OLTL Update Friday 6/18/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

A man is looking around the high school for James and Starr but is unable to find them.

In the auditorium, Langston and Cole are both trying but failing to find Starr. He tells her that he should have been there for Starr. She tells him he should not blame himself, but Starr told her that he did not want Starr to visit him while he was in jail. He tells Langston that he wanted to get here in order to tell Starr he’s sorry. But he didn’t get released from jail until after graduation. He’s afraid it might be too late.

Starr takes James to Viki’s cabin where Gigi used to live, assuming it’s a safe place where he won’t be found. She tells him now that she’s there, she’s going to call the cops. But he urges her not to do that.

In the courtroom, Hannah tells Marty that she (Marty) has turned Cole against her (Hannah). And Marty is going to regret it. Hearing that, Marty asks Hannah if she’s threatening her. Not far away, John is on the elevator.

Jessica and Kelly are talking at Buenos Dias. Jessica has had her session with Dr. Levin who believes she’s fully integrated and doubts she tried to kill Ford. She admits to Kelly she has her doubts.

A nurse brings Ford a “secret” letter. It appears he may have bribed her or that something is going on. He looks at the envelope with his name and appears spooked.

Jessica tells Kelly that she still believes it’s entirely possible that Tess our Bess could have come out without her knowing, when she was with Ford. Kelly tells her that Dr. Levin probably knows what he is talking about when he says he does not believe that happened. Plus, Ford is awake and would know, and yet, has said nothing.

Meanwhile, Cristian and Layla go to see Ford in the hospital. He makes flip jokes about Langston dumping her loser boyfriend for him. Layla confronts him.

In the empty courtroom, Hannah reminds Marty that she needs to know that Starr has dissed her son. She (herself) is there for Cole while Starr is sneaking around. John enters and asks if he’s missed anything.

Cole is with Langston alone in the gym when he tries to call Starr. Since she does not have her phone, she cannot answer nor know that he’s calling. Instead, the strange man picks up her phone when it rings. He sees that Cole is calling.

Meanwhile, James tries but fails to convince Starr that he can be trusted. He reminds her that she took him somewhere (it’s Viki’s cabin where Gigi once stayed). Starr then remembers that the phones probably don’t work since the last time somebody was there, the police commissioner got shot and her Aunt Viki probably didn’t get the phones reactivated. James protests that he realizes that carjacking her was the stupidest thing he’s ever done. She tells him no. Stealing the money was the stupidest thing he’s ever done. Carjacking comes to a close second along with hiding the money at the quarry where anybody with half a brain could find it, and where apparently somebody did find it and took it.

Nate and Dani go to Buenos Dias wondering what to do with the money. She tells him she won’t prevent him from giving it to his mom. She asks why they can’t just go to his house. It seems as though he does not want her to know. Not far away, we see a woman enter through the door who stares at him with Dani.

Starr is ready to get out of Viki’s cabin, get away from James and get back to her daughter. But James grabs her and tells her he cannot let her do that.

When John enters the courtroom to find Marty and Hannah talking, Hannah instantly acts friendly and courteous, tells John they were just celebrating Cole’s freedom. She gets ready to leave. John tells her she must stay where she is because he has a few questions for her.

Layla confronts Ford in his hospital room about how he used and manipulated Langston and ruined her relationship with Markko. He protests that Langston was already over Markko and that was not his fault. Cristian reminds him that he made somebody so mad at him that they wanted him dead.

Jessica tells Kelly that she needs to go and see Ford. It might help her to get her memory back. Kelly urges her not to do that. But she is determined that she cannot let this go. She’s no good to Bree or to Brody with this hole in her memory. She has to find out. Kelly then tells her okay, but she is going with Jessica.

Nate’s mom enters Buenos Dias, greets her son, and he introduces her to Dani. It appears she is looking for jobs. She appears friendly and tells Dani as soon as she gets her new job, she wants Dani to come over and celebrate. Nate then tells her he has a surprise for her.

James tells Starr she cannot go anywhere now. She is not safe.

The guy is still looking all around the high school.

Cole remarks to Langston that it’s very weird that when he called Starr, it sounded as though somebody picked up her phone. Langston confirms that she heard that also. He is worried that Starr might be purposely avoiding him. He then recalls last year when he had his graduation ceremony and that cop tried to set him up. But as soon as he got home, Starr told him about Hope. She encourages him to know that that was a good thing. He concludes that he got everything he ever wanted but had to ruin it. That’s how he feels now. She then concludes that Starr was hurt about his telling her he did not want her to come see him in jail but she knows Starr still loves him, and he must know that he is “the one.” Langston assumes she knows where to find Starr and urges him to come with her.

Starr then demands that James comes clean and tells her what is going on and why she should not call the cops. He replies that he is a criminal. Hearing that, she tells him he must tell her something she doesn’t already know. He carjacked her car, kidnapped her and her daughter and stole $50,000. She already knows he’s a major criminal. He tells her not by choice. He tells her that he has been a skilled mechanic but has unfortunately worked for the wrong place. He worked for a chop shop enabling people to steal cars. That is why he stole the money -- so that he never has to work for them again.

John tells Hannah he needs to talk to her since she’s the only person who saw Todd Manning push Marty. Yet, the evidence does not stack up about how she could have been there. He also tells her that they found fibers in the stairwell that are similar to a sweater she wears.

Layla and Cristian confront Ford. She tells him he hurt Markko and Langston and God knows who else. Outside the door, Jessica and Kelly appear and Kelly tells her that she is going in there with her and tell Ford what she thinks of him. Ford tells Cristian and Layla he’s a lover and not a fighter. He appreciates their help in finding him and saving his life. They tell him it’s okay. But they want him out of their home. Cristian is a friend of Markko’s. They don’t want him living in the same house with them.

Starr tells James that it’s kind of lacking common sense that he stopped his “career” of grand theft larceny by doing carjacking. Has he ever considered going to school and getting a real job? He evades that question. She tells him that she has good reason to call the cops because that guy, Bull, clearly wants his money back. Hearing that, he clarifies that it’s not Bull’s money. It’s his. Bull owes him. He did not steal it from Bull. He stole it from his dad. Hearing that, Starr is completely baffled.

At Buenos Dias, Nate sits with his mom and Dani and tells his mom he knows how she’s been worried about money. She tells her son he’s such a sweetheart always thinking about her, but he’s a bit dramatic. That’s what makes him such a great actor. Nate protests that he knows that the bank wants to foreclose on their house. So he has the perfect solution. At that moment, Bull appears and nobody has a clue what is going on.

Starr asks James if he stole $50,000 from his dad and his dad sent Bull after him. He confirms yes. Hearing that, she tells him she thought her dad did not know how not to cross the line. She knows he would never send someone like Bull after her. James tells her that when he was young, he used to think that his father, kind of, had a bad temper but made a good living at the auto garage. When James was 15, his father had his guys chop up and steal his first car. He gave him a black eye for objecting and assaulted him to get him to help him work at the chop shop. So, yes, his old man is a real piece of work.

In the high school, after graduation, Langston tells Cole that Starr was upset that he is not even considering that Hannah could be lying about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs. He then tells her that he has recently considered that that could be true.

Hannah tells John and Marty that she is the only one who can put Todd Manning away, for killing John and Marty’s baby. John is questioning her. John reminds her that the DA is going to put her on the stand and he wants to prepare her for some questions that Todd’s lawyers will ask her. She concludes that he obviously believes that she pushed Dr. Saybrooke and asks if they are done there. John then asks Hannah if she can account for her whereabouts the night when Robert Ford was assaulted.

Jessica and Kelly enter Ford’s room. He greets Jessica and asks who her beautiful friend is. Kelly introduces herself and tells him that Jessica would like some answers. He asks Kelly why she is confronting him. She tells him that when he gets out of there, he is to go no where near Jessica and asks if that is clear. He protests that he did not do anything that Jessica did not want him to do. Jessica faces him, tells him she realizes that and asks him if she did “this” to him.

At Buenos Dias, Nate gives his mom a check for $50,000. She asks if it’s real and where he got money like this. She demands that her son looks her in the eye and tells her where he got this money. He then agrees if she promises not to get angry. He tells her he realizes that she does not want him playing the lottery, but he did and won. She does not buy that, however, and tells him that they do not sell lottery tickets to minors and do not issue prize money like this in check form. So he better tell her where he got it.

At the high school, Bull is on the phone telling his “boss” that once he gets his hands on “him,” he will find the money. Bull guarantees it.

James tells Starr that making him steal cars is the least of what his father did to him. He pulled him out of high school to make him work and he got so good at making cars disappear, he got to be Dayton’s go to gear head. He could make a brand new car out of used parts. He was afraid that he’d end up in prison or dead or worse. Hearing that, Starr asks him what would be worse than being dead. James replies what is worse is ending up like his dad.

Cole and Langston go to Dorian’s home, each hold baby Hope and she tells him she knows he has good reason to be really angry with her for what she did to Markko with Ford. She informs him that she wanted to take the rap for trying to kill Ford, but John didn’t believe her. However, he released Markko after overhearing them talking and realizing Markko was innocent. It doesn’t really matter since Markko still hates her. Cole reminds Langston that Markko loved her. She concludes that she had to throw it all away for that jerk. She then faces baby Hope and tells her she must never do that. She must stick to the winners, like her mom and dad have done. She tells Cole that it’s a wonder that Starr is still speaking to her and asks Cole if he thinks he could ever forgive her. He is not certain how to answer.

Starr then tells James that if what he’s told her is true, she completely understands why he’d want to get out of there. But why would he steal the money, knowing Bull would come after him? James replies he left him a note promising to pay him back as soon as he could. He had it all figured out. He was going to hook up with his brother and start a garage of his own. He tells Starr his brother is older, got a scholarship and got out, whereas, he never even got to finish high school. He tells her he was planning on getting his GED and taking a few classes at L.U. where his brother works as a teaching assistant. Or at least he was until somebody put him in the hospital. Hearing that, Starr concludes that Ford is his brother. He then asks Starr if she knows “Bobbie.” Starr tells him yes.

In Ford’s hospital room, he protests to Kelly that Jessica came on to him. Jessica then tells him she is not accusing him of anything. But she needs to find out if he knows anything. She tells him she knows she pushed him away. She admits she had a “break down” thinking he was somebody else and knows she ran out of his apartment. Did she hit him? He then tells her that he’s already told the cops that he does not know who attacked him. But is that really true?

Hannah concludes to Marty and John that now she’s being accused of trying to kill Ford. She comes forward at her own risk in order to help both John and Marty. They repay her by treating her like a criminal. She tells them she had nothing to do with Dr. Saybrooke being pushed down a flight of stairs or Ford being beat up. She’s late for an appointment. She leaves. Alone with Marty, John asks her what was going on when he came in there. She replies she’s not really sure. She admits to John that Hannah was “a little aggressive” and it was kind of scary. She tells John she’s beginning to think that Todd is right that Hannah did push her down those stairs. She assesses that Hannah appears hostile and secretive. He tells her that Hannah is hiding something and is not the only one doing that.

In Ford’s hospital room, Jessica urges him to tell her if she merely pushed him away and ran out or if she attacked him. He tells her whatever she says. She asks him to please tell her. Kelly tells Jessica she must know that Ford is playing her. He’s not going to tell her what happened and she urges Jessica to go. They leave. Ford opens his secret envelope and gets on his phone to call John telling him he needs to see him. John tells Marty he has to go but will walk her to her car on the way out. Hannah stands by watching them and again observes the photo she took of Starr and James together.

James asks Starr how she would know his brother. She replies let’s just say he “gets around.”

At Buenos Dias, Cristian remarks to Layla that she wasn’t afraid to be tough with Ford. She just needs to use that courage to tell his mom that she is marrying him. She wants to put off telling her mother. But Cristian tells her they must tell her mother. Bull is reading what appears to be a letter and gets on his phone to make a call.

Starr tells James that she knows his brother is a womanizer. He sees that Bull is calling him. He tells James it wasn’t very “nice” of him taking off like that. He cannot leave James or his friend alone until James gives his father back his money.

At the other table, Nate explains to his mom that a little while ago, he invested in the lottery. He couldn’t stand to see her cry over losing the house. She tells him she knows he meant well but what he did was wrong. He then tells her she must just take the money. They need it. At the other table, Bull tells James if he does not have the money, he will hunt James down along with his “little girlfriend.” When he finds them, he won’t let her go. He then hangs up. James concludes to Starr he does not know how to get them out of this but he cannot let her get hurt. He then gives her his phone and tells her she may call the cops.

Cole tells Langston he has to return to the apartment to find Starr.

James tells Starr before she calls the cops, he wants to thank her for everything. She then concludes to him that she’s not going to call the cops. She’s going to use his phone to check on her little girl and let her family know that she’s okay. Since he’s a good liar, she’d like him to give her an excuse. She’s not going to be home for a while and has to tell them something. She tells him whether he likes it or not, they are in this together.

After Nate’s mom observes the check, she tells him if she did not love him to pieces, she’d tear up the check and never let him see another movie again until he graduates. But she is grateful. God knows they need the money, she tells him. He tells her she needs to take it to the bank. She tells him she wants to put it aside for his college account.

At Buenos Dias, Layla and Cristian depart to get on the road to Maryland to see her mother. Nate takes Dani home. Nate’s mom sits alone at the table unaware that Bull is nearby hunting down the money.

John goes to see Ford and asks if his memory is coming back.

Jessica tells Kelly that Ford must know something. He implied that she is guilty and looked right at her.

Ford then concludes to John that he remembers everything. It’s all coming back. John then asks who attacked him.

Hannah remains outside the courtroom with her cell phone photo of Starr and James.

When Cole is alone, Hannah tries to call him but he does not answer. He then gets a call on James’ phone and is surprised that it’s from Starr. 

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