OLTL Update Friday 5/21/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Rex and Gigi have been sent to jail after breaking into Otto’s jewelry store. Rex protests to the guards that his civil rights have been violated. The guard does not care and reminds him he broke the law by unlawfully entering Otto’s store. Rex tells them he just wants to make one phone call, and he does not want Gigi to be stuck there for helping him.

John rushes off to the airport looking for Natalie, assuming she’s gone. He finds out that she did not leave on her flight yet.

After Carlotta finds out that her son has proposed to Layla, she welcomes her to the family.

After Jessica has come by to surprise Ford, she tells him she wants to forget about Cristian and might be interested in him. They are in his bedroom. He tells her that he wants to help her forget about Cristian and about Brody. This night is all about her, and he will make her forget.

Rex and Gigi hear the guard talking to his daughter about why daddy has to work. Gigi tells him she knows that his daughter must be four and every other word is why. He asks her if she is a mom. She tells him that she and Rex have a son. Rex does not know who his real parents are. He was abandoned as a baby. He has not had too many breaks, but he is a good person. A lot of people can vouch for that if the guard will let them make this call. She tells the guard if he gives this good guy a break, she promises he won’t regret it.

Bo and Nora go to Buenos Dias and wonder if Matthew will suspect that they are spying on him after his prom. Carlotta comes out to greet them and informs them that their son left a few minutes ago. It appears that all the high school kids were having fun. She tells them, she got distracted by her own son. She announces that he and Layla are engaged. Nora congratulates them. Carlotta tells them she is ready to get everything ready for their wedding plans. Nora tells Carlotta that she knows that she and Bo have failed their relationship in the past. Now all that matters is that they have come back to each other.

Jessica admits to an “eager” Ford that this is kind of weird. She doesn’t really know him. He then shows her all of his awards for filmmaking. She wants to know about his current project and his job teaching at the university. He tells her that he only wants to talk about her. She is the most gorgeous girl that he knows. This is her prom night. He doesn’t want to bore her. She deserves to be adored and be the center of attention. Hearing that, she asks why “he” doesn’t see that. He tells her that it’s Cristian’s short-coming not to see that. He’s an idiot. He tells her he can appreciate her the way Cristian cannot. He won’t “hurt” her the way Brody has.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Brody are undressing and going at it.

John is at the airport when he runs into Kelly with Reed and Shaun. She instantly assumes he’s there because Dorian sent him to watch over her. He tells her that Dorian did not send him there. She asks if he has news about her mother. John admits no. She introduces him to Reed and explains to John that Dorian has been obsessed about having protection for her since she believes that the person who killed Rodney also killed her mother and is after her. She then notices that John has a picture in his hand and asks who he is looking for.

Natalie and Brody go at it.

Jessica tells Ford that Cristian was supposed to be her first love. He tells her that he finds it odd that she intended to find Cristian but actually ended up looking for him. He tells her that he can take away all the pain she has felt for Cristian and can make this the best night of her life. He kisses her and she does not stop him.

Natalie and Brody are having sex in his bed.

John tells Kelly that what he’s doing at the airport has nothing to do with her. She then asks Shaun if she can talk to John alone. She asks John what is wrong with him and remarks that he looks lost. She reminds him that they are friends. She knows this is something personal going on with him that has nothing to do with his police work. She demands that he shows her the picture that he has. It’s a picture of Natalie.

After Natalie and Brody sleep together, they both question what has happened and that the alcohol made them do what they did. They both conclude that at least neither of them cheated on anybody and nobody is waiting up for either of them. He tells her he hopes so.

Meanwhile, Jessica is with Ford, hesitating to take the next step. He assures her that she is safe with him. She pulls away and tells him that this is “new.” She feels as though he is blank. He tells her that this is a blank slate with no bad memories. So, he concludes, they can make some new memories. He takes off his shirt and tells her he can make her forget Cristian before the night is through. He asks if that is what she wants.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, Carlotta tells Cristian that it’s kind of sudden that he’s decided to propose to Layla. He admits that when she told him he had to choose, it motivated him to go out and find a ring. He knows he loves Layla and she is the one. She tells her son she knows he does and she’s so happy for him. He then asks his mom why the face. She replies that she can’t help wondering how Jessica is going to take the news. She knows it would devastate her.

Meanwhile, Jessica lays on Ford’s bed with him while he promises to make “new memories” with her.

Layla talks to Bo and Nora who ask her about Matthew’s experience at the prom.

The guard who has Rex and Gigi in jail in Santa Fe, New Mexico breaks down and allows Rex one call. He calls Bo who has no clue that Rex is in jail. Bo is happy and asks Rex what type of napkins he and Nora should order for their wedding or if they should talk about the band. Rex finds he cannot bring himself to admit to Bo that he is in jail. Bo encourages Rex to know that he’s a good investigator and will find the answers he needs. He tells Rex he knows that a few years ago, Rex would have ended up “in hot water” without even trying. But now, he knows that Rex “knows better.” Bo asks Rex if he needs anything and can sense that Rex might not be okay and wonders why he’d call so late in the day. Rex cannot bring himself to tell Bo the reason why and ends the call. Gigi then demands to know why he didn’t tell Bo that they are in jail.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, Cristian admits to his mom that Jessica did not have a good night at the prom. She still has him on the brain and was not okay when he proposed to Layla. He admits that it’s not Jessica’s fault that she’s stuck in the past when she was in high school. She cannot face what her “father” did to her. He asks who could.

At that moment, when Ford is ready to have sex with Jessica, she has a flashback of remembering Mitch trying to rape her. She screams and says no to Ford and moves away knowing that this would be a serious mistake.

Natalie concludes to Brody that neither of them have anything to be ashamed of. They both have nobody to answer to. John has obviously made his choice. He asks her if she really is certain that she and John are through and that she really wants to do this. She affirms that she made it very clear in her letter to John that if he has any feelings for her, he knows what to do. She went to the station and saw him kissing Marty. He tells her okay. He just wants it to “work out” for someone. She tells him it’s clear that John does not want her.

At the airport, Kelly asks John why he has a picture of Natalie. Is she missing? He tells her no. Everybody is okay. She knows that he is not.

When Natalie gets dressed, Brody notices that she has no car keys. She remembers that she gave them to the bartender. She remembers that he was going to give her a ride to the airport but refused because he’d had too much. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him that neither of them need to apologize. They are two friends. Both have had their hearts broken. No harm. No foul. He asks her if she still plans to move to London.

At the airport, Kelly concludes to John that he is “looking for Natalie.” But not in a “cop way.” Why is he concerned about Natalie when he’s with Marty? John replies that he wanted to prevent Natalie from going to London.

Brody tells Natalie that maybe he should take off on the next flight also. Flip a coin, jump on a plane. She asks him if he should do that. He tells her that Jessica hates him. She should have seen the look on Jessica’s face when he told her that Mitch tried to rape her.

Jessica yells at Ford to get away from her as if she’s afraid of being raped. He asks her to listen to him. He tells her it’s okay, and he’s not going to force himself on her. She knows that something is seriously wrong.

At Buenos Dias, while Nora asks Bo for ideas about what types of floral arrangements they should have at the wedding, she sees that he’s lost in thought. He tells her that he could sense that something was “not right” when Rex called him.

After Rex has terminated his call with Bo and has not told him that he’s in jail, Gigi tells the guard that they need the phone again. He tells them he’s already bent the rules for them once. She then demands that Rex tells her why he did not let Bo know that they were in jail. Rex replies that he did not want Bo to know that he screwed up this bad. Bo had been so proud of him recently and he didn’t want to appear to be the same loser whom Bo used to see him as. She hugs him.

Carlotta asks Layla if she’s told her family about the wedding plans yet. She tells her future mother-in-law that she has not yet. They admit to Carlotta that Layla’s mother is not fond of Cristian because of when he was seeing her other daughter, Evangeline. She tells them that they will have to find a way to tell Mrs. Williamson that they are getting married before she finds out from somebody else.

Kelly urges John to talk to her about his situation. He then admits to her that Marty broke it off with him and told him that she could see that he was not over Natalie. She asks if Natalie has left town. He tells her that Natalie wrote him a letter telling him that she loved him and could not be in Llanview if he was going to be with somebody else. So that’s why she’s leaving town. She told him if he wanted her to stay, he had to meet her but he got there too late and now she’s gone. So there’s nothing left for him to do. Kelly tells him that he can’t just give up. Reed and Shaun are arguing while John and Kelly are discussing what he should do with Natalie.

Natalie tells Brody that her cab is on the way. She asks him if he’s going to be okay. He tells her that he is devastated by what happened. How could he have told Jessica what Mitch did to her, thinking it would help her? She protests that he loves Jessica and no one could doubt that. If Jessica called him a liar, then he did not hurt her if she does not believe it. She tells him he must realize that he is the one who’s in pain. She tells him that Jessica is very lucky to have somebody who loves her the way he does. He tells her if only Jessica believed that.

Jessica then rushes out of Ford’s home and back to her house crying and frantic. She admits that she now knows that Brody was right. She remembers what Mitch did to her. At that moment, she remembers what Brody has meant to her, when they first got together, all the special times they’ve had together and how they fell in love. She concludes that she remembers Brody.

At the airport, Kelly tells John that he will be a lousy detective until he gets his own life in order. He needs to go after Natalie. He tells her that Natalie believes that he let her down. Kelly asks him if all of this has not come down in only a matter of hours and asks what could have happened that could have changed things between them so dramatically in that time. He replies he doesn’t know. She tells him if he gets on the plane and goes to London looking for Natalie, then it will mean something to her. Reed and Shaun then ask Kelly if she is ready. Kelly tells John that he needs to go the distance for Natalie.

Natalie is ready to take her cab and tells Brody that he can’t give up on Jessica. She seems concerned about him and tells him he deserves so much better than what is going on. He tells her so does she. He tells her he will miss her. She’s been a good friend. She tells him she feels the same way and encourages him to call or email her. She hugs him good-bye and encourages him to have faith. She leaves. Brody seems depressed and alone.

Jessica is finally remembering her life with Brody and with her daughter Bree and everything and she cries after making this profound revelation.

Cristian asks Layla how they should tell her mom that they are getting married. He then concludes that maybe they should drive down to Maryland and tell her in person.

Nora tells Bo if he’s concerned about Rex, then he should call him. Bo remembers that Rex called him from a restricted number. He cannot understand why Rex would not call him from his regular phone. She concludes to him that if Rex needs him, he will call him again.

Rex tells Gigi that maybe they should give up. She tells him that she cannot believe that he will be okay never finding out who his real parents are. He tells her that they should get back and spend some time with their son and he kisses her. The jail guard announces to Rex and Gigi that Otto’s daughter is there to see them.

Layla announces to Nora that she and Cristian are going to Maryland. Nora asks her to give Evangeline a kiss for her. She hugs Cristian and congratulates him. She and Bo leave together. Cristian asks Layla what is on her mind. She tells him she’s worried about her sister and about Jessica. She hopes Jessica gets her memory back and wants her to be as happy with Brody as she (herself) is with Cristian.

When Brody is alone in his apartment, Jessica appears and admits to him that she remembers them.

John asks the flight attendant if they know the flight that Natalie Banks left on. She admits to him that Natalie never showed. At that moment, he comes face to face with Natalie. 

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