OLTL Update Monday 6/21/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Rex is in the park playing ball with Shane ready to pick up where he’s left off as his father while Gigi observes.

John goes to Ford’s hospital room and questions if he knows who attacked him or not. He seems to suspect that Ford might very well know but is not telling.

Kelly and Jessica are at Buenos Dias and Jessica is worried that Tess or Bess might have tried to kill Ford. Kelly assures her they did not and she seems very protective of Jessica. Jessica tells Kelly she appreciates her help but Kelly needs to get back to work at the Sun. She persuades Kelly to leave.

Meanwhile, Shaun is guarding the Sun office but ready to leave and spend the evening with Vivian. But it appears there’s an “intruder.” He walks in and pulls his gun on Reed who appears to be snooping. Reed protests that he is just waiting for Kelly.

Hannah is carrying her cell phone with the photo she took of Starr with James in the park and appears very “frustrated” that she does not have the chance to show Cole that it appears Starr is “with” another guy.

Cole is in Dorian’s kitchen waiting for Starr when he gets a call from her on James’ cell phone. She is surprised that he would answer his phone when she thought he was still in jail. He tells her that he got unexpectedly released. He asks her where she is. James is nearby her at Viki’s cabin. Cole informs her that he rushed to get to her graduation ceremony, but it was too late. She already left. She asks him why he’s at Dorian’s home. He tells her he felt so bad the way he left things with them. She tells him it’s okay. He tells her no it’s not. He should have never let things like this happen, and he should have never let anybody come between them. He observes that he has an incoming message from Hannah. She calls but only gets his voicemail. She then throws her phone on the floor. It appears Bull picks it up. Cole tells Starr that he just wants to see her and make things right. She is not certain what to say or do while she’s with James in Viki’s cabin after their revealing conversation.

Kelly returns to her office and sees Shaun holding a gun on Reed and he's very suspicious of him. She urges him to let Reed go. He protests that Reed is a freak and demands that he starts talking. He tells Kelly that he caught Reed going through her desk. Reed protests that this is a misunderstanding. He tells them that he may be obsessed about Kelly and wants to get closer to her.

John questions Ford in his hospital room about how he might know who tried to kill him. Ford then reveals that it’s “embarrassing” to go into the details and reveals that the person who tried to kill him is female.

When Jessica is alone at Buenos Dias, Brody comes to find her. She informs him that she got a job working for the Sun with Kelly and Todd. He tells her that he is happy for her even if he’s not crazy about her working with Todd. She appears lost in thought. Brody remarks that she does not look as happy as he is. She then remembers admitting to Kelly that she believes she might have tried to kill Ford. Brody asks her what is wrong but she does not answer not knowing what to say or do.

On the phone with Cole, Starr asks him if there is any way that they are allowed to meet. Doesn’t he have some restrictions? He assures her that he does not have an ankle bracelet or anything and can see her whenever, wherever. The only condition of his bail is that he cannot leave town. He asks when he can see her. She tells him she cannot see him, noticing that James has told her that they are both in danger if they go anywhere or involve anybody in their situation. Hearing that she cannot see him at all, Cole hasn’t a clue what is going on.

Rex plays ball with Shane in the park and re-lives his younger days with Gigi. She tells him that she would like to join them later on tonight but has to get to work. Noticing that his parents might have a secret, Shane asks what is up.

Kelly pushes Shaun out the door so that she can talk to Reed alone. She admits to him that Shaun is paid to protect her and he (Reed) has not really given him reason to trust him. She admits it’s a bit weird that she catches him alone in her office. He concludes that she does not trust him either.

On the phone with Starr while she’s in the house with James, Cole tells her that if she’s busy, they need to schedule time to be together. When she tells him she cannot, he asks her if she does not want to see him. She tells him she wants to but cannot. He asks her why not. She tells him it’s complicated but she cannot explain it to him. She tries to let him go. He urges her to hear him out and tries to assure her that they can resolve their issues and he’s willing to work to get them back. He tells her that he’s made some serious mistakes, owes her an apology for many things but needs her to give him a chance to fix things and please tell him that she still believes in them. She looks back at James who indicates that she cannot go anywhere. Cole urges her to please meet him later and let him make things right.

Reed tells Kelly she must know she has nothing to fear. She tells him she realizes that, as they’ve  known each other for a long time. If she did not trust him, she would not have chosen to go out on a date with him. He then asks her if she would like another date. She tells him she has to work late. He tells her that maybe tomorrow they could. She then tells him that he can call her and they can figure things out later. He tells her either he can do that or she can save him some trouble by just spelling out that they are both wasting their time.

On the phone, Cole urges Starr to meet him and not give up on them. She tries to make excuses. He protests that he has been behind bars and she does not know what that is like. She remarks that he’d be surprised how she really does know what it’s like to be “imprisoned.” He tells her he’s sorry he pushed her away and would like more than anything to make it up to her. She tells him that she would like nothing more than that also. She wants to make certain, first, that there is nothing else standing in their way. In response to that, Cole asks her if by that, she means Hannah. Looking back at James, Starr is not certain how to answer that.

When Bull finds Hannah and discovers that she has a picture of Starr and James on her cell phone, he asks her if she knows Starr or how to find her. She tells him that she really doesn’t know Starr. He asks her why then she’s taking pictures of Starr with “this guy.” She tells him that she is just taking pictures, and she’ll let him know if she runs into Starr. Bull then tells her that she has to warn Starr that when she’s hanging out with this guy, she could get hurt.

Starr tells Cole that she will call him when she is ready. He asks her how long that will be and how much time she needs. She keeps looking back at James and hangs up on Cole. Langston enters the room when Cole is on the phone and asks if that was Starr, where she is and when she’s coming home. He admits that Starr did not say. When Starr hangs up, she tells James that this is not okay. She just lied to her boyfriend and was forced to push him away.

When Brody is at Buenos Dias talking to Jessica, he gets a call from John who tells Brody that Ford may have “named” his attacker. Hearing that, Brody asks who did while Jessica overhears the conversation.

Rex asks Gigi if they should tell Shane the big secret. She confirms yes. Shane asks if they will just spill it. They then confirm to Shane that they have started to date again. They are taking things slow because they don’t want to mess things up and want to be together. Shane goes off and they confirm that he is okay with that. Rex asks Gigi when they’re going to have their next date.

John gets off the phone with Brody and asks Ford to take him through the night when he was attacked. John needs to know what “made this girl flip out.” When Brody gets off the phone, he tells Jessica that John informed him that Ford named his attacker. She asks who it was.

After Cole gets off the phone with Starr and Langston can see that he does not appear okay, she asks if they got into a fight. He replies that Starr didn’t even have time to get to that. He hasn’t a clue what is going on. All he knows is that Starr could not get rid of him fast enough. He asks Langston what might be going on. Is this “pay back?” Langston assures him that it’s nothing like that. Starr is not petty. She would not do that. He just needs to be patient and give her time. But he is still baffled about what could be going on that Starr has not told him.

Starr angrily tells James that she would be home with her daughter and her family if it were not for his drama. She asks how it’s her problem that he stole $50,000 and somebody is coming after him. She had two choices -- either to lie to Cole or to get them both killed. He reminds her that she revealed to him, when they first met, that she and Cole were having serious problems and he did not want to see her again. So she can’t blame him for her problems with Cole nor believe that they have the perfect rock solid fairy-tale romance when he knows better based on her own admission.

Meanwhile, Bull attempts to pump Hannah for information about Starr. She tells him that she is concerned, even if she and Starr are not “close” over the possibility that Starr could be in danger with this guy, James. He then asks her what about Starr’s “ex boyfriend.” Would this Cole guy know where he could find Starr? To that, Hannah replies definitely not. They are so over it’s not even funny. He then tells her that he can give her his number so if she sees Starr or James, she can call him and tell him where to find them. He tells her not to worry. Starr will never find out that he is the one who “rang them up.” He leaves and Hannah now has a new dastardly game plan.

Kelly continues to make excuses not to be with Reed. He tells her that he knows she has a work schedule. So does he. He has no problem spending time with her family and getting to know them better. She tells him she likes him a lot but, apparently, that is not enough. He tells her that he has been staying in town longer than he would have normally for the sole reason of seeing her. She then tells him that she thought she made it clear that she is not ready for anything serious right now. But he tells her that she has been making excuses now, just like she did when they first declared their feelings, years ago in London. He wants to know what her feelings are, which she is not telling him. She asks what he wants. He replies he wants to get some sort of reaction from her. He then reaches for her vase (that her mother gave her before she died) and smashes it on the floor. At that point, she furiously hauls off and slaps him. She calls him a son of a bitch and asks how that is for a reaction. She then scrambles to pick up the pieces. He apologizes. Shaun then comes in there and asks if she’s okay. Reed tells her he will replace it. But Shaun tells him he cannot. It’s Kelly’s mother vase. It’s the last thing she gave Kelly before she died. Kelly then concludes that she is not ready to have any “future” with Reed. He tells her that he would still like her to consider looking him up if she’s in London again. She clarifies to him that if she goes to London, it will be to see her son. Shaun then escorts Reed out the door.

James apologies to Starr for sounding insensitive about what she has with Cole. She tells him he was right. She and Cole were on thin ice long before he came along. He tells her that he knows it does not help for her to have to go AWOL because of him right when Cole gets out of jail. She tells him that she had to lie to Cole because it’s safer for them to be apart. Maybe she needs to be truthful because it will test whether Cole trusts her and whether they are really going to make it or not.

Jessica asks Brody who John told him that Ford identified as the assailant. In response to that, he tells her he needs her not to divulge who to anybody. She tells him of course, it will stay off the record. She just needs to know. Brody then replies it was some freshman at L.U. named Hannah O’Connor.

As soon as Cole gets off the phone with Starr while at Dorian’s, Hannah appears at the door.

Shaun attempts to help Kelly pick up the pieces of the broken vase. She cries and tells him he’s a really good protector, but maybe she needs to get hurt this time. She needed to realize that she and Reed were not ready, and she had to get the last thing her mother gave her smashed in order to find that out. He tells her if she needs anything, he will be right outside. She thanks him. While picking up the pieces, Kelly comes across something that looks suspicious or like a clue.

We see Bull on the phone informing somebody that he’s pretty confident that he can find the girl, Starr Manning. And most likely, she will lead them to James.

Starr is ready to depart from the place she is with James and take her chances. But James tells her that if something happens to either her or her boyfriend because of him, he will never forgive himself.

Hannah appears at Dorian’s kitchen door and wants to talk to Cole. He tells her that he cannot find Starr. She then suggests that perhaps Starr is with her new boyfriend.

Right when James is reflecting that he is out $50,000, she then concludes that she has an idea. She now knows what he can do in order to get her back to Cole and Hope.

After Brody reveals to Jessica that Ford revealed that Hannah tried to kill him, she is very relieved.

But right then, after John has left and Ford is alone in his hospital room, he gets a call. He reveals to his “contact” that he followed what he is supposed to do to the letter. He told the cops that Hannah is the one who tried to attack him and they are probably going to arrest her right now.

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