and Detective Price look like they might have found where Hannah is right now.

Cole tells Hannah he is a mess right now. He does not know what is going on between himself and Starr and until he knows, he really can’t do anything else. She tells him she understands. She tells him that nothing matters to her more than their friendship. She doesn’t want anything to change that. But is that really true?

Cristian gives Ford’s business card to Rex to investigate and he and Layla get ready to go to visit her mom and get their wedding underway. She then tells him that she is not afraid to go through with this and lay down the law to her mom that they are getting married. She tells him that when her mom sees how in love they are, she will come around. Even if she does not, she won’t change the fact that they are getting married. Layla tells him she cannot wait to become Mrs. Cristian Vega. They leave and Rex indicates that he is really obsessed with the briefcase. Although, Gigi is not and just wants to skinny dip with him.

At the station, John finds out that Hannah is most likely at the beach house in Delaware that her family owns.

At the place in Delaware, Cole tells Hannah that he’s not going anywhere until he sees Starr and “that guy.” She tells him he really needs some sleep. She will sleep on the couch and he can sleep in the bed. Seeing Starr’s diploma there, he assumes that Starr and the other guy have been there and had sex. He tells her he cannot sleep in the bed where they were.

Blair tells Todd that they do not know where Starr is. He tells her if he owns the dealership, he can find out from the video tape what the dealer will not show him. He tells Blair that whether she believes it or not, their daughter who became a mother way before her time, might want a break away from her baby. Blair asks if they should not be worried that she’s with a “strange person.” He tells her as long as Starr is not with Cole, at least it’s a “step up.”

Meanwhile, Cole and Hannah sleep together on the couch both fully clothed, awake and not certain what to do.

Destiny finds Matthew after observing him with Bull and asks who he was talking to. He tells her that guy is a friend of his parents. Dani then tells Matthew she knows he could make trouble for Nate but she asks him not to.

James calls Bull and tells him he has the money for him. Bull seems happy and not angry at James. James has found Nate and is pulling a gun on him. 

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