OLTL Update Monday 6/14/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Ford’s brother James drives Starr and Hope in her car. She panics and is afraid of being kidnapped. He uses her car to get away from a guy trying to find him. She tells him as soon as she finds her phone, she will call the cops and report him. He urges her to please not do that.

David returns to Bo’s home and notices Matthew in a bad mood, eating and watching television with an attitude. He asks his younger brother what is going on; although, Matthew tells him he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Dani is surprised to run into Nate out by the lake. He reminds her that she blew him off the other day, and he wants to continue talking to her.

When Ford awakens, John goes to see him in his hospital bed and asks whom he might think would want to do this to him. Ford admits that many people might want him dead.

When Jessica is talking to Kelly at the Sun office, she admits to her that she thinks she remembers it was her (not Markko or Langston) who tried to kill Ford.

John tells Ford the cops already know that many people are “not happy” with him. But he asks just who came into his apartment and assaulted him. He replies he does not know. John asks if he is certain of that.

Kelly asks Téa Jessica if she is really certain that she attacked Ford and asks her to take it slow and start at the beginning. Jessica then tells her that it was her prom. She went with Brody but only had Cristian on the brain. She overheard Cristian proposing to Layla and she was devastated. She let Brody drive her to her dad’s home. He told her everything about Mitch and how she lost her memory. She did not want to imagine it. When she got inside, her head was spinning. She was still convinced that she was supposed to lose her virginity with Cristian that night. She went to his home and was not thinking straight. But when she got there, Cristian wasn’t there and Ford was. He hit on her, she accepted Ford’s “invitation,” cried on his shoulder and she knows she made a tragic mistake. Hearing that, Kelly tells her she needn’t justify herself and feel guilty if she slept with Ford. Jessica then explains to Kelly what happened next.

Blair finds Todd at the hospital appearing as though he’s snooping around in confidential medical records. She reminds him that he is still out on probation and could be arrested. But he seems to know that Téa might have some sort of secret. He also asks her why, all of a sudden, she appears to be buddies with Téa when they used to hate each other. She tells him it really doesn’t matter what she and Téa are doing together and reminds her ex-husband that she has a fantastic new boyfriend. So, she tells Todd, he needs to get out of the hospital and mind his own business.

At the park, Nate tells Dani that he is sorry if he sabotaged her relationship with Matthew by kissing her. She cries and tells him that Matthew is the best friend she ever had and she is not okay that she broke his heart.

David attempts to ask Matthew what happened the previous night and why he did not stay at his parent’s wedding when he was supposed to be the best man. Matthew tells his brother that he was tired and wanted to get home. David attempts to “motivate” his younger brother to know that he is a Buchanan and cannot get discouraged. He asks if Dani “dissed” Matthew. Matthew replies that he wishes it was as simple as “dissed.” David then asks if she dumped him. Matthew replies bingo. He tells David now that he knows, he needs to get out of his face and leave him alone.

Starr is trying to find her phone and her purse when she’s with James but remembers that she put it on top of the car and now that they’ve driven off, it’s gone. He tries to encourage her to believe that he would never hurt or jeopardize her safety. He just needed a getaway car. He walks off. She then tries to start the engine and drive off. But again, her car won’t start. She yells to James to come back there and fix her car.

After David finds out that Dani dumped Matthew, Matthew declares that nobody dumps his little brother. Matthew tells him that he feels like the biggest jerk. He told Dani that he loved her. She acted as though he was her boyfriend. She ran away with him, got him involved in her problems and wanted to have sex with him. Hearing that, David declares that a “real crime” has been committed and asks Matthew why he did not have sex with her. Matthew concludes that she only wanted to use him and dumped him so that she could be with Nate Salinger. David tells Matthew that he has to find this girl and set her straight that Matthew is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Meanwhile, Dani tells Nate that when she first met Matthew, he was in a wheelchair and needed to go and have spinal surgery against his parents’ wishes. She went with him to have his surgery. He fought all the odds yet took time to help her with all of her stuff. He had a chance to sleep with her but turned her down and wasn’t going to use her. Yet, all she could think about was herself and she had no consideration for him. She concludes that she is just like Todd Manning.

At the hospital, Todd tells Blair he thinks she knows what is going on and has some sort of secret she is not telling him and asks her what is going on. She tells him that she cannot disclose the secret since Téa swore her to secrecy. He tells her that she either tells him or he will find out the hard way.

While Starr is stranded with her car unable to start and with no phone, she urges James to help her. He reminds her that she wanted him to leave her alone and he wants to get rid of her also. She asks what happened to the nice guy whom she met in the park whom she was able to share everything with who she thought he was.

Jessica then admits that when she was ready to sleep with Ford, she had a flashback about Mitch and pushed Ford away from her, afraid he would rape her. When she ran off, she must have hit him. Kelly questions whether that happened, but Jessica is certain that it did.

Ford admits to John that he is not certain exactly what happened or who tried to kill him. John asks if he thinks it might have been Markko. Ford admits that Markko gave him a “sucker punch.” But he seriously doubts a little guy like that could have almost killed him. John asks if he thinks it could have been Langston. Ford tells him no. John seems to already know that neither Markko nor Langston did it. He asks about Karen the pizza girl, also doubting that she could have done it. And John seems to believe that Ford knows who did it and is not telling him. Ford tells John he’s already told him everything he knows. John then asks him if anyone else came over after Markko, Langston and Karen. We then see the flashback of Ford with Jessica in his bed.

Meanwhile, Kelly asks Jessica if she’s telling her she does not remember what happened when she left Ford’s place.

Ford admits to John that he remembers that Cris and Layla, his roommates, came back and left again. But he has no memory of anything or anybody else there. John then goes into the hallway and asks a nurse if Ford has had any other visitors since he’s been there. She replies yes. His brother was there for a while and then took off like a bat out of hell when another man was chasing him.

Matthew tells David that he understands that Dani did to him what he did to Destiny by refusing to be more than friends with somebody who wanted more. He guesses it’s karma. But David urges Matthew to believe that some day, Dani will realize that she made the biggest mistake of her life and come back to him. Matthew tells David that won’t happen. She’s hung up on this hot guy who looks like Johnny Depp. David tells Matthew if that be the case, then Dani is a shallow no good person. Hearing that, Matthew angrily tells David he must never talk that way about her. He loves her.

Dani tells Nate that she’s already told him that she is not “ready” for a boyfriend. But he encourages her to go swimming with him.

Blair tells Todd if he breaks the law by breaking into hospital records, she won’t hesitate to report him and he will go back to jail and be in big trouble. He urges her to tell him what she knows about Téa. Is she sick? What has happened? Blair then admits to Todd that Téa is dying.

David tells Matthew that they must think about what their mutual father would do. He would go fishing in order to let them know that there are other fish in the sea. He tells Matthew he is really sorry about Dani, knowing how much he cared about her and seeing her through a really tough time when she found out for the first time that Todd Manning was her old man.

Nate and Dani go swimming together and he enables her to laugh and she seems to have fun with him. She tells him that she has never known what it was like to be loved by someone and not love them back. He then kisses her.

At the hospital, Blair admits to Todd that Téa has an inoperable brain tumor. It’s cancer stage 4. Hearing that, Todd asks why she did not tell him that. Blair replies that she did not want him or Dani to know. She was afraid that Todd might do something crazy. She could not blame Téa for suspecting that. He asks Blair how she found out. She replies she found out the same way he would have, by snooping. She thinks that the reason why Téa did not want to tell him was about her as much as it’s about him. She tells Todd that Téa has been in denial about it for a long time and didn’t want to get treatment. Blair had to motivate her. Téa has nobody and she tells him she does not know what she would do if it happened to her. In response to that, Todd declares that he does not trust Dr. Evans if he says there’s no hope for Téa. He’s a quack. He doesn’t know what he is talking about, and he’s going to find a doctor who won’t give Téa a death sentence. Blair tries to bring Todd to see the reality that he cannot do that, but he does not listen.

Jessica admits to Kelly that she wanted to put the whole thing behind her when she got her memory back about Brody and everything. She knows that when she was with Ford, she thought he was Mitch. Kelly tells her that does not mean she attacked him. Jessica asks if she did not, then who did.

John continues to grill Ford by asking him about his brother and why he did not tell anybody about him. Ford admits that his brother’s name is James.

Starr asks James why this guy is “after” him. James replies because he has something that the guy wants.

Dani discovers that she lost the necklace that the man she has believed was her dad (Ross Rayburn) gave her. At that moment, she finds it. But Nate also uncovers something in the leaves. It looks like a big briefcase.

Blair tells Todd she knows that he thinks that everything can be fixed with a little yelling and with putting down money, but this cannot. He asks her why. Blair replies that Téa has gotten tests done and many medical opinions with MRIs and cat scans. She asks Todd if he thinks that Téa would want to give up and believe she is dying when she is not. He asks what good is he and his money if he cannot fix Téa. Blair cries and tells Todd she knows that he wishes he could do something but must realize that he cannot. She needs to realize that she is going to die. He needs to do everything he can in order to make peace with Dani. That is how he can help Téa, because she is going to die, and Dani is his daughter.

When Nate discovers the briefcase, he tells Dani they must report that. For all they know, it could be a bomb and they could both be in trouble for not finding out that it’s there.

Matthew tells David that he really doesn’t care about anything if he can’t have Dani in his life. David tells Matthew he needs to shower, and David will find some really studly clothes for him to find a girl who really appreciates him. Matthew asks what good that will go but goes to shower. When David is alone, he calls a “friend” and asks for a favor. He tells his friend he wants to show his little brother a good time.

Nate tells Dani that finding this briefcase is so “Pulp Fiction.” This is just like a Tarantino masterpiece. And right then, they open the briefcase and see tons of bills. They open up their mouths in shock.

Meanwhile, James helps Starr with her car so she can take it to a mechanic and get it fixed. He knows she needs a new engine starter cap. She must get it fixed and not let anybody jerk her around. He seems to want to help her but won’t tell her what his own issue is.

David fixes Matthew’s hair in the mirror and tells him he looks really great. Matthew asks David what his “big plan” is. David replies that this big plan is that they are about to “do Llanview right.” At that moment, two hot women appear.  David tells Matthew that these two luscious ladies are going to be their dates.

Nate and Dani are wondering what to do with the money in the briefcase. Not far away, Starr gets in her car and admits that she is a little suspicious of James and doesn’t wish to see him again.

Ford is then alone sleeping in his hospital bed when we see the shadow of somebody standing before him.

Kelly and Jessica discuss whether or not Jessica could have been the one to assault Ford when he had many enemies.

Blair cries after telling Todd the devastating news about Téa.

Dani and Nate take the money out of the briefcase. When, they’re gone James goes to find it, opens it up and sees it’s empty. He screams that he is devastated.

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