OLTL Update Thursday 6/24/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/24/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Starr and James are at Viki’s cabin, they hear somebody from outside. Afraid that it’s Bull, James sneaks up and knocks out the intruder when he come through the door. But as soon as Starr sees what he’s done, she discovers that it’s David Vickers, who is waiting for Dorian to get done with the meeting she’s had with Charlie.

Viki is on the phone with Charlie who is apologizing for the time he is taking with the “meeting” that Dorian has scheduled for him. She tells him she is ok with that. But she’s waiting for him to get done and he is very anxious to get back to her and go on their picnic. As soon as he’s off the phone, he asks Doran if she can do him a favor by making the meeting with Henderson short and sweet. Dorian then gleefully tells Charlie that she regrets to tell him that Henderson is running late. Charlie then asks Dorian if there really was a meeting that she scheduled for him or if she made it up to take him away from Viki and ruin their plans to be together. She protests that she would never do any such thing. But he recalls that this is coming from a woman who drugged him and poured liquor down his throat. At that point, he goes out the door of her kitchen

While Viki is in the park waiting for Charlie, she runs into Rex who informs her that he and Gigi are on a date and ready to enjoy a picnic. She informs Rex that she is waiting for Charlie. But he’s gone. And amazingly enough, so is the picnic basket.

Not far away. Layla and Cristian are together in the park. She appears to want to stall going to tell her mom that she and Cristian are engaged. He asks her if they are ever going to tell her mom the news.

At the resort, Matthew notices that Destiny got her old job back. He’s ready to sun and sit beside Darren who is distracting Destiny. Not far away, Dani is sunning in her swimwear and noticing that Nate is working at the job Destiny is doing and carrying towels. He tells her that hopefully when his mom gets the $50,000, he won’t have to work there anymore. She tells him that she has not heard anything in the news about missing money and belives they are in the clear. Right then, Bull is nearby and notices a man on the phone distracted. SO he pulls the business card of the club out of the man’s pocket.

While Hannah and Cole are in Delaware, she wants him to believe that Starr ran off with James and there must be reasons for how they discovered a condom wrapper on the floor.

While Starr and James observe David Vickers passed out on the floor, he asks her how she knows this guy. She explains that he’s a con artist who has caused a lot of trouble for her parents, aunt Dorian and Aunt Viki and he is trouble. They conclude that they do not want David to wake up and be able to tell anybody where they are.

Destiny serves drinks and remarks to Matthew that she has not seen him since the senior’s graduation. She asks how he’s been. He tells her better now that he no longer could care less about Dani. Plus, he tells her, there are girls all over there who are a lot cooler than Dani. But Destiny does not buy that he believes that. Right then, Darren comes on to Destiny and she tells him if he doesn’t mind his manners, she will show him some manners. At that point, Matthew goes to get changed but runs into Dani in her bikini standing by Nate who is working and wearing his uniform.

In the park, Viki tells Rex that when Charlie comes back, the will have to buy more food because the picnic basket has disappeared.

James and Starr wonder what to do with David passed out on the floor but realize they have more important things to do including going to pick up the car that Todd wants to buy her and cash in the money.

At the place where Hannah has taken Cole in Delaware, he tells her that he has to call Starr. But she reminds him that Starr might not have her phone. He tells her that there is only one way to find out and he attempts to call her. But she tells him that he could get in trouble using his phone to call out of state when he’s on bail. They could easily trace the call, know that he’s violated his bail by crossing state lines and throw him back in jail. So he has to use her phone instead. But he does not want Starr to see Hannah’s number on a call he’d make to her.

Charlie goes looking for Viki in her cabin. Starr and James have left. Viki is not there. And Charlie is very surprised and startled to discover that only David Vickers is there passed out on the floor.

In the park, Cristian tells Layla he does not understand why she’s so afraid to tell her mom that they are engaged. She tells him she is not. But she knows her mom likes to keep hope alive for Evangeline by remembering the way things used to be before the coma. She tells him that her mom feels as though if she’s closing the door on Evangeline, it’s as if she will never wake up again. Cristain asks what about her other daughter who has the right to go on living and be happy. She asks if they cannot just enjoy this day. He then pulls out a blanket. They lay on it and kiss.

At the resort, when Matthew catches Dani with Nate and discovers that he is an employee there, he reminds Nate that he is a cabana boy and could get fired for doing this sick behavior right in front of customers. He could care less what they are doing. But he’s a customer and doesn’t want to look at such gross things when eh’s going to get changed and sit in the sun. Nate then tells Matthew that he does not want to argue and he goes off with the towels. Alone with Matthew, Dani tells him she realizes she hurt him. He may be angry at her if he wants. But he can’t take it out on Nate. He coldly tells her he just wants to get changed and walks away. Inside the door of the locker room, Matthew reveals that he may not be as coy about Dani as he wants her to believe he is.

Viki follows Charlie into her cabin to see David passed out on the floor and asks what happened. Dorian is following Charlie. Viki asks her husband if he hit David. Dorian defends Charlie and tells Viki of course Charlie would not do that. Viki then suggests in that case, they should find out who did it.

Starr and James go to the dealership where it appears Todd has wanted to buy her an SUV. Alone, while the dealer is out, James expresses his jealousy that she has a father who wants to buy her such an expensive car. She protests that he just wants her to have a safe car since she’s a mom. He then apologizes for his comment. She seems sensitive that he does not have the privileges that she has.

Cole tells Hannah that he is very worried about Starr being safe with this guy James. And he’s worried that if he suspects she is not, he might do to James what he did to Todd.

While waiting for the car dealer, James assures Starr that he wants her to be safe. And as soon as he gets the $50,000 she will be. He will walk out of her life and she will never see him again. But she indicates that maybe she does not entirely want that.

When David comes to in Viki’s cabin, she reminds him that she did not invite him there and he has stolen their food. Charlie reminds David that he is trespassing. David tells Charlie that he is guilty of aggravated assault. Dorian tells him that that is called slander. Viki asks what is going on and why Charlie and Dorian are not busy at their interview. Charlie tells her there was no interview. Dorian made it up to prevent them from having their time together. Hearing that, Dorian tells Charlie liar liar pants on fire.

At the resort, Matthew and Darren lie on their sunning chairs and Matthew reminds Nate that he’s a cabana boy and he needs another towel. Right then, Darren informs Matthew that he heard that Nate got a hold of money that is obviously not his or else he wouldn’t have to work at this lowly job in the first place. Hearing that, Matthew is very interested and wants to know the details of the money Nate “found”.

Dani runs into Destiny and asks her if they can talk. She tells her it’s about Matthew. But right then, they are interrupted by Bull who asks if either of them might know Starr Manning. Dani admits that Starr is her half sister. Bull right then, knows that he has found his “jackpot”.

While at the car dealership, Starr tells the dealer/financer that she does not want the car. Instead she wants to have the money to put it toward her college fund. Hearing that, he is very baffled and disappointed.

Cole tells Hannah he does not believe that Stgarr would bail on him. They have been though hell in the last year. She stood by him when he had his pill addiction when she could have easily walked away. He knows her better than that. But Hannah reminds him that sometimes you never know people. He tells her that maybe Starr thought that when he asked her not to visit him in jail that it meant he was breaking up with her. But that’s not what he was doing. Hannah then tells him that maybe it’s for the best that he is without Starr.

Meanwhile, at the dealership, after Starr has suggested that the dealer lets her have the money that her father is going to invest in the car, he does not want to do that and tells her that he cannot since her father’s name is on the purchase order, without first contacting him about that. Hearing that, Starr reminds him that he can’t do that

In the park, Rex and Gigi run into Cristian and Layla and each wonder what the others are doing there. Rex and Gigi are surprised and happy to find out that Cristain and Layla are engaged. Cristain tells them that they decided that they cannot wait anymore because when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you don’t want to waste any more time. Rex and Gigi then look at each other and smile, reflecting that maybe they should do the same.

After Charlie informs Viki that Dorian falsified that there would be a meeting for the sole purpose of preventing him from having the picnic with Viki, VIki tells Dorian that is low even for her. David agrees. Dorian then protests what about being innocent until proven guilty. Viki tells Dorian the problem with that is that once must first be innocent. David then reminds the others that he almost died. He asks “Dr. Lord” if she can help him. Dorian snubs him and Viki seems to want to treat David’s bump on the head. Dorian then reminds Charlie that he ran out without having any facts to support his accusation of her. She tells him it is a fact that she and he had an appointment with Henderson and Henderson did text to inform her that he would be late. Charlie tells her he finds it very hard to believe that it just had to conflict with the time he was going to spend with Viki.

Bull finds out from Dani how to find Starr. He goes off and Destiny asks Dani what she wanted to talk to her about Matthew. Dani replies that she’s concerned that Matthew is really turning into a jerk. Destiny tells Dani she realizes that but Matthew has justifiable anger and hurt over getting dumped for Nate and getting over it may take a while.

Right then, Darren informs Matthew that he noticed that Nate was keeping tons of money in a briefcase but had no explanation for it. Nate then brings Matthew his new towels and asks if there’s anything else he needs. Matthew then smugly looks at him and tells him no. He thinks he has just what he needs.

Starr reminds the dealer that he might not want to call her dad. Does he know Todd Manning and what Todd is capable of doing whenever somebody tries to give him a hard time? She asks if he knows why Todd bought this car. He wanted to please his little girl. If she is not happy, her father is not happy. And the dealer must trust her that he would not want to see her dad when he is not happy. She tells him if he does not give her her money, she will have to go to daddy and say bad things about this man’s dealership. She doesn’t think he’d want to have a front page story printed in the Sun about how he forces customers to buy cars they don’t want. At that point, the man sees no option except to give Starr her money.

While waiting for Starr, Cole tells Hannah she does not have to sit there and wait with him. She asks how he can get home without her. He tells her he can hitchhike. She tells him she’s not just going to abandon him. He reminds her that Starr will not be ok if she returns and sees Hannah there since Hannah got Starr’s dad thrown in jail. Hannah asks what about Starr sleeping with another guy. She then tells Cole she maybe should not have said that. But Cole is her friend. She cares about him and doesn’t want him to go through this alone. She doesn’t want him to go crazy over this guy. And when Starr tells him it’s over, it will be something he may not want to go through alone. She tells him that Starr may not care about him but she does and she will not leave him.

Dani and Destiny talk about Matthew’s behavior and in catching her with Nate. Destiny returns to work and Matthew continues to antagonize Nate, ordering him around like a servant. Destiny then pulls him aside and demands to know what is with him and this attitude. She tells him that this is not the Matthew Buchanan who is her friend. In response to that, Matthew tells her that this is the Matthew he is now so she must just live with it.

The man at the dealership raises objections but Starr is not afraid to fight him and demands to talk to his supervisor. He leaves and James remarks what a great fighter she is and that she could get an Oscar for that. She tells him all she wants is the cash.

Gigi and Layla talk while their men are swimming. Layla remarks that Gigi used to not be her friend because she(Gigi) took Rex from her(Layla’s) best friend. But things change. She realizes that Crsitain used to be with her sister Evangeline and now is marrying her. She knows she and Crisitan are meant to be together. Gigi and Rex might be also. She tells her she sees no reason why they cannot be friends in spite of the other people and the history involved.

Cristain tells Rex that he and Layla are engaged. And what about Rex and Gigi.? Rex tells Cristian that they have a lot of stuff to get over and are taking it slow. But he definitely believes that they can work through their stuff and knows that they are not unlike Charlie and Viki.

Viki treats David’s bump with ice she’s put in her picnic basket. He comes on to her.

Dorian is in the other room with Charlie asking what if she could prove that what she says is true. She then calls Jeff Henderson and confirms the text that he sent her that indeed he will be 3 hours late. Hearing that, Viki tells David she bets that’s Blair on the other end. David agrees that he bets somebody is backing up her little fairy tale. David then grabs Dorian’s phone and confronts the contact Dorian is talking to. But he finds out it really is Mr. Henderson who wants to talk to Charlie. Right then, they see that Dorian has not lied. Charlie is very surprised. But both Viki and David question how they really know. Charlie tells them that this person did confirm details that only Henderson would know so he knows she’s told the truth. Right then, Dorian asks if anybody would like to break the silence with an apology to her. Charlie then apologizes to Dorian. She tells him his apology is accepted. She remarks that “poor misguided Viki” believed that she(Dorian) would steal him away from her. Hearing that, Viki tells Dorian she is flattering herself to think that Charlie would not have many of his own reasons to suspect her. Charlie defends Dorian to VIki. David defends Viki to Dorian. Dorian and Charlie then go back to their meeting and Dorian asks Viki if she has anything to say to her. Viki replies she does but does not want to use that type of language.

At the resort, Destiny asks Matthew if he really wants to be there where he knows he’ll see Dani and Nate? If he wants to move on, then he must know that sitting around there is not fun. He admits she might have a point.

Layla, Cristian, Rex and Gigi all share their food together at the picnic. Rex takes Gigi aside but right then, they discover the case where the money has been taken.

We then see Bull on the phone telling somebody that he has yet to find the case of money but it’s just a matter of time.

Dani then apologizes to Nate for Matthew’s behavior. He tells her he realizes Matthew is upset and he won’t have to be a cabana boy much longer. He’s going to apply to be a waiter. Meanwhile, Matthew admits to Destiny that she may be right. Darren continues to flirt with Destiny and she roles her eyes expressing she does not return his enthusiasm.

Bull tells his contact that it’s just a matter of time before he will find the kid who stole $50,000. Matthew then comes up behind him to overhear his conversation and tells him he thinks he can help him find the guy he’s looking for.

Starr and James are waiting for the dealer wondering what will happen and if they will ever be able to get the cash. But when it looks uncertain, he tells her he has a plan B which would involve stealing the car.

Cole tells Hannah that Starr has cheated on him. She knows how to play him perfectly without his knowing what she is doing. And right then, Cole kisses Hannah.

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