OLTL Update Tuesday 5/18/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the prom, Starr is alone outside singing her song about being alone and missing the one she loves. And when she least expects it, a police car drives up and Cole steps out in his tuxedo ready to be there with her for her prom.

Langston goes off to find Ford. And when she walks into his apartment, she catches him going at it with Karen, the pizza girl.

Cristian and Layla are together and she reveals she really wishes that Jessica would leave him alone. Brody wishes that Jessica would remember them. But she seems to still have Cristian solely on the brain.

Natalie goes to Rodi’s hoping to find John. Meanwhile, he reads the letter she wrote him after Marty ahs kept it and lets him see it. She admits to him that she loves him. She tells him if any part of him feels the same way, then she wants him to meet her at Rodi’s tonight. If she does not seem him there, then this is goodbye. He appears to have a dilemma with Marty who is standing before him, or Natalie.

Cole brings Starr her corsage and tells her that he is not going to let her miss her prom.

Natalie sits alone at Rodi’s and concludes that she came and John was not there. But right then, she runs into Roxy who tells her daughter she better not be leaving. Natalie concludes that she has a plane to catch. But Roxy seems to somehow know that that is not what she wants to do.

Starr asks Cole how he managed to get out. He admits that nothing was going to stop him and he got help from Dorian and John.

Matthew and Dani are sitting at a table. He asks her to dance. But Nate is always nearby. He admits that Whitney has gone off with her cheerleader friends. Darren continues to pursue Destiny and wants her to dance. But she is not interested in him.

Jessica reveals that she has voted for herself for prom queen.. But she seems to know that Brody probably can’t be the prom king of he does not go to Llanview high. He then asks Whitney and Darren if those are the rules. They clarify that in order to be voted for prom king or queen,, one must either be a student or the date of a student. SO, that does qualify him after all.

Markko is alone without Langston and is able to play the video for the first time, where Destiny reveals to Matthew that she caught Langston cheating on Markko with another guy. He asks her with whom. And Markko wants to listen intently to find out with whom it was.

After Langston catches Ford with Karen, he struggles to get his clothes back on and convince her that “its’ not what it looks like.” She tells him that she was going to make a major sacrifice for him. She was ready to cut out on her senior prom and break up with a guy who really cares about her. She had the mistaken idea she had a future with him (Ford). And she walks in on this. She overheard Cristian and Layla talking about Ford sleeping with the pizza girl.. So she had to come by and find out if it was really true. Right then, Ford sings a song about convincing her of something. Markko sings. She sings. Markko is alone on the stage after the starling revelation that Langston has been cheating on him. He appears distraught and furious. He does a dance. Ford and Langston sing in his apartment about not being afraid of the distance and not afraid of resistance. The song is over and Ford tells Langston she has to believe him. But she knows what she just saw.

Roxy looks like she wants to prevent Natalie from catching her flight to London. She asks her what happened. Natalie explains that she gave John the letter, he did not respond. She went to meet him and waited for him just like Roxy told her she should do. And he’s not there. So she’s out of there. Roxy tells her she has to give John a chance. But Natalie tells her she’s given him a chance and he’s clearly made his choice that he wants Marty.

Right then, Marty admits to John that she took the letter that Natalie wrote to him and confirmed that Natalie wants to make another play for him. She admits to John that she wanted to prevent him from ever finding the letter. But what made her change her mind was Dorian. She told Marty about how nothing was going to stop Starr and Cole from being together even though Todd did everything he could to keep them apart. She concluded that she never wants to do to anybody what Todd has done to Starr and Cole.

Starr is in awe and remarks that Cole’s fairy godmother must have taken away his handcuffs so that he’s free. He admits to her hat things are really messed up. But they both remember how things were. And he asks if they can go there just for one night? Be in love and just forget about everything else?

At the prom, Brody is still working on Jessica and tells her that for months she may have thought of him as a stranger. But he can see that she might have opened up the door and gotten a glimpse of what was really there. Even if she didn’t look to see what is there, now that she knows it’s there, she can no longer run away from it.

Ford wants to explain to Langston about what happened. But there is no explanation that she will buy or accept. He tells her that he was all alone and missing her. He called Karen to deliver a pizza. She seduced him and he was caught in a moment of weakness. Karen tells Langston she needs to see what Ford is really made of. But, on the other hand, Langston is the same girl who left a great guy like Markko for this jerk. And Karen goes out the door.

Alone in a corner at the prom, Markko plays the tape where Matthew asks Destiny if she’s absolutely certain she knows what she saw about Langston cheating on Markko. And she tells him she is. He then goes looking for Destiny But she is off and Darren keeps pursuing her when she keeps telling him to leave her alone.

Right then, we see Destiny as a teacher with students sitting in her class. And Darren can’t sit down and sings “The Way You Make Me Feel” the big come-on song by Michael Jackson. All the students sing the song and dance. We see Nate pursuing Dani similarly. Dani takes down Destiny’s hair so that she looks hot for Darren. We see them all in the high school and Destiny is dressed in dancing clothes and dances with Darren. He is able to talk to her and make her “kind of” like him. But they are interrupted by Markko who’s been looking for Destiny after he finds out that she witnessed Langston and Ford together.

After Karen leaves Ford’s apartment, Langston comes to the realization that he’s been unfaithful to her and lying about it.. She tells him that she has felt terrible going behind Markko’s back and it was a terrible choice she made. He tries to convince her that his “thing” with Karen has only been a one time thing. But she tells him she does not believe a word he says because if he can jump in the sack with somebody whom he alleges means nothing to him, then she must mean nothing to him also.

Matthew goes to find Destiny with Markko when Markko needs the answers. Dani finds herself “dateless” and alone with Nate. But she doesn’t want to do something that Matthew might not be ok with. He tells her it’s just dancing.

Cristian sits with Layla and tells her that this is just he beginning. But she tells him she hopes that Jessica does prevent them from having the perfect night together. Brody then finds Jessica and tells her that he thinks that she is “back” in high school because she wants to be safe. He tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid again. He promises her he won’t let anything or anybody ever hurt her again.

Right then, Whitney (Nate's date) and Darren (Destiny's new guy friend) stand up and announce the new prom queen. Everybody listens and wonders. They announce that it’s Jessica Buchanan. And they discover, strangely, that the prom king is Mr. Vega.

Cole and Starr are together outside. He tells her hat he wishes he could just go inside and be alone with her and Hope and their little world. He tells her that he has her and Hope and that’s all he wants and needs. But she asks what he’s going to do with Hannah and her “testimony”.

Marty and John talk about being together. But she reminds him that it’s not that simple. He asks her why. She admits that she has been living in denial for months. But today, for the first time, she was honest with herself and it scared her. She does not want to live like that.. She admits that she was ready to hide the letter and never let him see it because of her insecurity. But she does not want to be that person or go there again. And she cannot be with somebody who brings that out in her. He asks her what she is saying. She replies she’s saying that she deserves more and they have to end it.

Cole tells Starr he wishes she could put that thing with Hannah to rest. But she tells him that Hannah put her dad in jail. Yet he still believes that Todd pushed Marty down the stairs.

John tells Marty that he cared about her before the pregnancy and he cares about her now. She tells him she knows that he loves Natalie

Alone at Rodi’s, Roxy protests to Natalie that if John read the letter, then wild elephants couldn’t keep him away. Natalie asks where he is then. Roxy tells her that maybe he had to make an arrest, had an emergency or might be lying in a ditch somewhere. But Natalie concludes it’s very simple that John is with Marty. She tells her mom she needs her airplane ticket and needs to catch her flight. But Roxy tells her daughter that there are a thousand planes but there’s only one John McBain. He’s not in London. He’s right there.

Ford tries unsuccessfully to convince Langston that he only has feelings for her.

Markko corners Destiny and Matthew about what he discovered them talking about from the video. She tells him that maybe she was mistaken to believe that she saw Langston and Ford kissing. But Matthew wants her to let Markko know the truth

After Jessica and Cristian have been named prom king and queen, Layla is completely disenchanted and tells him this cannot be real. He tells her that since he’s a teacher, he cannot be named prom king with a “student”. He asks if maybe Jessica stuffed the ballot box. But she seems to be just as angry with Cristian as she is with Jessica. She tells him if he wants to act out his little fantasy with a high school prom queen, he may do it. She then sings when couples dance. Layla then sings with Langston and Starr about coming to a revelation. The three young women step over guys who have betrayed them and walk away together.

At Rodi’s, after Roxy tears up Natalie’s plane ticket, she tells her she will make a deal with her. If after giving it one night with John, if it does not pan out for Natalie, Roxy will buy her another airline ticket, first class. Hearing that, Natalie asks her if she can afford it. Roxy tells her daughter it doesn’t matter since she wont’ have to pay for it. She knows that Natalie will find out that she is right about John. Natalie then asks if she’s supposed to just sit there and wait. Roxy tells her no. She’s going to trot her little butt down to his office. But Natalie tells her mom she’s not about to do that. She’s had enough rejection for one life. Roxy tells he that’s her pride talking and her pride is what is going to keep her awake every night. Natalie walks away.

In John’s office, Marty tells him they both know that things haven’t been right between them for a long time. Ever since she walked in on that kiss. He tells her that he thought they got past that. But she tells him they really didn’t. She tells him that maybe Natalie was right although she didn’t want to believe her that the baby was the only thing keeping Marty and John together. And now that there is no baby, they have to stop pretending. She tells him they did not do that on purpose. Their hearts were in the right place. They kept trying. But if people have to keep trying, then its not right. She tells him that she knows she will never have his whole heart. And that is not ok with her.

Ford attempt to protest to Langston that he’s never loved a girl the way he loves her. And that made him a little crazy. All he could think about tonight was her being with Markko, his hands all over her and then her sleeping with him afterwards. He knew it was a mistake to call Karen. But she has to give him another chance

Markko asks Destiny and Matthew if they’ve seen Langston. They admit they have not. Cristian and Layla are ready to go. But Jessica tells him he must wait. They have to get their crowns. He tells her no. But Layla tells him that he can stay and do what he really wants to do with Jessica. She knows he was jealous when Jessica was with another guy and that he let her kiss him. And the whole reason he’s “playing chaperone” here tonight is to prevent another guy from hitting on Jessica. She tells him that he keeps playing these little games and now he will have to play them without her. At that point, Layla walks out the door. Right then, Jessica tells Cristian that she’s “sorry” that that happened. She seems to believe that that is her “cue”. But he tells her he wants her to leave him alone. He does not love her. He loves Layla. He’s done with her. He then goes running after Layla. She tells him that they are through. She overheard Jessica asking him to swear on his mother’s life that he does not love her (Jessica). And he could not do it. In response to that, Cristian protests that he does not swear on anybody’s life except his own. He tells her that he swears on his life that he loves her and only her. And he gives her something.

Outside, Starr tells Cole that now that they have to worry about her dad and about Hannah, how can they get past that? He tells her that he just wants to be able to dance with her and make this night about the two of them. They go inside and dance together alone.

We see Cristian giving Layla a ring. And she looks like she might be reconsidering.

We then see the students all together at Buenos Dias,. Matthew and Dani, Destiny and Darren, and all the others.

Ford again kisses Langston. She does not stop him. And right then, Markko walks in to see for himself that it’s really true.

Marty tells John she needs to go. But he is not complete with that. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him so is she. He kisses her good bye. And Natalie is right at the door.

Starr and Cole dance alone after the other high school students are all gone.

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