OLTL Update Monday 5/17/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/17/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

The Llanview High school musical is underway with the prom. They sing “I Got a Feeling.” Destiny and her friend sing and dance. Matthew and Dani join them. Nate and his date are there, also. Layla and Cristian do their dance when she sings. Brody and Jessica are together when he sings wearing his officer uniform. Langston, Markko and Starr join them and sing the song.

Meanwhile, Cole is in his jail cell listening on his iPod. John comes to visit and asks if he can get him anything. Cole admits that all he can think about is that he is supposed to be with Starr at her senior prom. He realizes that it’s not like she really wants to see him, and he’s not sure he wants to see her either. He informs John that Starr accused Hannah of pushing his mom down the stairs. Isn’t that outrageous? John asks Cole if he really thinks that. Cole asks John if he also believes that Hannah is lying.

Natalie goes to see Roxy, assuming that John has definitely read her letter and chosen not to respond. Unknown to her, Marty has taken the letter and prevented John from knowing that Natalie has written it.

At the high school's prom, all the students sing and do their dance. After the song is over, Cristian asks Layla if something is wrong. She notices that Jessica is staring at them and resents her. Jessica pays Brody no mind and has Cristian on her mind.

Meanwhile, Ford is alone in the apartment doing his exercises and gets on his phone to call Langston. He leaves her a text asking if she can slip away while she’s at the prom. She is alone and very tempted. Markko then finds her and asks her if she wants to dance. She has no interest whatsoever. Starr finds Langston and asks her why she is so depressed and not ready to have a good time. She demands that Langston dances with Markko. Yet, she has no clue what is going on with Langston.

Todd is in a cell very close to Cole and can hear everything he says to John. He tells Cole that his daughter is going to get rid of him. But Cole affirms that no matter how bad their problems might be right now, he and Starr still love each other.

Roxy asks Natalie why she believes that John would reject her. Why is she giving up? Doesn’t she know that the guy is crazy about her?

Marty is secretly reading Natalie’s letter to John without his knowing. He enters and asks Marty what is going on.

At the prom, the boy who likes Destiny announces to everybody that he votes for her to be the prom queen. Matthew informs Dani that he’s voted for her. As soon as he leaves to cast his vote, Nate tells her that he voted for her also.

Markko finds Starr and asks her if Langston knows that he’s booked a room for them at The Palace tonight. Once again, Langston is alone on the phone talking to Ford, telling him how disappointed she is that she cannot get away. Markko reflects to Starr that he will never forget all that Langston means to him and the last prom they had together.

Cole is alone in his jail cell and hears Todd telling him that Starr will always choose him over Cole. He tells Cole, when he proves that he did not push Marty, he will get out of there and get his family back. And what will Cole have? A home in Statesville, and nothing else.

Meanwhile, Dorian goes to find John and Marty and tells them she has a plan to bust Cole out of this dump.

Matthew talks to Starr about how he wishes that Dani was not “into” Nate. He wishes he could go back in time. She tells him he need not worry but wishes she could go back in time also.

Jessica finds Cristian when he is with Layla and asks him if he wants to dance. He frowns and tells her no. He is with Layla. He loves her and she is the only woman he wants to dance with. He goes with Layla to the dance floor. Brody then sings the song to Jessica, “If I Could Turn Back Time.” She sings it along with him. We see the memories of them together. All the people sing the song. Layla sings while dancing with Cristian and we see their scenes together. Markko is filming the prom completely unaware that Langston’s mind is elsewhere. She sings the song, “If I could turn back time.” Starr sings the song. We see Cole alone and both are thinking about how they both wish they could have what they used to have. Everybody sings, “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Then we see the clock ready to strike 12:00 midnight.

Roxy tells Natalie that she knows that John is not standing her up tonight. Natalie tells her mom that John and Marty were going to have a baby, and she had to humiliate herself by pouring her heart and soul out to him. Roxy protests that she did the right thing.

Dorian tells John and Marty that she wants to use her power as Mayor to get Cole out of jail so that he can attend the prom with Starr.

Markko tells Langston that last year when they made love for the first time, it was the most incredible night of his life. So he has a surprise. He has booked them a night at The Palace. She tells him that he shouldn’t not have done that.

Matthew talks to Destiny and asks her if she’s really sure that she saw Langston cheating on Markko with another guy. She asks him if he is really talking about Langston and Markko or about his own issue with Dani and Nate. The boy who likes Destiny continues to be persistent. She is not interested in him but agrees to dance when she sees Matthew with Dani, maybe only to see if she can make him jealous. Langston then turns away from Markko. Jessica turns away from Brody.

Roxy tells Natalie that John has had many women in his life in recent years, but nobody was able to grab a hold of his heart the way Natalie has. Natalie seems completely depressed and in despair.

Dorian tells John and Marty that they must know that Starr and Cole have a love that was meant to be. John and Marty seem to know otherwise.

Starr and Nate both sit alone. She tells him she hopes that Dani is having fun. He asks her if she believes that some people were meant to be together. She replies yes. She does. He then goes to find Dani. Starr is alone without a date and sings a song about being alone as she watches all the couples dancing together.

In the jail cell, Todd tells Cole that it won’t take a long time for Starr to forget him and find somebody else. He knows it won’t take him long to beat this rap. Starr will never forgive him (Cole) for what he did to her father.

Starr continues to sing her song and reflects that she’s in a real dilemma with Cole.

Dorian asks John what problems he has for getting Cole out. He replies that Todd Manning has lawyers that are going to get him in trouble if they sneak Cole out. She tells John in that case, they must get creative because nothing is going to prevent the night that was meant to be for Starr and Cole.

Starr sings the song about how she is alone without him.

John and the cops take Todd out of his jail cell. Todd continues to taunt Cole about the fact that it’s prom night and Starr must be there with somebody else.

At the prom, Starr dances with Nate and thanks him for helping to get her mind off of Cole. Brody is still working on Jessica. But they don’t have what they once had.

Langston is alone and realizes she cannot go to The Palace with Markko and must somehow tell him about Ford.

Meanwhile, Ford is alone and ready to have sex with Karen. When Langston walks toward Cristian and Layla, she overhears them talking about how they know that Ford is alone in the apartment while they’re out, inviting Karen to deliver the pizza again and they’re going to have sex for the millionth time. Langston looks horrified when she hears that.

When Cole is alone in the jail cell without Todd, Dorian appears and tells him that she’s going to bust him out of jail so that he can be with Starr.

John takes Todd to his office and tells him if he has complaints about how he is being treated, now is the time to file a formal complaint. But Todd does not buy that and knows John has another plan.

Roxy tells Natalie that she needs to take action with John. She will give her a free makeover. Natalie asks what is the point. John has made his choice. But Roxy is persistent in telling her that she cannot give up on John.

John continues to distract Todd while Dorian and Marty help Cole to get out of jail to be with Starr. He tells them that even if he could attend the prom, he does not think that Starr wants to see him. Dorian encourages him to know that he needs to get there so that Starr knows how much she means to him.

Starr talks to Markko and finds it odd that Langston is nowhere to be found. Langston is on the phone and gets no response from Ford. She tells him he cannot be with Karen. She knows it might be true if his two roommates have seen it for themselves. She then leaves the scene. Layla finds Brody by himself. He tells her that it appears that Jessica does not want to remember and maybe he doesn’t want to either.

Starr admits to Markko that she overheard Cole telling Hannah that he’s not certain he wants to be with her (Starr) after all. But he encourages her to know that she cannot give up on Cole. He then takes her and other students to sing a song about not giving up. We then see Matthew noticing Dani with Nate and listening intently. Brody is trying and failing to find a distracted Jessica. Markko continues his song about not giving up.

Dorian and Marty take pictures of Cole in his tux and get him on the elevator and out of the jail.

Roxy persists in getting Natalie ready to be with John. Natalie finally smiles and Roxy hugs her daughter.

John seems to have his mind elsewhere when Marty is gone and looks like he may be thinking about Natalie.

Starr dances with Markko and hugs him after the song.

John goes to find Marty and tells her that Cole appears to be happy. But why isn’t she? She then tells him she has “something that belongs to him” while she hands Natalie’s letter to him.

It’s getting close to midnight and Markko has to finish his filming for the coronation. Layla and Cristian continue wondering what to do regarding Jessica. Starr is alone singing a song about how she cannot get over Cole and still believes they were meant to be.

We then see Langston going to find Ford at his apartment. She walks in to see him going at it with Karen.

Markko plays, for the first time, the video where Destiny informs Matthew that she saw Langston making out with another guy.

Starr continues her song standing outside the doorway while more couples leave together.

Natalie stands outside of Rodi’s wondering if she should go inside. She sees the empty bar and the pool table where she first met John.

John then reads the letter that Natalie wrote to him.

While Starr is outside singing, she turns around to see a police car drive up. Cole appears, gets out of the car and walks up to surprise her in his tuxedo. 

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