OLTL Update Thursday 5/20/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/20/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair and Téa are spending the evening in Téa’s hotel room when Téa remarks how this must be an “all time low” for Blair to be spending her evening there and not with her hunky boyfriend, Eli who is staying right across the hallway. She reflects that Blair has the rest of her life to spend with Eli but only a few more months to kick Téa around. She then goes to call Dani.

Dani is with Matthew, Destiny, Darren, Nate and Whitney at Buenos Dias when she gets the call. Destiny asks Matthew if he is having fun. He tells her yes and asks if she is. Yet, they both know that Markko and Langston are not.

Langston returns to the apartment and cries when she sees Markko angrily packing and moving out. He tells her that he is leaving her after catching her cheating with Ford behind his back and lying about it.

Right then, Ford is alone in the apartment when he gets a knock on the door. He opens it and sees that Jessica is visiting him unexpectedly. She’s crying over the situation that just occurred where Cristian has rejected her and proposed to Layla and Brody had tried and failed to get her memory back by asking her to remember the traumatic experience that Mitch caused for her that made her lose her memory.

Right then, when Brody is alone in his apartment, Natalie comes by to see him and announces that she is leaving Llanview for good. He lets her in. She tells him that she figured that since she tried and failed to launch her brilliant plan with John, she would touch base with him (Brody) before leaving. He tells her he’s sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do. She replies he could give her a ride to the airport. He reveals that he’s been drinking and can’t drive anywhere. She reveals that she is late for her flight when she went to Rodi’s and waited for John.

Meanwhile, John has gone to Rodi’s after Natalie has left and is waiting for her. Roxy appears and asks where Natalie is. He tells her he does not know. She tells him it does not matter. All that matters is that he is there because she is right. He is as gaga about Natalie as she is about him.

Blair and Téa watch old movies on the television and Blair tells her she knows she does not want to talk about it but she’s really glad that Téa has decided to go to treatment tomorrow. But Téa asks what difference it makes. Her condition is terminal. What does it matter if she has 6 months or more or less to live?. Blair tells her what matters is her daughter and asks if she does not want to spend as much time with her as she can.

Dani talks to Nate at Buenos Dias. He is not concerned about his date as much as he is about her. Destiny tells Matthew that it will be kind of hard for the two of them playing the roles of Markko and Langston being meant for each other when the real Markko and Langston are through. He suggests that maybe Markko and Langston have reconciled their differences. She then asks him if he would forgive a girl who would do something like that to him.

Markko asks Langston how long she’s been with Ford and how many times they have slept together. She reveals it’s been going on for months and it does not matter how many times they slept together. She cries and tells him she is sorry. He asks her how she could be sorry when she made the choice that she made. She has no answer.

Right then, Ford is with Jessica alone in his apartment. She is crying and is ready to tell him something but then apologizes for barging in on him. She assumes that he has other plans. He tells her that he has no plans and asks her to tell him what happened. He reminds her that the last time they spoke about her prom, she was very excited. She tells him it was a humiliating situation. She admits that she stuffed the ballot box for her and Cristian to be prom king and queen. She thought it would change their future. But instead, he asked Layla to marry him. She cries and tells Ford that Cristian is supposed to love her. How could he do that? He then touches her face and tells her that Cristian is a fool.

Markko demands that Langston tells him whether she is in love with Ford or if it was just sex. She tells him that she is not certain. She was just confused and scared. She tells him that the two of them (herself and Markko) were so young and were each other’s first loves. He really wanted to get serious with her and she wanted to explore other opportunities. He then asks her if she thinks he did not have other “opportunities”. Her cousin Lola may have been psycho. But she was smoking hot and wanted him. There are all kinds of hot girls on campus who might want him and who is might be tempted to sleep with. But he could not and would not do that because he loved only her. And what has she been doing behind his back? Messing around with a sick bastard like Ford and lying about loving him (Markko)

Ford tells Jessica that he just had a “mishap” with a girl who rejected him. He asks her about the guy whom she asked to prom. She tells him that she was “obligated” to ask Brody. She thought he was a decent guy. But he turned out to be a creep and she never wants to see him again.

Meanwhile, Natalie asks Brody how it went between him and Jessica at the prom. He tells her that it was a total bomb. She only has Cristian on the brain and now no longer wants to see him (Brody) again. He asks her how her night went. She replies that she let Roxy talk her into going to find John. She already humiliated herself by writing him a letter and seeing that he did not respond. But Roxy told her she cannot give up and had to go and find out what John really did when he saw the letter. So she went to his office and caught him kissing Marty. So, she’s concludes, she and John are through.

At Rodi’s, Roxy tells John that Natalie has concluded that they are done. And even if he sees it differently, it’s too late. Natalie has already left on the next flight.

Blair tells Téa that if she needs anything, she will be there for her. Hearing that, Téa tells Blair that she is really “strange”. They both laugh when Téa tells Blair that when things are at their worst, Blair is at her best. Blair laughs about how she might be fitted for a halo. They reflect that the last time the two of them appeared to be off, it was when Téa confessed that she was in love with Todd. It was funny, then, when Téa thought she was going to die. But they realize that this time it’s really going to happen. And, Téa tells Blair, this time there is something she needs her to know.

John admits to Roxy that he did not realize that Natalie was going to leave for London tonight. He asks why she didn’t just talk to him first. Why did she just write the letter and assume that it’s over if he did not respond. He wishes they could have had better communication. And he is clearly incomplete about Natalie leaving.

Natalie tells Brody she is not sorry for what she did. She is definitely embarrassed. But it at least gave her the answer she needed. She asks him to tell her what happened between him and Jessica. He tells her that he really got the idea that for just a moment that Jessica remembered them together. But maybe he was wrong. And she even stuffed the ballot box for her and Cristian to be prom king and queen and Cristian was all she could think of. He rejected her right in front of everybody. She was devastated. And to top that, he proposed to Layla right in front of her. So he took Jessica home and she was a wreck. He tried to convince her that this is not the end. It might be the beginning. SO he got desperate and thought that maybe he could get her memory and get her back. Natalie asks Brody what he did. He admits he did what everybody did not want him to do. He told Jessica that she was stuck in an innocent time in her life and did not want to remember the rest of her life because Mitch tried to rape her. And she clearly did not want to hear that and told Brody she never wanted to see him again.

Jessica tells Ford that Brody had the gall to act like he was a hero and made up some sick story about her father trying to rape her. She believes that Brody is the man she cannot trust. Ford tells her that he can make her a drink. But she reminds him that she is a “minor” He tells her that he does not want to treat her like a child. He tells her about how some guys will stop at nothing to get a girl to be with them. But, she asks, if he is not like that.

Langston tries to protest to Markko that she just made a mistake. But he knows that it was more than that and asks her where she and Ford had sex. In the apartment? IN his apartment? NO. It would have to be somewhere private. IT would have to be in Ford’s office. He then concludes that Hannah was correct all along. She knew that Ford was doing another girl in his office. And it was her (Langston). And throughout all this time, she made him feel guilty that he was being jealous and making false accusations. But all of the “love” they had was all a lie. And it’s kind of odd that she wrote a play about their relationship but never included the part where Markko confesses his love for Langston and she stabs him in the back. And she was going to ditch him prom night and go sneak off to sleep with Ford. And, he recalls, that night when he went up to the hotel room that Ford was staying in and hearing him bragging about being with a girl, that girl was her. She admits that that was true, He then furiously tells her he never thought he could hate anybody the way he hates her.

The students are all at Buenos Dias, Matthew leaves with Dani. Nate still seems to be interested in her.

Blair asks Téa what she is doing right now to complete things. Téa tells Blair that she has done everything humanly possible to keep Todd out of prison. Right then, Téa is ready to tell Blair more. But she gets dizzy and passes out.

Markko asks Langston if he was “Fun” for her and her boyfriend to talk about what she planned to do on her prom night. Did they have a good laugh? She cries and protests no. She didn’t tell him about Ford because she didn’t want to hurt him.. He asks how she can say she cared about hurting him when she did what she did. She just wanted to do his T.A. and have a dog to come home to. She tries to convince him that it was not like that.

Meanwhile, Jessica tells Ford that she wanted Cristian to know what this night was supposed to mean to them. This was the night she was supposed to lose her virginity.

Brody tells Natalie that he made a serious mistake attempting to get Jessica to remember when Mitch almost raped her. She tells him that Jessica has to get her memory back somehow and he did nothing wrong. He concludes that he has to leave town just like she does since there is nothing for him here.

Right then, John asks Roxy if she knows when or where Natalie is leaving.

When Téa becomes dizzy, Blair tells her she has to get some rest or see her doctor and Téa better not argue with her. She will act like a mother if she has to. They laugh. Outside the door, Matthew and Destiny depart for the night and he kisses her goodnight.

Darren asks Destiny if she’s sure she doesn’t want a ride. She tells him she’s sure her parents will be there soon. He kisses her and she smiles. Outside, Whitney tells Nate she’s kind of glad her boyfriend could not make it. She had a much better time with him than she would have had with the boyfriend. She’s ready to kiss him but he tells her they are just friends. And it appears he has somebody else on the brain.

Matthew tells Dani that he loves her and reveals that he does not want to the night to end. But she rushes in side and leaves him standing by the door.

Blair puts Téa to bed. Dani sees the two of them and asks what is going on

Brody tells Natalie that he has to leave town. But she tells him he can’t. He is needed and valued by the police department. He asks her if she is going to magically forget about John if she goes to London. He asks her if it might be only a distraction.

Ford asks Jessica if she’s not a “kid”. She tells him that he does not have to walk on eggshells. She knows she is not a virgin. But all of her memories are of her and Cristian and the first night they made love. And now she will never know what it will be like and is afraid she will be a virgin forever. But hearing that, Ford tells her, maybe she doesn’t have to be.

Markko asks Langston when she planned to break up with him and admit that she was going to be with Ford. She tells him she was going to wait until the end of finals. He tells her that all this while,, he’s been living a lie doing everything he did for her. And, he concludes that she no longer has to wait until finals. The time to admit it is right now. They are through. Hearing that, it appears that she is devastated.

Matthew returns to Buenos Dias and talks to Destiny asking her if she is beginning to “like” Darren. He tells her that maybe his night was not complete. He told Dani that he loves her. Hearing that, she tells him that may have been the stupidest thing he could do.

When Dani asks Téa and Blair why her mom is in bed and appearing sick,. Blair tells her that her mom just may have gotten some food poisoning from the lousy food. So she has to get to bed. Dani leaves. Téa tells Blair she’s always been a lousy liar.. Blair reminds her that sooner or later, she’s going to have to tell Dani the truth. Blair leaves. They appear to be friends. Dani then comes out of her room and asks her mom if she is really ok. Téa assures her daughter that she is fine. Téa tells her mom great because she really needs her. Téa holds her daughter in her arms.

Jessica concludes to Ford that Cristian is a man. Of course he would want to be with a woman and not a high school girl. And Ford obviously wants to “show her what it means to be the woman she’s always wanted to be.”

Langston asks Markko where he’s going to go. He tells her that he can find places to stay. He got kicked out of his parents’ home and defended her to them when they told him she was a cheap slut. And, he guesses, the joke is on him.

Matthew tells Destiny that he didn’t see anything wrong with admitting to Dani that he loves her since they are “going out”. But Destiny seems to know that there are more complicated circumstances than that.

Dani and her mom are together. Téa concludes that you have to make every moment count.

John is attempting to track down Natalie and Roxy remembers the scene from Casa Blanca.

Right then, Natalie and Brody are getting closer and really understanding each other. And they kiss.

John goes out the door of Rodi’s. Roxy calls out to him that she hopes he finds Natalie before it’s too late.

Jessica concludes to Ford that now she’s ready. IT may be time for her to “grow up”. And it’s the perfect opportunity for him.

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