OLTL Update Wednesday 6/16/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/16/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

The Sun’s headlines are BUSBOY CLEARED. As Téa looks over the paper, Todd shows up with a huge breakfast. Dani comes out of her room and tells him to leave; she doesn’t need him and releases him of his parental rights. After all, she has her mom. Dani leaves for graduation. Téa stalls when Todd offers to take her to her appointment. She cancelled it; and starts talking as if she is giving up. She wants to make sure Todd goes to Starr’s graduation.

Its graduation day – Starr is at the mansion looking all grown up and Kelly chimes in to Dorian and Blair that Starr has been more grown up than the two of them since she was four. Starr is feeling a bit overwhelmed. She lost her purse, Hope is sick, she has to deal with everything and Cole is jail.

Langston is valedictorian, practicing her speech at the apartment. A mysterious man shows up looking for Starr. It’s the guy after James! He has her purse and tells Langston he’ll wait for Starr and give it to her himself. Langston gets the purse from the guy. He breaks into the apartment after she leaves and rips the place apart looking for his money. Langston goes to the mansion and gives Starr her purse, minus a cell phone.

At the diner, James is trying to figure out how he is going to get the money back. Markko starts talking to him, trying to find out if he knows Ford. James denies knowing him. James is on the phone with guy who he owes the money too and tries to tell him its gone; he hid it and someone took it. The guy tells him to get the money or Starr gets it.

Charlie and Viki are also at the diner; talking about he and Dorian working together. Viki then mentions that she is going to hire David to work at The Banner. Charlie seems a tad bit jealous.

Nate is at the school gym and has the bag of money. Darren sees him and wants to know if he robbed a bank. Nate tells him it’s a prop for the play – which by the way has been cancelled. Darren tries to grab it since he is cleaning out the props. Nate grabs it back. Dani shows up at the gym and can’t believe that Nate didn’t give the money to his mom. Nate is starting to worry about where the money really came from and maybe he should turn it in to the police.

Destiny shows up at Matthew’s place. David answers the door in his briefs and Matt walks out with his arm around Fawn. Destiny – oh my god – as she realizes what is going on. She nails it and tells David that those girls are pros! She expresses her dismay/disgust over what/who Matthew just did. Matt proudly thanks David for the best night of his life.

Everyone is gathering at the school for graduation; boxes of tissues being passed around as they reminisce about Starr. Téa shows up and tells Blair its ok that she told Todd. Todd then tells Kelly that he’ll need her to cover for a couple of months at work. Todd takes a call and then goes to leave the graduation, Kelly stops and goes herself. She leaves Todd with a box of tissues. The guy after James is hiding in the background at the gym waiting to hear the names of the graduates. Langston is giving her speech when Markko walks in and stands in the back. She switches her speech around to take ownership/apologize for what she has done and is so sorry she hurt people. She turns her speech around and its about making mistakes and more importantly owning up to them and learn from them. Markko listens and leaves. The principal thanks her and she runs after Markko. As everyone begins to get their diploma, Langston catches Markko and says she sorry, but so is he and leaves. After Starr gets her diploma, the guy grabs her.

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