OLTL Update Friday 5/28/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Starr comes to see Cole in jail. He asks her if she got home from the prom okay and if Hope was okay. Starr informs him that she stayed at Dorian’s. He is happy to see her, and they smile about how great it was to be together. He remarks too bad he didn’t get to spend time with Markko as Markko was too busy “Téaring up the town” with Langston. Cole is completely unaware of what has happened between the two of them when Starr responds to his comment by saying that’s “one way to put it.”

We see Markko, again, washing blood off his hands and washing the blood out of the Buenos Dias kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, John and Detective Price are looking into the suspicion cast over Markko for the attempted murder of Ford.

Langston demands to know why it appears that Dorian suspects her and wants to have a lawyer represent her when she sees Eli talking to Dorian and waiting for her to arrive.

Kelly and Todd are in the office when detectives demand to know what is going on. Todd arranges for his “men” to physically drag Hannah to the office. She is in a sack bound and gagged.

Jessica is at the hospital trying to find out information about Ford. She runs into Brody who asks her what she is doing there. She replies that she was there to see Marty, and she asks him what he is doing there. He replies that he and John are following up on a case. Somebody tried to kill a T.A. at the university named Robert Ford. Jessica remembers her encounter with Ford. Brody notices her expression and asks if she knows Ford.

Eli is talking to Langston with Dorian reminding Langston that she is a suspect and she needs legal representation.

John calls Karen, the pizza girl, to talk to him at the station and tells her he has some questions about her “best customer.”

When Markko is washing the blood out of the sink, a waitress remarks that he’s been spending so much time cleaning the sink that one could eat out of it. She then informs him that somebody is there to see him. He goes out to the dining room and sees Téa. He tells her that he needs her help with something.

Cole tells Starr that he has heard that Todd is out on bail. He is obviously not ok with that and asks why Todd would ever consider admitting for the first time in his life that he is guilty of something. But Starr protests that her father does not have to plead guilty for something he did not do.

Todd and his men bring Hannah in. Todd tells her that he will take her gag off and she must cooperate because if she does not, there will be some consequences. He removes her gag and she spits at him.

Starr tells Cole she can see that he trusts Hannah but she does not. And she’s been doing everything she can possibly do to get him out of this mess. She tells him that she knows that he’s upset that her mom lost her baby. But it does not justify him beating her dad half to death. They argue. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him that she wants him out of there and home with her. He asks her why she is there. She tells him she’s there to apologize. He asks her for what.

Markko tells Téa that Cristian told him he should contact her and let her represent him. She admits to him that she would like to help him but currently has a lot on her plate. He then asks if she might be able to refer him to another lawyer and informs her that the police are after him and believe that he tried to kill someone.

John asks Karen if she works as a pizza delivery person and shows her a picture of Robert Ford. She smiles and tells John she has many customers of which Ford is only one. John asks her if she delivered pizza to Ford the previous night. She asks him why that’s any of his business. He tells her he knows that when she delivers the pizza to Ford, they have sex. She tells him that they are friends with benefits. But the last time she checked that was not a crime. He tells her it is when Ford is found in a pool of blood. Hearing that, she appears surprised. She protests that she did not want Ford dead but knows of somebody who would.

Eli tells Dorian and Langston that maybe Langston should make a statement. Dorian is concerned about her daughter doing that and doesn’t want her to talk. Langston asks Dorian why she doesn’t want her to prove her innocence. Dorian tells her that she is very young and naïve and may not realize how talking and believing the truth will set one free could get her in trouble. She remarks that she (Dorian) would know. She has been on death row herself. Eli then tells Langston that he can talk to her alone and everything she says is confidential, and he won’t let anybody else interrogate her as long as she only talks to him.

At the hospital, Cristian informs Jessica and Brody that he knows about Ford’s “lifestyle.” He’s Cristian’s roommate and has had a history of taking advantage of younger women. So he might have some idea of who might want him dead.

Hannah yells while in Todd’s office and tells him that somebody will get him arrested. He tells her he’s not afraid to kill her and knows she “believes” that he kills babies. But nobody saw him push Marty. He knows that Hannah has motives to push Marty herself and falsely accuse him. He asks her why she would want Marty to fall down the stairs. Who would stand to have something to gain by pushing Marty. He knows that she would, and she’s trying to pin it on him.

John and Brody tell Jessica that they have to leave and investigate and that they have a warrant to search Ford’s home. Alone with Brody, Jessica asks what is likely to happen to the person who tried to kill him. He tells her it’s a capital offense and they might get the death penalty. She then talks to Cristian and tries to explain to him about last night. He tells her she needn’t worry about it. He’s glad she’s back to normal and he apologizes for the harsh way he treated her. He acknowledges that when people are “not themselves” they can do drastic things. Hearing that, she knows all too well what he means.

In Todd’s office, he asks Hannah why all the chicks like Cole Thornhart. He’s so lame. He knows that she wants to take Cole away from Starr, and the perfect way to do that is to get Cole to believe that his girlfriend’s father assaulted his mother so that he and Starr will want to break up and she will appear the hero. He tells Hannah she is not going anywhere until she admits what she did in her desperate attempt to “get” Cole.

Starr admits to Cole that Langston and Markko have some serious problems. Langston has not stopped seeing Ford.

At the station, Karen asks John if she can go. She has to get to class. He asks her just what she and Ford did the night in question. She tells him it’s really no big deal. But that night, they got interrupted by Ford’s “little friend.” Langston Wilde came in and ripped Ford a new one. That is who John should be talking to. At that moment, Eli and Dorian enter, knowing that John is going to want to target Langston.

Knowing that Markko is in serious trouble, Téa agrees to represent him. She asks him to tell her why the police suspect him. He tells her that he found out that Langston has been sleeping with Ford behind his back and lying about it. The night of the prom, for the first time, he played a tape where Destiny Evans informed Matthew Buchanan that she saw Langston and Ford making out. He looked for Langston but could not find her. He then went to Ford’s home to confront him and he caught him with Langston red handed. He punched Ford in the face and knocked him over. Langston broke them up. Ford was walking and talking and breathing when he left. So he hasn’t a clue who tried to kill him. He does admit to Téa, however, that he lied to the cops.

Jessica admits to Cristian she knows that she tore down the signup sheet for the tech crew. Then she got paint all over his clothes. He jokes and tells her it’s no big deal. He tells her that she need not worry about Layla or anything. Jessica admits that she knows that he and Layla are engaged. He asks if maybe that is what got her memory back since it happened shortly thereafter.

Cole asks Starr if Langston has been lying to all of them all this while about sleeping with Ford. Starr tells him yes. They have been lying to his best friend because Langston convinced them that her affair with Ford was over. Should he believe that Langston has ended it with Ford now? Why should he believe a word that Langston says? But Starr tells Cole that it is now over. Langston walked in on Ford with another girl. Then Markko walked in on her with Ford. Cole tells Starr that he has no sympathy for anything that happens to Langston after this.

Langston goes to talk to John with Dorian with Eli by her side. She tells John she has nothing to hide. The last time she saw Ford was last night. John asks her where. Eli tells John that she does not have to answer that. She admits to John that she went to Ford’s apartment. Shortly thereafter, her boyfriend, Markko Rivera, found them there. There was a big confrontation. Ford broke up with her. She left. She went back to their apartment. Markko was there. They got into a big fight and Markko stormed off. Before she can say any more, Eli tells John that is all his client has to say. He tells John they will cooperate with the investigation in any way they can and wishes him a good day. John then calls Brody and tells him he has “company on the way.”

Markko talks to Téa at Buenos Dias, admitting that it was stupid of him to lie to the police. But they were all over him. She asks him what he told them and what he did. He admits that he lied and told them he slept at Buenos Dias the night in question and didn’t go anywhere else. But he went back to Ford’s place.

Hannah asks Todd if he thinks that anybody is going to buy it if she confesses to pushing Marty when she’s being coerced by him. He tells her that she might want to cooperate because she will regret it if she does not. A photographer enters Todd’s office and gives him a folder with a picture. Hannah tells him that Todd has tried to kill her. He doesn’t seem to care.

Dorian gets on the phone informing somebody that she is the mayor of this town and the cops better get back to her. The apartment has been torn up while her daughter was voluntarily giving a statement to the police. She wants to file charges for their going into her daughter’s apartment and violating her privacy. Elli tells her the cops were within their rights. They have a search warrant. He tells Dorian she may calm down. They still have no evidence against Langston. He leaves and urges Langston to call him if she needs anything. Dorian hugs her daughter and goes out the door with Eli. Langston then picks up her photo album and notices a picture of her and Markko in happier times.

Brody and another cop are finding “pieces to the puzzle” for John after going into the empty apartment.

Jessica tells Cristian that she wants him to tell Layla that she is happy for them. He tells her that she will always mean something to him and he departs.

Starr tells Cole he must trust her. Langston is in a lot of pain over this. He tells her that she should be. When Markko finds out that the girl he loves and has made so much sacrifice for has been doing this to him, he wouldn’t want to know what it would do to Markko. She then informs him that Markko already knows. He walked in on them. He moved out. And she believes that it’s all her fault for keeping it a secret. He tells her it’s not her fault. She tells Cole she cannot believe that Langston lied to her and she believed her when Langston swore on their friendship. Cole concludes that when somebody is determined to get people to believe their lie, they can swear on anybody or anything. He tells her if Langston could do that, then so could Todd.

The photographer shows Todd a picture of Ford on his bed and bludgeoned. He knows that he has some “goods” on Hannah.

Markko talks to Téa about how he’s devastated to find out that all that Langston promised to him was all a lie. She was just waiting until it was convenient to dump him. He thought about how Ford took everything from them. She then asks him just what he did when he discovered that.

Starr asks Cole if he believes that just because Langston lied to them, that means that her dad lied. He tells her that if she can be wrong about her best friend, she can be wrong about her father.

Todd is giving money to the photographer to take pictures that can help him build a case against Hannah. The guy leaves. Hannah looks at Todd in horror while he remarks, smugly that the photographer does good work. He shows her the picture of Ford bloody on the bed. He asks her if she knows that guy.

Brody enters Buenos Dias and tells Markko and Téa that he’s there to make an arrest.

Jessica watches John on the phone declaring that he has sufficient evidence to make an arrest for the attempted murder of Robert Ford.

At Buenos Dias, Téa asks the cops where they got the evidence to convict her client. They then show her Markko’s shoes that he wore and threw in a dumpster outside his apartment after the assault. Langston appears and looks like she might have something to hide. The cops then read Markko his rights and arrest him. 

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