OLTL Update Monday 5/24/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/24/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Right when Rex and Gigi are losing hope about finding out who his real parents are, while in jail, they get a surprise visit from Otto’s daughter. She brings the jewelry box that her father locked and arrested them for trying to break into.

Cristian tells Layla that he is planning a trip for the two of them to go to Maryland to announce their engagement to her mom. He is concerned hat it may take a long time for her mom to like him so they have a lot of work to do. Yet he is confident that they will find a way. Right then, Markko enters. Cristian asks what he is doing there and asks if Langston sent him there. Markko angrily tells them he could care less about Langston.

Langston returns home and appears distraught after what has happened after Markko found out that she cheated on him with Ford. Starr enters and appears happy as she informs Langston that Dorian arranged for Cole to be released from jail long enough to go to prom with her. Starr also assumes that Langston had plans to be with Markko at the palace and wonders where he is and why Langston is so upset. Langston replies that she “lost” Markko.

Clint goes to see Viki and tells her that he just wants to “make sure” about Jessica. He notices that she is not as his house and wonders if she’s at Viki’s. They are both assuming that she’s attended her prom and is probably not ok with noticing that Cristian is unavailable to her and that she cannot get her memory back.

But right then, Jessica goes over to Brody’s home and announces that she has regained her memory. She remembers all about him and her life and all that they had. She rushes into his arms.

John goes to the airport to attempt to find out the flight that Natalie left on, assuming she’s already gone. But the airline attendant informs him that Natalie has not gotten on her flight. Right then, he comes face to face with Natalie and tells her he’s “sorry he was late”. She is surprised to see him and asks him if he plans to go to London. He replies no. And neither is she.

Jessica admits to Brody that she remembers everything since high school, the good, the bad and all of it. She remembers when she first met Brody and how they got together and all of their memories. She cries when she remembers that he is hers’ and her daughter’s hero. He kisses her.

At the airport, Natalie asks John not to do this. She has a ticket, passport and plans. He tells her she may change her plans. The flight attendant informs her that her flight left but there are other flights she can take in a few hours. She agrees to take the next flight. But John tells her she does not want to do that. She tells him she has no more reason to hang around there. But he informs her that he read the letter and asks her if she wants to get on the plane or if she wants to hear him out.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian asks Markko if he’s alright. Markko tells him he just needs somewhere to crash. He has to get out of their apartment and can’t go back to his parents’ home. Cristian admits that they don’t have many sleeping accommodations but Markko tells him that he can sleep on the cot out back. Cristian and Layla ask him why he’s not with Langston. They thought he was going to be with her at the palace. Markko replies that his guess is that Langston is banging their roommate. He knows all about what she has been doing behind his back for months.

Starr tells Langston she mustn’t lose hope in getting back with Markko. He loves her and will get over the huge mistake she made with Ford a long time ago. But, Starr is still not aware that she has not stopped seeing Ford. Langston then confesses to Starr that her thing with Ford was never “over”.

Otto’s daughter admits to Rex and Gigi that her father does not know that she has the jewelry box. Gigi asks if she has stolen it. But she tells them that it’s not stealing when she’s taken it after he’s asleep and she intends to return it. But the guard wants to find out what her father will say about her taking the jewelry box and bringing it to the people he’s arrested without his knowing.

Clint is wondering where Jessica is. He knows that she is not at Viki’s home or at his. Viki goes upstairs to see if Jessica is there.

Meanwhile, Jessica is with Brody and tells him that a little while ago it all came back to her so she knew she had to come straight there to see him. She thought about all of the time that she lost with him and with Bree and regrets how awful she has so much to make up to both him and to her little girl. He tells her that all he and Bree want is to have her back. She tells him that there must be a lot of other people who hate her. He tells her that nobody hates her. She was not herself and everybody realizes that. She asks if he means ever Cristian and Layla.

Cristian and Layla tell Markko that they are surprised that he would have caught Ford and Langston together in their apartment. She protests that she thought that Ford was no longer seeing Langston and instead “dating” the pizza girl. But Markko clarifies that Ford does not “date”. He “does” anything that walks. He tells them that the next morning he will have to go to an STD clinic to find out if he has a disease because his girlfriend has been cheating on him behind his back with a major player. And he has to go back and admit to his parents that they were right. The girl whom he loved and whom he defended and risked everything for is the worthless slut his father believed she is and he made the choice that he made.

After Langston reveals to Starr that it’s “not over” between her and Ford, Starr asks her if Ford threatened her or if something happened. But Langston admits that she chose of her own free will to continue to see Ford. Hearing that, Starr demands to know how she could do that to Markko. Langston protests that she had to cover that up and lie to Markko because she was afraid of hurting him. Starr tells her that lying to Markko was despicable and admits that she does not understand.

John admits to Natalie that he got held up and was late in meeting her at Rodi’s. She tells him that she waited for him for a long time. And she would have been long gone, were it not for Roxy demanding that she make absolutely certain and that she find out directly from him what is going on. So she went to the station and saw that he made a choice to take Marty over her. But he tells her that that is not what happened. What she saw was his kissing Marty good bye.

The jail guard wants to arrest Otto’s daughter for being the “accomplice” to thieves. But she wants to help Gigi and Rex to get the charges dropped.

Starr reminds Langston that Langston told her it was over between her and Ford. She begged Starr to keep quiet about them sleeping together. Then Starr went to bat for Langston and when Cole found out, she begged him not to tell his best friend. When all along, she was lying to all of them. She reminds her that after Markko and Cole find out all about this, not only will she have lost Markko. So have they.

Markko cries on the kitchen floor at Buenos Dias and asks Cristian how Langston can do this to him.

Viki and Clint are both aware that Natalie is also not at Viki’s home. Clint affirms that Natalie is a grown woman. Jessica may be the same “age” but they must be concerned about her since she has the judgment of a teenager.

Jessica asks Brody how she could have harassed Cristian. She regrets what she did to him and to Layla. He clarifies that Cristian was her first love and she was confused. He will understand. She tells Brody that he is the only love she has now and she’s so sorry that she made him wait this long. He asks her what happened. He tells her that when he left her at her dad’s, she made it pretty clear that she not only remembered anything about Mitch, she was furious at him. SO he wonders what suddenly happened to jump start her memory. She then remembers Ford wanting to have sex with her and then feeling the same feelings as if she was being raped and the whole thing came back. She then calls Viki who tells her daughter that she and Clint are both very worried about her when they discovered that she was missing. Jessica tells her mom that she is at Brody’s and has good news. She remembers everything.

At the airport, John tells Natalie that he realized that he was only staying with Marty because of the baby. And she realized that also. She tells him she is so sorry that she had to say those terrible things to Marty, assuming that maybe she was out of line. But he tells her that Marty helped him to realize that the two of them were hanging onto something that wasn’t there. He cares a lot about Marty. But she is not the one for him. Natalie is. Natalie reminds John that if Roxy hadn’t have “interfered”, she’d be across the ocean and away from here and this conversation wouldn’t be happening. John then affirms to her that he may not know what they have been doing the last few years. But he knows that they belong together.

Otto’s daughter, Penny tells the guard that she can drop the charges since she owns 50% of the store and says there is no break in. She convinces him that Rex and Gigi did not even steal anything. Gigi also convinces him of that. He then concludes that Rex and Gigi are more of a hassle than they are worth. SO he will process their paperwork and get them out of there. Gigi then expresses her gratitude to Penny.

Langston tells Starr that she was right that she (Langston) was only thinking about herself. She got the idea that she was protecting Markko from being hurt. When in reality, she was just too much of a coward to face what would have happened. She should not have taken advantage of Starr and Cole. They should not have had to have gotten involved in something that was not their problem. But Starr tells her that she is not going to abandon her. Langston then tells Starr that she has to move out because Markko wants her gone. Hearing that, Starr tells her she’s not going to move in with Ford. Is she? Langston then reveals to Starr that Ford does not want her either.

Markko informs Cristian that Ford has been playing him and rubbing his nose in how he was sleeping with Markko’s girlfriend all this while and Markko didn’t even know it. He acted like he was Markko’s friend, buddying up to him and confiding in him about his conquest with this girl. And little did Markko know that Ford was doing Langston in their own apartment, in the hotel and in his office. Hearing that, Cristian appears horrified.

Viki Clint and Bree are all celebrating now that Jessica is back.

Natalie tells John that she would like to believe him when he says she belongs with him. She admits that she is surprised. He tells her he realizes he is not “famous” for his conversational skills. But it doesn’t mean he has nothing to say. She tells him he is in luck because he doesn’t need to “say” anything. And she kisses him. People surrounding them all around clap and watch them.

It looks like Penny wants to help Rex and Gigi.

Jessica catches up with Bree about all that she’s done in the last few weeks. She tells her how much she’s missed her. And the two of them and Brody will have to catch up and spend a lot more time together. Clint asks his daughter if she might remember what triggered her to get her memory back. She admits that maybe it was when Brody attempted to get through to her about what happened with Mitch. Jessica then asks Bree if she can go and wake up her aunt Natalie so that mommy can have a little “heart to heart” with her.

Meanwhile, Natalie is at the airport with John.

Viki informs Jessica that Natalie is not there. Jessica asks if anybody knows where Natalie is. Right then, Brody remembers having sex with Natalie only hours ago and appears uneasy.

Markko tells Cristian and Layla that he does not want them to cancel their plans to be there for him. He will be fine. But they are concerned. He tells them that maybe he can use some alone time. They conclude that they will go but will be in contact with him as soon as they get back.

Langston tells Starr that she and Ford are done for good now. Starr asks Langston what happened. Langston then replies that at the prom, she overheard Cristian and Layla “joking” about Ford being alone in the apartment, calling the pizza girl and shacking up with her as if it was common knowledge that he does that on a regular basis So, she went over there to confront him about it. And she caught him red-handed going at it with the pizza girl. She wondered why it was that Ford asked her to “wait” to go public that they were together. And now she knows the reason why. He got what he wanted.

At Buenos Dias, after finding out from Markko what happened, Cristian and Layla decide that they are going to boot Ford’s player butt out of their home right away.

Meanwhile, Langston tells Starr this whole story about how she caught Ford with Karen. She actually believed him when he told her that he only wanted her and the thing with Karen was a one time thing. She was going to sleep with him again. And Markko walked in and caught then.

Markko is then lying on the cot at Buenos Dias remembering Ford telling him all about his “conquests” and how he was a good obedient undergrad working with his T.A. and doing his job as a bell boy at the hotel when Ford was secretly sleeping with Langston, sharing with Ford that he (himself ) and Langston) had their first “special night” at this very place, the palace, and the whole hideous lie that had been going on that he never knew or even suspected. And he is furious and distraught. He goes out the door.

Penny informs Rex and Gigi that she doesn’t have much to go on but remembers the mountain where the necklace was made.

At the airport, Natalie asks John where they go now. They are not certain but he tells her they can figure all of this out in the morning. They go off together..

Right then, we see Ford’s empty dark bedroom.

Langston tells Starr that she feels terrible that she’s lost her best friend. Starr tells her that she has not lost her. It will take her time. Cole will need time also. But she has not lost them. Langston tells Starr that she can hardly blame them for never wanting to see her again. She was ready to throw away everything and lie to everybody and for what? For a guy who could care less about anybody or anything.

Again, we see Ford’s bedroom in the dark. He is lying on his bed with blood all over him either unconscious or dead.

And we see Markko appearing as though he’s washing blood off his hands in the Buenos Dias kitchen.

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