OLTL Update Wednesday 6/2/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/2/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

It’s the morning of Bo and Nora’s perfect wedding day. They wake up gloriously happy only to find that there’s a major storm coming! ETA – wedding time! Nora starts to panic wondering if everyone who was flying in left on time. Bo assures her everything will be perfect, this time is better than the first! Two minutes later, Nora is screaming! Nora used exfoliate cleaner instead of contact fluid on her contact lens. One minute later she bites in to a walnut bagel and breaks her tooth….perfect day – not so much! What’s next…oh the wedding singer has a problem now. Nora comes downstairs and she is a mess, tooth is missing and her eye is taped up. What next, she falls down! Bo and Matt head to the church and there is a horrendous smell in the church. It’s a skunk and Nora’s flowers all look dead…what else can go wrong on this perfect wedding day. Oh, Roxy is going to work on her hair, drinking kamikazes. In the meantime, Bo is rallying the troops to get make a perfect wedding out of the church fiasco, and he is handing out marching orders. Get the flowers, deodorizer, and get to the airport. And, oh no, Roxy mixed up the bottles of hair dye with the floor cleaner!! Poor Nora, her hair is lime green, she is wearing an eye patch, missing a tooth and now Bo got sprayed by the skunk.

Rex and Gigi are home and find Roxy and Shane camping out on the floor. Indoor camping trip…Roxy ain’t camping! Roxy wakes up a total mess, her hair- wow, and all she wants to know is if Rex and Gigi are back together. Shane wants to know if Rex found his parents. Gigi says it’s a long story and Roxy interrupts her saying she needs to apply her magic touch to the bridal party, without her, it will be a disaster. Rex and Gigi give Shane a short, and edited, version of what happened. Shane likens the story to what happened between Rex and Gigi. Rex tells him that his mom is dead, but he doesn’t know where his dad is now. Rex tells him a little about his heritage; he’s part Hopi Indian. Shane heads out to a friend’s and Rex and Gigi have a quick pillow fight.

Outside of Foxy Roxy’s, Nat, Viki and Jess arrive. Jess grabs a copy of The Sun, headline – JILTED L.U. FRESHMAN NABBED IN T.A. ASSAULT. Nat’s phone rings, she tells the other two to go on inside, she needs to take this call. It’s Brody still saying they can’t tell Jess. Inside Roxy’s, Viki tells Jess she just does not believe Markko assaulted Ford. Nat and Brody continue talking, Brody being at the station, and John overhears Brody. He wants to know if Jess is ok. Brody switches the subject and John tells him that Ford’s blood was found at the diner. They talk about how Ford really got around, he even hit on Jess. Brody talks about the evidence against Markko. They also talk about the heavy case load they have between the Todd, Markko, and Rodney case. John still has a hunch about Hannah. Brody asks John if he is trying to get out of going to a wedding. He would, but its Bo he says. Brody goes on about them all getting their girls back and makes a slip about seeing Nat the night she was leaving for London. John asks, ‘you did’? At Roxy’s, Nat joins her mom and Jess inside and they start to talk. Viki is sooo happy both her girls are back to their men. Both girls look very guilty about something! Viki grabs the newspaper and tosses it, she doesn’t want the unfortunate story to ruin their day. Nat doesn’t quite feel the same because she heard Ford was such a dog and by the way Jess, did he hit on you? In comes Roxy, who’s ready for a Kamikaze makeover! Viki tells Roxy that she is grateful for her part in getting John and Nat back together, but Roxy is wondering about that chunk of missing time that Nat won’t talk about. Then the door opens and in walks Nora on crutches, with a missing tooth, and wearing an eye patch!!

At the diner, Dani takes a call from Matt and assures him she will go to the wedding. Then, in comes Nate. Dani and Nate talk briefly about Téa defending Markko and how even if someone seems very nice, who knows what they will do when they can’t get the one they love. They wonder if the play will be cancelled after what happened. Nate then asks Dani to ditch her homework and take a swim in the quarry. She can’t, she has a date to Nora and Matt’s wedding. Dani then blurts out the Matt told her he loved her. But, does she love him back? Nate kisses her.

Destiny shows up at Bo’s loft to talk to Matthew about The Sun’s headline. She’s blaming herself for what happened. They both think they should have kept their mouths shut. Destiny says, “Jealousy is a killer”. Matthew obviously agrees by rolling his eyes and nodding. He can’t believe he told Dani he loved her; she is pretending she didn’t hear it. Destiny tries to assure him that everything will be ok.

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