OLTL Update Monday 6/7/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Bo is ready for his wedding after overcoming endless obstacles. He discovers that the reverend is not there to perform the ceremony. David steps up and informs Bo that he can do it. He tells Bo that he happens to be an ordained minister. Bo asks if the Buddhists ordained him. He tells him no. When he was in Hollywood as an actor, it was arranged when somebody had to marry Tom and Katie.

Meanwhile, Nora and Viki are ready for her wedding. Viki reminds Nora that she must remember all of the obstacles they have overcome and see it as meaning something. Nora seems to underestimate what happened and has suspicions. Viki reminds her that the original dress she wore to marry Bo still fits. Nora reminds her that she is eternally grateful for all the help she got from Viki and the girls. They are then ready to head to the church.

David tells Bo that he can legally do this for him. Bo brought him into this world and this is the least he can do in return. He got ordained by the scientologists. He can provide proof. He was an official member of the BMOC (British Ministers Ordained in Cyberspace) when he was in London. He tells Bo that he is going to get it ready to happen. At that moment, Rex, Matthew, Charlie and John all have their doubts. Bo asks God to please not let him regret this.

Blair sings at the chapel when Eli is smiling at her. We see Gigi lead the bridesmaids down the aisle. Rex notices her and smiles. Jessica then enters. Brody notices her and smiles. Then Natalie enters with a flower, and John smiles and sees her. Then Viki enters, and Charlie turns to see her and smiles. Eli smiles and listens to Blair sing. Nora enters with the flowers. Blair sings that It’s Simply Love. Bo meets her and remarks about her dress. They talk about the second time being the charm. She then asks him where Reverend Carpenter is. He informs her there is a slight change in plans. At that moment, David appears in his “robe.” It’s something he got from his acting job at St. James Church of Scientology he tells them. Nora demands to know what is going on. Bo then informs her that Reverend Andrew Carpenter cannot make it. As it has turned out, David is an ordained Minster. She asks if it is legal. David looks at his business card and affirms that it’s good for all marriages in certain countries. He then announces his speech but knows he cannot read it and must use his own words. He has to mention all of Nora’s married names. He then asks if anyone knows of any reason why the two of them should not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Nobody says a word and all approve of their wedding. At that moment, out of nowhere, Clint appears with a shotgun. Seeing that, Natalie and Jessica urge their father to put the shot gun down. Bo and Nora both urge Clint not to do this and ask if he was not telling the truth when he told them that he has forgiven them. He then states, he is not there with the gun because of them. He’s there to shoot David Vickers. David is the reason why Kimberly broke up with him, and David ruined his marriage to his “wife.” David tells Bo that is not true and asks if he would believe the word of a Las Vegas stripper over his own son. Bo does not know what to say or do. But Viki persuades Clint to put the gun down. He listens to her, puts it down and sits with his daughters. David then invites Natalie and Jessica, Bo’s nieces and his cousins to recite poems about love. We see all of the couples who have had problems and hear Natalie and Jessica speaking with Brody and John listening to them that love is the most powerful thing there is. David then has Bo and Nora recite their vows. She admits that she has had difficulty writing and composing. She knows that she is a very analytical person. She knows she does not believe in risks and love seems like a very big one. But then she found Bo and threw caution to the wind. He took her dancing and fishing and many place she thought she’d never go. The whole while he taught her not to be afraid of having fun or having consequences. She found out that all of those things were not so bad, and the worst thing would be not be able to live. She tells Bo that he has given her joy and the worst thing for her is living without him and that is a risk she will not take. He talks about how when he was a kid he wanted to run away from his dad and many things. He wound up in Llanview, PA and ran into her. He knew he was in the right spot right where he should be. All the while they were apart, he realized he was restless and never went anywhere. But he felt he was right back on that road again. Now he knows why. It’s because she’s his home and has always been. Now he wants to spend the rest of his life making her as happy as she has made him. David then asks his “brother,” Matthew, to bring the ring. Matthew joins his parents and they hug him. Bo tells Nora with this ring he weds her. She gives him his ring. They smiles. David and Matthew stand beside them. David then tells him by the power vested in him by the company that authorized him to be an ordained minister, he now pronounces them husband and wife, and Bo may kiss his bride. Bo kisses Nora and everybody claps and cheers. Bo and Nora walk down the aisle while everybody throws rice. Rex and Gigi talk about how great it was that they got a “do-over.” He asks if she would like a ride to the reception. She tells him she would like that. Eli tells Blair that just for today, he would like her to forget about her disputes with Kelly and think about them. Kelly tells David that he crossed the line with Clint. Clint sits not looking happy. Viki asks her ex-husband if he's all right. He tells her that he feels like a dammed fool. She asks if he is absolutely certain that David is responsible for his marriage to Kim ending. He tells her he heard from Nigel and believes that he knows what he is talking about. He knows he owes Bo an apology. He tells her he would like to go to the reception. She tells him it’s okay if he does that but she would like for him not to bring his gun. Matthew is then ready to take Dani to the reception but she wants to stay and talk to him about something. He asks her about what.

At the reception, Viki gets on her microphone to welcome everybody and introduces, for the second time, Mr. and Mrs. Bo Buchanan. Bo and Nora enter, get on their dancing clothes and do the dance they did when they first got married. Everybody watches them and smiles. Viki then invites everyone to join then on the dance floor. David asks Viki to dance. But Charlie raises an objection. Jessica and Brody dance. She tells him she really appreciates his standing by her and realizes that she would not blame him if what she did caused him to run “screaming into the arms of another woman.” Hearing that, he says nothing but appears incomplete while looking at Natalie dancing with John.

Dani asks Matthew to stay behind with her at the chapel. He asks her what is up. She tells him that he means so much to her. She knew when they first met and fled to Seattle together, they would be friends forever. Hearing that, he asks her what she is implying. She tells him that she is “not ready” to have a boyfriend. He does not respond well and demands to know what this is really all about.

At the reception, Bo, Nora and David notice that Matthew has not arrived. Nora then goes to look for her son. Rex asks what is up. David tells him that the “best man” is sowing his wild oats with Viki’s niece. Bo then tells David that he did a “bang up job” at the ceremony. Now he would like to share with him something that Asa taught him when they were playing poker. What Asa told him was that you always quit while you are ahead. David then tells Rex that maybe he should make the toast. When John is not with Natalie and Jessica is not with Brody, Brody takes Natalie aside and asks if they should tell John and Jessica that they slept together. He tells her that he does not want to lie to Jessica, but it may be better that neither of them knows that he and Natalie got drunk and slept together. She admits she does not know, but it’s agreed that it will be their secret. John and Jessica find them and she asks what type of “secret deal” they were talking about. The four of them go off together without suspicion. Viki then announces that Rex is going to make a speech. Rex gets on the mic and announces that not long ago, he found out that he does not know who his real biological parents were. But for longer than that, he’s found that the only father he wants or needs in his life is Bo. So here it is to Bo and Nora and how lucky people are to be with the one they love. David then appears and tells Bo he realizes that Rex is “like a son” to him.

While Matthew stays back, he asks Dani if she thinks that he’s buying that she’s not ready to have a boyfriend. He knows that she wants to be with Nate. She protests that she and Nate are friends. But he asks why she kissed Nate. She protests that it did not mean anything. He walks away looking angry and disappointed. She protests that she would like more than anything to be able to be his girlfriend, and she will never forget all he has done for her. He tells her that he can’t listen to her anymore. He goes off to the reception without her.

Bo and Nora eat their wedding cake. Viki then tells all the “single ladies” in Llanview to line up while Nora throws her bouquet of flowers. She throws it over her shoulder. Destiny catches it. Darren claps. Bo then throws the garter belt. And Darren catches that.

Kelly finds David and tells him she is grateful that he pulled all of this off and did not get shot. She tells him she would like his help. She and Reed would like to go upstairs for a “night cap.” Hearing that, he tells her that he does not do threesomes. She tells him she would like for him to help them go up there without Shaun following them. Matthew enters and Destiny asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Dani dumped him. She tells him it’s Dani’s loss. Darren then asks Destiny to dance with him. She tells him she can’t right now. Matthew tells her he’s okay, and she and Darren can do their thing. Shaun then notices that Kelly is gone and asks Blair and Eli if they have seen her. They tell her no and Blair remarks they are not exactly “looking.” Blair and Eli go off. Brody asks Jessica if she’s ready to “hit the road.” He tells her he has a little surprise for her. They go off together. Natalie is with John but watching them. He asks her what is up. She tells him with all the things that have happened today, it’s amazing that Bo and Nora are getting married again. They leave together. Bo and Nora then find Matthew and tell him that they heard he might be with Dani. They see that he’s not okay and ask if everything is okay. He does not smile and goes off. He toasts his parents at their wedding. He has to go off alone. She asks Bo how they got so lucky. She tells Bo she loves him, and they kiss. 

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