OLTL Update Tuesday 6/22/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa awakens in her hotel room noticing Todd sitting beside her waiting for her to wake up. She tell shim that he has to get to work and has wasted a whole day going to the radiation treatment with her. But he wants to be there with her to joke or do whatever. He asks her if she is hungry or thirsty or if she needs anything. She puts her arms around him. Right then, Dani comes through the door and notices them.

Jessica is alone at Buenos Dias after Brody has informed her that the cops have discovered that Hannah is the one who tried to kill Ford. Yet she appears to still be uncertain that she did not do it.. Right then, she calls Kelly who is distracted while picking up the pieces of her mother’s shattered vase. Kelly sees a name that says Bennett Thompson and wonders who that is and why that name is written on a small slip of paper inside the vase. Jessica leaves a message for Kelly informing her that Brody informed her that they have arrested another person and she is no longer a suspect. Yet, she has a flashback of still being uncertain. Right then, Natalie appears, looks happy but can see that her sister is a million miles away and asks her what is up.

Brody goes to Hannah’s dorm room and tells her to open up. John finds him and tells him that they have to pick Hannah up before somebody else does.

After Hannah goes to find Cole at Dorian’s, he tells her that he cannot find Starr. Hannah then tells him that perhaps Starr is with “her new boyfriend”. Hearing that, Cole asks her what she is talking about. Right then, Hannah shows him the photo of Starr with James in the park and tells Cole she is “so sorry”.

Right then, while Starr is with James, she tells him if he needs $50,000 in order to get her back to Cole and baby Hope, she can just give him the money.

Dani walks into the bedroom to see her mom snuggling with Todd and tells them she knew it. They are back together. She knew that something was going on but she did not think that it was this. They are both fully clothed and Todd tells her that he knows how this looks. Dani tells him that she won’t listen to a word that he says. He then asks Téa to tell Dani what is going on. She then tells Dani that it’s true. She and Todd are back together.

In Buenos Dias, Jessica informs Natalie that the cops have arrested that girl, Hannah O’Connor who was seeing Ford and who he dissed. And she’s glad that Ford knows who it was. But Natalie indicates that it appears that Jessica might have previously known who it was.

Right then, John gets a call from Kelly who informs him that she found something. She tells him that she found a slip of paper with the name Bennett Thompson written on it. It must have meant something to her mother even though she (Kelly) has never heard the name. And she tells John it appears that this Bennett Thompson person is the one who killed her mother. He then tells her that he will get forensics on it. He will get there later. Right now, they are on the search for a dangerous suspect, he tells her..

After Hannah shows Cole the picture of Starr with James, he asks her where she got that and why she believes that he is involved with Starr. Hannah says she does not know for certain but that is how it appeared when they were in the park together. Starr seemed to be so happy to be with James and Hope seemed to know him. Hearing that, Cole demands to know why Hope was there and why she was there to take a picture of Starr.

Starr tells James that her father can shell out $50,000 very easily. Hearing that, he asks her if she is a spoiled little rich girl. In response to that, she tell him she does not think he’s in any position to insult her.

Téa tells Dani that her father has been very supportive to her. Todd been very caring and they have gotten close. But it’s not what Dani thinks. They are not sleeping together. Dani tells her not yet. Todd then tells her that her mother’s sex life is none of her business. She is a child. Dani then asks her mother of she is taking parenting advice from him when he killed Dr. Saybrooke's baby. He asks her if it might be easier if she would stop considering him the big bad wolf. Dani tells him that he is the big bad world and she wishes her mother would see that. She leaves and Todd tells Téa that she needs to tell Dani the truth. She tells him she will. Todd demands to know when. Téa tells him she just needs more time. He tells her that she does not have much more time,

After Natalie asks Jessica why she is “relieved” to find out who tried to kill Ford, Jessica replies that she’s glad it was neither Langston nor Markko. Right then, Natalie has a flashback of remembering sleeping with Brody. Jessica can see that she is lost in thought and asks her if she is ok.

Brody helps John unlock Hannah’s door but she is not there. He does, however discover a picture that Hannah cut out of herself pasted to a picture of Cole to make it look as though they are a couple. He remarks to John that he was right that Hannah is obsessed over Cole. John then tells Brody that what they must now do is find Cole.

Hannah explains to Cole that she was concerned to see that Starr appeared to be abandoning him and off with another guy. He asks her why she would be sneaking up I the park, spying on Starr taking pictures of her without her knowing and violating her privacy. Hannah tries to justify herself. Right then, Cole hears baby Hope cries and goes to take care of his daughter. Right then, Hannah notices that John is calling Cole on his phone and tells John he’s not going to screws things up for her. Not when she is so close. And now she just needs to convince Cole that Star has dumped him. So she prevents Cole from getting his call.

Starr tells James that she can get the money from her dad if she’s desperate enough. And he will want to know why she needs the money. But he will just end up sending his goons after James’ goons.

Téa tells Todd that because she does not have much time, she just wants to see Dani happy a short while longer. But Todd tells her that the longer she waits the angrier Dani will be to find out that she’s kept it from her. He asks if Téa wants him to tell her. She tells him no. He tells Téa she is not going anywhere. She has to get that miracle. Téa then tells Todd she’s glad that he’s Dani’s father. She urges Todd to get out of there and go back to his home. He tells her ok. And he asks Téa to call him if she needs anything. He kisses her good bye and leaves. When he’s gone, Dani comes out of hiding. Téa asks her to come there and sit down as there is something she has to tell Dani.

Todd goes to the office and notices that Kelly’s mother’s vase has been smashed. She shows him the slip of paper with Bennett Thompson written on it. She tells Todd she thinks that Bennett Thompson murdered her other. Todd tells her in that case, they must make sure that Bennett Thompson fries.

Téa asks Dani to talk to her and tell her what is on her mind involving her personal life and boys Dani admits that she kind of broke up with Matthew. She likes him as a friend but he wants more and she feels terrible that she hurt him. Téa tells her daughter that she is glad that she was honest and did not lead Matthew on. Especially if there is somebody else. She remarks that she saw the guy who she was in the play with. Dani admits that Nate is nice but she’s not really certain where it might be going with him. She shares with her mom that Nate has a desperate need to give his mother money since they have financial problems and she’s afraid of losing their house. Dani also tells Téa that she is sorry she’s been such a bitch. She knows she’s been impossible. Téa hugs her as Dani tells her mom that she does not know what she would do without her. Hearing that, Téa cries.

John is going through Hannah’s room and gets on the phone to Brody. He then remembers coming across Hannah’s’ sweater and how the fibers are very similar to what he found when he went to examine the crime scene after Marty got pushed. He also notices blood on the sleeve of Hannah’s’ sweater.

Hannah waits in Dorian’s kitchen and erases the message that John left for Cole. When he returns, she tells him she is sorry that she spied on Starr with that guy. She realizes that maybe she was jumping to conclusions. Except, she tells him, that was not the last time she saw them together.

Starr tells James she might not have to ask her father for cash and have to explain to him why. She might be able to get her dad to buy her a car for $50,000. Hearing that, he grimly tells her the last gift his father gave to him was a carton of cigarettes. She then asks him if he wants her car or not. He asks her why she is doing this for him. She tells him she is doing it in order to get back to her boyfriend and her baby daughter.

Jessica tells Natalie that maybe instead of both of them focusing on negative things, they should both be happy. She is back with Brody and Natalie is back with John. Hearing that, Natalie tells her that sounds like a good idea. But Natalie, again, has a flashback of herself and Brody declaring, at Bo and Nora’s wedding that they think the best thing to do is to not tell Jessica or John that they slept together.

Brody returns to John after doing a thorough check around the building to find out if Hannah or any other evidence might be nearby. He admits he could not find anything. John tells Brody he found something when he noticed Hannah’s sweater.

Hannah tells Cole that the reason she did not communicate directly with him and why she spied upon Starr is because Starr accused her of pushing his mom down the stairs. It appears that Cole and Marty believed Starr. But she noticed that Starr left without a trace and has been uncontactable since her graduation. Isn’t that a little weird?. And immediately after, she was with that guy who she was previously seen with in the park.

Starr tells James that she is going to tell Cole the truth because they do not lie to each other. He questions her. She then asks him if he wants to car.

Kelly informs Todd that she has been searching all over for Bennett Thompson. But she can see that Todd is lost in thought and asks him what is up. She knows something is up with him. First of all, he pulled her aside at graduation and asked her to cover for him and would not tell her why. Not Todd is walking around like his best friend died. She wants to know what is going on with him.

Dani tells Téa that she knows what she wanted to tell her about was Todd. Téa then tells her daughter she knows that its hard for her to understand and she realizes it was not perfect. But she must know that Todd has never intentionally hurt anybody. Dani asks her what about Marty Saybrooke. Téa reminds her that Starr does not believe that Todd pushed Marty. And doesn’t Dani respect her sister? Dani tells Téa that Nate told her that when you play a character, you have to find their strength’s and weaknesses and maybe all people have both.

Kelly tells Todd that he is moody and distracted and is acting like his dog is dying. He tells her he does not want her talking about death. But she probes about whether it’s the kids or if it’s Blair. He then remembers that Blair spilled the beans to him that Téa is dying. He then tells her that Blair is fine. She tells him if he’s not going to tell her what is going on, she will find out on her own. She has the right to know. Right then, Todd kisses her. They then argue about who violated whose boundaries and how they are going to work together.

Dani tells her mom that she does not want to get to be close to Todd the way she (Téa) or Starr are. He is a dangerous man. Téa tells Dani it sounds like she’s saying she’s afraid to trust Todd and get disappointed. But Dani need not worry. Téa tells Dani that she just doesn’t’ want to be disappointed in Todd the way Téa and Starr and Blair have all been. She then declares to her mom, if she (Téa) has to be in love with Todd, she can accept that. Téa then asks Dani when they are going to have Todd over to dinner. Dani tells her mom never. Téa then attempts to joke with her daughter so that she is not angry about their difference regarding Todd.

James tells Starr that he knows she wants to go home. And she will. But she has to stay there tonight He tells her he promises her, this time tomorrow, she will have her life back.

Cole tells Hannah that he talked to Star and she just needed a little time. Hannah tells him that Starr is with James. Why doesn’t he just call her and confirm? But Cole knows that Starr has lost her phone. Hannah then suggests that he *69 the call to get the phone where Starr called him, knowing that Cole will discover it was James’ phone. Cole then calls and hears James’ voicemail. At that point, he leaves to check on baby Hope again. Hannah then listens to the message that John left for Cole, warning him that he needs to beware of Hannah O’Conner because they believe she’s dangerous and she is after Cole. She plays the 2nd message that John ahs left for Cole that he and Brody are on their way. Cole returns and Hannah asks if it’s possible that he could leave baby Hope there for a while. Cole remarks yes. Other people are in the house. She then tells him she thinks she knows where Starr and James might have gone. Cole then agrees to go with Hannah to find them.

Kelly is alone in the office looking up Bennett Thompson on the local internet.

Téa tells Dani that she does not want to make her uncomfortable. But she would like to meet Nate and maybe have him and Todd both over for dinner. But Dani raises objections about how that might be complicated. She knows that her mom wants to tell her something else. Téa then tells her she just wants to tell her how proud she is of her. She has done so much with her life recently. She’s gotten acclimated moving to a new town. She’s gotten the lead role in a play. She’s made new friends and done many things. Right then, Dani can see that her mom has gotten another call from Todd. He asks her how she is and if she told Dani. Téa tells him not yet but she is getting there. She then thanks Todd for calling.

Natalie and Jessica talk at Buenos Dias. Jessica tells her sister it must be nice not to have a “care in the world with John”. Hearing that, Natalie does not know what to say or do.

Right then, John and Brody go to find Cole at Dorian’s but he’s already left. They are worried and try to find him.

Starr and James both know they have to sleep at Viki’s cabin where they won’t be found by Bull. He lets her sleep on the couch. He has only his shorts on. She asks him if he’s worried that Bull is going to find them. He tells her he promises not to let anything happen to her.

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