OLTL Update Wednesday 6/9/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/9/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is at the park with Hope; she’s thinking she has everything she needs….except for Cole. Starr is supposed to be doing homework, but she is daydreaming about Cole. There is a young man in the park and watches her cry. He approaches and offers her a tissue. Starr says her allergies are really bothering her. He doesn’t buy the allergy story and they begin to talk. Starr mentions homework and points at her baby and he says that’s all to handle and no wonder she is crying. He asks where the father is and she tells the perfect stranger the baby’s father is in jail for fighting with someone who he thought deserved it. James then introduces himself and tells Starr he is there to visit someone who is in the ICU. Hannah sneaks up and sees the two of them talking; Starr is sharing her story with him. Hannah has quite the mischievous look on her face, turns and takes a picture. James leaves and Hannah follows. James heads to the hospital to visit his brother, Ford.

At the mansion, Langston is looking at the headlines in the paper ‘Killer Busboy Wont Dish’. Dorian walks in and she drops the paper. Dorian tells Langston that she is glad the cops aren’t sniffing around Langston anymore, that she isn’t capable of murder, but Langston tells Dorian that she has no idea what she is capable of doing. Langston reminds Dorian of how horrible she is and rushes out. The doorbell rings and in walks Mrs. Riviera. Dorian says something to her in Spanish and she slaps her across the face and tells her she should be ashamed! Mrs. Riviera tells Dorian that Langston is a lying slut and her son is in jail because of her. She tells Dorian that she raised a daughter without morals or decency. She calls Langston a whore and Dorian calls Markko a two bit punk. She goes to hit Dorian again, who puts up her fists and says go ahead. Charlie interrupts the fight. Dorian tells Charlie why they were fighting. Charlie wants to leave her alone but she asks him to stay. She talks to Charlie about how she came to love Langston. Dorian feels like this is partly her fault. Bad karma, her family is hurting because of the terrible things she has done to people. Charlie tells her that it’s not all about her. They are standing there with their hands sort of around each other.

At the station, Cole and Markko are locked up, across from each other. They are talking and Cole feels like this is sort of his fault. Cole tells Markko that he knew what was going on; but Markko tells him he should of told him. Cole is very upset with himself and sorry that everyone knew but Markko. Markko calls himself the ‘house idiot’ and knew something was going but was kidding himself and now he is in jail because he lost it. The two continue to commiserate together; each trying to assure the other.

Téa meets Markko’s father at the police station. Téa is trying to get Markko released, but John isn’t budging. Detective Price comes in and he has no new information on Ford’s condition. Téa tells John that a lot of people wanted Ford dead; is John looking at any other suspects? Téa tries to say that there isn’t enough evidence to hold him. John reminds Téa of all the evidence he has against him; including bloody sneakers. In one hour they will have a match on the blood. Téa goes on about how Markko’s parents are hardworking people who didn’t raise a killer, but a good boy who works hard and is an honor student. Téa next pulls the race card out of her bag of tricks. She talks about the community wanting to know why the Hispanic kid is locked up when there could be more suspects. John can’t believe she is going there. She threatens rallies from prominent Latinos, parishioners from his church and more. Mrs. Riviera arrives at the station. John tells the parents that Markko is not getting released. In walks Langston, and Mrs. Riviera starts yelling at her. Téa gently takes them away. They go to see their son. Mrs. Riviera tells Markko that she can’t believe he tried to kill someone. He tells them he is innocent. In John’s office, Langston confesses to the attempted murder of Ford.

Todd’s in his office yelling at his PI. The PI leaves and in walks Marty. She closes the door and wants Todd to look her in the eye and tell her the truth about her accident. His reply, ‘what do you think?’ Todd tells Marty he knows she has doubts and he didn’t push her down the stairs. Todd hands Marty his file on Hannah. He tells Marty that she is messed up and he’ll find the evidence on her. He goes on that Hannah is really after Cole and that’s why she pushed her. Marty doesn’t understand the logic. Well, Starr sides with him, Cole sides with Marty and this leads them to break up. Todd tells Marty he would bet his entire newspaper that Marty is not Hannah’s first victim and hands the headlined paper to her. He shares the Ford/Hannah/suicide story with her. Todd has a great idea, why don’t you go shrink her?! Todd looks her in the eye…”I didn’t push you down the stairs; what are you going to do about it?” Marty leaves and in comes the PI.

At the hospital, Hannah is taunting an unconscious Ford. She is going on about how he can’t humiliate her anymore and nobody is drooling over his six pack abs now. She says that she found the perfect way to get over him and she tells him she isn’t sorry and he got exactly what he deserved. When she leaves, she walks right into Langston who wants to know why she is there. Hannah starts in at Langston about he she messed up a great relationship with Markko. She tried to tell Markko what she was doing. Langston just disses her, telling her how pathetic she is and that she will never get Cole. She walks into Ford’s room. She takes one look and tells him she is sorry. Langston talks about how stupid she was for falling for him. Hannah returns to the hospital (after taking the picture of James & Starr) and Marty sees her. She tells Hannah that she knows she used to see Ford. They talk and Marty offers her services as a therapist. She tells Marty that she doesn’t need a therapist anymore because she dealt with the issues and walks away. Marty goes after her and asks her how. She says didn’t want to be his victim anymore and just didn’t care about him anymore. Marty comes right out asks her if she tried to kill her and Ford.

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