OLTL Update Tuesday 5/25/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cristian and Layla are wondering how or when would be a good time to announce their plans to her mother. She tells him she knows that Evangeline would understand. Her mother would be a different story. But, she tells him, her mother would be a “piece of cake” compared to Jessica.

Unknown to them, however, Brody is happily calling Jessica. She is joking with him, telling him about how she was able to read Bree a bedtime story like she always did and put her to sleep and that she loves and wants to be with him. Right then, she runs into Natalie who is not aware that she’s regained her memory and takes her sister by surprise by hugging her and telling her how much she’s missed her. Natalie, however, has a new problem on her hands, not knowing what to do with the fact that she and Brody slept together the previous night.

John comes by his place when Marty is there collecting her stuff. She admits that it’s awkward but better off that they make a fresh start and she encourages him to get back with Natalie.

Blair accompanies a reluctant Téa to the hospital for her first radiation treatment and urges her to go home and rest. But Téa tells her she cannot. She has work to do representing Todd. Blair asks if somebody else can’t stand in for her at a time like this. But Téa reminds Blair that Todd will soon be the only person for Daniela so keeping him out of prison is the most important job she can do right now.

Inside the courtroom Todd runs into Starr assuming that her prom night was ruined without being able to be with Cole. She’s not about to tell her father the truth and remarks that there are many things that have not “turned out as planned”.

Meanwhile, Langston is alone in the apartment depressed and still fixating on her photo of Ford. She hears a knock on the door and runs to open it hoping it’s Markko. But it’s Dorian who appears happy and obviously hasn’t a clue about all that has happened. She assumes her daughter has had a “dream come true” at her prom while with Markko. But Langston truthfully admits to her mom that it was more like a nightmare.

Right then, Markko goes to the hospital to see a doctor and get x rays after he’s injured his hand. He explains he guesses he didn’t look where he was going. The doctor asks him, however, what “happened to the other guy” knowing it happened some other way.

Layla tells Cristian they will deal with Jessica. But the most important thing they must do is boot Ford out of their apartment right away. He tells her after what Ford did to Markko, he’s with her 100%. They go back to the apartment and into Ford’s room. But when he doesn’t get the door, they rush in and see that he’s lying in his bed in a pool of blood either dead or unconscious.

Jessica happily tells her sister how everything suddenly came flooding back in one huge flash. She tells her it was such a relief to be her whole self again. She tells Natalie that she regrets how awful she was to her sister and how Natalie could ever forgive her. She knows that it was terrible of her to accuse Natalie of “stealing” Cristian and taking John from Marty and behaving like a high school girl. Natalie tells her sister, on that note, she has a “pretty interesting” night herself.

Marty packs her things and proceeds to get out of John’s home. He asks her if he can help her. She tells him that everything is ok for their breaking up. He offers to give her a ride. But she tells him she can drive and is ok. He wants to carry her suitcase. She does, however tell him that she does want something else. It’s about Cole.

IN the courtroom, Starr tells her father that instead of trashing Cole, he needs to prove that he’s innocent. She wants to help him beat the charges and believes he did not push Marty. She tells him that she suspects that Hannah O’Conner pushed Marty instead so that Todd could get framed for that. And she wonders if Téa is going to work to prove that. Todd admits that he really doesn’t know what is going on with Téa.

Meanwhile, Blair is with Téa telling her that she needs to make certain that she does not pass out in the courtroom. So, whether Téa likes it or not, Blair is going to be her “little tag along”

Langston cries and admits to Dorian that Markko has left her and is never coming back. Hearing that, Dorian assumes that Markko has broken her daughter’s heart. But, Langston clarifies, it was she who broke his heart. Dorian asks what happened. She replies that she did the worst thing she could possibly do to. She hurt someone who completely trusted her. Dorian tells her daughter that she’s sure that Markko has some things to apologize for also. It takes two to create a conflict. But, Langston tells her, not this time. This time it’s all “on her”.

Meanwhile, the doctor is treating Markko’s injury to his hand.

Cristian and Layla discover Ford in his bed lying in a pool of blood and she panics. He calls an ambulance. But she tells him that Ford looks dead.

After Langston has confessed to Dorian that she made a tragic mistake with Markko, Dorian urges her to sit down and start at the beginning. Langston cries and asks how she could do this to Markko of all people. Dorian asks her what she did. She replies she cheated on him. Dorian tells her daughter that she can forgive her for having curiosity for other possibilities since Markko was her first love.. Langston is distraught, not only for losing Markko but for falsely believing that Ford loved her.

The doctor gives Markko a sling for his hand. But he’s concerned that he can’t have anything stopping him from working in the diner. He needs to work. It’s his only means of support. Right then, he remembers Ford admitting that he slept with Langston while she confirms it and then he punched Ford and knocked him over.

Blair and Téa enter the courtroom. Todd wonders why she is there. She hesitates in telling him the reason she is there.

Marty tells John that even though they are through, she knows that Cole really looks up to him and needs him to be there for him. John tells her that Cole is very special to him and so is she.

Natalie tells Jessica that she finally got back with John when she thought it was hopeless. She tells her sister that she realizes that everybody assumed that John and Marty were solid. She knows that Jessica may have mixed feelings since she is friends with Marty. Jessica tells Natalie that she is happy for her sister. Natalie tells her she’s glad to hear her say that. And, right then, she remembers her sexual encounter with Brody. Right then, Brody enters and is surprised to see Natalie after previously assuming that she was going to London. Jessica is then surprised to hear that the two of them were together and discussing some things (and unaware that it lead to more than discussing) the previous night.

After Todd asks Blair why she’s in the courtroom, she answers that it should be obvious who she’s there for. It’s for Starr. Téa observes looking suspicious and knowing many questions will be asked about her and Blair’s sudden “friendship”. Blair explains she knows that her daughter would be there for her father. And even though she’s taking a neutral stance on what Todd did or didn’t do, Blair is there to support Starr. Starr then asks her mom what is up with her and Téa having always hated each other, and now appearing as B.F.F. Blair tells her daughter that she’s wants to make peace with Téa because of Dani . But Starr knows there’s something going on that her mom is not telling her.

Marty tells John she cannot thank him enough for enabling Cole to be with Starr the other night. He tells her that when kids their age love each other that much, they deserve to be together. She tells him yes and reflects on how her son and Starr are being tested. Right then, John gets a call and tells his contact he’s on his way.

Natalie explains to Jessica that when she thought she was leaving for good, she stopped by to say good bye to Brody. Jessica then tells Brody she is going to get ready to leave with him for breakfast. Alone with Natalie, Brody asked her how it was that she suddenly changed her plans and is not going to London. She tells him that John finally found her at the airport and declared that he wants her. They also confirms that they have both gotten back with their respective significant others and it might be best to forget what happened when they have had these unexpected events happening. Brody tells Jessica and Natalie that he has to go and meet with John. Alone with Natalie, Jessica tells her sister that she is so grateful to have Brody back. But she asks Natalie when and where they were together. Natalie obviously hesitates to answer.

After Langston admits to Dorian that she made a serious mistake by cheating on Markko, Dorian tells her that she knows that people make mistakes and are tempted by desire. She then asks her daughter just what the “boy’s” name is. Langston then clarifies that it was not a boy. IT was a man. Hearing that, Dorian then asks what type of “man” would take advantage of a high school girl. Langston clarifies that she is 18. She’s an adult and Dorian used to treat her like one. But Dorian wants to know who this person was. When she finds out that it was Robert Ford, the guy who was producing one of David’s documentary films and Markko’s teacher, she tells Langston that he is a “dead man”. She’s going to go and confront him.

Right then, Ford is in the O.R. and the medical team is attempting to save his life. Markko watches through the window.

In the courtroom, before Todd’s trial, Starr tells her mom that she knows there is something going on that nobody has told her. Todd tells Téa that he bets that Hannah O’Connor was the one who pushed Marty down the stairs and pinned it on him so that she could break up Starr and Cole. He tells her that it might make sense with Hannah’s history. She tried to kill herself over another guy and might be willing to resort to drastic measures if she “likes” Cole. Hearing that, Téa tells Todd that she will have to think about that. Right then, Todd notices that Téa does not look ok and asks her what is up.

Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that she pushed both her and Brody so hard but is so grateful that they still love her. Natalie tells her sister that she is one of the most important people in her life. And she could never stop loving Jessica. Jessica hugs her and tells her how grateful she is for that and also for Brody. She knows that so many men would not have stuck by her and would have moved on to the “next woman”. Hearing that, Natalie appears uneasy.

John goes to the hospital where Ford is and asks Cristian and Layla what they knew when they discovered him there. Brody comes to assist John. They conclude that it was not a robbery. There was no forced entry and nothing was stolen. It must have been somebody who wanted Ford dead. He asks Cristian and Layla if they might have any idea if he might have any “enemies”.

After Langston reveals to Dorian that she has been sleeping with Ford, Dorian concludes that even if Langston did consent, the man is a predator and must be held accountable. There are any number of women his own age. And yet, he wants to target an innocent young girl. Langston tells her mom that she is not that innocent. She could have stopped it before things got out of hand. Nobody forced her to cheat. Dorian concludes that she (herself) should have done something to help Langston and see that she was having problems with Markko. But Langston tells her there’s nothing she could have done. She would not have listened. Right then, Dorian tells her daughter, she has somewhere to go. She knows what she is doing, she tells Langston.

Markko watches as the O.R team try and appear to be failing to save Ford. And he remembers injuring his hand and washing the blood off alone at the Buenos Dias kitchen the previous night.

In response to Jessica’s comment about how “fortunate” she is that Brody didn’t just give up on her and consider another woman, Natalie assures her sister that Brody adores her (Jessica) and she must know there is no other woman for him. But she does admit to Jessica that he told her that the prom was a disaster and he blamed himself for what happened and believed he was pushing her to hard to remember. Jessica then tells her sister that she didn’t remember because she didn’t want to. But then everything came back to her about the horrific experience where Mitch tried to rape her. Hearing that, Natalie asks Jessica just what it was that “triggered” it. Jessica then remembers when she was ready to have sex with Ford but then fought him off and got away from him.

John is questioning Cristian about any leads he might have regarding people who would have a grudge against Ford. Cristian admits that Markko Rivera was very angry at him because Ford was sleeping with his girlfriend. But he could not imagine Markko doing anything like that. Layla corroborates that they both witnessed Markko in a distraught and desperate state of mind and furious with Ford.

Alone in the apartment, Langston makes a call.

Téa tells Todd that there’s nothing wrong with her that a little bit of sleep can’t solve. She has a job to do. And there’s nobody on earth more motivated than she is right now. She then tells Blair she really thinks that she (Blair) should go. It appears that Todd is suspecting something. She tells Blair that she feels fine and does not need Blair’s help. Right then, Blair gets a call from Langston telling her that she needs help that only Blair might be able to offer her. Blair leaves. Right then, Marty enters. Téa then tells Todd that maybe instead of doing something stupid, as it’s so common for him to do, maybe he should listen to her. Starr then thanks Marty for helping Cole to get to the prom, knowing that Marty probably had something to do with it. She also informs Marty that her dad is going to be charged with murder unless Marty tells the court that Hannah O’Connor had it in for Todd.

Brody finds Cristian after he and Layla are leaving the station and informs him that Jessica had a breakthrough and her memory has come back to her. Cristian tells him that that’s great. He’s very happy for both of them. Brody then goes with John to investigate what might have happened to Ford or who might have tried to kill him.

In the courtroom, Téa attempts to brief Todd on what he’s going to do when the judge asks him how he pleas. He sounds like he’s giving up on saving himself. She tells him she needs him free as much as he does. He then asks her why that is and she cannot answer. She gives him a cell phone photo of Dani and tells him that’s why. He remarks that their daughter is beautiful. Téa reminds Todd that he cannot have a relationship with Dani behind bars.

Starr tells Marty that even if her dad has his issues and is capable of some things, he would not push her down the stairs. And Marty, being a psychiatrist, must know that it’s very possible that Hannah could do something like that. She urges Marty to please just consider that maybe Hannah did it and wants to frame Todd.

Jessica admits to Natalie that she may not be able to answer or know what caused her to come back. But she’s glad that it’s over. She remembers all about teenage Jessica. They laugh. And Jessica asks her sister to tell her how she and John got back together. Natalie does not want to go through the whole story. But Jessica tells her she wants to know every detail. Right then, Natalie has a flashback about having sex with Brody and hesitates to speak.

Meanwhile, in Ford’s bedroom, John is asking Brody to help him find out about Markko Rivera and the possibility that he may have attempted to murder Ford. Right then, Dorian enters and says she demands talking to Robert Ford. But John tells her that won’t be possible. Somebody tried to kill him last night.

The medical team continues to struggle with attempting to save Ford’s life before it’s too late.

Langston meets Blair in the courtroom and cries. Blair hugs her and asks her what is up. Langston admits to Blair that she “did something terrible” last night.

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