OLTL Update Wednesday 5/26/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/26/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa and Nora are before the judge to determine if there will be a trial. Téa tells the court she has filed a motion to have all charges dropped. Téa tries to discount the prosecution’s evidence by saying the fabric could have been left in the stairwell by anyone at any time. They also both argue about the arguments between Todd and Marty, again Téa discounts it by saying that not only did Marty fight with Todd prior to being pushed, but she also had a heated argument with Natalie. Oh, and by the way, Natalie was the first person Marty accused of pushing her down. Téa tries to switch the blame from Todd to Natalie and reminds the court that Todd is the town scapegoat. When Nora states that Hannah is an eye witness, Téa also discounts her credibility. As they go back and forth, Téa shouts out there is no time for a trial! She even muses that perhaps it was only an accident; maybe Marty was never pushed. The judge takes a short break and when they return, Todd tells Téa she looks sick. The judge says the prosecution has met the burden of proof and there will be a trial. Téa requests bail and it is granted for two million cash. Todd makes a call and finds out that Hannah is missing.

Dorian goes to Ford’s apartment and finds out what happened to him. John is there collecting evidence. Dorian immediately starts asking questions about fingerprints and other evidence. Dorian threatens everyone to not mention that Langston’s name is attached to Ford’s and they were fooling around. Dorian is trying to pretend that it is a rumor; John tells her that everyone, including her, know it’s true. Ford and Lang were involved. John tells Dorian that he needs to question Langston. Dorian tries to get John to leave Langston out of this and threatens to go to the commissioner if John doesn’t. One of officers on scene wonders out loud if Dorian is trying so hard to keep Langston’s name out of it because she has something to do with it.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Markko that it’s a miracle Ford is still alive. Cristian shows up and asks Markko how Ford is doing; if he is alive. He also wants to know why Markko is at the hospital. Cris tells Markko that they found Ford and called the police. He goes on and says that he had to tell John what happened between Markko, Ford and Langston. Markko asks Cris what he told the police. Cris asks him if Markko went to the apartment when he knew that he and Layla were not going right home. Markko asks Cris if he thinks Markko could have tried to kill Ford. Cris just says that Markko lost it last night. He asks Markko if he did it…and then tells him to go home and call Téa – he looks guilty hanging at the hospital with an injured hand! As he tries to leave, he runs right into John.

Blair is trying comfort Langston, using her years of wisdom with men to give advice and find out what happened between them. Langston tells Blair everything that went on and that Markko walked in and saw them kissing. Langston says more than once that she hopes Markko is in hell!! When Blair tells Lang that Ford will get what’s coming to him, Langston tells her that he already has! Dorian then arrives at Langston’s apartment and tells her and Blair that someone tried to kill Ford. Langston looks like she is going to be sick as Dorian tells them he isn’t dead, but is in intensive care. Dorian asks Langston if she attacked Ford.

Rex and Gigi find the cabin door open and enter. Gigi sees the same symbol on a chair that matches the lockbox. Rex finds some letters to Lilli from Rick. Rex starts to imagine the two together, with him and Gigi playing the roles. Lilli shows the ‘broken’ heart necklace to Rick and explains how it isn’t broken, but split in half and meant to be share by two who are meant for each other. Rex and Gigi read the love letters and imagine how it might have played out. They wonder if Rick and Lilli loved each other so much why did they leave him at the hospital. As they read on, they find out that Rick’s dad owed a lot of money to some people who were building casinos in Atlantic city…these guys are people who you don’t want to owe money to. They think it was the mob. They read on and Rick had vowed to come home to Lilli on July 4th. They read the next letter, its Rick telling Lilli he won’t be home after all. He has fallen in love with someone else. Gigi doesn’t believe it.

Jessica and Natalie are talking and Jess is trying to get Natalie to open up about how she and John got back together. In comes Roxy asking if Nat did anything stupid after she saw John and Marty kiss. With a guilty look on her face, she glances at Jess. Roxy wants to know what happened after Roxy left her. The three of them start to talk and Jess wants to know what happened after she saw the kiss, and Roxy said if it was me, I would have jumped in to bed with the first guy I seen! Nat changes the subject by telling Roxy that Jess has her memory back and now Roxy wants to know what made that happen, “did Brody open up the Watergates for ya?” As Roxy continues to ask questions, both girls are trying to hide their secret. Jess wants to apologize to Cris and Layla, but definitely doesn’t want to go to the apartment. As Jess leaves Roxy and Nat alone, Roxy asks Natalie what is wrong, she doesn’t seem happy to be back with John. Jess turns on the tv and hears about Ford’s beating.

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