OLTL Update Tuesday 6/15/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie notices Gigi getting ready for a date with Rex. He enters wearing a formal suit and flowers ready to take her out.

When David invites the two women to be dates for himself and Matthew. Matthew observes his older brother telling the two grown women that now that he’s back in Llanview he’s ready to celebrate with his little brother. The women charm Matthew telling him that good looks run in the family. Matthew remarks that he and David are only half brothers. But he appears interested in spending the evening with them.

When Kelly is in her office talking to Jessica, John appears. She asks if there have been any new developments in finding her mother’s murderer. Right then, John can sense that there might be something going on between them that they do not want him to know. Kelly then asks John if there is any recent development in the Robert Ford case. John replies that Ford is now awake.

Téa is on the phone talking to Blair who has warned her that Todd might be on his way to talk to her and has now found out everything about how she has only months to live. Right then, Todd appears at her hotel room door.

The women are ready to go in the limo with David and Matthew. Matthew then takes David aside and demands to know what is going on. David tells him they are going to paint the town Buchanan style and it’s their birthright. David tells his younger brother that they have to get back out there. He tells him that he has two choices; he can stay inside and isolate or he can enjoy the evening. Does he want to be the guy that Dani dumped or does he want to be the guy who got a bigger and better upgrade?

Right then, Dani and Nate go to Buenos Dias after he’s taken the tons of money out of the brief case. She tells him that he should not have taken the money. But he asks her why not.

Matthew tells David that maybe these women are a bit old for him when he’s not even 16 years old. David tells Matthew that even if he has not had a lot of life experiences, he’s with him. And he may choose between the two women. Matthew they look at the women and remarks that they are both hot. He mentions that he kinds of likes Fawn but is worried she might not be ‘into” him. David then asks Fawn if she thinks that Matthew looks better with or without a tie. She replies that a tie would take away form his eye. So they decide Matthew should wear his suit without a tie. They then go out the door together.

When Gigi is ready to go on her date with Rex, she has to grab something. Alone with Rex, Natalie asks her brother what is up with this “first date”. He tells her that they have decided to try again. They got together after Bo and Nora’s wedding and concluded that they cannot let each other go. But they are not going to rush into it so they must take it slow.

John tells Kelly that Ford does not appear to have any brain damage but there are some “gaps” in his memory. He appears to not know about the attack or may be holding back on what he knows. John admits he really doesn’t know what to believe. He looks at Kelly and then at Jessica and asks if they might “knowing anything”

Blair goes to meet Eli at the club and tells him that Todd, once again, cannot mind his own business. He assumes that she is talking about Todd harassing her. But she tells him no. This time it’s Téa.

Todd then tells Téa that she is too selfish. She should have consideration for him and what he wants. He is not going to let her die.

Rex asks Natalie if he’s making a big mistake. Gigi overhears at the door when Natalie encourages her brother to get back with the woman he loves. He then tells Gigi he’s ready when she is. She tells him that she has been ready since high school.

When John asks Kelly and Jessica if they might know something about Ford, Kelly tells him no and asks if he might have some news on her mother’s case. He tells her that they are working on it. She tells John she appreciates his help, knows he’s busy and needs to get back to work. And she dismisses him.

Todd yells at Téa that she better not lie about it. He knows that she has cancer. She has a brain tumor. He knows it’s big. But he cannot remember what it is called. He tells her that she must realize that that idiot Dr. Evans does not know what he is talking about to give her a death sentence. She then demands that he gets her her purse with the pills and some water because she’s sick. He looks at the bottle of prescription pills and asks how long before it kicks in and asks her how it feels. She replies that it’s like a bomb in her brain. She feels dizzy and nauseas and like she’s going to pass out. He asks her if she is not driving. She tells him she never drives on the days she has the treatment. She’s not that stupid. He tells her he must come with her to her appointments. She tells him no. It’s much easier without his being there. He then concludes that Blair must be driving her to her appointments and demands to know what she lets Blair know about it and help her but not him.

Dani and Nate are at Buenos Dias wondering what to do with the money they found in the brief case.

Meanwhile, Blair is talking to Eli about being worried what Todd will do when he finds out about Téa and how she feels responsible for his finding out. Right then, David enters. Blair asks why he thinks he has some special pass to her bar. He tells her he’s a celebrity. She reminds him that all he did was a hemorrhoid commercial. And she asks him what he is up to. He tells her he has some reservations with guests. She grabs him and asks him if he is aware of the laws in this country. She knows he was just offering his underage little brother Champaign. But he doesn’t seem to care and makes jokes. He then tells her that he ordered sparkling cider for Matthew and it’s the fault of her help not to do their jobs and give them what he ordered. Right then, Matthew is at the table with the two women. David then tells Blair they will behave. Rex and Gigi arrive at another table. He orders them both some whiskey sours. She is intrigued that he remembers that it was her first cocktail. He tells her he never forgot even when he wasn’t there. He tells her this is a new beginning for them.

At Buenos Dias, Nate tells Dani that he needs the money for his mom. She does not understand. Her mom is a rich and motivated lawyer. Little does Dani know what is happening to her mother?

Téa tells Todd she does not want anybody to stop their life for her. He asks even if they could help. She tells him that he cannot go to jail and must take care of Daniella. They must both make it right for her. He asks if that means that they do not tell Dani what has happened. She reminds Todd that the last year of Dani’s life has been one trauma after another. She was traumatized to find out he was her father. She’s moved to a new town. Now she’s finally being able to have fun. She’s in a school play. And she does not need this right now. Todd tells Téa that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.

John calls Natalie and asks her to meet at Buenos Dias. She tells him she will be on her way. But before he’s out, he writes on his notepad that Jessica might be a suspect in the Robert Ford case.

Right then, Jessica walks into the house with Kelly and runs into Natalie going out the door. She informs her sister that Kelly got her a job working at the Sun. Natalie is really happy for her sister. But as soon as she leaves, Jessica tells Kelly she has to stop covering for her. But Kelly urges Jessica to know that she probably did not attempt to kill Ford even if she had a lapse in memory. She is not a killer. Jessica tells Kelly be that as it may, it’s entirely possible that Tess or Bess could have come out and tried to kill him and she would not know it.

David and Fawn talk about his arrangement with Matthew. Rex then greets the woman and seems to know that she and David are breaking the law. He tells her that he can report her to Bo Buchanan. At the table, Matthew tells Fawn that Dani dumped him. She tells him that she knows that it’s Dani’s loss and she will be kicking herself.

At Buenos Dias, Nate tells Dani that now that they finally have the money, his mom can finally stop worrying about all of her financial hardships. He tells her that he won’t let her get in trouble. He will take the money. Right then, John and Natalie talk at the other table about the investigation of the assault of Ford. And he mentions Jessica.

Jessica tells Kelly that she must realize she does not know herself. She thought she was completely integrated and Tess and Bess showed up when she lost her baby. But Kelly tells Jessica she does not believe that that is what happened when she remembered what Mitch did to her that night when she was with Ford. Jessica tells her even if they are not certain that she did it, the cops haven’t a clue who tried to kill Ford so she must turn herself in.

Todd tells Téa that it’s ridiculous to think that it’s going to do Dani any good to let her have a few weeks of fun and then drop the bomb shell upon her that her mother is dying. What fun is it going to be for her to have to live with that guilt? He asks Téa if she hates both him and Dani so much that she would hide this from her. Why would she go through the worst possible thing she could go through in her life and not tell the people who love her the most. Why would she do that? She tells Todd it’s because she’s afraid. He tells her that whether she wants it or not, he’s going to be with her throughout the entire thing. She tells him that she does not want to leave him or Dani. She wants to fix all the mistakes she’s made in her life. She wishes she could spend time with all of them and have a future with him and with Dani. There are so many things she wants to say and do. But all she has left to say to Dani is good bye. And she does not know how to do that.

At Buenos Dias, Dani concludes to Nate that it’s ok with her if he takes the money to his mom.

Todd then tells Téa that she must get the idea out of her head that she’s going to die. Dr. Evans is a quack and almost killed his own brother. She protests that she’s been to other doctors. He tells her he will not argue with her. He has connections that she does not. He tells her she must not worry about this because he’s got it. He then tells her she must know that he loves her. He asks if she is surprised to hear that. She admits it’s a bit shocking to hear it come out of his mouth. And he tells her the next thing she has to do is tell Dani

Right then, at Buenos Dias, Dani admits to Nate that she is ok with whatever he does with the money and kisses him good bye

At the other table, Natalie tells John that Jessica and Ford don’t have a “relationship”. But he tells her that Kelly and Jessica were having a private conversation and he overheard them talking about Ford.

Right then, Jessica tells Kelly she cannot just sit around not knowing what happened to her or if she tried to kill Ford. Kelly then tells her that maybe she should just talk to her doctor. Make an appointment and see what he says regarding whether Tess or Bess might have come out the night in question. And right then, Jessica is worried what will happen when Brody finds out that she was ready to sleep with a stranger. But Kelly tells her she need not worry about that.

Rex confronts David about taking Matthew to a bar when he’s a minor. David tells Rex if he was a good “surrogate brother” to Matthew, he’d want to encourage him not to mourn the loss of Dani. They both ponder what they should do in the absences of Bo. David concludes to Rex that he never really liked him but Rex used to be fun. What has happened to him? Rex replies that what has “changed” him is Gigi Morasco. David then returns to Matthew.

Dani returns home and sees Téa and Todd sitting on the couch looking depressed. She indignantly regards her parents, expressing that she’s bored by them and asks “who died”.

Natalie asks John what is on his mind. He tells her that he did not say anything .She assures him that Jessica would have nothing to do with that creep Ford. But John is not certain about that.

When Dani returns to her mom’s hotel room, Todd tells her that they have something to tell her. Téa then tells her daughter that Markko has been released from prison. They’ve dropped all the charges so she has one less client to keep her busy. But Dani can see she is crying and wonders why. Téa asks her how her day was. Dani replies that it was interesting and she has to get to bed.. She leaves Todd and Téa alone. Téa tells him she was not ready to tell Dani. He tells her that he will be there for her whenever she needs him. He cradles her in his arms.

Nate is alone at the table at Buenos Dias after Dani has left and takes the money home. He looks like he has a sinister plan.

Rex sits at the table with Gigi who tells him that she noticed Matthew at the table with those girls and was ready to report them knowing that they are selling their services. He’s hardly older than Shane, she reminds Rex.

When Matthew and David return home, Matthew tells his older brother he had no idea that those two women were prostitutes. But, he admits to David, it could have been fun. He assumes that they are gone, but they return to the house and look like they are going to “provide their services”. David tells his younger brother that he never gives up when something does not work. He always has a plan B.

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