OLTL Update Wednesday 5/19/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/19/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

The prom is over, but Starr and Cole are having their dance. They profess their love and tell each other they just want to be together. Cole tells Starr he never wants to let her go. A police officer walks in and reminds Cole he has to go back to prison…breaking the happy moment.

Still in the gym, Cris proposes to Layla and Jessica over hears them. Cris tells Layla that he is hers, 100% and Layla tells Cris that she will marry him. He picks her up and swings her around happily. As they leave the gym, with her new ring on, they see that Starr is still there and is very upset. Starr confides in Layla who understands when someone tries to interfere between a couple. Layla tells her that if they love each other they will get through this. She should stay focused on Hope and Cole’s love.

Jessica rushes out and tells Brody that the man she loves, her boyfriend, is marrying someone else. Devastated, she throws herself in to Brody’s arms. He in turn comforts her. Jessica is very upset, crying that she might be stuck in time forever. Brody tells her he will wait for her. Jessica screams at him “I don’t remember you!” Brody pushes her to remember what happened. If she remembers, she’ll get her life back. He tells her what happened with Mitch; that he tried to rape her. This is why she is trapped in time. She doesn’t believe him and can’t believe he would make up this up. She tells him to get lost and never come near her again. Brody storms back into his apartment, grabs a bottle of whiskey and does a shot.

Roxy is drinking an appletini which Nat grabs and downs it. Roxy reminds her that she hates appletinis…well then, give me a double whiskey. She breaks down, starts crying and saying that John doesn’t want her. Roxy doesn’t believe it and thinks the kiss was something else. She tries to convince her to talk to John. Roxy leaves Natalie with her bottle of whisky.

At the station, John and Marty realize it’s over, but share one last kiss goodbye just as Natalie arrives and sees them. Nat sees the letter and knows that John read it. Because they are kissing, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and heads over to see Roxy. Marty tries to convince John to go meet Natalie; she had the guts to the write the letter she tells him; she’ll still be there. Cole interrupts John and Marty. She tells John to go and let the officer get Cole back to his cell. At Rodi’s Natalie is good and drunk. Cole confides in his mom that he doesn’t know if he and Starr can get past all this. John walks in to Rodi’s. Natalie isn’t there, but he picks up the empty bottle and looks around.

Markko walks in to Ford’s apartment and finds Langston and Ford kissing. Ford tells him to calm down; it was only one kiss. Langston tries to say the same thing, but he tells her to stop lying; everyone knows! He tells Langston that Destiny told him after he watched the tape. Markko wants to know how long this has been going on and what the hell is actually going on...did she sleep with him? Markko is devastated; he feels like a fool. Ford then tells Markko that they did sleep together. Happy, he says sarcastically, you feel better knowing! Markko calls him a son of a bitch and punches him right in the face! Ford and Markko start to fight; Langston tries to break it up. Ford says go ahead you can have her; IT WAS JUST SEX! Langston is shocked as Ford says it’s over! Markko tells her, “I guess I’m not the only fool” and leaves Langston with Ford. Langston asks Ford if he meant it was just sex. He tells her that he did and that it was just fun; it was over, after all, half the fun was the risk. She tells him she is going to kill him for doing this to her. Suddenly there is a knock on his door, he thinks its Langston. Surprise! It’s Jessica!

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