OLTL Update Tuesday 6/8/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After the wedding, Bo and Nora dance together. He confirms that marrying her is the smartest thing he ever did. She tells him he is so right. They conclude that the only thing that is missing is food.

At Rodi’s, John and Natalie are ready to close up for the night. When they are alone, he dims the lights to be alone with her. She asks him what they are doing there. They smile at each other.

Jessica and Brody are alone and she asks him where he is taking her after he’s asked her to close her eyes. He has a surprise for her up on a roof with a camp fire, candles and ambiance. She tells him this is magical.

Blair and Eli are at the door of his hotel room and ready to spend the night together. Right then, they turn to see Kelly and Reed who have the same idea.

Rex and GIgi return to her home and he declares that that is the best wedding he’s been to in a long time. He remarks about the skunk. She remarks about the burnt eye ball, the chipped toot and the green hair. And they see the miracle that all of the obstacles were overcome for Bo and Nora’s wedding. She informs him that Shane away and the house is empty. He then asks her what she meant when she told him he could bring her home. Was it because she needed a ride? Or can he come in? She then kisses him.

Noticing Kelly and Reed, Blair remarks there is nothing like a good old fashioned wedding to “seal the deal”. She asks if her cousin is sleeping with Reed and reminds her that she is an ex wife and mother with this man and she notices that Shaun is also there and asks if they are having an ménage et toi. Shaun tells Kelly that he has a job to do and he can’t let her out of his site. Blair and Eli go inside. HE asks her how that “truce” is going with her cousin, noticing that they were sniping at each other. She remarks that she was just having a little fun. He tells her that he was impressed that she showed she could conduct herself like a lady in public. She holds him and tells him its’ been so long. He asks her if the wedding made her think of anything. He asks her if she has ever thought about marriage.

Jessica asks Brody where he learned to roast the perfect marshmallows as he is having while they have them on sticks. He tells her that the Navy SEALS were taught to survive. And they have a saying that the different between tragedy and survival might be a marshmallow. And since this night is about triumph for both of them, they are eating marshmallows. She kisses him.

At Rodi’s, John indicates to Natalie that he has kept her letter and is now reading it, indicating that she has denied her feelings about him but cannot fight tem any longer. She reminds him that Roxy kind of motivated her to spill her guts before she was ready to move to London assuming that they were through.

Nora and Bo notice that there is no food left for them and everybody took everything with them. He then tells her that he can find them a mini mart. But right then, a guy has a special delivery hot meal for them. She is very grateful. HE reads their card that says it was a gift for the most gorgeous bride and the most resourceful groom. It was from Natalie and John.

Rex and Gigi are inside, taking off their clothes and ready to sleep together. They are on her couch but he asks her if she is sure she wants to do this.

Jessica admits to Brody that she does not know how to toast a marshmallow without burning it. She tells him that he has to teach that to Bree. She tells him she is sorry for all that she has put him through. He rescued her from Mitch and she practically tortured him. She tells him that if he was all around other women and made her jump through hoops in order to get a date with him, she would have lost it. He declares that he loves her. But she tells him that this is so above and beyond. He tells her that they are not “like other people”:. They met in St. Anne’s and he’s not going to walk out on her. She was there for him when he was in a crisis. SO he does not care how many times she falls or what happens. He will be there for her no matter what.

At Rodi’s, Natalie asks John if he had not read her letter, would he still be with Marty.? He declares that Marty broke up with him. She concludes that Marty lost the baby and he wasn’t about to leave her. But they conclude that Marty saw the signs and knew what was going on. He concludes that he did not think that Marty could let herself see that what they felt was real. She asks if the reason they are together is because he does the “right thing” and she(Natalie) does not. She asks him if that is the reason why he dragged her there with her letter in his pocket.

Bo and Nora are having their meal yet she is worried about her temporary tooth put in by a first year dental student. She’s concerned about her eye and he notices that it’s somewhat red. She also remembers that she sprained her ankle and it’s amazing she was able to dance without falling. She also told him that in the pouring rain, as soon as they overcame all the obstacles, the sun came out and there was a rainbow and it must have been the power of love. He tells her he heard a rumor about her hair. She tells him it was green when Roxy put some chemicals but she fixed it. She could have been going down the aisle as a toothless, green haired gimp. He tells her he would have married her anyway. He then informs her for the first time that he got attacked by a skunk and got his tux torn up. Matthew and Rex helped him with the spray and the tomato bath. They talk about how they have both kept secrets from each other and this may not be the way to start a marriage. But she tells him that she can show him a picture if he can show her his.

In the hotel, Reed tells Shaun that he and Kelly would like some privacy. But Shaun is sworn to do his job and tells them he is not going anywhere. Reed tells him he may suit himself and closes the door. Yet Shaun remains outside. Inside, she remarks that both Blair and Shaun believe there is more to this “nightcap” than just a drink.

Blair tells Elijah that she no longer has to think about marriage since she’s already been married many times and asks if he has ever been married. He admits that he has never married. He has had his career but also has never “felt the need”. But being with her has changed this as he sees that everything is “falling into place”. Hearing that, she asks if he is proposing to her. He tells her no. She then laughs and tells him good because he scared her there for a minute. He tells her that he is not proposing but would like to explore their relationship.

Kelly asks Reed if this is not a little soon as this is only their second date. He tells her that it’s their third because there was the time in London when he poured his heart out to her. But she tells him that does not count because she was married to Kevin at the time. But she admits that she did not come there just for a drink.

Right then, a messenger brings Bo and Nora a package that has come from Statesville prison.

Brody tells Jessica that when he lost it, what she did for him with her faith in him is what brought him back. And what he had to do for her was not so special. All she had was short time memory loss. But she remembers that he had no clue that her memory would ever come back. He tells her that he got his hopes up when they were together at the high school dance. He pushed it and should not have and she had every right to shut the door on him. But, he admits that it hurt. And for the first time, he felt like giving up and believed he’d lost her for good.

At Rodi’s, John assesses to Natalie that she asked him to show up there by midnight if he wanted to have a future with him. She admits that she assumed that he was making a choice not to. He tells her that not many people are lucky enough to get a second chance. Bo and Nora and Jessica and Brody are, she tells him. He tells her maybe the two of them are also.

Gigi and Rex are alone wondering if they should go any further but conclude they are not ready to sleep together again. They get their clothes back on. She asks if they can be honest and tells him that there is something going on here and there has been for a long time. Ever since Stacy died and they found out that she and Kim had been playing them and on a mission to break them up, they’ve realized what really happened. And ever since those two have been out of their lives, everything has been good. He admits that after finding out about his real parents in NM, he could not have gotten through it without her. She tells him that she could not have gotten through her family crises with Stacy and the baby and all without him. They conclude that they cannot be without each other and they love each other.

Natalie reminds John that they have a little time before midnight and she goes over to the pool table. She asks him if he can “take” her. He tells her maybe she should stop talking and “break”. They compete in a pool game.

Nora asks Bo how they could have gotten a “wedding present” from Statesville. They are both a bit afraid that it could be from somebody they have put away. She then opens the card and laughs to see that it’s from his “ex”, Lindsay.

Eli tells Blair that he would like, some day, to get married. But he wants to find out if she is absolutely ruling it out before he gets in any deeper. She tells him she has not exactly figured him the marrying type. She then asks him if since he’s not ready to propose and she’s not ready to walk down the aisle, would it be better to just say she will think about it? He tells her he does not want to lose her and kisses her. And they are ready to sleep together.

Gigi gives Rex his coat to put on. He tells her he should not have said anything. Maybe it’s too soon to make love again. And they remember that “going for it” is what got them in trouble in the first place. They have to make some changes especially now that they have Shane to think about. He tells her that maybe this is a risk that they have to take. She tells him that maybe if they take things slow, then they will have better chances. He admits that he would like to take her upstairs right now. But maybe she is right. She tells him that maybe too much has happened and maybe they should just “walk away”.

Blair and Eli are going at it. Shaun is sitting outside the door and hears a noise. He goes over to the door but seems to know what is going on and puts in his ear phone.

Jessica admits to Brody that that night when he pushed her to remember what Mitch did, that night was hard for her also. She realized that she was all alone with nobody. SO she felt like she had to “find something new”. Hearing that, he asks her what she meant. She tells him the point is he brought her back. She then reminds him that she found something at her father’s house and picked it up and remembered them dancing at Rodi’s back when they could not tell anybody that they were dating. She remembered her little girl and now knows that he brought her back. He tells her that he will always be there for her. And that is his promise to her and to Bree. He swears he will never give up on her. They joke about her losing her memory and he concludes that he will never let her go. She tells him he’s everything she has ever wanted. And if he ever loses her faith in her again, she is going to hunt him down and bring him home. He tells her she is his home.

Nora reads the card Lindsay wrote wishing them well and apologizing for trying to break them up. She tells Bo that maybe instead of opening it, they should call the bomb squad. She later tells BO she is just kidding. But he wants her to open the package. She opens it and sees a license plate that Lindsay made that says Bo & Nora4Ever.

When GIgi suggests that maybe she and Rex should give up, he reminds her that he found out for the first time, not long ago, that he got her pregnant with Shane and had a son he never knew of. It took them both some time to get over their trust issues and Shane first hated his guts. He tells her that maybe they should start over as though they just met. It’s confirmed that they love each other. And maybe it’s just a matter of taking the first step. She asks him what he is talking about. He then asks her to go out on a date with him.

Kelly and Reed are wondering what they should do next. She is not certain how to proceed. She tells him that Shaun is just outside the door and it’s a little weird. He asks her if she’s concluded that he’s not her cup of tea. She tells him that is not the case. It’s just a little too much too soon. And he asks her if she wants a night cap.

John and Natalie are playing pool and go at it for the first time in a long time.

Gigi tells Rex she would love to go out on a date with him She asks where they are going. He tells her he will let her know tomorrow. She tells him nothing too fancy. She has to take this formal dress she has to the cleaners. He tells her that they will make plans tomorrow. She tells him he must go and figure out where to go and what they wear. They smile and acknowledge they had a good time tonight. Alone in the house, she goes over and lights a candle. We then see Reed with Kelly. Bo and Nora are together. And a song plays. We see Natalie and John together and the letter she wrote him. Blair and Eli are together. And the song plays: “Wherever you go, I’ll be with you. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. Whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon. Remember after the fire, after all the rain, I will be the flame.”

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