OLTL Update Thursday 6/17/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/17/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the graduation ceremony, Starr walks up to receive her diploma. But as soon as she goes into the other room, somebody grabs her from behind and covers her mouth.

Langston tries but fails to make peace with Markko.

Todd and Téa are in the audience now that he’s learned her secret that she is dying. Langston comes up to accept her diploma. But not far away, Dani and Nate are wondering what to do with the money that he took from the briefcase that James has hidden.

It appears that guy who is chasing James (Ford’s brother) has found Starr’s purse with all of her stuff in it. James then takes her to another room and protests that he has saved her life. She has to listen to him. She tells him she does not need his protection. He needs to take his crazy little stories and go away. It’s his own problem. But he tells her he wishes that it was only his problem. But it’s not anymore. The guy who is chasing him is now chasing her also.

Viki and Blair are both happy for Starr but unable to find her. Dorian finds Langston and congratulates her but knows she has something on her mind.. Téa then finds her daughter and tells her she has to leave and get back to work. Still having no clue that her mom is dying, Dani frowns and asks her if it’s Todd’s case and remarks that she wishes she had other priorities. Todd then tells Téa that he has to accompany her to her radiation treatment. He makes jokes about having to take care of his attorney to make sure she’s on top of her game otherwise he will be wearing an orange jump suit.

Cole has Eli helping him and it looks like he might be getting out of jail soon. He talks to his mom in the courtroom admitting that he maybe no longer wants to come back to Starr. He misses her but knows they have some serious problems. He wishes he could be there for when she graduates. Not far away, Hannah is lurking about looking suspicious, smugly observing a cell phone photo that she secretly took of Starr and James alone in the park. She comes in and happily greets Cole. But he is less than enthused and does not smile. She tells him that she hopes he does not believe Todd that she pushed his mom and tried to kill Ford and let Markko take the rap for it. But he does not say anything.

Todd finds Blair to ask if she’s seen Starr. He asks her if she could tell their daughter that he loves her and will see her later and they will celebrate later. Blair already knows that Todd has to accompany Téa to her radiation therapy and is ok with that. But Dani hasn’t a clue where her parents have gone off together. Nate returns to Dani. But the guy who is chasing James is in the crowd although nobody knows what he’s up to.

Viki and Dorian are talking and arguing about each being “friendly” with the other’s man.

James tells Starr that even though she has her purse and wallet back, her cell phone is gone. So he’s worried about that guy having her cell phone and using her to get to him. He tells her that he never meant to get her “involved”. She asks what she is now involved in and how is she supposed to know that everything he is saying is not a lie. She then concludes that she should have called the cops on him long ago but is going to do that now. He then tells her if she has not already called the cops on him, then she must believe that he does not intend to hurt her. He then begs her to believe in him. He is not lying.

When Téa is in her hospital gown and Todd is waiting with her for the doctor, he remarks that she’s the only chick he knows who could look hot in that. Right then, the doctor tells him he has to wait outside. But he does not want to. She tells him that she does not want their daughter losing two parents instead of one and that’s what could happen if he’s exposed to radiation.

Nate and Dani are talking. But unknown to everybody, the guy chasing James is looking at pictures of Starr and appears to want to target her. Not far way, Viki tells Dorian if she thinks for a moment that she has a “chance” with Charlie, she’s mistaken. Right then, Charlie comes by and leaves with Viki. David then finds Dorian and she seems to not be happy with him and his “friendship” with Viki. He reminds her that Langston made a speech about how people can make mistakes and lose everything. He then tells her that maybe if the person making the mistakes apologizes, then good things can happen. Right then, Blair and Langston are trying but failing to find Starr. The guy is in the crowd with Starr’s cell phone while Blair tries to call her daughter but gets no answer from her but the guy can observe that Starr’s mom is trying to call her.

In the courtroom, Hannah tells Cole that she is concerned that Starr believes terrible things about her. He does not respond and Eli tells him and Eli tells him the judge is about to start the trial. And right then, Hannah observes the picture of Starr and James in the park looking like they might have a “secret liaison”. Eli protests that his client is not a flight risk. He needs and deserves bail because he has family, a baby daughter and the woman he loves in Llanview.

Starr then tells James he better answer her questions or she will scream bloody murder.

Eli tells the court that Cole Thornhart has a family and no history of violence and has the right to be released on bail. Plus the man whom Mr. Thornhart is accused of assaulting is Todd Manning, another inmate who is being accused of the attempted murder of Cole’s mother and her unborn child. The D.A. then agrees to offer Cole bail since she’s heard that D.A. Hanen (Nora) has recommended that.

Starr tells James that her family is wondering where she is. She doesn’t even have to scream because in two seconds, they will have a search party looking for her. She asks him how she can trust him if a man is after him trying to kill him and he has to kidnap her. She demands to know what is going on there. He does not answer and she tells him she has no choice. She will have to use her very healthy set of lungs and scream for help. But at that point, he covers her mouth and then agrees to tell her everything.

In the auditorium, Langston reflects to Blair that she wanted to have a bright future along with Starr and Markko and all her friends. But that has not happened. Blair encourages her to believe that she need not be discouraged. Nate and Dani are still wondering what to do with the fact that he’s taken the money from the briefcase. Again, the guy is lost in the crowd looking at Starr’s cell phone.

While Téa is having her radiation treatment without Todd in the room, he goes to “strike a deal” telling the administrator that he could sign a release of liability if something were to happen to him by being in the room. He can give them money and bribe them. He then talks to Téa in the other room and tells her that he was able to negotiate with Joyce because she’s hot for him. Hearing that, Téa laughs and it lightens her mood.

Dani tells Nate that she is not going to tolerate her mom being so friendly to her rapist sleaze ball father. She had him over for breakfast today. They were all lovey dovey when she returned last night. She concludes the only reason he’s acting nice to her is because she’s representing him.

Langston admits to Blair that Blair warned her but she did not listen. Blair wants to assure her that everything is ok. But Langston recognizes the man who returned Starr’s purse in the crowd (the one who is after James) and she wonders why he’s there.

In the other room, Starr asks James how much money this guy wants from him. James replies he wants $50,000 because he stole it from the guy.

Todd talks to Téa in the other room and makes more jokes. She laughs and it makes things less negative.

In the courtroom, Eli successfully gets Cole off on bail. Marty is happy for her son. Hannah also congratulates and hugs him. Hannah tells Cole they should go somewhere and celebrate. But he coldly tells her the only place he wants to be is at Starr’s graduation.

Starr asks James why he had to take her car to the lake. Was it to find the money? He then explains to her that it’s not there anyway.

Right then, Nate puts the money in his locker and admits to Dani that he’s worried about what could happen if somebody finds it. He’s worried he could get into a lot of trouble.

When Langston tells Blair she recognizes that guy who returned Starr’s purse and wonders why he’s at the graduation, Blair does not appear worried and tells Langston that maybe he’s related to one of the graduates. She concludes to Langston that the main thing is that Starr got her purse back and everybody is well. Viki tells Charlie that he must know that Dorian has seduced many men including Viki's son. She’s had a long history of targeting the men in Viki’s life. Right then, when Dorian and David appear, Viki wants to talk to David alone. Dorian is suspicious. Both Charlie and Dorian act suspicious when it appears that maybe Viki is “interested” in David and he in her.

James tells Starr that he’s worried about what will happen when the guy chasing him finds out the money is gone and heaven forbid if he ever finds out who took it.

The guy continues to lurk about in the high school hallway.

When Nate admits to Dani that he is uncertain what to do, she first suggests he talks to her mom who is a lawyer. But when he tells her that he does not want her to reveal to anybody what they have spoken of, she concludes that she won’t tell her mom and that it won’t be the “first secret” between them.

Right then, Todd and Téa return to her hotel room looking happy to be together.

Hannah wants to hook up with Cole and asks if there’s any point going to Starr’s graduation as it will probably be over by the time he gets there. Marty hugs her son and encourages him to leave. Hannah then tells him she will call him tonight. He brushes her off again. But she tells him she has to tell hi something. He tells her he will talk to her later and departs. Alone with Marty, Hannah demands that they talk and straighten some things out.

Viki declares that she would like to use David’s brain since he’s on top of every trend. She thinks that he can help the banner to stay current since he is in touch with young readers. Dorian laughs and tells Viki that she is taking Dorian for an idiot. She knows Viki would have no desire to hire David to do anything involving brains or merit. She is only doing this to provoke Dorian. But, overhearing Dorian implying that she believes that nobody would have any reason to hire him on his merits, David is angry at her. The four of them get into an argument. Both men physically restrain Viki and Dorian from having a brawl and causing a scene.

Right then, while Téa sleeps after radiation, Todd tells her he will be by her side the whole while. They seem happy together.

Langston and Blair come to see Dorian and Viki in their brawl and asks them to stop fighting. But Dorian and Viki do not listen and go off with their men to continue their argument. Dorian engages with Charlie about their “professional relationship” and Viki with David.

In the empty courtroom, after Cole’s trial and after he’s left, Hannah confronts Marty in a threatening manner about how she will not get away with trying to turn Cole against her.

James tells Starr that the two of them could be dead if and when the guy finds them and learns that they do not have the money. Meanwhile, the guy is watching Dani and Nate. James tells Starr that they have to go away somewhere. And the guy is right outside the door.

Cole goes to find Starr and hears both Blair and Langston admitting that they have not seen hide nor hair of Starr for a long time. They all wonder where she went.

The guy is looking all around for both Starr and James and looks like he’s very close to finding them. Starr’s diploma is right on the desk of the room she’s been in with James only minutes about but where they’ve departed from. Yet she’s gone before the guy can find her or James.

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