OLTL Update Friday 6/4/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In the bathtub covered in tomato juice, Bo assures Rex that he can have a happy ending. He just has to ask for it. Out of nowhere David Vickers enters and tells his “dad” that Bo is the one who needs to ask for a happy ending.

In the rainstorm, Shaun reminds Kelly that even if she does not want him watching over her and keeping her safe, Dorian is the one who signs his paychecks so he listens to her. He senses somebody outside and pulls his gun on them demanding that they freeze. It’s Reed getting soaked from the rain.

Matthew is in the chapel spraying to remove the skunk odor before the wedding. Dani goes to talk to him and tells him that this cannot wait. He tells her he has already gone through too many cans and doesn’t know how to get rid of the odor. He then asks her what she wanted to tell him. She frowns not certain as what to say to him.

Roxy and Natalie are doing an “emergency makeover” on Nora’s hair. Nora is suspicious and Roxy is uncertain if she has succeeded in getting Nora’s hair to look good and get rid of the green. Roxy reveals her hair. Natalie is in awe with her mom. Nora cannot see it and demands they give her a mirror. She then looks at herself and sees her original reddish brownish hair and everybody is happy and proud that they pulled it off.

Bo asks David what brings him back from jolly old England. He tells Bo that ever since Clint has lost Nora he’s been an old fuddy duddy. He tells Bo he’s brought him a new wedding gift. It’s Cuban Cigars. Bo remembers that Nigel already gave him some and they are illegal. Rex reminds him that there are no cops in there. Bo, however, tells them that he’s not going to break the law on his wedding day. He reiterates that Nora deserves the best. David tells him he is looking forward to calling her mom.

Shaun frisks Reed and tells Kelly that he has to do this to anybody who is sneaking around outside the house. Eli comes to see Blair. She tells him that she has to ask a favor of him and it’s huge.

Dani takes off her raincoat and asks Matthew if he thinks that his parents are going to call off the wedding. She then is ready to tell him what she needs to tell him. But first they are interrupted by John who needs to find Bo. After he’s gone, Dani attempts again. Then they are interrupted by Brody with a truckload of flowers.

John goes upstairs to find Bo and is surprised to see he is soaking in a bathtub of tomato sauce.

Matthew helps Brody carry and arrange the flowers and tells Dani they can hopefully talk at the reception.

When Nora sees her hair is fixed, Roxy hugs Natalie and happily tells Nora that her daughter really slapped some sense into her. Viki and Gigi return and are happy to see Nora’s hair. She tells them she still has to worry about the tooth and the eye and the dress. They tell her that they found the perfect dress. Gigi shows her the dress that Nora may have forgotten about. Nora looks at it in awe. It’s the dress she wore to her first wedding with Bo. Viki has the tux that Bo wore the first time.

Kelly tells Reed that Shaun is a bit like a Rottweiler in protecting her. But until they find her mother’s killer, she won’t have much privacy. She tells him that if he doesn’t think it’s “too weird” he could accompany her to a wedding. Shaun is ready to come with them.

Blair tells Eli that she is going to be the wedding singer even though she was not invited to Bo and Nora’s wedding. It was either that or allow her cousin to fill in for her. She won’t let them tell her that she cannot “bring a guest.” He informs her that he has already gotten an invitation to attend Bo and Nora’s wedding without having to be her guest. 

Dani keeps trying to have a moment alone with Matthew so she can confess the truth to him. He doesn’t see what is coming and puts a flower in her hair telling her there is nobody more beautiful than her.

Brody goes up to see Bo and informs him that Logan’s was closed when the power went out. There was another place that sells wedding clothes but they were closed from flooding and water damage. He finally found one place that had one tux. He then unzips it and Rex, John and Bo are less than enthused to see a cheap tux with a ruffled shirt.

Gigi tells Nora that this dress will fit and it will look as good as the first time she wore it. It appears to be the dress she wore to her previous wedding with Bo. Nora still cannot talk without a lisp from her missing tooth. But she’s very grateful to her friends for helping her. Viki then shows them Bo’s old tux. Natalie asks her mom if she wants her to bring it to Bo. Viki tells her she can call, Charlie and he can contact Bo. Gigi then tells them she will call Rex and let him know what they’ve found for Bo. She calls Rex. He tells her she should bring it and the sooner the better.

Kelly tells Shaun that she will be perfectly safe at the wedding. She knows everybody there. Reed promises to make certain that she is safe and sound. He tells them he does not need anybody’s word. He has his own invitation to the wedding from the commissioner. Outside, Blair asks Eli if everybody was invited to the wedding except herself. She asks if he had this invitation weeks ago, and did he intend to bring her as his date? He tells her he didn’t think she’d want to go. She admits she does not. But now things have happened as they have. Kelly then comes out and introduces Reed to Blair and Eli. Blair can see that he has an English accent and reminds Kelly of an Englishman she failed with. They then decide to double date.

Viki tells Nora she gave Charlie the garment bag. He will bring it to Bo. Everything is all set. Nora is worried about not being able to talk with her tooth and how she looks with the patch on her eye. Roxy does wonder if maybe this is a sign. Natalie then calls Jessica to find out if she’s found a dentist. It appears Jessica’s found someone and they are on their way. Nora tells Viki that maybe Roxy’s right. Sometimes there are signs you cannot ignore. Too many things have happened that may be more than merely coincidental.

When Matthew puts the flower in Dani’s hair and sees she is less than enthused, he asks her if she does not like it. She then gets ready to talk to him. Charlie then enters with Bo’s tux. Matthew tells him he’ll go up and find his dad. He tells Dani they can talk at the reception. Alone with Dani, Charlie knows she has something on her mind and tells her she can talk to him if she needs. Meanwhile, Matthew goes upstairs and is surprised to see his big brother David unexpectedly. Matthew tells his dad he’s got great news. He sprayed away the skunk, and Brody brought in some flowers and the stink is gone. Bo tells them that Nora is over there thinking everything is fine. If only she new.

Nora tells the women that Bo is over there mistakenly thinking everything is fine, also, and he has no clue. At that moment, Jessica enters with a young dentist. Nora remarks that this guy looks too young to be a dentist. Jessica then informs her that he is a dental student from L.U. and is only in his first year. Nora is worried that he is too inexperienced. He assures her that his training specializes in broken teeth and emergencies. When he looks at Nora’s broken tooth, however, he chickens out. Natalie motivates him the way she did with Roxy to get cracking. He then makes his attempt. The women are uncertain. Viki asks Nora to smile, and they can see that her teeth are perfect. She is really happy. Not only that, she’s able to walk in her wedding shoes. Roxy is ready to propose a toast and they all have their champagne.

David pours wine for all of the men including Matthew. Bo tells him no. But Charlie offers Matthew some of his sparkling cider. John proposes a toast about how Bo and Nora complete each other.

Natalie then proposes a toast that nobody deserves to be happy more than Bo and Nora. They all raise their glasses. Bo then asks Matthew to see what his mom sent over for him to wear. Matthew unzips the bag and Bo remembers his old tux from all those years ago.

Blair, Eli, Kelly and Reed all get to the chapel when Blair notices Dani sitting by herself. She reminds Eli that it appears that Dani still has no idea that her mom is dying. She goes over to comfort Dani. Dani tells Blair not to worry. She’s just waiting for Matthew. Upstairs, Bo and Matthew both get into their tuxedos and Matthew tells his dad that all his life he’s wanted his parents to re-marry, and now, it’s finally happened.

At Roxy’s salon, all the women get into their dresses and Nora tells them she is so grateful to have friends like them. She tells Natalie, Jessica and Gigi that if they are not too tired from all of their hard work, she would be honored if they could walk down the aisle as her bride’s maids. They all leave for the chapel. Nora reflects to Viki that this is really happening.

Blair, Kelly and their men run into David and are not happy to see him. Jessica meets Brody and they are ready to talk about all the fun they both had today. John and Natalie find each other. Gigi and Rex find each other. Upstairs, Bo and Matthew look in the mirror, and Bo tells his son he cannot believe that it still fits. He then has a flashback of himself and Nora dancing back in their younger days.

Nora observes her original wedding dress with Viki and also remarks that she cannot believe it still fits.

At that moment, everybody is present and accounted for at the wedding except for Andrew Carpenter the reverend who is going to perform the ceremony. Rex forgot to pick him up. David happens to know that his flight has been re-routed. Bo then demands to know who is supposed to marry them.

Nora and Viki are alone at the salon when Nora is worried about having no coat or umbrella in the pouring rain. Viki tells her they need not worry, and they go outside to see that it’s dry and clear.

Bo tells everybody that they’ve survived everything today. Yet, they don’t have anybody to perform the ceremony. David then smiles at him and volunteers his services to perform the ceremony. 

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