OLTL Update Tuesday 6/1/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody goes to Buenos Dias and places Markko under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert Ford. And he reads him his rights. Téa represents Markko and protests. Brody and the other cop tell her they are within their rights. But Langston appears and tells them they must wait. They cannot arrest Markko for “something he did not do”.

Right then, John calls the hospital to get an update about Ford. The attendant informs him that Ford is out of surgery but still critical. Nearby Jessica listens and stays at the hospital. Right then, Bo appears and is surprised to see his niece there.

Natalie goes to see Jon. They both confirm that they have missed each other.

Nora goes to see Viki and talk about her up and coming wedding to Bo.

Cole tells Starr that if she can be fooled by Langston, her best friend, lying to her. Maybe she can be similarly fooled by her father lying also. She protests that she knows that Todd did not push Marty down the stairs and Hannah is lying. But Cole still sees it differently.

In Todd’s office, he shows Hannah a picture of Ford after getting bludgeoned. She stares at it, looking scared and revealing that she knows him. Todd tells her he can clearly see that she might know something about the incident.

Brody informs Langston that they have evidence linking Markko to the crime of assaulting Ford. Téa asks what evidence they could possibly have.

Starr tells Cole that she has known her father her entire life and she knows some things about him. He protests that she and Langston have been friends for years and she could say she has just as much reason to believe that Langston could never lie to her and that she would be able to tell if Langston was lying to her. Yet, look what happened.

Todd tells Hannah that he knows he can get the goods on her about Ford. He can run a story about Robert Ford, graduate student and teaching assistant and Llanview University getting assaulted in his sleep and left for dead by an emotionally fragile, suicidal and homicidal jilted former sex partner. She protests that nobody would believe the word of a rapist and criminal like him. But he’s pretty smug that he can motivate her by writing the story.

Brody tells Téa that he has an eye witness that saw Markko assault Ford and then throw the shoes he wore into the dumpster by his apartment. Langston however seems to know something else and that very possibly Markko has been framed for a crime he did not commit.

Bo runs into Jessica at the hospital. She confirms that everything is on track for her. She’s gotten her memory back beyond being a high school student and is now an adult living in the present. He tells her that he wants her to be at his wedding. He asks her, however if she remembers everything. She admits she is not entirely sure.

Nora informs Viki that Rachel has the flu and cannot make it to the wedding. Hearing that, Viki tells her that in that case, they can have more photographers to send Rachel extra pictures. But, Nora tells Viki, she has a bigger favor to ask of her. She’d like for Viki to be her matron of honor. Viki tells her absolutely. Nora tells Viki that this is not the first wedding she’s had or the fist with Bo. But this is different in that it’s the last one. She remembers not long ago with Viki marrying Charlie and herself marrying Clint. And right then, Clint enters to affirm, coldly, that they all know how that turned out.

Natalie and John are in his office kissing. But she tells him they need to talk. She tells him that they have not had much communication since she decided to stay in town after he stopped her at the airport. And she admits that a whole lot changed last night. He tells her yes. Brody told him. Right then, she remember sleeping with Brody and asks how Brody could have “told” John what she’s afraid he’s told him. He then clarifies to her that what Brody “told” him was about Jessica regaining her memory. She reflects that it’s great to have her sister back. But she remarks that John is “good”. He has steered the subject onto Brody and Jessica instead of talking about the two of them (Natalie and John). He then informs her that Marty moved out this morning. Hearing that, she tells him that she knows neither of them wanted to hurt anybody. But now that they’ve both admitted how they feel about each other and are both now free, then where do they go now?

After Langston demands to know how there could be an eye witness who saw Markko throw out the bloody shoes after assaulting Ford, she tells him that she’s lying with what she alleges. Téa then silences them both and declares the evidence is flimsy at best. Yet they have no choice except to accompany officer Lovett to the station. Markko lets the cops take him. Langston then affirms to Téa that there is “no way” that Markko could have tried to kill Ford. Téa tells her there’s no way she can prove that unless she knows who did.

Starr tells Cole she realizes that he may have a valid point that she should consider that her father could fool her just like Langston could. But regardless, she knows that her dad is innocent of the crime for which he is accused. He tells her he still cannot believe that she would not consider that her father could be lying. She then tells him the only person who is lying is Hannah.

Todd tells Hannah he knows that she and Ford knew each other. His daughter informed him that she tried to kill herself over “some guy”. Was Ford that guy? She replies that her personal life is none of his business. He tells her that because of her false accusation, he is facing being charged with attempted murder and sent to prison for the rest of his life. SO everything she does is his business.

Jessica tells Bo that she is facing what happened with Mitch. But, she’s wondering if it’s possible that another emotional trauma could cause her to forget something else? He admits he really doesn’t know. And that is why it’s a really good idea that she is talking to Marty. Right then, a nurse asks Bo if he’s there to find out about the patient, Robert Ford. He tells her no. Brody Lovett is handling that. She tells Bo that it “does not look good” for Ford. Bo then asks Jessica if she might know Ford. She tells her uncle yes. She’s met him and knows he’s Cristian and Layla’s roommate. He tells her that in order to find out who tried to kill him, they have to establish motive. She then informs Bo that there is something she has to tell him.

When Clint enters the room to hear Nora talking to Viki, he shows her a wedding invitation that was mailed to him and remarks that it must have been sent in error. Nora tells him it was not sent in error. He is cordially invited. But Clint ignores her and talks to Viki about Jessica. Overhearing their conversation, Nora admits that she had no clue that Jessica regained her memory and that’s wonderful news. Viki remarks that she finds it a bit odd that when everything seems good for Jessica, for some unknown reason, Jessica seems unusually “remorseful” about something. And she cannot figure out what that might be or what Jessica might be hiding.

At the hospital, Jessica attempts to explain that it was remembering Mitch did to her that got her memory back. But right before it happened, something else “happened”. Right then, Bo is interrupted by a phone call. He hears somebody informing him that they got the guy who attacked Ford. He lets Jessica know but then tells her he remembers that she was gong to tell him something. In response to that, Jessica again “bluffs” and tells her uncle that what she was going to tell him is how grateful she is to him and to everybody for being there for her. Bo tells his niece she must know that she always has her uncle Bo. He hugs her and departs. Alone, Jessica breathes a sigh of relief and says thank God it “wasn’t her”.

Todd tells Hannah he finds it very odd that when she finds out for the first time that her “lover boy” got his head bashed in and was almost killed, she appears upset and horrified. Yet she doesn’t even ask who did it. And as soon as she hears that, she appears startled and asks if they “know who did it”.

Right when Natalie and John are ready to talk, Brody enters and informs them that they just brought in Markko Rivera. He informs John that Téa is representing Markko. John then asks Natalie if she could give him a minute and he leaves her alone with Brody in the office. She tells Brody that they are going to have to finish the conversation that they started this morning. He clarifies that she means about the fact that they slept together. She tells him yes and asks what are they going to do about it.

At the station, Téa reminds John and the cops that even if they have blood on Markko’s sneakers, there’s no DNA test that proves whose blood it is. John remarks to Markko that it does not look good

Starr protests to Cole that she does not appreciate the fact that he believes Hannah’s word over hers’ when he barely knows Hannah and wants to incriminate her dad when he has no proof except for what Hannah wants him to believe. And it makes her question how well she really knows him. IN response to that, he tells her maybe she should not be coming there anymore. He tells her if they keep this up, it’s going to wreck them. And he doesn’t want to see that happen. She protests that they are soul mates. And last night proved that. He tells her in that case, they should hang onto their memories. But Starr protests that she does not want memories. She wants him there with her and with their little girl. She misses him so much it drives her crazy. She cries. He tells her that he just wants to close his eyes and remember how beautiful she is and how he felt when he got out of the police car and got to spend the evening with her. He doesn’t want to lose that. They hold hands through the iron bars. She concludes that maybe they really are star crossed lovers. Right then, the guard lets her out and she leaves.

Nora tells Clint and Viki she knows that they will make sure Jessica has all the help she needs. But she offers to let Jessica seek her out if ever she wants to talk to somebody who’s dealt with something similar.. Viki thanks her but Clint says nothing. She then tells Clint she hopes that he will reconsider and come to hers’ and Bo’s wedding. He tells her that he hopes she understands why that’s an issue for him. She tells him it would mean a lot to her and a lot to Bo if he came. Right then, Bo enters and affirms to his brother that he wants him there. Right then, Jessica enters with Bo.

Brody assesses to Natalie that the two of them didn’t do anything “wrong” the previous night. They were both free agents. She tells him that may be true technically. But it does not stop her from feeling like crap. She feels she’s betrayed Jessica. And she and John are finally finding their way back to each other and she doesn’t like starting out with a big secret between them. He tells her that he does not want to keep secrets from Jessica either. But he’s concerned about what’s happened given that she’s just starting to recover. He’s worried what it might do to her. Natalie reminds him that he told the whole thing about Mitch to help Jessica get her memory back. He regretted it. But it actually enabled her to come back to him. But he tells Natalie even if that’s true, it’s not the same as telling Jessica he got toasted and slept with her sister. She tells him that she knows neither of them are proud of it. But that is what happened. Brody admits to Natalie that ever since Iraq, he swore that he would never run from the truth again. She tells him that she wants to be honest to John. Right then, John enters.

Todd tells Hannah that the police do not know who tried to kill Ford. Right then, he invites his men in and tells them they can let Hannah go. She asks if he’s going to just let her walk out of there. He tells her that as long as nobody sees her. He knows she can’t get him into any trouble. She’s out the door and Todd tells the men he wants them to stay on her and see where she goes next.

Right then, the guard tells Cole he has some “company”. Cole reminds him it’s a little late for “visitors”. He then turns to see Markko in handcuffs who clarifies that he’s not “visiting”. Téa stands beside Markko.

Bo asks Clint if there’s any chance they will see him at the wedding. Clint tells his brother, honestly he’s not sure he’s up for it. Bo tells him he understands but it would mean the world to him if his big brother could be there. Alone with Jessica, Viki tells her daughter she seems in better spirits than she was beforehand (not knowing the reason why). Brody enters. Jessica kisses him and tells him she heard that he made an arrest on the Robert Ford case. He tells her yes so he won’t have to put in any more overtime now that the case has been solved. She tells him she wants him to accompany her to Bo and Nora’s wedding.

Natalie tells John that she knows that in the past when they tried to be ruthlessly honest, it didn’t work. She appears to be working up to telling him the secret about herself and Brody. He asks her if she will go with him to Bo and Nora’s wedding.

Starr meets Langston at Buenos Dias who hugs her and tells her she’s so glad she’s there. Starr sees she’s crying and asks her what is wrong. Langston replies it’s Markko.

Right then, Markko informs Cole that he caught Ford and Langston together. And right after he left Ford’s apartment, somebody tried to kill Ford. SO he is the prime suspect.

Langston informs Starr that somebody tried to kill Ford and the police have arrested Markko. Starr asks her why they would do that and remarks that Markko needs a good lawyer. Langston tells her he has one.

Téa hears Markko discussing the case with Cole and tells him he’s not to discuss this case with anyone. Not eve his friends. And she asks if they are clear. She warns him that this could turn into a murder charge.

Starr assures Langston that she knows she’s worried what will happen to Markko. But she must calm down and know that Téa will get him out of this. But Langston tells Starr she feels it’s all her fault. She tells Starr that now is the time she needs her best friend more than ever.

In the jail cell, Markko asks Cole how this all suddenly happened. The four of them used to have it all.

Starr tells Langston that she also needs her best friend more than anything now.

Todd’s “employee” tells him that he’s slipping to let that girl go without getting a confession from her. Todd tells him that he’s not going to stop rattling Hannah’s cage until she admits to the truth. But he tells him even if she can’t get Hannah to admit that she pushed Marty, he might have “something better” on her, as he looks through the file with the picture of Ford after he got assaulted. He tells the guy that Marty and himself might not have been Hannah’s only victims.

Right then, Hannah goes to the hospital and asks the nurse if she can get an update on a patient named Robert Ford. The nurse asks her if she is a family member. She replies no. She’s a friend who cares what happens to him.

Bo and Nora are in their bed and joke about whether she is getting cold feet and his thoughts that tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Right then, we see Clint leaving Viki’s home and pulling out the wedding invitation one more time to look at it. Viki goes into her home and notices Jessica and Brody happily together. John is alone at the station burning the midnight oil when Natalie surprises him by bringing him a meal. Todd is alone in his office ready to write a story in the Star about the whodunit of Ford and how Hannah has motives. Téa is trying to encourage Markko to have hope when he’s in the jail cell. Cole is in the adjoining cell. Both young men are unable to sleep. Starr and Langston talk and are both less than happy at Buenos Dias. Bo and Nora are happily together ready for their wedding the following morning.

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