OLTL Update Thursday 5/27/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Sun office, Kelly is chasing a lead to find out information on the attempted murder of Ford.. Right then, Todd enters. We hear a news report about no arrest being made as of yet for the brutal assault of Llanview University Teaching Associate Robert Ford. Jessica is in her home listening to the reports and remembers getting ready to sleep with Ford and then reliving Mitch trying to rape her and fighting Ford off as though he was a rapist. Right then, she drops the remote and freezes as though in shock from remembering something.

Meanwhile, Dorian tells Langston that it’s just the two of them. So she urges her daughter to tell her the truth about whether she attacked Ford last night. Langston stares speechlessly at her and does not answer.

John is at the hospital investigating the assault when he runs into Markko with his hand in a bandage and asks him what happened to his hand.

Rex and Gigi are investigating his biological father allegedly dumping his biological mother. But she does not believe that that is what actually happened. They read the old letters that Otto's daughter has given them access to and Rex seems to believe that Rick made his position pretty clear. But she notices that Lily sent a letter to him at an earlier day informing him that she was going to have his baby. And he would not have dumped her after knowing hat.

Right then we see Rick, years ago, working at a casino and his boss reading a letter that Rick must break up with her because he loves somebody else and plans to marry her. His boss demands to know what is going on. Rick tells the man that it’s none of his business. But he reminds Rick that as long as he works for him, everything he does is his boss’s business. Rick then informs her father that he is no longer working for him. He’s paid off his father’s gambling debt and is done. But her father tells him his debt is paid off when he (the father) says it is. Hearing that, Rex asks how he could have gotten Rex’s mom pregnant and then abandoned her. He then concludes that Gigi is right. There must be more to this story.

When Todd enters the office to see Kelly on the phone, she reminds him that this is her desk now. She asks him if he broke out of jail or if they let him go. He informs her that he made bail. She tells him that he can have his desk just this once to celebrate his emancipation. But tomorrow, she’s in charge of the office. Noticing that she is investigating the attempted murder of Ford, Todd remarks that maybe one good thing about his being in jail is that McBain can’t pin that one on him. He tells her that he must investigate how it is that Hannah O’Connor is missing. It may be the only way to prove that he’s innocent of pushing Mary and causing her to lose her baby.

After Jessica hears that Ford’s been assaulted and remembers when she was last with him, she panics afraid that she must have “done something”. Right then, she hears Viki call to her and notices that something is going on with her daughter. Jessica explains that she was just thinking about all the terrible things she’s done to all the people she loves and how she can make it up to them. Viki assures her daughter that she has nothing to blame herself for with all she has been through. Jessica tells her mom that that does not give her any excuse for behaving like a stalker and going after someone else’s boyfriend. Viki assures her that she’s sure that neither Cristian nor Layla blame her for that. Jessica then clarifies that it’s not just Cristian and Layla.

Dorian urges Langston to trust her. She asks if she remembers when Langston first confessed to her, years ago, that her parents were dead. She tells her daughter nobody deserves to be treated the way Ford treated her. She is a very special young woman. Langston asks how, if she’s so special, could she have ruined everything the way she did. Dorian tells her that even if she made a mistake, she does not deserve what Ford did to her.

John observes that Markko has waited to get the injury to his hand treated, remarks that that is very odd and hears Markko’s doctor remarking that injuries like that usually result from a fight. John then asks Markko who he hit.

Gigi asks Rex to re-read the break up letter again. She reads, and we see that Rick told Lily that he is in love with somebody else and they are getting married. And his boss told him that what his little girl wants, she gets. And if Rick does not do it, then Ricky's father is a dead man. The other girl’s father could care less if Rick loves her or what is involved. And he threatens to make Rick’s mother a widow unless Rick sits down and writes what he says. He demands that Rick tells Lily that he never wants to see her again even though Rick protests that none of it is true. We then see young Otto with Lily while she’s pregnant, telling her that “this other guy" (Rick) has broken her heart and she must get over him. She cries and cannot get over him. Reading the letter that appears as though his father dumped his mother when she was pregnant with him, Rex concludes he doesn’t want to know his father if he would do something like that. Right then, Otto enters and tells them they better get out of there. Rex tells him that he cannot take this out on Gigi. She did not do anything. If Otto wants to arrest somebody, he can arrest Rex. They urge Otto not to call the police. They just need to find out who Rex’s parents are. But he tells them they have no right to read the old letters. He could care less about whether Rex finds his parents. Gigi then tells Otto that she can clearly see that he does care. They already know that Rex’s mother and father fell in love in Otto’s jewelry store. She got pregnant and he abandoned her. What they don’t know is why. Otto then replies that was a long time ago. She tells him that she knows that Rex was their baby. Rex tells Otto that he knows about Rick and Lily who were his parents and he has the right he admits that he destroyed them.

Todd and Kelly discuss whether he should try to find Hannah or if she might change her story to the cops if he could. And he concludes that if she cannot be found by the cops, then she cannot testify against him and so they would have nothing.

At the hospital, John tells Markko he knows that he hurt his hand by a fight. Markko then admits that he hurt his hand by hitting Ford.

When Dorian is talking to Langston alone in the apartment, Detective Price enters and tells them he needs to talk to Langston. Dorian reminds him that she is the mayor and she thought she gave the cops clear instructions not to be interrogating her daughter. But he tells them that he needs to know if Langston can tell him the whereabouts of Markko Rivera. She admits she has not seen or heard from Markko in a while. He leaves. Alone with Dorian, Langston tells her mom she really appreciates her support. Dorian asks Langston why she would not expect loyalty from her mother.

Otto admits to Rex and Gigi that he convinced Lily that Rick no longer wanted to see her even though it was a lie. He tells them that he regretted it to this day. He did it because he was young and jealous. They ask what happened. He tells her that Lily concluded that she left the man she loved in order to save his family. But after she had the baby, she told Otto, even though he tried to convince her otherwise, that she knew that Rick loved her and she wanted him to see his son, who was Rex. Otto admits that he wanted to prevent Lily from going to Rick because he wanted the baby for himself. But then everything changed. He was only a week old. And when he woke up, both Lily and the baby were gone.

Right then, we see the flashback of Lily (played by Gigi) barging into Rick’s boss’s office with her baby in her arms, demanding that she sees Rick and refusing to go anywhere until she gets to see him.. He tells her she cannot see Rick because he’s dead. He killed Rick. Otto admits that Pete (Rick's boss and father of his previous girlfriend) lied to Lily that he killed Rick. But Lily believed him. He told her that Rick cheated on his daughter with another tramp so he killed him. She told him if Rick is dead, then he needs to show her Ricks’ grave. He told her that he disposed of the body and the guards escort Lily and baby Rex out. Right then, Rick entered without a clue that she was there. Otto then concludes to Rex and Gigi that Lily’s heart was broken forever because of that lie. She came home without the baby. And that was when she left baby Rex at the hospital. Otto knew that Lily could not go on without Rick. But, Rex asks, since he was still alive, did he try to find her or know that she had him, or didn’t his father care?

Kelly asks Todd what he plans to do if and when he finds Hannah before the cops do. He tells her he just intends to talk to Hannah. Right then, a special deliveryman comes with flowers for Kelly, Todd discovers she got them from Reed and asks who the hell is Reed.

Viki tells Jessica she must know that she didn’t hurt anybody. Maybe Jessica and Cristian had some awkward moments. But it’s apparently over and forgotten, Viki tells her, since Carlotta informed her that Cristian and Layla are engaged. Jessica tells her mom she knows. She was there. Viki assures Jessica that everybody has survived. Natalie and Brody and Bree are all so thrilled that she’s back. But Jessica is worried about her young daughter. And she tells her mom she cannot pretend that “nothing bad happened”.

At the hospital, John asks Markko to tell him all about his relationship with Ford. Markko replies that Ford was his T.A. in one of his film making classes. But John must already know that Ford was sleeping with his (Markko’s) girlfriend. And John can clearly see that Markko is furious about that.

Langston informs Dorian that when Markko came in to catch them together, they started fighting. She broke it up. Markko left. And that is when Ford dumped her. Dorian asks her what she did then. Langston replies that she came back to the apartment. Dorian asks if Ford was “alright” when she returned. Langston protests that she was the one who was hurt by what Ford did to her. Dorian replies of course she was justifiably hurt and angry. But was it enough to bash Ford’s head in?

Kelly explains to Todd that Ford is a friend of hers’ from London with whom she went to see a Broadway show recently. She remarks that he appears jealous when he tells her that Reed must not be the one for her with sending her a cheesy card and cheap flowers. She laughs. He tells her that he thinks that Reed is the wrong guy for her and she deserves better.

John asks Markko when he found out about Ford and Langston. He replies that he learned about it for the first time, last night at the prom. He overheard gossip about Langston being with Ford, couldn’t find Langston, went over to Ford’s place and caught them together. John asks if that is when he hit Ford. Markko replies yes. John admits something like that would make him want to hit somebody also. John asks him then what happened. Markko admits that Langston attempted to break them apart. But he realized that Ford was the one she really wanted so he left. Right then Detective Price finds John and informs him that he tried to find out information form Langston Wilde. But Dorian wouldn’t let him talk to Langston alone. And he asks John what about this guy. John replies that Markko admitted hitting Ford the pervious night but says he left the scene before Ford got attacked in his bed. John concludes that the question is whether Langston left before or after it happened.

Meanwhile, Langston protests to Dorian that she did not “hurt” Ford. He hurt her by breaking up with her and lying. Dorian then asks if that was the last time she saw Ford. Langston admits that she did go back a second time to see him.

Rex asks Otto if Rick and Lily tried to find each other after he was born or if Pete came after them. Did they give up because Pete hunted them down and killed them? Otto replies that he didn’t have to.

Right then, we see Rick getting ready to go to Santa Fe and see his son and the woman he loves when Pete tried to stop him. He told Pete he would not be afraid of his threats. Rex then concludes he knows that his father did the right thing. But, Gigi asks, didn’t they ever look for their baby? Otto replies that they never saw each other again.

John asks Markko where he went and what he did after he returned from Ford’s after finding out the devastating secret that has been going on behind his back. Markko tells him he went back to Buenos Dias and arranged with Cris and Layla to crash there. He tells John they were there and could vouch for him. John tells him he already talked to them. But they told him they left and Markko was alone. Can anybody account for his whereabouts when he was alone? John asks if Markko just went to sleep at Buenos Dias after Cristian and Layla left. Markko, again, remembers washing the massive blood off his hands in the sink. And he tells John yes. He went to sleep. John asks if he did not go back and confront the guy who slept with his girlfriend one more time.

After Langston admits to Dorian that she did go back to see Ford after Markko confronted him and then left, she protests that she had to find out if Ford really loved her like he said he did and if he was going to follow through on the promises he made to her, after she broke up with Markko. But she found out it was all lies. She admits she was devastated to hear Ford make no apology and admit that he never wanted her, only wanted to have fun and was using her. But when she went back the second time, she didn’t talk to him and did not want to hear what she knew Ford would say to her again. Langston then leaves. Alone, Dorian gets on the phone and tells somebody she needs to see them right away.

Jessica tells Viki she really appreciates her mom trying to protect her. Viki urges her daughter to know that nothing was her fault. She was protecting herself from something terrible. She put herself into an innocent time in her life after her biological father tried to rape her. Thank God he’s is prison and can’t hurt her anymore. Jessica then remembers fighting Ford afraid he would rape her yet says nothing about that while Viki assures her daughter that everybody understands and bears not grudge and are all so happy that she’s recovered. Viki hugs her daughter. But Jessica continues to appear uneasy. Viki leaves the room. When Jessica is alone, she calls the hospital to find out whether Ford is out of surgery or not.

Rex asks Otto if Rick came back there or not or if he found Lily. Otto replies that he came back and found her. We then see Rick (played by Rex) going to find her and running into Otto who informed him that Lily left when she thought that Rick had died and didn’t want to live anymore. Rex asks what about their son. Otto tells Rick that she didn’t have him anymore. She later tried to look for him but he was already gone. And Otto told Rick that baby Rex was probably dead also. Hearing that, Rex protests to Otto that he was not and is not dead. Gigi asks Otto what happened to Rick. He replies he never knew. After Rick heard that had died, he left, he never heard from him again. Rex reminds Otto that he let Rick believe that his (Rex) mother killed him or left him somewhere to die. Otto tells Rex he’s sorry. He did not know. He’s sorry. And he walks away. Gigi concludes to Rex that at least now they know. They go to Lily’s gravesite and see that at least she wanted to keep him safe. It “killed” her to have give him up, Gigi tells him. We then see Lily putting baby Rex in the hospital, apologizing and telling him she cannot go on without his daddy and that she wants to die. And she left him on a cart by the maternity ward and left. And she put the necklace in question on top of the baby. Gigi tells Rex that she loved him. He was Rick’s child and she loved Rick more than her own life. Rex then looks at his biological mother’s grave, puts the necklace beside it and encourages Gigi to go home. They leave together

Kelly is ready to go to the hospital to investigate what happened to Ford. She asks Todd if he wants a piece of advice, she thinks he should let the whole Hannah thing go. If he had nothing to do with pushing Marty, then he needs to let the cops figure out who did. She goes off. Alone Todd gets on his phone to ask his contact if they’ve been able to find this little bitch or if he’ll have to fire their ass.

At the hospital, John thanks Markko for answering his questions and tells him if he later finds out he’s left anything off, he knows where to find them. Markko gets on the elevator. Price asks John what he thinks. John replies he believes that Markko is lying.

Dorian calls Eli over to talk to her in Langston’s apartment informing him that the police want to question her daughter about her relationship with Robert Ford. Right then, Langston enters and demands to know why Eli is there. She concludes that it appears that Dorian thinks she did it.

At the hospital, John and Detective Price conclude that they are going to find out who killed Robert Ford. Right then, Jessica is hiding and overhearing their conversation looking spooked.

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