OLTL Update Thursday 6/3/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/3/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nate finds Dani at Buenos Dias and tells her that he remembers her telling him it was none of his business whether she told Matthew she loves him(Matthew). But he(Nate) believes it is his business. He tells her he realizes her life does not need to be any more complicated than it already is. Right then, he kisses her. At that point, Destiny walks in and notices them through the window.

John is outside on his phone getting ready for Bo’s wedding when there is a storm.

Kelly is getting ready for the wedding and tells Blair she needs something to wear. She reminds her cousin that she(Blair) has plenty of things to wear. But she(herself) has left many of her clothes in London. Blair asks her whose wedding she’s going to. Kelly replies Bo and Nora’s and asks Blair if she is not going also. Blair replies that she was not invited.

Right then, Bo is with Rex at the chapel when he has a reaction to a skunk and gets terribly sick.

Nora is at Roxy’s salon after she’s had to wear a patch on her eye for soaking her contacts in toner instead of solution and after she’s chipped her tooth. She notices that her hair has turned green and she screams.

Right after Destiny catches Nate and Dani kissing, a heavy rain comes down on her and she asks why she always has to be the one “catching” everybody. Right then, Matthew appears and asks her what she is catching.

Blair asks Kelly why it is that Bo and Nora did not invite her to their wedding. Kelly tells her it probably just got lost in the mail. Blair asks her why that would happen when Kelly has only been there for a short time but she(herself) has been living there forever and this is her home. She concludes that she has been snubbed. She asks what she has done to Bo and Nora. She has always been a friend to them. Kelly asks Blair if Nora is not friends with Marty Saybrook. Kelly also assumes it may be that Bo and Nora are having a small ceremony. Blair reminds her cousin that she(Kelly) snubbed their nephew Kevin. But Kelly just wants for Blair to let her borrow a certain dress. They struggle until Kelly falls over. Right then, John enters. There’s pouring rain outside. And he asks if that is a bad time.

Bo looks like he’s having an allergic reaction to a skunk but he tells Rex it’s not a big deal. But Rex tells him this is the “mother of all skunks”.

After Nora’s hair turns green, Roxy, Viki, Gigi, Jessica and Natalie surround her and try to “improvise” But she tells them she looks like a troll doll. She looks at herself in the mirror with the green hair, broken tooth, the patch over her eye, the crutches. She’s unable to pronounce words without her tooth,. And she concludes Bo will take one look at her and head for the hills.

Rex tells Bo he has to get him out of there and flush out the skunk right away. Bo then furiously asks Rex if he is implying that he’s going to “postpone” his wedding. He tells him he does not retreat. He promised this to Nora. He tells him that he is not going let anything stop him from having the wedding he’s promised Nora. So, he tells Rex, they are going to go after that rodent. But right then, he notices that it appears that the skunk has taken his tux.

The women at Roxy’s salon try to convince Nora that she need not worry about her green hair because she will look so gorgeous in her wedding dress. But it does not sound credible.

Bo calls the rodent control to catch the skunk. They capture it and put it in a sack. He then asks Rex if he has the tux. Rex shows Bo the tux that has been torn apart by the skunk.

Nora goes to find her dress. But it appears to have caught on fire from Roxy’s electric heater.

When Kelly falls while struggling with Blair to wear Blair’s dress to the wedding, John catches her. He asks the women if everything is ok. Blair tells him that her cousin cannot take no for an answer and she owes Blair two grand for tearing the dress.. Kelly tells Blair she knows it’s not worth $2000.00. Kelly asks John if he has any information on her mom’s case. He tells her no. He’s there to see Blair. She asks John what he needs. She tells her he’s there for Nora. She needs Blair’s help.

Right then, there’s a fire in Roxy’s salon. All the women panic. Natalie goes and puts it out with a fire extinguisher. Nora turns to see her dress destroyed from the fire. She then tells them that’s it. She’s done. She’s going to go to Bo and tell him the wedding is off. She cannot do this.

Bo looks at his skunk-torn tux and the rodent control team leave. When they’re alone, Rex asks if he is ok. Bo tells him sure. He just needs some time to think. He admits that he has a headache and no tux. It looks like he’s done for. He will have to call Nora and call this whole thing off.

Blair asks John if Nora needs her help. He tells her it’s sort of an emergency. She asks what kind. He replies that today is Bo and Nora’s wedding. Blair asks if she is invited. He tells her that the wedding singer got sick. She asks if he thinks she’d be the perfect substitution. She tells John that is sweet of him and she is flattered. But he must know that she does not play second fiddle to anybody. SO he can go back to Nora Hannen, Buchanan, Coleson, Gannon and all of her other last names, and John may tell her she can shove her request to Blair

Nora sobs and tells the others that she is done for. Viki asks her if she’s going to give up because of a few little mishaps. She reminds her this is a wedding she has planned for many years. She tells Nora that she has before her a group of very resourceful women who can all help her. She has Jessica look for a dentist. She asks Gigi to go with her to find Nora another dress. And she demands that Roxy does something about Nora’s hair with Natalie’s help.

Rex tells Bo that he cannot call the wedding off. Bo tells him he does not intend to cancel it. But he’ s going to postpone it because Nora deserves better than this. Rex then tells him that it’s not very Buchanan of him. In fact, he bets Asa would call him yellow. Bo then reminds Rex that he took a bullet for Rex. Rex tells Bo that if he did that, then this wedding should be pretty easy for him. He tells Bo that if he gives up then maybe he is not a Buchanan. Maybe he’s a Cramer or a Lord or a Laurence or a Balsam. Bo then asks Rex if he could get his hands on a tuxedo with short notice. And if he can get him de-skunkafied.

IN the rain, Matthew asks Destiny if they could go inside. But she wants to prevent him from going inside to see Nate and Dani. He tells her that he has to find something to remove the skunk smell. It’s a long story. And he figures that Carlotta must have something in her kitchen. So he has to get inside. She tries to stall him by telling him that Mrs. Vega would not have what he needs. He needs to go to the hardware store down the street. She urges him to hurry since he has a wedding to get to. He then agrees to go. She looks in the window to see that Nate is still there with Dani. He tells her that he apologizes if he was too forward to kiss her. But he knows he has feelings for her and believes she has feelings for him. Right then, Destiny comes in and tells them that she was just outside with Matthew and hopes Dani remembers who Matthew is. She asks Dani if she still likes Matthew or if she’d rather stick her tongue down another guy’s throat.

Kelly reminds Blair that maybe the reason she is not invited to Bo and Nora’s wedding is because of how she and Dorian crashed Nora and Clint’s wedding and caused a scene.. IN response ot that, Blair reminds Kelly that she was not there and knows noting about it. And secondly, she was only there because Dorian dragged her there and she probably wouldn’t have agreed to go there or cause a scene had it not been for a “certain someone” dumping her for Marty Saybrook. She looks at John. He then tells her if it would make her feel any better, he and Marty broke up. She asks if that is really true. He asks her if that makes her feel better enough so that she will do it. She tells him no. He then concludes that he will have to go and find another singer. At that point, Kelly volunteers.

VIki and Gigi go through Nora’s clothes in Bo’s apartment. Yet they cannot find anything for her to wear to her wedding. But they can’t go to the store since the power is off in the rain storm. Gigi then finds what looks to be a wedding dress. But Viki recognizes that as the wedding dress Nora wore to marry Clint. Gigi then concludes she hopes that Roxy and Natalie are having better luck than they are.

At the salon, Roxy is ready to give up and Nora does not want her touching her hair. But Natalie urges her mom to make it right and for Nora to trust Roxy. Roxy tells her daughter it’s hopeless. She’s lost her touch. She’s a loser. But Natalie slaps her and demands she snaps out of it, telling her that she is the invincible Roxanne Balsam who never gives up and who’s the best hair dresser this side of Delaware. She tells her she just had one mishap. She tells her she’s not going to give up and cower away with her tail between her legs. She’s going to go in there and make up the most kick ass blend of red hair dye that anybody has ever seen.. Natalie shapes her mom up like a drill sergeant while we hear drill music. She tells her she better get over there and tell that hair who is boss and realize she can do it. Nora smiles.

BO tells Rex that “this” had better work when Rex has him taking a bath it tomato juice. Right then, he calls Nora. He tells her she sounds happy, having no clue what is going on, nor does she about him. He mentions he’s “red” with excitement. (while in the bathtub of tomato juice). She tells him she’s “green with envy”(with green hair). Each is hesitating to tell the other about what has happened to them. He asks her if she wants to postpone. She asks why and asks if he wants to. He tells her of course not. She tells him she doesn’t want to either. They conclude they will do this today hell or high water. Hearing her voice, he asks her if she’s sure that everything is ok there. She tells him he can bet on that and tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too. But as soon as he hangs up, he admits to Rex that everything has gone to hell.

After Blair tells John she refuses to sing at Bo and Nora’s wedding, Kelly tells him she can do it. Blair tells John if he’s ever heard her sing, it sounds like she’s choking a Chihuahua. Kelly tells John that she has a good voice. Blair argues and reminds her that John knows better as he’s the chief of detectives. But he tells her he’s desperate since she refuses. Bo and Nora need a singer so he has to let Kelly do it.

Rex tells Bo he must trust him and know that he is going to come out of this feeling better than he ever has. Rex tells him that he was once in this same situation. Gigi would know all about it. They were camping and he got attacked by a skunk. Hearing that, Bo remarks to Rex that he and Gigi have had many adventures and asks him if he had any in NM. Hearing that, Rex replies there were a few “tight spots”. But they got through them ok. BO asks if he found what he was looking for. Rex replies he found out who his parents were but it’s a long story. Bo tells him he has time. Rex tells Bo he could not have gotten through it without Gigi.

In Nora’s bedroom, Viki tells Gigi that it may seem hopeless. But there have to be many more boxes to go through. She then asks Gigi what happened when she and Rex went out to NM. GIgi tells her that they found out who his parents are. But Viki tells Gigi that she’s not asking about that. What she’s asking Gigi is whether she and Rex got back together.

Destiny confronts Dani about how she can be “playing” Matthew. She tells Nate he’s a home wrecker and that Dani should be ashamed of herself. Matthew loves her. Dani tells her she knows he does. Destiny asks her if it doesn’t bother her. She tells Dani she’s going to have to tell Matthew. Either she(Dani) does. Or she(Destiny) will.

Natalie asks Roxy if she’s ready because Nora is getting kind of impatient. Roxy is ready to “make history” with her daughter. They go to work looking like two scientists doing an experiment. Roxy then puts the new potion in Nora’s hair. At that point, she declares that’s it. She’s done her best. And it’s now in the hands of the “hair gods”.

Once Kelly “steps up” and agrees to sing at Bo and Nora’s wedding, it seems to “motivate” Blair to prove that she’s better. She then declares that she could do it. John then reminds her that not long ago, she refused. She then tells him she could possibly consider doing it if Nora would apologize. But John tells her that Nora is busy and asks if she could accept an apology from him. Hew tells her he’s sorry. Blair then tells him she will do it. But she needs lots of honey and lots of tea and some candies. John tells her he will see what he can do. She then tells John and Kelly she must leave them and prepare for her performance. Kelly then smiles at John and tells him he’s good.

Destiny confronts Nate. He asks her who she is to tell Dani what to do. She replies that she is the girl who has always been there for Matthew and who prevented him from going in there and catching them. And she confronts Dani for what she did when he was not looking. Destiny protests that she has been doing everything she can to prevent everybody from getting hurt. Dani then protests to Destiny that she has to believe her that she did not intend for anything to “happen” with Nate. Destiny then tells them that if these things keep “just happening” then somebody is going to get into trouble. Dani asks her if she’s not going to say anything to Matthew. Destiny tells her that she cares too much about Matthew to let him go to jail over those two losers. She then leaves. Nate tells Dani she doesn’t need to listen to Destiny. But Dani tells Nate that Destiny was right. She has to come clean and tells Matthew how she feels about him.

Right then, Matthew returns to the church to find his dad. But he can smell the skunk and gasps unable to breathe. He then sprays the area and hasn’t a clue what all has happened when he was out.

Rex tells Bo that what he needs to do is focus on his family and the life he has here instead of worrying about his biological family. Bo asks him what about him and Gigi. Rex tells Bo he wants to get the tomato juice out of his hair. But Bo demands that Rex tells him what about him and Gigi.

Meanwhile, Viki is similarly demanding that GIgi tell her what happened between her and Rex when they were out west. Gigi admits that they broke into a jewelry store and got arrested sent to jail. Viki asks if they were in jail together. And she tells Gigi that she would really like her to get back with Rex.

John tells Kelly he wants her to know that he has not stopped looking into her mother’s death. She tells him she realizes he has other cases that take priority and if her mother was murdered, she trusts him to catch the bastard who did it. He then goes up to talk to Blair. Kelly goes into the living room and wonders what to wear. And it appears somebody is watching her from outside in the rain.

Matthew goes through the chapel spraying de-skunk spray all over when Dani finds him and tells him she has to talk to him about something. She tells him this cannot wait.

GIgi tells Viki that she and Rex had some “moments” while out west. But it never went anywhere. Viki asks her why not. Gigi tells her she believes that Rex is over her. But Viki does not believe that. And right then, it looks like they have found the dress for Nora.

At Roxy’s salon, after Nora is under the dryer, Roxy concludes she thinks “it’s time”.

Bo tells Rex that has to stop stalling with Gigi. He can still have a happy ending if he wants. But he has to “ask” for it. Right then, David Vickers walks in and tells his “dad” that he(Bo) is the one who has to ask for a happy ending.

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