OLTL Update Wednesday 6/23/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/23/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside of Llanfair, David is sunbathing with his rubber ducky – buck naked! Charlie comes upon him and dumps a pitcher of lemonade on his head. Charlie encourages him to get out of town. Viki walks outside and tells David to go get cleaned up. Charlie tries to convince Viki to go away to the cabin. He has a picnic basket all packed and ready to go. They start to kiss and Dorian interrupts them with news for ‘Charles’. They need to have a meeting regarding Charles’ greenhouse project. Charlie says no, he wants to spend the day with Viki. Viki convinces him to attend the meeting. After Dorian and Charlie leave, David tries to convince Viki to go to the cabin with him. She says no and leaves. He is eyeballing the picnic basket.

At the hospital, Ford is hitting on his nurse, his phone rings, it’s Todd. He tells Todd that he fingered Hannah and wants this to be over. Todd says its not and hangs up. Langston comes to the hospital to see Ford. She tells Ford that losing Markko was her own fault because she lied to everyone. The only person she didn’t lie to was Ford. She asks him why he told her that he loved her. He doesn’t answer and she leaves. He takes another call; this one is James. He tells him he’ll see him when he can. Starr overhears James tell his brother that he loves him.

At the police station, Marty is worried about Cole because she can’t reach him on the phone. She fears the worst and that Cole might confront Hannah and set her off. In walks Todd who asks, “Why haven’t you arrested that little nut job yet?” Todd tries to tell John that in addition to trying to off Ford; Hannah is also the one who pushed Marty. Marty phrases a statement about whoever pushed her and made her lose her baby, her wording prompts Todd to have the charges dropped. Blair and Eli walk in to the police station and see Todd there. She asks him if he has heard from Starr. Todd realizes Starr is missing. John prepares a press release to get the public involved with locating Hannah.

Cole is with Hannah, looking for Starr at some house in Delaware. Ford tells Todd that he blamed Hannah for attacking him. Hannah is twisting everything around so that Cole believes Starr has run off with James. Turns out they are at Hannah’s grandfather’s house. She is planting evidence to prove Starr was there with James. Cole asks around to see if anyone has seen Starr and James. No one has seen them. Cole wants to leave, but Hannah convinces him to stay and rest. He heads up to bed; she’ll take the couch. Hannah checks Cole’s cell phone messages and there’s one from Marty telling him that Ford fingered Hannah as his attacker. Cole finds Starr’s diploma and a condom wrapper. He thinks the worst! If Starr has turned to someone else he tells Hannah, it’s his fault for pushing her away. She hugs him and smiles. Cole goes for a walk and Hannah picks up his phone again checking for a signal. She gets one and calls Ford demanding to know what the hell he is up to.

Starr and James are at Viki’s cabin and easily spooked by some noises outside. They think its Bull. James looks outside; its only deer. She showers and while getting dressed, James walks in on her dressed only in her underwear. She wants to know if sneaked in on purpose to see her naked and compares him to his pig of a brother. James jumps to his brother’s defense because of their lousy father who made them the way they are today. She says she understands fathers and is sorry. They hear another noise. Starr hides and James is behind the door; the door opens and he whacks someone over the head with a poker. It’s David!

Dorian, Blair and Langston are hoping Starr is ok after their apartment was broken into and trashed. Blair and Dorian find it very odd that Starr would take off without telling them. Langston tells them that she needed some space from Cole. Dorian tries to keep Langston home, but she needs to get to her writer’s workshop. Since they can’t reach either Starr or Cole Dorian assumes they are together. Blair looks doubtful and admits to Eli that she thinks Hannah might have something to do with Starr missing.

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